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    I personally would strongly be against more than two weapon slots because it brings this beautiful layer of strategy to encounters not present in many other games. If you could have Rocket/Sniper/BR/Magnum/Plasma Pistol equipped at all times that strategy is removed entirely and would make the game easy as piss. For example in Two Betrayal, you take the sniper. Then you use it against flood and think "shit I have a useless weapon against them" so you grab the shotgun as well. But now you don't have a mid-range weapon that can challenge elites properly and you'd struggle against sentinels (sure the sniper can but getting descoped by their fire makes it harder, especially for newer players). I think adding more weapon slots would have the same effect adding spartan abilites had to enemy AI: the player has become so powerful that enemies just increased in number rather than increased in complexity. They went even lazier in Halo 5 and had HUGE amounts of lock-on weaponry to counter the "advanced" movement. So you get all these cool abilities... only for all enemy weapons to now lock on or be hitscan. Sick. Now imagine garbage advanced movement on top of having 5-8 weapons at once. The poor game designer would have a shit fit balancing enemies for that, especially at 343 where "counter player abilities" means "add more enemies so you run out of ammo and have to use shit weapons" or "make the big enemies teleport away to regain shields so the player runs out of ammo and has to use shit weapons" I disagree entirely. If anything, this gives the developer far better encounter design and more player freedom. For example the 2nd level, Halo, the first sniper you find in the game is on a dead marine on top of a hill. Marines are on this hill. You are told to defend it and enemies charge up the hill. Now, the developer put that sniper there knowing full well that the player would pick it up and use it. But, the player doesn't have to either. That's the beauty of Halo 1: literally every weapon, except to be honest the needler, is useful. They made the weapons sandbox so perfectly that sprinkling power weapons around the levels became a choice not a necessity and that is interesting, dynamic game design. It's the exact opposite of what you say: Having access to a rocket launcher all the time to counter vehicles is not strategy. You don't even think about it. You just see a vehicle, press "rocket launcher" button and boom. Vehicle dead. Zero thought. Having access to a rocket launcher in the last encounter you played and choosing not to pick it up because you think you'd be better off with Magnum/Sniper is strategy. Bless Halo 1. 20 years later and the campaign still plays like a dream. I installed Ruby's rebalanced mod for it and it added layers I hadn't encountered before (like flood with shields) and gave me a whole new experience.
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    Top 5 ways to make Halo: Infinite campaign great: 1. All weapons are unique and are fun to use. Needler explodes. Sniper DECKS people at range. Pistol sounds amazing and destroys shieldless enemies. Assault rifle is shit but by god is it satisfying to use. All enemies react to your gunfire. They take cover. They flinch and groan when you hit them. Blood splatters on the floor. The weapons feel like weapons. You know whats better than 45 boring, samey and shit weapons? 10 excellent unique weapons. 2. Fairness. Enemies have predictable patterns, but not predictable paths. Jackals reveal their body if you shoot their hand. Elites wind up their melee with enough time for you to dodge. Lesser enemies run if you kill the leader but will rally if you don't finish them off quick enough. Even on Legendary, plasma bolts can be dodged with strafing. Who needs sprint when you can dodge bullets whilst shooting like a bad-ass. Enemies are colour coded to show rank so you know who the toughest ones are going to be. Enemies should charge and flank you and not just sit back. Enemies DO NOT FUCKING TELEPORT TO REGAIN SHIELDS, but instead run to cover. 3.Scale. Tanks, ghosts, warthogs, wraiths, banshees, rockets, plasma and pelicans. Combined arms warfare. Massive open maps with large battles mixed with tight, focused infantry combat. Don't be afraid to force the player to play in a certain way. It's campaign. 4. Story. Halo is a power fantasy. You are the last of your kind: bred for combat, built for war. You're the master of any weapon, pilot of any vehicle, and fear no enemy. Make the player save the universe. Halo has the scale and self-awareness to allow this. Throw in a twist that actually has tension. 5. Strategy. This is the key component missing in Halo 4/5. You have two weapons slots. Each encounter or section or even level should have different ways to play and not just sit at the back until your run out of DMR ammo. Flood are squishy to Shotgun and Pistol. Covenant are weak to plasma. But then there's a vehicle. But then there's snipers. But then there's flood AND covenant. Which weapons do you take? It can't just be the same two weapons the entire campaign. And don't make your level design so shit that you're forced to use dogshit weapons from dogshit enemies just to get through to the next weapon cache or dead marine with a Battle Rifle (that's you Midnight!). A variety of enemies, terrain and good level design will solve this problem. Wait I just described Halo 1...
