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    You guys don't know what you're talking about. I don't know how much more clearly I can say this but the hardware has nothing to do with how Infinite looks. Gears 5 on the current Xbox One looks better than whatever Halo Infinite would look like if it launched exclusively on Series X at 4k. What looks better, a 4k picture of Minecraft, or a 1080p photograph of the Amazon Jungle? The core engine tech they're using sucks. They're textures suck. The art sucks. The lighting is poorly programmed. The animations are stiff. Nothing you or anyone is complaining about has anything to do with launching on the base Xbox because there are plenty of current Gen games like Battlefield and Doom 2016 that look phenomenal on it. When you complain about current hardware you're giving them an out that they don't deserve. Their engine sucks and art team dropped the ball. That's all there is to it. Stop blaming the hardware.
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    I'm sure the download will just look like the MCC download screen but with more options. You'd just download the menu and then once within it choose things like multiplayer, single player, language packs and what resolution of textures (hopefully). Don't need campaign if you only want MP. Don't need every language if you only speak one and you don't need 4k textures if you're on 1080p or 1440p. It would make it a lot easier to keep the download size manageable. Its basically the way everything should work moving forward. It would be important to launch campaign and multiplayer from the same menu though so that you'd be tempted to buy the campaign when playing the free multiplayer
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    What if XB1 could only run multiplayer? I’d be fine with a graphical downgrade in MP if it meant a bigger player pool. Or what about the ability to toggle off cross play with XB1 in exchange for a graphics upgrade? You could just turn on cross play if your search times are too long.
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    https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-series-x-and-xbox-series-s-release-date-and-price-finally-revealed it looks like the XSX will be $499 and the series S will be $299 and will be coming out Nov 10
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    I think this is where devs should really give players the option what to download. Do you want 4k textures? Extra side content?
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    Got stuck in those purple barrels in top green on Dammy. I see that MCC is still working flawlessly.
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    I can see why you would think Toxicity. It's based on CPM3A though. I always thought Decidia was completely original design until somebody told me it was based on this map.
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    https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-series-x-and-xbox-series-s-release-date-and-price-finally-revealed it looks like the XSX will be $499 and the series S will be $299 and will be coming out Nov 10
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    The first one would be better and I think 18M would be better. If you only appear when firing then I don’t think that’s a nuisance.
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    I got to about 3200 or so playing solo then just give up lol. Was happy enough to get the Luna and the revoker, this was last season tho cos how I'm at 0 and have not touched ranked in months. But yup, just having that 50 next to your name just ain't enough anymore.
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    Looking forward to halo infinite being 350gb.
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    I think they also need to not have 60 FPS as their line in the sand. If they need to make it 30 for campaign or huge player count modes, fine. Fucking around trying to cater the game to decade old hardware is not a winner in any scenario. Or have it run at 60 and just be ok with it looking like shit. Trying to make it both look good and run at 60 on the xbox one is a losing strategy. Maybe be honest with your customers for once and see what happens.
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    It’s amazing what keeping things simple and logical can do for competitive merit.
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    Wasn't CE also designed not with competitive play in mind? I remember reading that bungie was just making the multiplayer as a mode to fuck around with friends with. The fact that it turned out as well as it did also seemed to be more luck than anything to me.
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    I think part of it has to do with the name. “Ranked”, “Competitive”, “Hardcore” all tend to push away people that don’t play very much or don’t take the game seriously. I think the vast majority of players like playing evenly matched games most of the time, and most players try their best to win most of the time. That’s ranked gameplay. They’re just not choosing it. I’ve always thought branding had a lot to do with it. I would be perfectly okay with rebranding the categories away from “ranked/ social” and towards “tight skill matching/ loose skill matching”. Then you could just name the playlists normal shit like “Arena” and not this gatekeeeping bullshit like “Hardcore”, “MLG” or “HCS”. Just present the game’s best settings like they’re normal settings. People will play whatever is presented as normal. Look no further than the excellent doubles players in H3 sweating it out in ARs KotH on Cold Storage with 3sec respawns, Radar and equipment. Or look at how popular the Arena playlist was in H5 when it wasn’t getting branded as HCS. This shit matters if you want a decent population.
