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    Well first of all, thank you. And no, there's no chance. The work flow MOST studios that I've personally experienced seem to follow is; artists create a kit of blocks. Level Designers take those blocks, and are allowed to use them on the grid in a very specific way that the art team will allow. Whereas it should be the exact opposite. It should be, level designers just building cool levels with all the weird abstract angles and nuances that they want, and then artists have to figure out how to make it. But it doesn't work like that. Quick example You can literally see the blockout in this picture, made of squares and the kit that 343 allowed. Adrian (the 343 LD who made this) did not go into Plaza thinking "Oh I'm going to make a sick train station). He went in, threw down a generic blockout with a bunch of squares, only 90 degree angles because that's what the kit allows, and then the art team looked at it said "eeeehhhhh I guess we could turn this into a train station maybe?". Which is why it doensn't actually look anything like what its supposed to, nor does any 343 map. You can look at every single one of them and just see jumbles of squares and ramps at only 90 degree angles. Whereas all the Bungie maps, even if they played like dogshit, actually had identity and character to them. You can look at Construct and tell that the designer started with an idea, which was 'a forerunner map that's tall and forces you to use lifts'. Narrows is the 'big linear bridge'. They all have unique ideas behind them because they started with that. 343 does the exact opposite where they just throw blocks at you and streamline you into just making soulless blockouts so the art team doesn't have to work as hard. This obviously, is the opposite of the ideal scenario as design should always take precedent over everything else but that's usually not what happens in most studios. Maps like Guardian would never exist in a 343 game because everything in that map is custom made specifically for the shape, none of it is reuse able or generic, it couldn't be made with a kit. This is also why 343 rarely does Covenant, because the nature of the art style is such that you can't really make a convincing pre-built kit for it. There's too many curves and soft angles, it would never blend properly. You can bet because Infinite is running so far behind schedule that you're probably going to see a majority UNSC maps, less forerunner, and the least Covenant. Because UNSC is easy to pump out 100 different clones with simple pieces and generic blockouts. Treyarch was pretty good about this; if you built a 1cm cut-in inside a wall, the art team would go out of their way to make it. Anything you wanted in a CoD map they made sure to support so long as you let them know you wanted it. I've worked other places where this was not the case, and I had to stay on the grind, only 90 degree angles, every path had to fall on a 20m increment, all ramps had to be 27 degrees, no taller than 12 feet, etc. It gets old real quick. And if you've ever seen my maps, that's not how I build. Lots of soft angles and weird elevations and custom curves and sightlines. They just look better, play better.. it's just the right way to build maps. My maps at 343 would not look anything like these.
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    You guys don't know what you're talking about. I don't know how much more clearly I can say this but the hardware has nothing to do with how Infinite looks. Gears 5 on the current Xbox One looks better than whatever Halo Infinite would look like if it launched exclusively on Series X at 4k. What looks better, a 4k picture of Minecraft, or a 1080p photograph of the Amazon Jungle? The core engine tech they're using sucks. They're textures suck. The art sucks. The lighting is poorly programmed. The animations are stiff. Nothing you or anyone is complaining about has anything to do with launching on the base Xbox because there are plenty of current Gen games like Battlefield and Doom 2016 that look phenomenal on it. When you complain about current hardware you're giving them an out that they don't deserve. Their engine sucks and art team dropped the ball. That's all there is to it. Stop blaming the hardware.
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    I know I gush about Bungie all the time here, I know I know, but.. To you guys that picture probably doesn't mean much but every time I see it I think about how some artist sculpted that bridge, exactly for that spot and nowhere else. It's purpose built. And it looks awesome because of it. All custom baby. Alright I'm done venting about Destiny lmao. The first multiplayer footage we see of infinite take a look at the maps. You'll be able to spot if they're made using generic kits pretty quickly.
