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    Are you in love with every map you’ve ever made?
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    Boyo do you even like half of your own ideas
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    Oh I'm sorry is MLG Backwash not doing it for you?
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    H3 is easily the best looking game in the series to me on a subjective level but objectively nothing is even close when it comes to the functionality of the lighting and coloring because it makes everything so easy to see
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    The numbers are a little skewed with ODST being released right now but H5's population isn't that great it's probably on the same level or lower than H3 across XB1/PC this year. I made http://spartanfinder.com/ to monitor stuff like this.
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    Halo 2 has the worst lighting I've seen in a video game with its budget. Some maps are simply too dark to be playable.
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    Being able to sweep your crosshairs with burst fire guns & inflict partial damage is much more forgiving than only getting one chance to inflict any damage per trigger pull with single fire guns. This becomes even more apparant in Halo games where the mechanics gimp individual power & the meta only allows for teamshooting.
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    Played with some chill Americans today. Most were sour but some gems in a few games. Putting that aside, the fact I can comfortably play on US server is fantastic. It's not ideal, not by a long shot, but it's comfortable for social.
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    I mean yeah it's pretty simple stuff that goes a long way. 343's forerunner structures are all flat metallic surfaces. but bungies all had etched designs in the metal frame. No space was left un touched by a forerunner pattern on bungies games. Hell, even the empty space has ambient occlusion shadowy pattern ALONG with the softer pores/cuts in the metal. I mean some of the spartan models on the Ue4 customization menu look insane and the bump maps dont even work. imagine if they did!
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    Imagine if Id made a Halo game..... Drool
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    Warlock and Gemini in particular are fucking atrocious. The whole game's assets (in particular the Spartan models) are shrouded in this shade of extremely dark brown, and it really becomes a pain in the ass on these two maps and their vampire mansion levels of lighting. That's the thing I'll never NOT give H3 credit for. Every single map is well lit, and the aesthetic style is full of saturated colors and sharp visual contrast that makes it easy on the eyes. It's even better than Reach because the shield flare is more legible than it was in Reach.
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    To think if the Bethesda acquisition were made a few years earlier we could have had this game on running on ID Tech. Halo really has been a comedy of errors and misfortune the last 6-8 years.
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    Does everyone just pretend to be impressed by H5 snipes?
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    Good thing there is a ridiculous archive of Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, Reach, and H2A gameplay! Not to mention a ton of new content being produced daily. But before you go.. did you see this by chance?
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    That pistol is very easy to use and seems forgiving so I'm not really certain its really that great of an improvement over what's already there. That isn't even the big deal though the real thing that would prevent that from ever becoming the go to primary is that its visual and audio feedback when using it or having other people shoot at you with it is actually very poor. It can be slightly confusing just because all of the visual and audio cues of being shot or shot at are so minimal that you won't always recognize where you're dying from or to how many people
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    I threw a power drain at a guy with rockets, it blocked the rocket, I bop'd him with the Automag. Then I bop'd the rest of his team, who'd gotten hit with mine and my teammates grenades earlier. Recon slayer is the best thing 343 has ever made.
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    Just an FYI, I have 10 subs and only 5 views on my latest video (4 of which were me). Make sure you guys smash that sub button.
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    I will say, it feels a little silly to run around with suppressed weapons all the time. Everyone just squeaking all over the place and shit.
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    This is really sick. And the added graphics are great
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    Make his posts invisible and move on, people. On another note, I was actually curious about the OS vs Super Camo on Construct. I thought the Camo is there because top control is more important than having an OS, since the pathways up are all visible from the top, thus rendering the OS melted safely most of the time. Am I wrong?
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    Just in case anyone may be interested in this but hasn't seen it yet.
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    Right now? Lmao welcome to Halo 5 enjoy your stay. You can't stop playing H5 and do something else because when you come back your brain realizes something is horribly wrong and it takes awhile to get used to aiming not working
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    The pacific is underrated. Best historical miniseries is chernobyl though.
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    Good series Band of Brothers. The Pacific was also good. I hope Masters of the Air is good. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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