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    Does everyone just pretend to be impressed by H5 snipes?
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    Being able to sweep your crosshairs with burst fire guns & inflict partial damage is much more forgiving than only getting one chance to inflict any damage per trigger pull with single fire guns. This becomes even more apparant in Halo games where the mechanics gimp individual power & the meta only allows for teamshooting.
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    Firefight is still superb in ODST. Had some fantastic games with my mates. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a break from matchmaking.
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    This is really sick. And the added graphics are great
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    The Xbox One was the most expensive streaming stick I ever bought.
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    Can they just replace 343 with the Doom team now?
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    I find Destiny to be soul-crushingly boring but god DAMN Bungie know how to pretty up a play space. I remember when Reach came out I was absolutely blown away by what they achieved on the 360. If Reach released today in 4k it would be acceptable. Not top tier at all, but acceptable. And it's 10 years old. Halo 1/2 were particularly groundbreaking with what they got away with visually. Halo 3 had atrocius character models but boy did they nail the environment. The lighting still looks good today. Guardian still stands out. Infinite looks like a Halo 5 forge map.
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    I'm not gonna say that I told everyone so buuuttt... I told you guys lol the problem isn't even the engine, H2A looks amazing. Their artists just don't get it. All the horsepower, time, money, and references to Bungie art won't make the artists at 343 understand what to do. It's pretty clear that they're doing their best to replicate Bungie's art through the shape language, but that's just one piece of the puzzle. Bungie are gods at texture painting as you guys saw by the Assault Rifle comparison to Reach (I believe the specific position is called Material Artist, and I believe Bungie hand paints all their textures). Everything in the Infinite trailer, even if it had the right styling and silhouette looked like dough, it's just bad material work. The weapons, the enemies, the weird hexagons all over the environment. Also the physical structures like the crates, watchtowers, and the AA gun they enter at the end of the trailer are all still hideous weird shapes. You can see 343's art comes through in all of those when they stop referencing Bungie's precedent. At some point, you just need people who know what they're doing. They don't get it. Meanwhile in Destiny OOF Look at those textures. So good. Guarentee all these shots are lower poly than everything in that Infinite reveal, probably much lower fidelity on everything across the board. But they just know what to do with the colors and lighting and textures to make it right.
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    At this point I'm thinking that 343i is just a massive money laundering front for some tech savvy mob boss because I can't fathom what they've done with $500m in 5 years when this is the result
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