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    Dude, I know. I made a thread for people to organize playtests and discussion. Now I have some responsibility for it? Anybody can host a custom game and talk about settings. That thread can still be used for its intended purpose. I do not have a vital role in this process, at all. What a ridiculous thing to pretend to be upset about. It's almost like she just just wants a reason to throw shade at me... Let me make this abundantly clear @TheIcePrincess -I found out about my AIT date well after making that thread. My life changed significantly in the past month. And I do not feel any sort of responsibility to update a Halo forum about it, especially when other people can do the exact same thing I can. -I wasted your time? That's a laugh. No one even asked you to be a part of it. THIS is why. Bad ideas like "remove the sniper", and all the inevitable cliquey high school drama are hardly worth a few extra bodies in a custom that are just gonna stat in obj anyways. And by the look of your progression completion, I'd say you have plenty of time on your hands, so give me a break. Lastly, zero part of my absence prevents this from going forward. You're just looking for an excuse to be upset. And your whole little soapbox diatribe guilt trip operates under the pretense that me and your friends would ever work together on anything to begin with, which is also a laugher. I want nothing to do with any of you. If any part of the last few weeks frustrates you that nothing is getting done, then take some personal accountability and fucking do it. ANYONE can do it. Trying to pin a lack of results solely on me because I made a thread on a Halo forum is a disingenuous attempt to dodge acknowledgement that your ass didn't do anything either. I'm not surprised IcePrincess is doing it because they look for reasons to give me shit. In fact, I don't even think she even feels what she says. She knows I'm right in the fact that I'm not a necessary part of the process. But she saw an opportunity to grandstand and try to make me look bad, and so here we are.
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    It doesn’t matter how good you think a utility weapon is if it spends the majority of the match pointing at the floor.
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    UI of Reach. Gunplay of CE. Art of 3. Movement of 2.
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    One person's absence results in the dissolution of interest in a resource that everyone can modify and contribute to? Pretty sure that means people weren't that invested.
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    Maybe nobody wants to be baited into yet another circular, mental gymnastics based argument with you when you damn well know everyone's stance here on Halo 5's movement. So I'll just leave it at a hard no, and recommend everyone else do the same.
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    Yeah I think Lethul reaching 50 with M&K proves the point that Summit was just out of his depth in the ranks he was playing.
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    Fighters, Madden, FIFA, Rocket League, Apex and Fortnite - the biggest games in the competitive circuit all use controllers. It's not that big of a deal shhhh PS. A Smite AM team using controllers beat a top Pro League team using KBM. A Paladins AM console team using controllers beat KBM players in our minor league and almost took a series from a world champion pro league team! CrossplAAy is here to stay.
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    Yeah for me at some point after the second worlds I realized that I actually just did not enjoy H5 and that I was playing it once in awhile out of habit. I uninstalled and played social MCC because at the time you absolutely could not get a game in the hardcore lists unless you timed your play sessions around specific hours in the afternoon. Hilariously enough I immediately had more fun, even with stupid shit like snowbound, than I ever had with H5. Never looked back. People just need to stop complaining about H5 and free themselves from that shit game and the same may continue to be true in the future. Halo is way more fun when you stop trying to critique whatever the latest is and instead just play the games you actually enjoyed in the series. I think that also sends the loudest message possible to 343 about the future direction of Halo. Too many people play the latest game just because its the latest game.
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    also this is my last post on this forum, fuck all of you and this dog shit franchise. Fucking trash ass 343i
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    Penance being probably literally the worst Halo map in history while being a remake of one of the best Halo maps in history has to be some kind of metaphor for the Halo franchise today.
