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    Just an FYI, I have 10 subs and only 5 views on my latest video (4 of which were me). Make sure you guys smash that sub button.
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    Would rather chop my dick off then watch or play h5 ever again.
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    Being able to sweep your crosshairs with burst fire guns & inflict partial damage is much more forgiving than only getting one chance to inflict any damage per trigger pull with single fire guns. This becomes even more apparant in Halo games where the mechanics gimp individual power & the meta only allows for teamshooting.
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    It's really hard to have a rational discussion around powerup timers (or anything really) without addressing the elephant in the room. If we don't have a good, skill-based utility weapon with responsive base movement, all discussions about powerups are moot. The core issues with Halo bleed into everything else, and until we fix the core issues, we're just spinning our wheels. With the current core Halo gameplay, I would disagree with you, because the powerups are too large of an advantage. With a better core, sure, dynamics in 1v1 would probably be better.
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    So MCC decided to put me in US West servers for 10 games in a row. Holy shit the difference in culture. Playing against Australians is a holiday compared to these salty-ass Americans. Not a single game goes buy without someone going hard in chat to advertise just how socially inept they are. I hope this is coincidence. It goes from "nice shot mate" and "bad luck on that cap mate" to "kill yourself Shekkles you fucktard" and "Know your place you piece of shit". It's like playing League of Legends again.
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    Does everyone just pretend to be impressed by H5 snipes?
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    This is really sick. And the added graphics are great
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    I’m excited to hear that the patch addressed my least favorite part of my least favorite Halo. This will bring it much more in line with the others It should also put Reach firmly in last for me.
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    The Xbox One was the most expensive streaming stick I ever bought.
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    it's the deadzones, coupled with vsync. Now it takes you 2x longer for h5 to receive the input because of the delay from the vsync and the fact that redicle won't start moving until it reaches the threshold of the deadzone. Which leads to the most shit response ever. sorry I keep posting this vid TeamBeyond ... Yo where did the saucey emote go
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    I'm going to take what you said with a grain of salt since you don't have a link to that tweet. That being said if this is true then it sounds to me like your typical will to power human nature. If this is true then he probably said that because at the time he valued his team remaining on top dominating and earning money more than he valued the principle of optimizing the game for competitive play. Pro Halo players having a bias due to having a huge money incentive is exactly why people should take their opinions with a grain of salt when it comes to weapon sandbox design, map design, movement mechanics, melee mechanics, grenade mechanics, power item timers, gametype settings, and the design philosophy of future iterations of Halo games. I don't recall OGRE2 raising an issue when Halo 1 NHE removed the spread from the pistol or when 343i removed the spread/bloom from the pistol in the HCE Hardcore Doubles playlist on the MCC. Maybe if the competitive Halo 1 scene had a lot of money in it then maybe OGRE2 would of raised an issue with Halo 1 NHE removing the spread from the pistol and 343i removing the spread/bloom from the pistol in the HCE Hardcore Doubles playlist on MCC. Anyways that's just pure speculation on my part, I honestly have no clue if he would support the removal of the pistol spread from Halo 1 NHE and the removal of the pistol spread/bloom in the HCE Hardcore Doubles playlist on the MCC if there was a lot of money in the competitive Halo 1 scene. http://halo1nhe.com/
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    I don't want to put you on the spot but do you happen to have a link to that tweet? If you think OGRE2 is trying to gaslight people with that teambeyond post that I linked then please post a link to that tweet if you have it. Please keep in mind that OGRE2 is still one of the best Halo 1 players in the world and according to himself his favortie Halo games are Halo 1 and Halo 2, not Halo Reach. He rated both Halo 1 and Halo 2 a 9, rated vanilla Halo Reach a 4, and rated nbns Halo Reach a 6. It would be really stupid if OGRE2 truly believed that the bloom effect on Halo 1's pistol is the main aspect of the game that makes Halo 1's pistol skillful. On the original Xbox version of Halo 1 the only way you can get the full bloom effect with the pistol is if you hold down the trigger.
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    Creating is not the same as competing. Being really good at something doesn't actually even mean that you understand all of the rules. Take NBA players for example they're generally the best basketball players in the world but there is an absolutely enormous gap between the average NBA player and the one who can bait fouls all game because he understands exactly what the refs see and why they call the way they do. The point being that while you can both be great at competing and understand everything down to the small details you don't have to be one to be the other. They're people just like the rest of us, as are the developers of the game, so anyone with a logical and realistic take on the mechanics has an opinion worth just as much. There's no reason to note who it is or what they do if you're willing to think about and understand the arguments they're making
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    Just further goes to show that the pros dont know how to maximize the skill gap. Whether it's 2gre saying "no bloom = no skill," ryanoob saying "H4 is the best halo," ghost developing stupid settings for H4, pistola saying "I want halo infinite to be H2 + advanced movement," etc... Countless examples. Really hate that 343 perceives these clowns as representing the competitive halo community.
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    This was my favorite series from the Halo Classic in St. Louis. Super close series between two excellent teams. I timestamped it. Hope you enjoy!
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    Not to attack snakebite or anything, but even at 1.75x speed this is hard to watch. He speaks for roughly 10 minutes to explain the idea that the game you had the most fun with isn't automatically the best game - that one game isn't better they're all just different. I feel enlightened after hearing such deep wisdom. His arguments were often very flimsy too. "In the older halos u just move so slow!" Ahh yes, that must be why CS:GO and Valorant are such commercial failures.. Oh wait... "Halo 3 is boring to watch": I actually agree, but there is a reason it is boring to watch and that reason isn't nostalgia. It's the shit utility weapon, shit sandbox, and shit maps that people have called out for being shit since the game released. The icing on the cake for me is after he says that h5 is his favorite, he admits he is bored of it cause it's 5 years old and he wants to play something new. "Thrust pack OLD and BORING. Grapple hook NEW and FUN." - Snakebite 2021
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    But why should we believe anything you have to say?
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