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    Why cant H3 have H2 bomb mechanics mannnnn
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    Professional Video Game Matchmaking
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    Agreed if you need to delineate your competitive settings from your standard setting more than removing radar and the auto secondary, your game is broken. Other basic rules. 1. Stop giving the competitive list a scary name. 2. Have more than just the current competition match pool in ranked. Include maybe half a dozen other combos. Use them as test types for future seasons and to give the list more variety.
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    I think one of the biggest moments in Infinite will be how we start our competitive settings. I really think with Halo sitting where it currently is and all of the knowledge and experience surrounding the series we should move away from the idea of "just try it its a new game" and instead the developer and players should be asking "why would we include this new mechanic?" BEFORE we throw it in because if nobody can intelligently answer that question it will be a waste of time. It would also hopefully make the sandbox designers realize that their weapons should be designed with a purpose and tuned appropriately rather than just slapping in random stuff. Its so bad how we always get weapons like the Halo 3 Spiker. Its not bad because its damage sucks. Its bad because it fits into zero niches, wasn't designed with any intentions or purpose other than thematic monkey man weapon and is functionally just useless. That type of shit needs to stop. I really can't figure out why they don't try something cool and different to make these weapons worthwhile. If it turns out its busted you don't have to leave it laying around in multiplayer
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    I wish shooters would go back to the mission structure that placed all the objectives (Yes, objectives) on the level from the beginning and let you do them in any order you wanted (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Time Splitters, Syphon Filter Omega Strain), and make you beat the level in one life. It was so much more satisfying to beat a level on Perfect Agent than it was to beat a level on Legendary. Make objectives pass/fail, and have each objective’s result affect the rest of the mission (more/less guards, lights/alarms turn off, armory unlocked, etc), and have only the final objective be mandatory. This creates massive replayability, as players find the most efficient strategies and struggle to improve their mission rating. Maybe the one-life thing is a turn-off. Okay. Allow respawning at the closest completed objective (or insertion point), but if you choose to continue, you do so knowing you’ll get an F rating at the end because you were KIA. This let’s tourists play the whole game, without denying the diehards the thrill of the challenge. This goes even deeper once you factor in co-op. Have a different rating for each number of players in the game, so players are encouraged to play every mission with 2, 3 and 4 players separately, with entirely different strategies for each. If the level isn’t linear, let each player choose from a few different insertion points at the beginning of the mission. The mission could play totally differently if players breach opposite doors, or if one player is on a skylight instead. Maybe certain timed objectives give you less time as the player count increases. Maybe they kill the hostage scientist (that will unlock the shortcut if you save him) 4min in if you’re solo, but they kill him 1:30 in if you have 4 players. If you die, you need to be revived. No respawning. Each successive revive takes longer. You’re rating takes a massive hit if you finish the mission without all 4 players. Ratings are determined by speed, objective completion, enemies killed, enemies undisturbed (snuck past), and so on. Make the best rating HARD to get, and then tie unlocks to each rating for every mission. You could even have different awards/medal chest for each mission and difficulty that encourages different play styles. 100% accuracy. No shots fired. Undetected. Every enemy killed. No enemies killed. No vehicles. Etc. Then do mission-specific ones like “Beat this mission without using the sniper rifle” or something. Show which skulls you’ve beaten the mission with. Each mission should have its own medal chest that takes some serious time and effort to fill. You can make a mission-select style game and still give it an assload of replayability if the missions are done well, it’s challenging, and you give the player a lot of different goals to attain (and a reason to attain them). I’d take that game over a Far Cry style game ANY day.
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    I promise it helps if you know where the spawn points are and understand what you should be doing to influence them. Most people don’t know fuck all about the game, so it’s harder for them to enjoy it. @_Synapse, we would only need about 7 or 8 for a good playlist after you add in Slayer. Chill Out Ball Hang Em KotH Dere KotH Dere Ball Rat Race KotH Dammy Reverse Tag Creek CTF Creek KotH Longest CTF That avoids “controversial” gametypes currently in social like Dere CTF or anything on Wizard.