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    It's not even this, the whole debate about "Casual VS Competitive" is completely meaningless. It is far from difficult to design a game with a sky-high competitive skillgap and brilliant eSports scene, that also has a ton of offerings for casual players. It's because the things that casual and competitive players want aren't mutually exclusive, at all. Problems only arise when they're artificially created by a developer who doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. That's when people push for guns to be removed from gamemodes, or for certain settings to be replaced entirely, or for SBMM to be removed from the game. What competitive players want: • A skill-rewarding and impossibly difficult to master, yet powerful sandbox. • Movement that allows for skillful trickjumps or maneuvers, along with emphasizing carefully-thought movement in high-level play. • Maps that play decently and can lead to complex mindgames at high-level play, and don't play the exact same stagnant manner for the 12 millionth time. • A rewarding ranking system that places skill before hours ingame, and matches people of equal skill. • Necessary features like dedis, party matching, good netcode, IP masking, proper settings in comp playlists, decent comp playlist offerings, client-side theater, forge, custom browser, service record, etc. • Important QoL features like FOV, aim settings, low latency, input-based MM, keybinds, reticle + HUD customization, viewmodel customization, press to talk, etc. What Casual Players want: • A sandbox where they can get satisfying kills without necessarily having to be gods at aiming, and with lots of varied weapons that they can pick up and use. • Responsive movement that doesn't feel like they're dragging a tyre through waist-high water because of binocular FOV. • Good PvE (Campaign, Firefight, etc). • Varied map selection with unique aesthetics and gameplay to each. • Varied playlists and gamemodes that they can relax and have fun in (BTB, Grifball, Infection, Race, Multi team, SWAT, AR slayer, etc). • Prominent featuring of vehicular play in BTB and other large-scale gamemodes. • Playable elites, armor customizability and variety, etc. • Playlists where they can play and not constantly get destroyed by people who are far above their skill level. • Stuff like Machinima mode, teabag physics, co-op, satisfying visual + audio design, etc. Literally nothing is mutually exclusive between what the two want. It only arises when you have an incompetent developer who makes giant, lingering blunders in how they design or manage their game. Look at the "DMR broke Reach BTB" scuffle. If the DMR wasn't a hitscan, 3x zoom rifle on maps with giant open sightlines on KBM, and on a game with hugely nerfed vehicle health, it would never have been a problem in the first place. Or, look at the overpowered autos in H5. If the game's utility weapons didn't have 1.3 second TTKs and if autos + radars weren't in HCS playlists, then maybe competitive players wouldn't have complained about them. The problem is that developers couldn't design a sandbox if their lives depended on it, and they're just as (in)competent at managing their games' matchmaking.
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    Is it possible? Yeah with the right people. Let me try and explain this in a way that makes sense if you've never touched a game engine. Halo Infinite has really bad materials. You can call them textures or shaders, same idea. The material work sucks. You guys know how water in H3 looked really really good, and then it looked less good in Halo Reach? And now it looks atrocious in Halo 5? Yet somehow H3 water looks better than just about every other game? The usual response is "well we have more horsepower now it should look better" when that is basically irrelevant. To be honest even the game engine is pretty irrelevant when it comes to something like this, you just need someone who knows how to set up a good water shader. This video is kinda long but just skip through it and watch a few minutes here and there. It's basically a guy just taking this physics formula that calculates the shape of a wave (water) and plugging it into a material function for a water shader. It's a sin function, the ones that look like this. but he adds some variables so that you could change the ripple height, length, speed, etc. Then he basically just duplicates the function 2 more times to create 3 different little ripple patterns that are all moving in different directions. You can see by the end of the video the water looks freaking awesome. This is like 1 of 4 videos where he creates a really, REALLY convincing water shader that are like half an hour each and he's going really slowly explaining why he does everything. If he actually wanted to just go in and make this for himself he could probably do the whole thing in like an hour. My point of explaining this is to say, the engine is basically irrelevant. Unreal Engine (what he's using) definitely has the BEST material editor of any engine but you recreate this effect with the same wave formula in basically anything. The amount of horsepower of his PC is irrelevant because it's not really an expensive shader in the first place, it's math based which is really cheap on the CPU. The only hard part about this, is just being smart enough to realize you should take a physics formula and run it in the material editor. Then he just tweaks the variables to make it look good. You could've sat me down with unreal engine and 100 teraflops of power and given me 3 years to make a good water shader, I wouldn't have been able to match this one he could do in an hour. The same is true of 343. The same is probably true why the materials in H3 looked so good on the water, and the bubble shield also looked REALLY good this should be obvious comparing it to a bubble shield from any other game like Apex or even Destiny. The h3 one has a really cool warping effect near the edge of the tiles it's just idk ugh so good omg honestly the best looking bubble shield shader of any game and it was the first.. Is it possible for them to fix their game in like 6 months? Yup lol. You throw someone like that ^ guy in and he could probably hit like a dozen really complicated but important shaders per day. Water, tree foliage, shield doors, metal, whatever (if you were curious, that guy is a really high up artist at Bioware which should explain his talent). It is most definitely possible. Just like you could throw 1 good rendering engineer into the engine code and tell him to make the lighting like Unreal, he could probably get it pretty close in like a week. One good physics engineer to make the physics feel like H3. Same for animation, character sculpting. It is definitely possible to do it much faster than 6 months. If you know what you're doing it takes like a day lol. Will they do it? No lmao. They had 5 years. Another year isn't going to give them the talent they need. This is why it's so important to have the right people, and not just unlimited money. At this level, the best engine and game console in the world wouldn't help them, you just gotta be smart and make the right decisions.