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    enhanced mobility was always in the game, who knew?!?! Except you never have to put your weapon down and it's actually skillful instead of just holding a button
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    Ehh, I think there's value in limiting the number of weapons you can hold at a given time in a team-based shooter. You're forced to spread the weapons around, rather than stack one player with all of them. I know that's the meta strategy to being with, but I can picture solo queuing becoming a nightmare if players can just stack every weapon on their person. It's already tough to stop xx L33T_Sn1p3s 69 xx from running the T2 combo. I'd rather not let him also take the shotgun, railgun, and sword. Plus, it's not like every PC shooter runs with an unlimited weapon wheel. CS limits you to two weapons, for example. I get that it's a different context than an arena shooter like Quake, but claiming the limitations of controllers is the only reason we have two weapons today isn't totally accurate. Edit: I'll add that in the campaign context, there's value in introducing a probability calculation: is it worth carrying this weapon or this one? You force the player to evaluate, based on the situation, what weapon combination is going to be more valuable as you progress through the level. This is more of a subjective preference, so I can see why one might prefer a weapon wheel in the campaign. But to me, I think having to make that decision adds a bit more depth to the gameplay/makes it more interesting.
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    Honestly H3 might be the most requested/loved but then you play it again and go "ehhhhhhh why did the H4 BR feel better than this crap?" Everyone I play with has been very disappointed so far. One friend CONSTANTLY would bitch about "I can't wait till Halo 3 comes out, I'm gunna game hard then" since MCC dropped on PC and he's already getting bored of it and it's a beta. I think a lot of us who's first competitive Halo was H3 have some rose colored glasses when looking back on it. I am sorry to all the people who I argued with in 2009 on the old MLG forums, you were right.
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    Goddammit my dude. LET THE THREAD DIE!
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    To cater for sprint: - Maps made larger for the sole purpose of catering for 1 ability that does nothing for the player (it doesn't get you anywhere faster becase... wait for it... the maps have been made larger!) - Aim assist increased to cater for enemies moving too fast - AI Enemies have either tracking weapons ot hitscan, again to cater for player moving too fast - Player offensive capabilities reduced as to move forward fast you can't shoot, but enemies running away get the full advantage because they don't need to shoot. It is objective truth that, in Halo, sprint is garbage. The only positive that it offers, faster movement, is immediately redundant by larger map design.
