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    Are you in love with every map you’ve ever made?
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    Boyo do you even like half of your own ideas
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    My biggest gripe with halo2 outside the usual is the red screen flashing every time you get hit when low shields. Like holy fuck it's so annoying. And even though CE is perfect!!!, the white flash when getting hit in ce is also annoying but its shorter and easier on the eyes so it's not as annoying by a lot, but still annoying enough that I can believe it shipped.
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    Assuming I worked there if I stopped and thought about it long enough I'd be thankful the studio still exists and is more than the skeleton crew maintaining MCC when I realized we were mostly getting bodied by a collection of old games we didn't really make
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    I mean yeah it's pretty simple stuff that goes a long way. 343's forerunner structures are all flat metallic surfaces. but bungies all had etched designs in the metal frame. No space was left un touched by a forerunner pattern on bungies games. Hell, even the empty space has ambient occlusion shadowy pattern ALONG with the softer pores/cuts in the metal. I mean some of the spartan models on the Ue4 customization menu look insane and the bump maps dont even work. imagine if they did!
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    Ideally? Someone would poke holes in the idea or give their own spin on it. Point out a reason it wouldn’t work or a ramification it might have. We could talk about the relationship between various aspects of the game and how these new elements affect them. Discuss how to walk the line between attracting a mainstream audience and providing a solid competitive experience. Share what we believe the Halo experience truly is and how it could be better.
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    Well for xbox I combine a couple of different methods and it depends on the game. For Halo 5 specifically I use two methods: The first one is using the official Halo 5 API and twitch API. Basically I use the twitch api to see if anyone is streaming Halo 5 (to get a gamertag that's online). Starting there I then use their game history via the H5 API to crawl through all of their games played in the last 15 minutes to see how many other players they played with. Then I recursively do the same for those players. This does a pretty good job but the caveat is it's only capturing people playing MP games. During morning hours when the population is at it's lowest though it sometimes struggles to find anyone online to start the process. That's where I use one of gamstat's endpoints and average the results to make sure I'm not undercounting H5's population too much. Gamstat's website is pretty cool. What they do is they crawl xbox live users and use a small sample of the entire population and then extrapolate it to known amount of total xbox live players. This approach is pretty good and certainly does a good job for popular games but it's precision for games with very small populations (like Halo 3/Reach/4 on 360 and to a lesser extent Halo 5) is less good. https://gamstat.com/games/xbox/ Yeah from what I've seen 343 has a slight problem on their hands: Their game, Halo 5, is definitely less popular than MCC which is a collection of games they didn't make (outside of H4). So while MCC is certainly flawed I've still been relatively impressed with their contributions towards it. Like shit on their inability to actually fix things all you want, but they've been working on a collection of games across two platforms for 6 years now and if I was working for them I'd be slightly pissed all of these customers want that vs wanting H5.
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    H3 is easily the best looking game in the series to me on a subjective level but objectively nothing is even close when it comes to the functionality of the lighting and coloring because it makes everything so easy to see
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    To think if the Bethesda acquisition were made a few years earlier we could have had this game on running on ID Tech. Halo really has been a comedy of errors and misfortune the last 6-8 years.
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    One of my favorite games of all time. Countless hours spent on both the N64 and Xbox versions. This was my first true competitive FPS love before Halo. The Combat Simulator was ahead of its time, and is still fun to play today.
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    I’m kinda lowki excited for halo 4. Idk why but that game on pc will feel good to play I imagine.
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    Do you use any drugs I’m curious
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