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    Rather than making it take a million shots to kill, I'd prefer it as a battery weapon that overheats right before a perfect kill at max fire rate. Then it can be good at softening up targets for your teammates to clean up. Then potentially give it plasma damage so it can do more to overshield.
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    It’s amazing what keeping things simple and logical can do for competitive merit.
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    I promise it helps if you know where the spawn points are and understand what you should be doing to influence them. Most people don’t know fuck all about the game, so it’s harder for them to enjoy it. @_Synapse, we would only need about 7 or 8 for a good playlist after you add in Slayer. Chill Out Ball Hang Em KotH Dere KotH Dere Ball Rat Race KotH Dammy Reverse Tag Creek CTF Creek KotH Longest CTF That avoids “controversial” gametypes currently in social like Dere CTF or anything on Wizard.
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    I work in public affairs for the US Army, and we’re out here covering the Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. 44 competitors getting put through hell for 5 days. If y’all wanna see the photos and videos we’re taking, check out the Army Reserve Best Warrior page on Facebook. I’ll update this post later with some of my best pics.
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    Wasn't CE also designed not with competitive play in mind? I remember reading that bungie was just making the multiplayer as a mode to fuck around with friends with. The fact that it turned out as well as it did also seemed to be more luck than anything to me.
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    Yeah, the intent was to essentially have a firerate that exceeds the practical limit of triggerpulls possible on a controller without giving the rifle an uncapped firerate, since I think it'd potentially be kind of broken on a mouse. I wasn't too big of a fan but I wanted the weapon to have an emphasized suppressive role, which is why I decided to keep it at a 36% increase in wait time. Do you think that the extra stun time's too high, or that extending recharge time goes against some principle of design? I actually forgot to consider how it'd affect the target's aim, good catch. Though, if the way that the targeted player gets displaced is continuous (and not like mini-teleporting), the reticle offset that happens to the targeted player should also be gradual. On board with this idea. How strong OS should be is obviously map sensitive and up to the creator's decision, on some maps it could be the most important item to control, and it could be a minor powerup on others. That being said though, a 2x scoped rifle with the ability to take large bites out of OS might make the powerup a bit too weak. Also I kind of want the Plasma Rifle to take the primary OS-melter role
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    The Covenant Carbine is a headshot capable, slug-fed, projectile bullet behavior rifle that is found in the sandbox. The number of these are limited to 1 or 2 per 2v2/4v4 arena map. It's utility is not in it's ability to kill, but it's effectiveness in crippling targets who attempt momentum-heavy plays, who attempt to move across precarious map geometry, descoping enemies at further range, and in (literally) pushing enemy players out of certain power positions; denying them access to angles, information, and in a subdued state in the process. Scope: 2x magnification. Max Rate of Fire: 720 RPM Shots to Kill: 12SK (assuming the 12th shot is aimed at the head), 20SK otherwise. Magazine Capacity and Spare Ammo: 24 round magazine, upto 120 spare rounds. In Multiplayer, it will only spawn with 1 spare magazine. Projectile Velocity: The projectile has a velocity of 310 WU/second. For reference, the utility weapon has a velocity of 230 WU/second. Projectile Properties: The projectile causes knockback to the target with each hit, in the direction of the impact. A single hit will displace the target by 0.9 meters (Exactly 1/4th of melee range). If the last round to hit an enemy's shields is a slug from this rifle, then the shield stun time (the time that the player needs to not take any damage before their shields recharge) is increased from 5.5 seconds to 7.5 seconds. The weapon is a bit easier to shoot than the utility and is far less adept at raw killing potential, but a very effective suppressive tool for pushing people out of areas. It's like a reverse-area denial weapon; area denial weapons are most effective at providing telegraphed threats to opponents for entering an area, whereas this weapon is more effective at pushing people out of whatever small-yet-key area they're already in.
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    ? It wasn't up to the players lol. 343 wasn't going to allow people to run official HCS events without their settings then. Sure people could've just said fuck 343 events to try and make them support the other things but that'll never happen when they're just dumping money into the scene
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    @Warlord Wossman brought this up and I initially disagreed with him, but I've kind of come to accept what he(?) said. The problem with Halo is that it's main crowd is full of casual players who are completely ignorant to everything except the few issues (and non-issues) that affect them, and the developers also treat Halo as a game that's primarily meant to be played casually. IE, their design of the games is primarily driven by blind aping of previous titles, whatever they think that current players will like, and making the game readily accessible to thumbless Timmy. Halo (since 2/3) hasn't really been a game with a lot of competitive inspiration behind it's design, just a game that was played competitively. It's why people attended and competed in tourneys for Sprint + Bloom Reach. The slim hopes that I have for Infinite are based off the fact that Forge and custom options are apparently so powerful that they're gonna carry the game till 2031.