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    I think the way to really go about this is design all the weapons for your game prior to assigning factions. I know 343 probably doesn't do that because they are interested in specific weapons "feeling" like alien technology so they probably do it the other way around, but that def ends up with a rifle for all factions, a rocket launcher for all factions, a shotgun for all factions etc. to the point where it just doesn't feel unique anymore but more like a (mostly visual) reskin of a certain set of guns. What I said would be closer to just giving designers the chance to come up with a ton of weapons - more standard and funky - in a testing environment where they can purely focus on the weapons gameplay and behavior. This way you end up with a wide variety of guns that can play really differently and now you can start filtering out what works and what doesn't work, implement tweaks and finally decide if you want to assign a weapon to a specific faction. At this stage artists can ofc express their ideas how to keep the gameplay of the selected weapon while making it related to the faction that should get it. Sounds like a lengthy process but should end up with more cool guns than "oh now we need to make rifles for each one of the X factions" because those will probably all just be slight variations gameplay wise with another skin slapped onto them... Ultimately I think there would be nothing wrong with a more asymmetrical approach to the weapon sandbox, you don't need equivalent weapon types for absolutely any faction in the game, and while you have to keep some of the guns that have always been in the series to not make fans complain you could easily rework what some of them do, maybe even introduce interesting behaviors like shooting a charged plasma pistol shot with a regular plasma pistol shot to make it detonate midair, kind of like the shock rifle from UT. We did kinda tried moving into that direction with our Halo Reach mod nobody played, idk if you seen the video, we were limited by what modding could achieve for sure but moving into a direction that makes guns feel like they are all worth depending on the situation you use them in while keeping them unique is def something that has been lacking since Halo CE even:
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    Snip3down streaming Halo right now, here is the Nightbot response to the !future command in his chat: My main focus is on Apex, I will be playing halo around once a week. I will not know my future for infinite until I play the game. Smart on him to not overcommit before seeing if 343 drops the ball on the game... I have to say it would be incredibly disappointing to lose a legend like Snip3down from the scene if the game isn’t up to par.
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    Consistent Halo 3 still has all the other problems of Halo 3. Slow as fuck kill times, actually awful spawns, sluggish strafe, floaty jump, weak rockets, it's essentially still BR/Snipe/Rockets and maybe the mauler. Halo 3 is the simplest in terms of Halo games, and has a much smaller gap between players trying to be pro and actual pro players. Frankly if a game that runs 3 maps designed as two base-two tower is the best Halo experience that's pretty sad.
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    To me "trying to like a game for what it is" sounds like forcing something, I am not saying you are not allowed to like the game but it sounds more like desperation because you want to like a new Halo game despite the fact that sprint is something you are not a fan of. For me liking a game for "what it is" has to come naturally, I am not saying if I played the game there is 0 chance I change my mind about sprint but I will probably not give sprint another chance when it comes to Halo since I disliked it in Reach and H4 (I already skipped Halo 5 if you were wondering). Maybe I am just too indifferent about having a Halo title I like, at the end of the day I don't really like any Halo game all that much, CE is probably my fav concept but still has its flaws. I did like the CE and arena shooter inspired Reach mod we made but that was very limited too. And I am aware the chance for that sort of style are insanely tiny, so I guess I have 0 expectations for Infinite and just check how things turn out because I am curious. Kinda disagree about a "bad" Halo still being better than most other shooters, I feel like traditionally bad Halo games have kinda missed the point of their own designs a lot, having weapons spawn on the map when they barely make a difference, having competitive modes on super simple maps that require little to no decision making and all the small stuff like claiming that things like sprint speed up the game when it has been shown many times that people run away with it because you have to lower your gun. It just feels like the devs didn't know what they were doing on the bad Halo games, that's why despite not being the biggest fan of the following games I would say CS, CoD, Battlefield and even stuff like Apex, Fortnite and PUBG are at the end of the day better shooters. I would play CoD warzone over the bad Halo games any day because it feels like a lot of stuff makes sense the way it was designed. And yeah I am not a massive CoD warzone fan but at least they knew what they were doing and they added some unique mechanics to their battle royale where the bad Halo games felt more like "oh we have sprint now because other triple A shooters do", "oh we have aim down sights now because other shooters do", "we have this knock off search and destroy mode now because bomb and defuse is popular in esports", "Halo 4 has classes now because other games do". Halo under 343 always lacked direction when it comes to multiplayer - in my opinion anyways. So yeah I have no expectations for Infinite as I said already, if they try to take this game beyond what trends suggest it might be nice, but give me either a more classic Halo or go all the way and do your own thing beyond copy pasting stuff from other games into Halo. This sort of in between BS "modernizing" Halo has only left bad memories for me so I won't waste a second of my life giving it a third chance.