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    Ranked SHOULD be where bad kids go to play other bad kids. The whole point is to play people of a similar skill level. That frees up social to be the grab bag it’s supposed to be. In a perfect world, ranked would be a safety net for bad players. No one should ever discourage a bad player from playing ranked. It’s every bit as much theirs as it is a good player’s. And that’s not even factoring in how it bolsters population for a mode that NEEDS it to work properly, or how it helps to move a casual player along the path of becoming a serious player. Now, idlers and quitters? They can fuck right off in ranked. But a player giving it an honest effort? We need every one we can get.
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    I don't understand this idiotic "Esports have ruined games" notion that casual players vomit out into every possible crevice of the internet. "Esports culture is making everybody too sweaty and ruining the casual experience!" Esports culture has always existed in games, just in far less accessible forms. Even in the days of Street Fighter, competitive play existed. It was merely restricted, because internet access was poor. Likewise, toxicity and rage was also always a thing in video games. It just didn't manifest as visibly. If it's become disproportionately popular (which it hasn't, btw), then that's not something you can fault eSports or competitive players for. It's what they find fun, just like how you find holding down W and the left mouse button for 12 minutes to be fun. "You can't have fun anymore in games because all your teammates are toxic tryhards who sweat the entire game!" No, you can't have fun because developers are clueless idiots who can't make a decent social mode alongside a decent competitive mode, so they try to mix the two together. In the end, neither crowd is satisfied. Competitive players are tearing their hair out because they get shit-for-brains teammates who can't aim and shoot at the same time, and casual players get curbstomped by people far better than them. The solution is to let Casual players do whatever the fuck they please in lobbies where they exclusively match each other, and give Competitive players the same privileges in lobbies of their own. "The developer ruins the game to cater to competitive players!" They don't. You have some stupid, pre-conceived, vindictive attitude that's completely misplaced towards high-level players. Most of the time, the developers don't fucking listen to them, and take it upon themselves to decide what the ideal balance is (while doing an awful job at it). In the rare instances that companies do actually listen to competitive players, most changes that they make are merely to buff the useless elements and nerf the overcentralizing elements. If you complain about something as fucking mundane as nerfing an overpowered ability, it's because you love abusing it to ruin other people's fun. You aren't interested in maintaining any "casual fun", you're just a shameless apologist for whatever zero-effort method you use to completely destroy other people's enjoyment. You're like the kind of person who'd complain if Bungie nerfed the plasma pistol's overcharge in Halo 2, because it was way too easy for you to destroy people with it. "I just want to have fun!" First of all, I really doubt that you do. What you want to do, is be able to destroy people really easily, because you're too lazy to put in any effort to actually play the game. Whatever misplaced grief these idiots have for "esports/sweaty players/competitiveness", is either just a temper tantrum thrown at competitive players for trying to balance a game to be less bullshit, or an incompetence from a developer. I don't know why they mention Esports at all, because 1) They don't actually know shit about Esports and lobbying 2) Esports has much lower influence on design than they assume it does It's just a profoundly stupid idea that permeates because the number of people who suck at the game dwarf the number of people who don't, and they either have petty agendas held against the latter for nerfing their favorite ways to ruin the fun for other lower-skilled players, or they match people who don't want to just fucking teabag all game and get mad at the guy who's playing to win, instead of the developer for matching him with said player. rant over
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    I know I gush about Bungie all the time here, I know I know, but.. To you guys that picture probably doesn't mean much but every time I see it I think about how some artist sculpted that bridge, exactly for that spot and nowhere else. It's purpose built. And it looks awesome because of it. All custom baby. Alright I'm done venting about Destiny lmao. The first multiplayer footage we see of infinite take a look at the maps. You'll be able to spot if they're made using generic kits pretty quickly.