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    Clamber does alter the player model but that’s more just a side effect of the player moving from low to high and not having it look janky so a climb animation is added. Clamber doesn’t alter the player model significantly enough to really matter. When I talk about modifying the player model, I mean modifying it with a purpose that serves gameplay. Evading makes headshotting harder cuz the head is moving and obscured. Camo makes any-shotting harder cuz the player is invisible and doesn’t activate red reticle. When the player model is modified in these ways, the modifications become advantages. That’s what I’m after. You could argue that the “vertical juking” of repeatedly falling off a ledge and reclambering is an advantage but I believe that that type of movement ability detracts from the the gameplay I am trying to create so I don’t consider clamber to be a useful form of player model modification. The way I would implement clamber is through the Brute armor ability, Gravity Gauntlet. Pressing the jump button while airborne activates it, causing the player to lunge forward and, if a ledge is reached, clamber up it. A cool down would prevent consecutive uses. Clamber was a default ability that provided a small advantage. Everyone had it but only gained a little from it. I want to make clamber more powerful, by preceding it with a lunge, and only give it to some players. The less players that have something, the more powerful it can be.
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    I work in public affairs for the US Army, and we’re out here covering the Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. 44 competitors getting put through hell for 5 days. If y’all wanna see the photos and videos we’re taking, check out the Army Reserve Best Warrior page on Facebook. I’ll update this post later with some of my best pics.
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    "Esports Matchmaking" sounds way more inviting.
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    Note: This is a pretty low-importance topic so anything that 343 can realistically come up with is alright, but while we're brainstorming an ideal way this would be handled, - Armor Customization: Players can select unique anatomical pieces for their armor's- (For reference, Reach has 21 unique helmets) • Helmet (~ 20 variants in total) • Visor Color • Upper Torso Armor, or Breastplate (~ 20 variants in total) • Lower Torso Armor (~ 20 variants in total) • Left & Right Pauldrons (~ 10 variants in total) • Left & Right Bicep Armor (~ 10 variants in total) • Left & Right Forearm Armor (~ 8 variants in total) • Left & Right Gauntlet (~ 5 variants in total) • Left & Right Thigh Armor (~ 8 variants in total) • Left & Right Knee Guards (~ 5 variants in total) • Left & Right Calf Armor (~ 8 variants in total) • Left & Right Boots (~ 5 variants in total) • Shield Projectors Each of these can individually have their color tweaked on an RGBA selector, along with weathering/damage. In addition to these, the anatomical pieces in italics can have certain attachments to their armor (Imagine what Reach allowed you to do with your helmet). A fair portion of these attachments are shared between all anatomical pieces, but there are a few attachments to each of said piece that are unique to only that piece. Unlocking System: Players must unlock anatomical pieces and attachments, but color/weathering options do not need to be. Each unique variant is not unlocked individually, but along with other variants for different anatomical pieces, which share a design aesthetic. Anatomical pieces that are unlocked along with others in sets have a matching number of variants. For example: all variants for boots, knee guards, and gauntlets, come in sets. The reasoning being that it's dumb to individually unlock each anatomical piece that belongs to a certain armor set. Armor sets are unlocked through a variety of ways, namely: • Campaign Achievements. • PvE proficiency (note how I said proficiency and not "your ability to sit in Gruntpocalypse firefight on Easy for 5 hours and milk"). This includes completion of missions on hardest difficulties, the completion of missions with certain skulls turned on, and the completion of missions with a certain skill grading (presumably using the system that Hard Way mentioned earlier). • Meeting XP requirements. • Reaching certain competitive ranks, as well as reaching those ranks in specific playlists. • Matchmaking achievements. These achievements require skill, a willingness to grind, or both (The idea being not to alienate people who'll never be able to reach a certain skill bar from grinding nonetheless). The harder the difficulty of the achievement, the more prestigiously designed and aesthetically pleasing the armor is. • Community Involvement. For example, a unique armor set for uploading a custom map that receives over 500 downloads. Or, a unique armor set for playing in a tournament. Or, a unique armor set for being a well-known content creator for the game. Yeah this is over the top and 343i will release a good Halo game before they even consider anything like this, but I think it'd be cool to see them invest the effort in designing something like this regardless.
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    Yeah, H5 was my first Halo(the first multiplayer FPS I ever played more than 5 hours of honestly) , and my days were mostly getting shit on in ranked. I was a mid silver for like 6 months lol. I'm like a plat now and that's my ceiling p much. And I know the ranks have shrunk so it's not quite the same anymore but I'm still kinda proud of the improvement
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    I think you should make your casual/competitive line exactly over top of your social/ranked line. Radar should never be in ranked (except FFA). Ranked Arena should be 1-1 with tournament settings. I think it’s redundant to have both ranked sweatlords and esports kids. Just make good settings. I don’t mind some weapon/item swaps from social, but if the sandbox is so bad like in H3 where you have to gut the game for tournament settings, then fix the fucking game. As far as settings go in the core gametypes, the only differences between social and ranked should be radar, some item swaps if necessary, and more gametype/map pairings. Things like score to win, flag return times, flag at home settings, hill rotation, all that shit should be the same as competitive.