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    Look, if they rework sprint again to add it into Halo Infinite someone needs to give them a knock and say 'If you have to rework this shit three times in an effort to make it work, maybe it doesn't fucking work.'
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    This is why I just never bothered getting good at the game. Don't need to smurf if I'm just ass in general.
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    time is flying sprinting
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    I know not every community saw success, and obviously it's not worth keeping a chain of stores open for Halo kids to get together. But it was the most active my city, and even my province, had been in many years in terms of Halo. Our LANs went from being between me and three friends I grew up with, to having a dozen or so locals who liked getting together at its peak. Then we'd have some stragglers at each one as well. Really unfortunate that these scenes won't get the upcoming Infinite boost either. A new game plus store events promoted at launch could have been big I feel.
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    I have thought about the 3 weapons idea before, where holding Y would pull out your Magnum which would be your main utility and the only weapon that you cannot drop, I like the idea of always having a utility weapon intrinsically tied to your character, I mean it is called the utility weapon and it being a Magnum makes it intuitive and low profile instead of a giant rifle tied to you at all times, but that's about as far as I would go when it comes to the possibility of adding more weapon slots to Halo, I think anything more than that and you start to blur the lines of what is appropriate for Halo and what makes it the way it is, you might as well go all out and add 8 weapon slots if you're going anything beyond what I suggested. I've also thought about the weapon overheating causing damage as you mentioned, it would be a trade off where either the Storm/Plasma Rifle or Repeater would allow you to carry on firing after it has overheated, the overheated shots would glow red and deal more damage but the trade off is that it drains your shields. Hypothetically this could even be combined with an OS to make the weapon a semi-power weapon, OS gives you more shield so would allow you to use the overheated shots for longer and put out a ton of damage, but that would be entirely up to you whether you want to burn your OS in exchange for more damage. Maybe also make it so you have to hold the reload button to dissipate heat from the gun manually instead of it being automatic, this way you can build up heat and it gives the player a bit more control and choice in how they decide to use this weapon.
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    Two that I want to throw in: 1) Put pressure on the player. Don't spawn all the enemies in front of them. Make them react, make them observe. Open them up to being flanked from the side or the rear. Spawn enemies behind them. Spawn reinforcement waves behind them while a battle is still ongoing. Enemies on the opposite side of an encounter should have the capacity to split up and rush the player. Reference the circular rooms on AoTCR; what if a couple of the jackals or elites on the far side of the room - instead of just hunkering down back there - came up both of the outer hallways to try and hunt you down? Reintroduce random patrols and variable jackal sniper spawns, if jackal snipers must be used. 2) Ammo capacity for most non-power weapons need to go up, preferably back to H1 levels. Pistol/utility rifle should be 10 spare clips. AR/SMG/whatever should also be 10 spare clips. Bumping the shotgun back up to 12/60 will make it viable over long stretches of campaign again. Plasma Pistol should only use between 10-15% battery for overcharge shots and battery drain on held overcharges should be removed, just do it like H2A where you limit how long a charge can be held, maybe introduce a backfire mechanic if you exceed the meter just for laughs.