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    Well first of all, thank you. And no, there's no chance. The work flow MOST studios that I've personally experienced seem to follow is; artists create a kit of blocks. Level Designers take those blocks, and are allowed to use them on the grid in a very specific way that the art team will allow. Whereas it should be the exact opposite. It should be, level designers just building cool levels with all the weird abstract angles and nuances that they want, and then artists have to figure out how to make it. But it doesn't work like that. Quick example You can literally see the blockout in this picture, made of squares and the kit that 343 allowed. Adrian (the 343 LD who made this) did not go into Plaza thinking "Oh I'm going to make a sick train station). He went in, threw down a generic blockout with a bunch of squares, only 90 degree angles because that's what the kit allows, and then the art team looked at it said "eeeehhhhh I guess we could turn this into a train station maybe?". Which is why it doensn't actually look anything like what its supposed to, nor does any 343 map. You can look at every single one of them and just see jumbles of squares and ramps at only 90 degree angles. Whereas all the Bungie maps, even if they played like dogshit, actually had identity and character to them. You can look at Construct and tell that the designer started with an idea, which was 'a forerunner map that's tall and forces you to use lifts'. Narrows is the 'big linear bridge'. They all have unique ideas behind them because they started with that. 343 does the exact opposite where they just throw blocks at you and streamline you into just making soulless blockouts so the art team doesn't have to work as hard. This obviously, is the opposite of the ideal scenario as design should always take precedent over everything else but that's usually not what happens in most studios. Maps like Guardian would never exist in a 343 game because everything in that map is custom made specifically for the shape, none of it is reuse able or generic, it couldn't be made with a kit. This is also why 343 rarely does Covenant, because the nature of the art style is such that you can't really make a convincing pre-built kit for it. There's too many curves and soft angles, it would never blend properly. You can bet because Infinite is running so far behind schedule that you're probably going to see a majority UNSC maps, less forerunner, and the least Covenant. Because UNSC is easy to pump out 100 different clones with simple pieces and generic blockouts. Treyarch was pretty good about this; if you built a 1cm cut-in inside a wall, the art team would go out of their way to make it. Anything you wanted in a CoD map they made sure to support so long as you let them know you wanted it. I've worked other places where this was not the case, and I had to stay on the grind, only 90 degree angles, every path had to fall on a 20m increment, all ramps had to be 27 degrees, no taller than 12 feet, etc. It gets old real quick. And if you've ever seen my maps, that's not how I build. Lots of soft angles and weird elevations and custom curves and sightlines. They just look better, play better.. it's just the right way to build maps. My maps at 343 would not look anything like these.
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    Radar can’t be removed entirely from Halo but it can be reclassified somewhat. Simultaneously shrinking the infantry detection range while expanding the vehicle detection range changes Radar from a corner-camping tool to a point-of-interest indicator, which vehicles are. Any enemy vehicles on the map are represented by an icon riding around the inner edge of the Radar’s outer ring, continuously informing the user what directions the enemy vehicles are in. This shift in functionality represents the greater, game-wide shift of incorporating vehicles into most gamemodes outside of Arena. Arena is barebones, no vehicles, no abilities. As a gametype’s player count goes up, more vehicles and more abilities are incorporated. Arena - no vehicles, no abilities, no radar Other gamemodes - vehicles and vehicle-radar, abilities and ability-radar One game mode will always be looked at as the sweaty, try hard mode; may as well make the most of it. Arena has no radar, no vehicles, and no AAs/equipment off spawn (and generally not as pick ups either).
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    The way you get rid of radar is to associate it with vehicles. Arena doesn’t have vehicles so it doesn’t have radar. Squad and Invasion have vehicles so they also have radar.
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    I don't really understand why it takes 343 so long to make updates anyway. The first weapon balance update to H5 came like 7-8 months after the game released. They must lay off the contractors that make up 90% of their productivity immediately after a game releases.
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