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    I did it. I finally got caught up. At one point I’m pretty sure I was 100 pages behind. @MultiLockOn your hitscan/projectile post is my favorite post I’ve read in years.
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    At the time, my love for Halo superseded my hatred for 343. That is not true anymore, I couldn't care less about Halo. So if you asked me that now then yeah sure, I'm happier where I work currently. You ask me that question over the course of the last 2 years my answer might've changed the whole time. Regardless, they would not have let me build maps in the way I wanted to build them. I wouldn't be able to actually make a difference there.
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    hard agree. game pass is full of shitty games like rdr2, the surge 2, outer wilds, outer worlds, pillars of eternity, arkham knight, age of empires, hellblade
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    People have been complaining about non-sense issues for so long that 343 thinks a return to "classic Halo" is black undersuits. Also if you boys could do me a favor and smash that subscribe button it'd be much appreciated.
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    This was my favorite series from the Halo Classic in St. Louis. Super close series between two excellent teams. I timestamped it. Hope you enjoy!
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    Remember, a delayed 343i game is still going to be a 343i game - just with fewer bugs. Part of me wants this game to fail, so that the disillusionment actually teaches the Halo playerbase to use more than 5 braincells at any given time. Seriously, this is what they deserve for complaining about idiotic shit over legitimate game-breaking issues for the eternity that 343i and Bungie held control of Halo. "I don't want to just be miserable all the time about Halo!". Fine then, be as elated as you want while you play with 4K players at peak, while soloQing against a to4 amateurs on smurfs, on 80 ping servers. If you refuse to hold a game to any standards AND you choose to drown out any other people holding it to a standard, then you deserve a game with no standards.
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    This is how Australian Politics work. We have the two main parties then we have the smaller, but still influential, fringe parties. What happens is the more votes these fringe parties get, the more of their policies the big parties take into account because they want those voters to support them. We are basically the "extreme competitive" community and it's fair we shoot for the stars for a competitive game. We want projectile, weapon timers, good strafing, 4v4 maps and quick perfect kills but slightly longer average kills (amongst many others) Reddit, from what I've seen, are the AR starts community. They want BTB, AR starts, grunt shaped cakes, dual wielding and clips of shenanigans (amongst others). The frustrating part is you can have both and do it without too much fuss (in Halo). But nah. Let's add advanced movement instead. I think a problem on our end is that we're competitive by nature right? So we want to win the discussion and we want to win the casual vs competitive debate. This means that compromise is difficult. Our more casual counterparts at Reddit's problem is that they don't understand why AR starts are bad. Some don't even understand why SMG starts are bad. I'm not being facetious either, it's a big problem.
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    After running the calculations I predict 343 will inadvertently chance upon a good Halo game when Halo 1,367 releases in about 7,000 years.