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    The VA Winter LAN is Jan 9-13. There won't be an FFA or 2v2 tourney however we may have some money matches. All boxes are overclocked like last time and will also have a new map called Dreadnought, which is basically an updated version of Derelict. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vabeachlan Youtube (VA Beach LAN 2019): Attendees: 1. Devilman 2. dds 3. Mudbone 4. meg 5. Nacho 6. Dynomike 7. Ozyorsk 8. Forehearth 9. stunt man 10. Missingno 11. Bonesaw 12. Finny 13. Fight 14. C2 15. SeVy 16. Skillz 17. BRBaby 18. Amayzing 19. Cujjer 20. Halaster 21. xVirgin 22. Klown 23. O4 24. Wraith 25. Kush 26. Knighty Knight 27. Gazzo
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    Dude your opinion is literally invalid, can't even go positive in a 3man octagon lmao yikes fam.
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    I would place a higher value on the opinion of an average player who grew up playing every Halo game than a reach kid who has dumped hundreds of hours into H5.
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    What do you guys mean? I have a screenshot of going +60 in BTB, doesn't that mean every map I forge is better, every meal I eat is tastier, every opinion I hold is worth more? Of course you all would disagree, but your opinions are invalid because on the battlefield you are falling like ants. You don't even have max rank in HCS, THE competitive playlist people play for money. Keep crouching around with shotguns in ranked Mythic and try to get close to my K/D, pathetic weekend warriors.
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    4th and final Halo 5 map coming up. About 3 years in the making. Odyssey // Fall from Grace (2v2)
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    I leave for four days and Ice is back to dropping essays that no one reads again.
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    Current Battle Canyon 1: Sword 2: Red Flag 3: Blue Flag 4: Red Top 5: Blue Top 6: Red Needler 7: Blue Needler Proposed Battle Canyon 1: Sword 2: Blue Needler 3: Red Needler 4: Blue Top 5: Red Top ———————————————————— Current Boardwalk (Order Unknown) 1: Top Snipe Red Initial / Cafe Square Mid Boardwalk / Above Rockets / Skybridge Blue Side Boardwalk Top Blue House / Rest Stop 2nd Floor Between Shotguns / Ocean View Plasma Launcher Needle Rifle Front Rockets Behind Top Shotty / Upper Courtyard Proposed Boardwalk 1: Top Snipe 3: Ocean View 4: Plasma Launcher 5: Mid Boardwalk ————————————————————— Current Condemned 1: Middle/Rockets 2: “Observation Deck”/Grey/Near Sword 3: Green/ “Repair Bay” 4: “Generator”/ Red Snipe 5: “Communications” / Under Blue Snipe 6: Shotgun /Yellow/ Tram Station Proposed Condemned 1: Middle 2: Grey /Sword /Observation Deck 3: Blue/ Communications 4: Green /Repair Bay 5: Red Snipe / Generator 6: Yellow / Tram Station / Shotgun ————————————————————— Current Countdown 1: Bottom Mid 2: Sword 3: S2 4: Conc Rifle 5: Red Flag 6: Blue Flag 7: Rockets/Under Sword Proposed Countdown 1: Conc Rifle 2: Red Flag 3: Rockets / Garage Door 4: Blue Flag ————————————————————————————————— Current High Noon 1 Rockets 2 Red Nose 3 Top Red 4 Top Blue 5 Batters Box 6 Blue Shotty 7 Red Shotty Proposed High Noon 1: Red Nose 2: Blue Shotgun 3: Top Blue 4: Red Shotgun 5: Top Red —————————————————————————————— Current Powerhouse 1: Bottom Mid 2: GL Window 3: Rock Garden 4: Powerhouse Bridges 5: Focus Rifle Yard 6: Horseshoe 7: Low Bridge 8: Near Shotty Proposed Powerhouse 1: Low Bridge 2: Near Shotty 3: Focus Yard 4: Powerhouse Bridges 5: GL Window ————————————————— Current Reflection 1: Snipe 2 2: Middle Courtyard 3: H2 Shotty 4: OS DMR 5: S1 6: Front of Sword Proposed Reflection 1: S2 / Under Snipe 2: H2 Shotty 3: Middle Courtyard 4: OS DMR 5: S1 / Lift Healthpack ————————————————————————— Current Sword Base (Order Unknown) Server Room / Near Red Initial GL Bridge Snipe Bottom Mid Bottom Mid Statue Bottom Mid Window Front Sword Blue Needle / Elbow Top Red Lift Shotgun Bottom Gold Lift Under Red Initial / Operations Break Room Proposed Sword Base 1: Bottom Mid Statue 2: Blue Elbow / Needle Rifle 3: Server Room / Near Red Initial 4: Bottom Gold 5: Front Sword