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    1) A sandbox of very distinct and powerful, but difficult-to-use weapons that make a difference in the hands of a skilled player with good judgement. Also, specially designed ammo counts to allow players to use said weapons for more than 1-2 encounters. No SMG clones, no cheap-EMP whoring. Weapons excel at their roles, but still require skill to wield effectively at said roles. See: CE's magnum, rockets, and sniper rifle. 2) Restoring enemies to CE design. Grunts are ineffectual on their own, and supplement a powerful Elite unit to where you can't openly challenge the whole covenant file to a 1 on 1. Extremely active and agile elites who strafe and move 24/7, with headbobbing and ACTUAL difficulty to headshot. Jackals that are actually difficult to stun and headshot with a single shot, and that behave defensively. Hunters that are strong, but slow and predictable and with the ability to be instakilled by well placed shots from certain weapons (other than the main utility). All enemies are much more aggressive than their H2 and beyond iterations, and will generally pursue the player into whatever far-off distance the player tries to retreat to. 3) Carefully designed, unique encounters. Encounters are built with several ways to beat them, but with a high level of difficulty in each case. They do not ever overtake the means that the player has available in the sandbox. There is a healthy even mix of small-scale infantry-infantry encounters, medium-scale infantry-infantry encounters, large scale infantry/vehicles-infantry/vehicles encounters, and infantry-infantry/vehicles encounters. Player infantry to enemy vehicles/infantry is something that was perfected in CE. The rockets were hugely powerful, but slow and requiring careful aim and positioning to use. This lead to incredibly tense moments in campaign where competency with the rockets meant being able to eliminate several enemy vehicles and infantry with just grenades, a utility, and rockets. See: AotCR and Two Betrayals to see it done perfectly. 4) Huge faction battles. Again, these are ripe for falling into good encounter design because sheer enemy faction numbers can alone make an encounter difficult, if the player tackles it without any thought. Imagine an encounter where, say Flood and Prometheans have a huge battle and you have to make it past said battle intact. The ideal way to deal with it is to be stealthy and pick off packs of enemies without gaining attention, either via sniping or by hiding and using silenced weapons/explosives up close. If not done carefully, the player expends tremendous time, effort, and ammo in dispatching both groups of enemies. See Two Betrayals to see this done perfectly, or even Keyes. 5) Openness of encounters: Levels don't have to be non-linear or in player-decided order (90% of even Halo CE is completely linear and still top notch), but levels should be adequately spacious to allow for various different types of positioning and weapon combinations, and not constrict the player's total potential. To see it done right, see The Library. Difficult, yes, but you have a huge amount of room to dodge and avoid flood while shooting them, unlike Sacred Icon or Cortana. In addition, have a multitude of ways to complete certain mid and large scale encounters. See the rocks section on Halo: you can drive around and kill enemies with the warthog as the dropships drop them off, you can hide in the rocks and kill them as they come by with your sniper rifle, or you can take cover with the marines on the tall rock and snipe them from afar. 6) CE style flood, if flood are in the game. CE's flood have the perfect balance of standing still and firing at the player, rushing the player, leaping at the player, as well as difficulty to headshot and general time to kill. Make it so that you can dodge flood melees with well timed strafes or jumps. What shouldn't get carried over from CE is the seemingly disjointed melee, where you can clearly visually jump to the side of a combat form and you'll still confoundingly eat melee damage.
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    Getting spawnfucked in CE 4v4 or BTB and jump delay/the CE movement in general are about the least fun mechanics in the OG trilogy. Halo could be great if you combined the best aspects of each game (which is really what we tried to do in the GP mod) but as it stands each game just has massive issues that make playing them for a while a chore. Not need to list them again here. Yes CE is the least offensive of all of them, but we need to stop pretending it's perfect because it's certainly not.
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    @_Synapse, I find most people that love Halo but are terrible at it, tend to be huge Melvins. One of the main character traits about a Melvin is deep insecurity. He cannot be wrong, ever, and tends to live in denial towards people that do the same things they do, but better.
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    A zero-bloom-no-abilities Radar/AR secondary social playlist with a decent map/mode pool would be pretty damn fun. It'd be like a modern spin on the old Team Classic playlist. MCC Matchmaking Sustain Team DM me.
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    Because the leader of the Banished managed to survive longer than one game, making him the biggest threat 343 have come up with so far. Also, the Banished's aesthetic is just cool. A fuck load more interesting than floaty forerunner shit and whatever 343's covenant art style was.
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    If a game dev ever says that they don't have the tools to update things like that post launch, they're full of shit. Fortnite patched in split screen for God sake.
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