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    Please keep all discussion related to MCC in the MCC thread. Thanks, NavG123
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    They want jobs in the industry/at 343 or something. Or they don't want to risk alienating casual fans who watch their content or might be interested in doing so. I don't know. But I thought it was hilarious when Snakebite uploaded a 10-minute video a month or so ago called "What I Want from Halo Infinite" or something to that effect, and he basically said nothing for the entire video. And I like Snakebite, for the record. But he could have used his growing platform and influence in the scene to talk about actual substantive changes and get more people on board with them, but instead it was just a low-effort view-grab upload with practically 0 substance. It's amazing that we're still doing that after 3 straight bad Halo games (4 if you count MCC). It's like battered wife syndrome or something. Nothing will ever change that way. You have to hold developers feet to the fire or they will never give you what you want. Like how a politician or political party isn't going to bend to your wishes until you actually show them that you're willing to not vote for them. Because once they have your vote, which is the only power you have, you're useless to them, and they could give two s***** about you. Not to get too political, but it reminds me of how people are so willing to settle for mediocrity and incremental change, when it's so glaringly obvious that that's not what we need right now. Especially considering you never get all of what you want anyway. You're always going to get less, whether that's with games or with real life. Compromise is almost always the most likely course of action. So why not be vocal and push for the best possible things, so you can at least get something that's close to it? For example, you push for Medicare for All, but in reality you know it will probably be a public option. If you don't even push for a public option though, then you won't get shit. Make sense? So as far as Halo, you can't say "I don't care if the next Halo has sprint, I just want a good game". You might as well be saying "I want Halo to have sprint". You've basically guaranteed it to be in by saying that. Realistically, we all knew both Halo 5 and Halo Infinite were going to have sprint, but it doesn't mean you just bend over and take it. If you say, "I refuse to buy the next Halo if it has sprint", or even "the next Halo does not need sprint", especially if it's prominent and influential members of the community, then you're more likely to get something closer to a desired outcome. You probably won't get a game with 0 sprint, but you might get something like the campaign having sprint and ranked multiplayer not having it. Or half of the playlists having it, half not. Or even like a voting system pre-match. Something. Anything would be better than 100% sprint all the time for everything. Sorry if I got rambly, but hopefully that made some sense.
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    Can they just replace 343 with the Doom team now?
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    I understand the argument for them. There is technically skill in keeping track of them, though to me it's outweighed by needing to actually win a battle for an item everyone is setting up for (not to mention coaches negate this skill in tournaments). I think the real argument in their favor is that matches will play out differently from game to game, cycle to cycle. However, you lose the "overlap" dynamic that you get with static timers, where a powerup becomes more powerful the later it's grabbed in the cycle because you'll get to ride it into the next cycle. There's merit to both, but I prefer static because I like the idea of multiple powerups being in play at once. There's also something to be said for adapting to the way the other team is playing each cycle. Damnation and Chill Out both demonstrate how you need to show the opposing team different looks later in games, otherwise they'll adapt and counter your setups. You lose that with dynamic spawns, because the cadence of spawns is going to be different every cycle (unless there's only one powerup, which is ass anyways).
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    Ranked SHOULD be where bad kids go to play other bad kids. The whole point is to play people of a similar skill level. That frees up social to be the grab bag it’s supposed to be. In a perfect world, ranked would be a safety net for bad players. No one should ever discourage a bad player from playing ranked. It’s every bit as much theirs as it is a good player’s. And that’s not even factoring in how it bolsters population for a mode that NEEDS it to work properly, or how it helps to move a casual player along the path of becoming a serious player. Now, idlers and quitters? They can fuck right off in ranked. But a player giving it an honest effort? We need every one we can get.
