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    Ideally? Someone would poke holes in the idea or give their own spin on it. Point out a reason it wouldn’t work or a ramification it might have. We could talk about the relationship between various aspects of the game and how these new elements affect them. Discuss how to walk the line between attracting a mainstream audience and providing a solid competitive experience. Share what we believe the Halo experience truly is and how it could be better.
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    Oh, get a to4? Just get a to4? Why don't I strap on my to4 helmet and squeeze down into a to4 cannon and fire off into to4 land, where to4s grow on fourbies?!
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    Please add him to your ignore list. He’s either a troll (probable), or literally too stupid and arrogant to converse with. It’s not worth anyone’s time, especially since it’s obviously not a good faith discussion on his part. Just stop.
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    Someone in the know says that they accept the fact that h2 belongs to project cartographer. The shotreg fix that they implemented for h3 also fixes shotreg for h2 but they didn’t do it for h2 because they don’t care. The big brains on the cartographer team reversed the h3 fix and implemented it in cartographer less than a week after the first flight of the h3 fix was released. After that was implemented, we turned off all of the other things we did to improve shot reg and it still felt great. At this point, mcc h2 is dead because they don’t want to fix it.
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    He's actually more caught up than you are. You are the village idiot of this forum and dont even realize it.
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    Random spread on the precision spawn weapon is good because: -it limits the utility weapon’s effective range, preventing the BR from challenging a ranged Sniper (as it should be) -it increases the effectiveness of firing within red reticle range, by way of bullet magnetism overriding random spread within the weapon’s intended range (pick up a sniper if you want to shoot players far away) -it promotes aiming center mass, which punishes players who go for headshots (cockshots FTW) -it increases the effectiveness of head glitching because headshots are punished on a weapon with random spread (my cover should not be negated just because you can see a tiny sliver of my head that I am firing bullets out of) In conclusion, random spread is good...so H3 scrubs like you can feel like they are finally good at something. Whiff more snipes on Construct kid.
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    Party restrictions or at least trying to compensate the advantage of a full party by matching them against stronger randoms would be a start. So sick of sweaty to4s that are too afraid of ranked but try their hardest to win a fucking Recon Slayer match on High Ground and teabag + rage in chat after every kill. Full parties have been killing Halo since 2010.
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    I don't actually believe you have to walk a line between mainstream audiences and competitive experiences. I think the bottom line is if you want your game to be popular and have an esports scene it just has to flat out be fun and competitive out of the box. If you can't do that you'll never achieve the goals you set for yourself and you'll certainly never meet those goals trying for a compromise. Mostly because if you think it is a compromise it proves that you don't understand what you're doing as a developer. The game just has to be excellent all the way through and that's why there are only a few hugely popular and competitive games at any given time. Its really hard to do because its not like you're mixing up some kind of formula to hit both audiences in the lab you just have to create something amazing. Fun and fair is the only way but too many developers think that fun means wacky and stupid and that fair means bland
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    Are you in love with every map you’ve ever made?
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    You'd have an infinitely better time arguing with IceBeast. I promise you it's not worth a page of faux debating and dancing around a definitive answer from the opposition.
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    We're still feeding trolls I see.
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    Here's some good reading material, educate yourself
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    I don't know if my MMR is doing something weird but Recon Social 4s is incredibly sweaty for me. Like yeah, in 4s I'll match sweaty people every other game or so. In Recon, it feels like every fucking guy with a TTV hopped on with his to4 who he grinds hardcore with to just ruin everybody's day. It's unreal, every game I get feels like I'm playing in ranked 50s. I don't mind that at all when I'm playing ranked, but having no choice just makes it unbearable to play for more than an hour on end. Also, holy shit Halo 2 is dead on MCC
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    Yeah, actually. I don't publish a map unless I think it's up to my standards. That question wasn't hostile btw, was actually curious on your thoughts on what youre looking for when you post this stuff.
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    Boyo do you even like half of your own ideas
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    Haven feels like worse-Zealot. No power position. Feels like you’re running on a track. Map control means little compared to most maps. But Haven is worse because of how chopped up the LoS is. It’s always felt way too segmented to me, like it’s too difficult for parts of the map to interact with other parts. It makes for really boring gameplay. And Mercy is waaaay better looking than Haven.
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