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    Is it possible? Yeah with the right people. Let me try and explain this in a way that makes sense if you've never touched a game engine. Halo Infinite has really bad materials. You can call them textures or shaders, same idea. The material work sucks. You guys know how water in H3 looked really really good, and then it looked less good in Halo Reach? And now it looks atrocious in Halo 5? Yet somehow H3 water looks better than just about every other game? The usual response is "well we have more horsepower now it should look better" when that is basically irrelevant. To be honest even the game engine is pretty irrelevant when it comes to something like this, you just need someone who knows how to set up a good water shader. This video is kinda long but just skip through it and watch a few minutes here and there. It's basically a guy just taking this physics formula that calculates the shape of a wave (water) and plugging it into a material function for a water shader. It's a sin function, the ones that look like this. but he adds some variables so that you could change the ripple height, length, speed, etc. Then he basically just duplicates the function 2 more times to create 3 different little ripple patterns that are all moving in different directions. You can see by the end of the video the water looks freaking awesome. This is like 1 of 4 videos where he creates a really, REALLY convincing water shader that are like half an hour each and he's going really slowly explaining why he does everything. If he actually wanted to just go in and make this for himself he could probably do the whole thing in like an hour. My point of explaining this is to say, the engine is basically irrelevant. Unreal Engine (what he's using) definitely has the BEST material editor of any engine but you recreate this effect with the same wave formula in basically anything. The amount of horsepower of his PC is irrelevant because it's not really an expensive shader in the first place, it's math based which is really cheap on the CPU. The only hard part about this, is just being smart enough to realize you should take a physics formula and run it in the material editor. Then he just tweaks the variables to make it look good. You could've sat me down with unreal engine and 100 teraflops of power and given me 3 years to make a good water shader, I wouldn't have been able to match this one he could do in an hour. The same is true of 343. The same is probably true why the materials in H3 looked so good on the water, and the bubble shield also looked REALLY good this should be obvious comparing it to a bubble shield from any other game like Apex or even Destiny. The h3 one has a really cool warping effect near the edge of the tiles it's just idk ugh so good omg honestly the best looking bubble shield shader of any game and it was the first.. Is it possible for them to fix their game in like 6 months? Yup lol. You throw someone like that ^ guy in and he could probably hit like a dozen really complicated but important shaders per day. Water, tree foliage, shield doors, metal, whatever (if you were curious, that guy is a really high up artist at Bioware which should explain his talent). It is most definitely possible. Just like you could throw 1 good rendering engineer into the engine code and tell him to make the lighting like Unreal, he could probably get it pretty close in like a week. One good physics engineer to make the physics feel like H3. Same for animation, character sculpting. It is definitely possible to do it much faster than 6 months. If you know what you're doing it takes like a day lol. Will they do it? No lmao. They had 5 years. Another year isn't going to give them the talent they need. This is why it's so important to have the right people, and not just unlimited money. At this level, the best engine and game console in the world wouldn't help them, you just gotta be smart and make the right decisions.
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    Nothing will ever top the old ninja streams for me, his mix of high skilled play with crazy shenanigans is not something we have seen since. Many will disagree but that's just my humble opinion.
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    I wish we had people who enjoyed no sprint halo at the top
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    Yes sorta. The goal was a party fps, but since console shooters were so new and the deadline so short, the devs didn't fuck around too hard and just stuck with what work. It drew inspiration from quake because the Dev liked quake. In halo 2 going forward, bungie purposely tried to lower the skill gap so that everyone can have fun. They literally tried to solve a problem that didn't exist.
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    “3, 4, 5 years between releases” Industries
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    Oh have no fear, I wholeheartedly blame 343. 5 years to have a worse looking game than Halo Reach.
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    I can see why you would think Toxicity. It's based on CPM3A though. I always thought Decidia was completely original design until somebody told me it was based on this map.