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    I wish shooters would go back to the mission structure that placed all the objectives (Yes, objectives) on the level from the beginning and let you do them in any order you wanted (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Time Splitters, Syphon Filter Omega Strain), and make you beat the level in one life. It was so much more satisfying to beat a level on Perfect Agent than it was to beat a level on Legendary. Make objectives pass/fail, and have each objective’s result affect the rest of the mission (more/less guards, lights/alarms turn off, armory unlocked, etc), and have only the final objective be mandatory. This creates massive replayability, as players find the most efficient strategies and struggle to improve their mission rating. Maybe the one-life thing is a turn-off. Okay. Allow respawning at the closest completed objective (or insertion point), but if you choose to continue, you do so knowing you’ll get an F rating at the end because you were KIA. This let’s tourists play the whole game, without denying the diehards the thrill of the challenge. This goes even deeper once you factor in co-op. Have a different rating for each number of players in the game, so players are encouraged to play every mission with 2, 3 and 4 players separately, with entirely different strategies for each. If the level isn’t linear, let each player choose from a few different insertion points at the beginning of the mission. The mission could play totally differently if players breach opposite doors, or if one player is on a skylight instead. Maybe certain timed objectives give you less time as the player count increases. Maybe they kill the hostage scientist (that will unlock the shortcut if you save him) 4min in if you’re solo, but they kill him 1:30 in if you have 4 players. If you die, you need to be revived. No respawning. Each successive revive takes longer. You’re rating takes a massive hit if you finish the mission without all 4 players. Ratings are determined by speed, objective completion, enemies killed, enemies undisturbed (snuck past), and so on. Make the best rating HARD to get, and then tie unlocks to each rating for every mission. You could even have different awards/medal chest for each mission and difficulty that encourages different play styles. 100% accuracy. No shots fired. Undetected. Every enemy killed. No enemies killed. No vehicles. Etc. Then do mission-specific ones like “Beat this mission without using the sniper rifle” or something. Show which skulls you’ve beaten the mission with. Each mission should have its own medal chest that takes some serious time and effort to fill. You can make a mission-select style game and still give it an assload of replayability if the missions are done well, it’s challenging, and you give the player a lot of different goals to attain (and a reason to attain them). I’d take that game over a Far Cry style game ANY day.
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    Another way of saying you move faster with a pistol is you move slower with a power weapon. You shouldn’t be punished for picking up a power weapon. As for underhand nades and marking locations with a waypoint, what buttons would these actions be mapped to?
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    People here celebrating the rivalries and conflict in Halo are selectively not mentioning the biggest time things went too far. Everything is fun and games until Cratos and his org take your family.
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    Not to attack snakebite or anything, but even at 1.75x speed this is hard to watch. He speaks for roughly 10 minutes to explain the idea that the game you had the most fun with isn't automatically the best game - that one game isn't better they're all just different. I feel enlightened after hearing such deep wisdom. His arguments were often very flimsy too. "In the older halos u just move so slow!" Ahh yes, that must be why CS:GO and Valorant are such commercial failures.. Oh wait... "Halo 3 is boring to watch": I actually agree, but there is a reason it is boring to watch and that reason isn't nostalgia. It's the shit utility weapon, shit sandbox, and shit maps that people have called out for being shit since the game released. The icing on the cake for me is after he says that h5 is his favorite, he admits he is bored of it cause it's 5 years old and he wants to play something new. "Thrust pack OLD and BORING. Grapple hook NEW and FUN." - Snakebite 2021
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    I don't understand this idiotic "Esports have ruined games" notion that casual players vomit out into every possible crevice of the internet. "Esports culture is making everybody too sweaty and ruining the casual experience!" Esports culture has always existed in games, just in far less accessible forms. Even in the days of Street Fighter, competitive play existed. It was merely restricted, because internet access was poor. Likewise, toxicity and rage was also always a thing in video games. It just didn't manifest as visibly. If it's become disproportionately popular (which it hasn't, btw), then that's not something you can fault eSports or competitive players for. It's what they find fun, just like how you find holding down W and the left mouse button for 12 minutes to be fun. "You can't have fun anymore in games because all your teammates are toxic tryhards who sweat the entire game!" No, you can't have fun because developers are clueless idiots who can't make a decent social mode alongside a decent competitive mode, so they try to mix the two together. In the end, neither crowd is satisfied. Competitive players are tearing their hair out because they get shit-for-brains teammates who can't aim and shoot at the same time, and casual players get curbstomped by people far better than them. The solution is to let Casual players do whatever the fuck they please in lobbies where they exclusively match each other, and give Competitive players the same privileges in lobbies of their own. "The developer ruins the game to cater to competitive players!" They don't. You have some stupid, pre-conceived, vindictive attitude that's completely misplaced towards high-level players. Most of the time, the developers don't fucking listen to them, and take it upon themselves to decide what the ideal balance is (while doing an awful job at it). In the rare instances that companies do actually listen to competitive players, most changes that they make are