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    I’m excited to hear that the patch addressed my least favorite part of my least favorite Halo. This will bring it much more in line with the others It should also put Reach firmly in last for me.
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    That tweet 100% happened, I remember it. Summer 2011, if I recall correctly. There was a lot of poor takes by pros around that time regarding bloom. 2Gre's team was solidly on top, though, so it makes sense he wanted continuity. On an unrelated note, anyone got the MLG Dome map in MCC PC? Not the Octagon, but the one with half a crate and the A/B walls in the middle?
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    Make his posts invisible and move on, people. On another note, I was actually curious about the OS vs Super Camo on Construct. I thought the Camo is there because top control is more important than having an OS, since the pathways up are all visible from the top, thus rendering the OS melted safely most of the time. Am I wrong?
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    Can they just replace 343 with the Doom team now?
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    Honestly, it's been OK for me post-patch. Fights aren't getting extended to 7-8SKs, and scoping in with the BR is leagues more effective. There's still really bad issues pertaining to shot connection though, such as terrible server allocation and the latency from said servers. Regional server selection NEEDS to happen quick. On the whole, a decent update. BTB's gonna become way more fun, and I might try grinding out H3 TS again. Speaking of, can anybody get any games in ranked playlists? SoloQ or Duo?
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    Honestly what it probably is more than anything is that when people try and help from a distance it actually does something now so it seems like its more teamshot centric even though before we were all just eating half of those shots across the map. I know I'm actually picking up one shots like its LAN rather than just shooting them in the back 3 times and watching them turn a corner a lot more often
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    So MCC decided to put me in US West servers for 10 games in a row. Holy shit the difference in culture. Playing against Australians is a holiday compared to these salty-ass Americans. Not a single game goes buy without someone going hard in chat to advertise just how socially inept they are. I hope this is coincidence. It goes from "nice shot mate" and "bad luck on that cap mate" to "kill yourself Shekkles you fucktard" and "Know your place you piece of shit". It's like playing League of Legends again.
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    All this hand-holding just to understand a basic concept. I feel bad for whoever has to onboard toast for his first job.
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    Man I been waiting 13 years for this update. It sucks that I've been put in so many EU servers but other than that I love it
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    Just got done playing like 15 games of h3 with the hitreg fix. The shot reg is officially pretty good, but for some reason it feels like the game is even MORE teamshot centric than it was before. Maybe its simply that better players were online because the fix just dropped but in every game the enemies were running around in pairs of twos, or even 3 and occasionally all 4. The number of instances where I could fight someone without having 2+ people shooting at me seems to have dropped significantly. All this to say, it’s still halo 3...
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    The tweet is long gone, but it was live. Here's an old TB post corroborating its existence:
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    you're saying its problematic because they only get 1 push? on another note, camo still sucks. The problem of construct is that you can soft cover the lifts because you can hear them then just hard stare at back gold and sword legs
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    it's the deadzones, coupled with vsync. Now it takes you 2x longer for h5 to receive the input because of the delay from the vsync and the fact that redicle won't start moving until it reaches the threshold of the deadzone. Which leads to the most shit response ever. sorry I keep posting this vid TeamBeyond ... Yo where did the saucey emote go
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    Just in case anyone may be interested in this but hasn't seen it yet.
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    wow MS just bought bethesda... https://www.polygon.com/2020/9/21/21448884/microsoft-buys-bethesda-zenimax-xbox-game-studios-starfield-fallout-doom
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    After running the calculations I predict 343 will inadvertently chance upon a good Halo game when Halo 1,367 releases in about 7,000 years.
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    I understand the argument for them. There is technically skill in keeping track of them, though to me it's outweighed by needing to actually win a battle for an item everyone is setting up for (not to mention coaches negate this skill in tournaments). I think the real argument in their favor is that matches will play out differently from game to game, cycle to cycle. However, you lose the "overlap" dynamic that you get with static timers, where a powerup becomes more powerful the later it's grabbed in the cycle because you'll get to ride it into the next cycle. There's merit to both, but I prefer static because I like the idea of multiple powerups being in play at once. There's also something to be said for adapting to the way the other team is playing each cycle. Damnation and Chill Out both demonstrate how you need to show the opposing team different looks later in games, otherwise they'll adapt and counter your setups. You lose that with dynamic spawns, because the cadence of spawns is going to be different every cycle (unless there's only one powerup, which is ass anyways).
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