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    Ranked SHOULD be where bad kids go to play other bad kids. The whole point is to play people of a similar skill level. That frees up social to be the grab bag it’s supposed to be. In a perfect world, ranked would be a safety net for bad players. No one should ever discourage a bad player from playing ranked. It’s every bit as much theirs as it is a good player’s. And that’s not even factoring in how it bolsters population for a mode that NEEDS it to work properly, or how it helps to move a casual player along the path of becoming a serious player. Now, idlers and quitters? They can fuck right off in ranked. But a player giving it an honest effort? We need every one we can get.
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    I don't understand this idiotic "Esports have ruined games" notion that casual players vomit out into every possible crevice of the internet. "Esports culture is making everybody too sweaty and ruining the casual experience!" Esports culture has always existed in games, just in far less accessible forms. Even in the days of Street Fighter, competitive play existed. It was merely restricted, because internet access was poor. Likewise, toxicity and rage was also always a thing in video games. It just didn't manifest as visibly. If it's become disproportionately popular (which it hasn't, btw), then that's not something you can fault eSports or competitive players for. It's what they find fun, just like how you find holding down W and the left mouse button for 12 minutes to be fun. "You can't have fun anymore in games because all your teammates are toxic tryhards who sweat the entire game!" No, you can't have fun because developers are clueless idiots who can't make a decent social mode alongside a decent competitive mode, so they try to mix the two together. In the end, neither crowd is satisfied. Competitive players are tearing their hair out because they get shit-for-brains teammates who can't aim and shoot at the same time, and casual players get curbstomped by people far better than them. The solution is to let Casual players do whatever the fuck they please in lobbies where they exclusively match each other, and give Competitive players the same privileges in lobbies of their own. "The developer ruins the game to cater to competitive players!" They don't. You have some stupid, pre-conceived, vindictive attitude that's completely misplaced towards high-level players. Most of the time, the developers don't fucking listen to them, and take it upon themselves to decide what the ideal balance is (while doing an awful job at it). In the rare instances that companies do actually listen to competitive players, most changes that they make are merely to buff the useless elements and nerf the overcentralizing elements. If you complain about something as fucking mundane as nerfing an overpowered ability, it's because you love abusing it to ruin other people's fun. You aren't interested in maintaining any "casual fun", you're just a shameless apologist for whatever zero-effort method you use to completely destroy other people's enjoyment. You're like the kind of person who'd complain if Bungie nerfed the plasma pistol's overcharge in Halo 2, because it was way too easy for you to destroy people with it. "I just want to have fun!" First of all, I really doubt that you do. What you want to do, is be able to destroy people really easily, because you're too lazy to put in any effort to actually play the game. Whatever misplaced grief these idiots have for "esports/sweaty players/competitiveness", is either just a temper tantrum thrown at competitive players for trying to balance a game to be less bullshit, or an incompetence from a developer. I don't know why they mention Esports at all, because 1) They don't actually know shit about Esports and lobbying 2) Esports has much lower influence on design than they assume it does It's just a profoundly stupid idea that permeates because the number of people who suck at the game dwarf the number of people who don't, and they either have petty agendas held against the latter for nerfing their favorite ways to ruin the fun for other lower-skilled players, or they match people who don't want to just fucking teabag all game and get mad at the guy who's playing to win, instead of the developer for matching him with said player. rant over
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    Restarting the whole level when you die is cool when it's like a 5-10 minute map. But when you have something trying to be an epic hour-long mission full of setpieces, it gets to be pretty grating. Especially when you can die instantly to something stupid.
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    Dallas Empire manager is Elumnite, Clayster competed in Halo 4, and Crimsix broke into the top 4 in Reach. It's a story as old as time itself - Halo players rule.
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    I don't really understand why it takes 343 so long to make updates anyway. The first weapon balance update to H5 came like 7-8 months after the game released. They must lay off the contractors that make up 90% of their productivity immediately after a game releases.
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    You’re a CE die hard so no wonder you would but most of the current player base wouldn’t. I mean CE 4s has thee worse spawning.
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