merely to buff the useless elements and nerf the overcentralizing elements. If you complain about something as fucking mundane as nerfing an overpowered ability, it's because you love abusing it to ruin other people's fun. You aren't interested in maintaining any "casual fun", you're just a shameless apologist for whatever zero-effort method you use to completely destroy other people's enjoyment. You're like the kind of person who'd complain if Bungie nerfed the plasma pistol's overcharge in Halo 2, because it was way too easy for you to destroy people with it. "I just want to have fun!" First of all, I really doubt that you do. What you want to do, is be able to destroy people really easily, because you're too lazy to put in any effort to actually play the game. Whatever misplaced grief these idiots have for "esports/sweaty players/competitiveness", is either just a temper tantrum thrown at competitive players for trying to balance a game to be less bullshit, or an incompetence from a developer. I don't know why they mention Esports at all, because 1) They don't actually know shit about Esports and lobbying 2) Esports has much lower influence on design than they assume it does It's just a profoundly stupid idea that permeates because the number of people who suck at the game dwarf the number of people who don't, and they either have petty agendas held against the latter for nerfing their favorite ways to ruin the fun for other lower-skilled players, or they match people who don't want to just fucking teabag all game and get mad at the guy who's playing to win, instead of the developer for matching him with said player. rant over
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    Shroud's final series in this event had two teams that were relatively close in skill level. At the end after winning the series he's like, "yeah that was actually pretty fun, had a good time that series, the teams actually felt fair." Just goes to show how important good matchmaking is in Halo. You can actually learn a lot from watching some of these streams in regards to how a competent gamer, but Halo noob, responds to the game. Having power-up and power weapon times clearly portrayed is something that quickly seems to be needed for instance. That and a Utility weapon that makes sense and has some consistency.
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    ODST, H2A, and Reach for Human aesthetics CE, H2A, and H3 for Forerunner aesthetics H2A, H2, and especially Reach for Covenant aesthetics H3 and CEA for skyboxes Halo 3 for everything else, especially the lighting. If there's one thing that Bungie did absolutely brilliantly in H3, it's the lighting. The game is still jaw-droppingly pretty in 2020.
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    "It's a risk/reward thing" - some H5 guy
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    This game is a complete dumpster fire. Everyone thought that infinite just had graphics issues but this hire pretty much confirms that graphics are the least of the games issues. Just cancel this crap and start over. This is just embarrassing.
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    Bro, you literally posted this on Monday:
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    This is about as likely as Halo Infinite launching this Christmas.
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    Creating is not the same as competing. Being really good at something doesn't actually even mean that you understand all of the rules. Take NBA players for example they're generally the best basketball players in the world but there is an absolutely enormous gap between the average NBA player and the one who can bait fouls all game because he understands exactly what the refs see and why they call the way they do. The point being that while you can both be great at competing and understand everything down to the small details you don't have to be one to be the other. They're people just like the rest of us, as are the developers of the game, so anyone with a logical and realistic take on the mechanics has an opinion worth just as much. There's no reason to note who it is or what they do if you're willing to think about and understand the arguments they're making
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    So I should just... ... adapt? Also you're over-simplifying it. Dynamic timers encourage snowballing. Let's say one team gets rockets, they won the fight. They pick it up. Well done, you deserve rockets. Then the next rocket spawns, but one team doesn't see what time they're picked up. The team that did now has the advantage and theoretically can keep it for the rest of the game unless the other team expends resources to watch spawns. I feel this is a waste of resources that could be going into far more interesting types of play such as actually playing the game. I am not talking super-high level here. I'm talking solo queueing. Static timers promote faster gameplay and map movement as all players know exactly what is happening and when (specifically about powerups) and have more room to strategise. If you must have dynamic timers, then the spawn time should be given to the players.
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    I just explained that there are others who Forge and play, and we've gotten together to show what we made and talk about design. Some of those same Forgers are now in the industry, some are practicing design on other editors, and some of them are responsible for Mythic Arena, myself included. Please don't underestimate the work we do; after all, the shooter genre we play started out with a bunch of newbie devs wanting to shoot demons on Mars.
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    i love the question you ask, but this was all i could think of after reading this
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    Dallas Empire manager is Elumnite, Clayster competed in Halo 4, and Crimsix broke into the top 4 in Reach. It's a story as old as time itself - Halo players rule.
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    I was a very young lad once, in my adolescence, and my head was full of myopic ideas and life questions. I thought about things like: Will Halo 3 ever come to PC? Will Microsoft give Halo mod support on console like Bethesda with some of their games? What will life after high school be like? Will I get fat in my 20s? Not once, not even in the deepest corners of my subconscious while dreaming, was I ever curious to see weapon skins in Halo.