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    You guys don't know what you're talking about. I don't know how much more clearly I can say this but the hardware has nothing to do with how Infinite looks. Gears 5 on the current Xbox One looks better than whatever Halo Infinite would look like if it launched exclusively on Series X at 4k. What looks better, a 4k picture of Minecraft, or a 1080p photograph of the Amazon Jungle? The core engine tech they're using sucks. They're textures suck. The art sucks. The lighting is poorly programmed. The animations are stiff. Nothing you or anyone is complaining about has anything to do with launching on the base Xbox because there are plenty of current Gen games like Battlefield and Doom 2016 that look phenomenal on it. When you complain about current hardware you're giving them an out that they don't deserve. Their engine sucks and art team dropped the ball. That's all there is to it. Stop blaming the hardware.
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    What if you increase the charge time to encourage players to pre-charge it, have an overheat meter like H2A, and the longer you charge it, the stronger the homing is. The trade-off is that if someone shoots the charging plasma orb before you discharge it, it explodes on you, and you lose your shield. You could have the color and size of the plasma intensify as it charges, to give players an idea of how strong it will home in. This way, the gun is strong enough to be relevant, but situational enough and risky enough to not be cheap.
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    What did you say to me you little shit? @Pulsar There is far too many reasons to mention when discussing this tragedy but I will say CoD has a massive advantage when it comes to their creators and parent developer still owning the franchise and consistently fanning the flames of its esports community. Literally never stopping for TWO DECADES. MLG did this for Halo. Not Bungie. Then they both dipped. It is what it is.
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    Dude the PP needs that homing or it becomes absolutely useless like it’s h3,reach and 4 counter parts.
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    According to this, Crim placed T4 at Columbus 2011. https://www.esportspedia.com/halo/Crimsix Clayster may have dicked around on H4 at the *very* beginning, but it was never serious. Black Ops 2 came out less than a week later and he was fully invested in that.
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    Wow, I didn't know Crimsix was that good at Halo, where did he place top 4? I didn't know Clayster played H4 either, Do you remember what events he competed at?
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    They will never openly admit the biggest reasons why they took so long. It would piss everyone off more than they already are. I forget the name of the fellow, but he apparently has gotten a lot of info about 343, and will be sharing it in a Youtube video. He may very well talk about what I disclosed a good while ago, and then some.
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    https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-series-x-and-xbox-series-s-release-date-and-price-finally-revealed it looks like the XSX will be $499 and the series S will be $299 and will be coming out Nov 10
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    This is actually genius. Free to play, 900p60fps on Xbox One. 4k120fps on XSX. You want the story? Yeah but a XSX or PC. Win-win. Promotes new console + retains multiplayer playerbase + allows developers to focus solely on new hardware for campaign.
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    "It's a risk/reward thing" - some H5 guy
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    I did it. I finally got caught up. At one point I’m pretty sure I was 100 pages behind. @MultiLockOn your hitscan/projectile post is my favorite post I’ve read in years.
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    Dude I don’t think the game is broken or lacking anything all the infinite demo lacked was textures and lightning and that stiff banshe animation but I’m positive the rest of the game is fine. You keep looking at MCC as a sign of incompetence when that game was way too ambitious.
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    Looking forward to halo infinite being 350gb.
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    I think one of the biggest moments in Infinite will be how we start our competitive settings. I really think with Halo sitting where it currently is and all of the knowledge and experience surrounding the series we should move away from the idea of "just try it its a new game" and instead the developer and players should be asking "why would we include this new mechanic?" BEFORE we throw it in because if nobody can intelligently answer that question it will be a waste of time. It would also hopefully make the sandbox designers realize that their weapons should be designed with a purpose and tuned appropriately rather than just slapping in random stuff. Its so bad how we always get weapons like the Halo 3 Spiker. Its not bad because its damage sucks. Its bad because it fits into zero niches, wasn't designed with any intentions or purpose other than thematic monkey man weapon and is functionally just useless. That type of shit needs to stop. I really can't figure out why they don't try something cool and different to make these weapons worthwhile. If it turns out its busted you don't have to leave it laying around in multiplayer
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