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    Listen here you little shit. I got +40 in every game. I only play CTF or Hill. I sit around the sidEs killing the new pLayers trying to Play the objective. I team up with My thrEe stooges and we just pubstomp. Ten hours a day. I have a fucking 7.89 K/D in social, especially in BTB. The power weapons are pathetic so I gather them all and sit in a power spot raking in kills on Pieces of shit like you that are just playing for a few hours before going to work or bed. The same worthless pieces of shit that shoot me in the side of the back of the head like the unskilled savages they are. I've put 800 hours into Halo Reach on PC and it's haSn't even beEn out for a month. That meaNs I am better than you as a human being. So Do me a favour, take your -11 and go fuck yourself. If you can't take the ten Hours a day to play this gamE with three stooges then you don't deserve an opinion. These numbers mean everything to me. EVERYTHING. This isn't about fun anymore. I need those numbers to be positive. It's how I DEFINE MY WORTH AS A HUMAN BEING. I need these numbers to be positive. Kids Like you fucking ruin my games with your accidental rocket kills making my numbers sometimes less Positive. How I am supposed to be Positive about my Life whEn my K/D isn't +50. You run in and cAp the flag AND THE GAME FUCKING ENDS WITH ME ONLY HAVING 20 KILLS. Stop ruining my lifE you sack of shit. Go back to CoD fucking armour lock AR kid.
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    from 2008 during the height of the pro circuit: http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/news/2008-pro-circuit-cities-and-dates-follow-up-2 the full year was lined up by feb which is short notice (2 months) for meadowlands but very nice for every event after. i searched from 2006-2010 and saw similar posts each year
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    The fact of the matter is that the balance of Reach was effectively broken from the start regardless of whether or not the DMR was the starting weapon. Most of the weapons in the sandbox that aren't on the level of or above the Conc Rifle are glorified bash weapons that can barely stand up to anything outside of their category. Meanwhile, aside from my and others' prowess with the Magnum with Bloom settings, the Magnum's spread, small magazine, and small reserve size make it a poor substitute for the utility weapon especially since a large part of its use relies on luck rather than gunskill given its absurd amount of spread even at a reset reticule. The Needle Rifle isn't so bad in the same regard, however its ease of use against unshielded targets make it a weapon that shouldn't reward body shots over headshots and its ineffectiveness against vehicles make it a poor choice as a BTB weapon start since not even teamshooting can really affect airborne targets or targets at any distance. Bloom is also a poor mechanism for controlling accuracy since it also injects unnecessary and frustrating random chance in the neutral game that shouldn't exist in a competitive shooter. And I'm not going to argue why a utility weapon is necessary in the first place since its been explained ad nauseam by people like myself and several others in the past. The reality is that unless Reach is overhauled to bring the other weapons of the sandbox at the same level as a bloomless DMR and other mechanics were considered for managing its use at range that don't affect its neutral game use, the best option is to balance what can be balanced around it with the understanding that even at 100% bloom the sandbox was poorly balanced and still required buffs to several of the other contenders.
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    That's funny because I think Koth is Halo's best gametype by a mile. It utilizes the full 4v4 player count well, can work on any map by putting the hill in any difficult to control location, and has very granular scoring to more accurately represent the tide of the game. I think the only better gametype for Halo would be Warpath.
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    I completely forgot how dogshit of a gametype Headhunter is, especially for 4v4. It kind of works for Multi Team (RIP) and FFA, but if you can just hold hands with your teammates and pick up their skulls it defeats the purpose of the mode even existing. Classic Bungie who never tested their shit outside of fucking around in a custom on Hemmorhage. The laughable maps don't do the mode any favors either. and of course shoutout to 343 for putting in it the same category as Oddball in the match composer though. Because they both have flaming skulls you know?
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