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    I can't tell if everyone's shitting on Boyo or if someone had a whole bunch of posts deleted.
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    If you can't pick up how unwanted you are from from 100 bans than imagine how awful your reality must be.
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    Still think that 2-round multi-flag CTF on asymmetric maps is untapped potential for Halo. Unfortunately, I think Boyo is right - the pros & competitive Halo community in general are too set in their ways to explore asymmetric maps. Ironic - too stubborn to try asymmetric maps, but open to advanced mobility. How tf did we get here?
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    You want less rockets? They’re already a weak item for their 3min spawn time. Personally, I think we can afford to move rockets to a 2min spawn now that the utility actually hits. But my number 1 thing I would want to change in a hypothetical v9 is to replace Amp and Ons with something completely different. Those maps were added before Heretic was a map, and they never got replaced after they became redundant. I’d want an asymmetrical Sandbox map that can support TS and either King or Ball.
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    Shotgun: Consistent, non-random spread. Several tight centered pellets, complemented buy several outer ring pellets. Centered pellets have infinite range while outer pellets dissipate past a few meters. Headshot capable at any range but ineffective at long unless the target is weakened or one-shot, otherwise requiring a beatdown or follow up shots. Results in a shotgun no longer limited to short range if accurate with the center pellets, and no longer lacking nuance at close range, while still retaining important shotgun properties.
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    A shotgun starting weapon could work fine if it worked similarly to Quake 1's starting shotgun. In that game it's basically a pistol that fires multiple projectiles at a time. Tune its damage so it takes more than just a couple of shots to kill and you're good to go.
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    Please add him to your ignore list. He’s either a troll (probable), or literally too stupid and arrogant to converse with. It’s not worth anyone’s time, especially since it’s obviously not a good faith discussion on his part. Just stop.
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    Because it’s a lot of fuggin work mate. I implemented proper raw mouse input for cartographer, and that took me at least 80 hours to get working. I haven’t heard one person ask for modern aiming before, so that coupled with the fact that getting anything interesting done in this project takes a ton of work is probably why the things you mentioned aren’t done. H2v is also very finicky in regards to getting it to play smoothly without stutter, so you could probably talk with one of the staff to get it running better. When you have it set up perfectly, it actually does feel really good.
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    Yeah, actually. I don't publish a map unless I think it's up to my standards. That question wasn't hostile btw, was actually curious on your thoughts on what youre looking for when you post this stuff.
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    Boyo do you even like half of your own ideas
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    If anybody else responds to him or talks about him, you have lost my respect. Control yourselves.
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    Just set to ignore and move on boys. He’ll tire himself out eventually.
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    There should never be more than 1 in play at a time.
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  15. 1 point
    With the addition of ODST weapons and the forge contest would it be possible to select V9 settings? Who would be the best group of people to decide on the updates? I feel like small changes like lowering the clip on the rockets and adding spare ammo could also promote movement
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    Oh, get a to4? Just get a to4? Why don't I strap on my to4 helmet and squeeze down into a to4 cannon and fire off into to4 land, where to4s grow on fourbies?!
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    Party restrictions or at least trying to compensate the advantage of a full party by matching them against stronger randoms would be a start. So sick of sweaty to4s that are too afraid of ranked but try their hardest to win a fucking Recon Slayer match on High Ground and teabag + rage in chat after every kill. Full parties have been killing Halo since 2010.
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    Are you in love with every map you’ve ever made?
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    I keep getting the worse teammates and the sweatiest opponents. Fuck this games mm
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