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    I don't really understand why it takes 343 so long to make updates anyway. The first weapon balance update to H5 came like 7-8 months after the game released. They must lay off the contractors that make up 90% of their productivity immediately after a game releases.
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    You say that but them having xbox one still on the table means they can only REMOVE more graphics options. not add any. and if they do add any, they will have to CUT other areas visually. Like h5 animations anywhere further than 5 feet from your spartan drop to 30 fps. Dynamic resolution scaling, drastic lighting changes. Seriously this game is going to look WORSE than july's demo. There's no reason it would look better... they can only optimize it so much and by that I mean, look at h5 examples. The game looks shit. Infinite will look shit too. lmao the title of the vid is even called "the price of 60fps" xbox one is fucked. xbox couldn't handle H5 in 2015. Halo infinite, in 2021 will straight up crash the xbox one.
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    will the community/leagues have the balls to make their own settings or will they just use whatever 343 feeds them? and IF 343 feeds them what they dont like, WILL THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO MAKE THEIR OWN SETTINGS lol this has been my gripe with comp halo the last few years. leagues just using 343 made gametypes instead of their own. Like MLG did, MLG didn't like vanilla h3 settings, made their own. worked fine. Took 343 till the end of h5 to deliver us the settings we requested AT LAUNCH. Not tryna wait 10 years for inifinte to finally get the settings it needs.
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    I think one of the biggest moments in Infinite will be how we start our competitive settings. I really think with Halo sitting where it currently is and all of the knowledge and experience surrounding the series we should move away from the idea of "just try it its a new game" and instead the developer and players should be asking "why would we include this new mechanic?" BEFORE we throw it in because if nobody can intelligently answer that question it will be a waste of time. It would also hopefully make the sandbox designers realize that their weapons should be designed with a purpose and tuned appropriately rather than just slapping in random stuff. Its so bad how we always get weapons like the Halo 3 Spiker. Its not bad because its damage sucks. Its bad because it fits into zero niches, wasn't designed with any intentions or purpose other than thematic monkey man weapon and is functionally just useless. That type of shit needs to stop. I really can't figure out why they don't try something cool and different to make these weapons worthwhile. If it turns out its busted you don't have to leave it laying around in multiplayer
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    I think part of it has to do with the name. “Ranked”, “Competitive”, “Hardcore” all tend to push away people that don’t play very much or don’t take the game seriously. I think the vast majority of players like playing evenly matched games most of the time, and most players try their best to win most of the time. That’s ranked gameplay. They’re just not choosing it. I’ve always thought branding had a lot to do with it. I would be perfectly okay with rebranding the categories away from “ranked/ social” and towards “tight skill matching/ loose skill matching”. Then you could just name the playlists normal shit like “Arena” and not this gatekeeeping bullshit like “Hardcore”, “MLG” or “HCS”. Just present the game’s best settings like they’re normal settings. People will play whatever is presented as normal. Look no further than the excellent doubles players in H3 sweating it out in ARs KotH on Cold Storage with 3sec respawns, Radar and equipment. Or look at how popular the Arena playlist was in H5 when it wasn’t getting branded as HCS. This shit matters if you want a decent population.
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    Yeah, H5 was my first Halo(the first multiplayer FPS I ever played more than 5 hours of honestly) , and my days were mostly getting shit on in ranked. I was a mid silver for like 6 months lol. I'm like a plat now and that's my ceiling p much. And I know the ranks have shrunk so it's not quite the same anymore but I'm still kinda proud of the improvement
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    What if XB1 could only run multiplayer? I’d be fine with a graphical downgrade in MP if it meant a bigger player pool. Or what about the ability to toggle off cross play with XB1 in exchange for a graphics upgrade? You could just turn on cross play if your search times are too long.
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    You’re a CE die hard so no wonder you would but most of the current player base wouldn’t. I mean CE 4s has thee worse spawning.
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