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    it looks better but it also doesn't look halo to me. Looks more like Gears of War IMO. Which isn't bad because "what is Halo?" jk. I know what halo is, and that's a WEIRD covenant architecture but maybe you could make some lore arguments. I don't know. I just want the real covenant art style back instead of the weird organic BUG shell like covenant designs we get now. like wtf is even this
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    Not only that, think of the environment they're in. Back at an MLG event, finally Reach is gone, haven't seen a bunch of your friends in months, the developers are there and are showing potential interest in your scene. You think that for the first time, even if things are rough right now, that the developers will work closely with the competitive community. I don't blame them for just having a good time at an MLG event again. It used to be a problem in games journalism when publishers would throw huge parties with open bars in San Francisco to play the latest build of their game. It wasn't necessarily buying favor, I mean a journalist talking good about a game only because you get a few free drinks? However, all of those sites were aware that games become a lot more fun with friends around and general good vibes. Usually the final reviewer wasn't allowed to attend those events to make sure they were a blank slate when the game came out. 343 basically threw a journalist preview party for a bunch of competitive players who aren't trained for it or have experience attending something like that.
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    That would be my post. While I won't mention any names, I will say that there have been several people over the course of three years who've told and texted me info about Halo Infinite. One particular person claimed that for the first two years of development of Halo Infinite (Halo 6 was its name in the studio at the time) that there was work being done using Unreal Engine 4. Said person also claimed that Microsoft had halted production in the means of wanting 343 to switch back, and to improve on, the Blam engine. This would've been a plan to save money and to give Microsoft their own "Does it all" engine they could show off, and the first look of it would be on the original Xbox flagship title, Halo. But, as we all know, 343 could not deliver. This person seemed legit to me when I was texted by them in 2019, and it seemed to explain why the game was taking so long. After the reveal, backlash, and delay to 2021 (or even 2022 lol) I believe what they said even more. If it turns out what they shared is a lie, I take full responsibility for sharing it. As for the rest of the info I gave, I won't apologize for sharing, because it's true.
  45. 6 points
    This is such a shitshow.
  46. 6 points
  47. 6 points
    People are still thinking of the 360 days when talking about consoles it feels. The Xbone was most definitely not sold at a loss and is such a massive brick that you can't tell me with a straight face that it's easier to setup or portable. Let's also not forget the constant useless OS updates that keep you locked out of the system for 15-20 minutes every time you start the thing. Maybe the Series X (dumbass name btw) will improve things slightly but with Halo on PC/becoming a completely irrelevant franchise and PC not having to pay for XBL like a cuck I don't see any reason to buy an Xbox. The xbone was the biggest waste money in my entire life.
  48. 6 points
    Actually, no. Companies take huge losses on consoles to sell them at a reasonable price. It's an investment in the future for the sake of building a platform from which they can make their money back and much more. On the other hand, custom pc builders need to make a profit on every sale, because they won't make any money off the build once it's in the wild.
  49. 6 points
    Building and booting a pc is wayyyyyy more involved than buying an xbox and bringing it home. It really is two completely different experiences. It's not about load times, it's about plugging in a literal box and playing a game 5 minutes later, while being portable. The only thing that comes close would be a mini-itx pc and that's really not a great idea for a new builder, while at the same time, is still much more delicate than an xbox to move around (while being more expensive) And pre-builts are complete ripoffs, so you're still getting a low end pc if you want to pay less than a grand to skip the process of building a pc. And, windows 10 being easier to use than an xbox? I basically disagree with all of this. None one of this is as simple as you've made it sound to be honest
  50. 6 points
    Just wanna point out that Soul Flame is credible here. Years ago he told me about this exact conversation he had in 2017, and on top of that certain details like the gunfighter magnum being the new pistol (which I assume became the sidekick) along with them experimenting with equipment pickups and these armor abilities. This was years ago. He also mentioned the open world aspect and something about being able to shoot somebody across a Halo ring if I remember correctly. (Can't find the logs to support that one so maybe I'm just being a dipshit) Either way I trust Soul's info. He's been consistently on the money based of what we've seen and his info hasn't changed in the 3 years I've known about some of what he's said.
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