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    i love the question you ask, but this was all i could think of after reading this
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    Ranked SHOULD be where bad kids go to play other bad kids. The whole point is to play people of a similar skill level. That frees up social to be the grab bag it’s supposed to be. In a perfect world, ranked would be a safety net for bad players. No one should ever discourage a bad player from playing ranked. It’s every bit as much theirs as it is a good player’s. And that’s not even factoring in how it bolsters population for a mode that NEEDS it to work properly, or how it helps to move a casual player along the path of becoming a serious player. Now, idlers and quitters? They can fuck right off in ranked. But a player giving it an honest effort? We need every one we can get.
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    Getting really cool skins for reaching a certain rank is damn good idea.
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    I don't understand this idiotic "Esports have ruined games" notion that casual players vomit out into every possible crevice of the internet. "Esports culture is making everybody too sweaty and ruining the casual experience!" Esports culture has always existed in games, just in far less accessible forms. Even in the days of Street Fighter, competitive play existed. It was merely restricted, because internet access was poor. Likewise, toxicity and rage was also always a thing in video games. It just didn't manifest as visibly. If it's become disproportionately popular (which it hasn't, btw), then that's not something you can fault eSports or competitive players for. It's what they find fun, just like how you find holding down W and the left mouse button for 12 minutes to be fun. "You can't have fun anymore in games because all your teammates are toxic tryhards who sweat the entire game!" No, you can't have fun because developers are clueless idiots who can't make a decent social mode alongside a decent competitive mode, so they try to mix the two together. In the end, neither crowd is satisfied. Competitive players are tearing their hair out because they get shit-for-brains teammates who can't aim and shoot at the same time, and casual players get curbstomped by people far better than them. The solution is to let Casual players do whatever the fuck they please in lobbies where they exclusively match each other, and give Competitive players the same privileges in lobbies of their own. "The developer ruins the game to cater to competitive players!" They don't. You have some stupid, pre-conceived, vindictive attitude that's completely misplaced towards high-level players. Most of the time, the developers don't fucking listen to them, and take it upon themselves to decide what the ideal balance is (while doing an awful job at it). In the rare instances that companies do actually listen to competitive players, most changes that they make are merely to buff the useless elements and nerf the overcentralizing elements. If you complain about something as fucking mundane as nerfing an overpowered ability, it's because you love abusing it to ruin other people's fun. You aren't interested in maintaining any "casual fun", you're just a shameless apologist for whatever zero-effort method you use to completely destroy other people's enjoyment. You're like the kind of person who'd complain if Bungie nerfed the plasma pistol's overcharge in Halo 2, because it was way too easy for you to destroy people with it. "I just want to have fun!" First of all, I really doubt that you do. What you want to do, is be able to destroy people really easily, because you're too lazy to put in any effort to actually play the game. Whatever misplaced grief these idiots have for "esports/sweaty players/competitiveness", is either just a temper tantrum thrown at competitive players for trying to balance a game to be less bullshit, or an incompetence from a developer. I don't know why they mention Esports at all, because 1) They don't actually know shit about Esports and lobbying 2) Esports has much lower influence on design than they assume it does It's just a profoundly stupid idea that permeates because the number of people who suck at the game dwarf the number of people who don't, and they either have petty agendas held against the latter for nerfing their favorite ways to ruin the fun for other lower-skilled players, or they match people who don't want to just fucking teabag all game and get mad at the guy who's playing to win, instead of the developer for matching him with said player. rant over
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    Multiplayer unlocks if they aren't going to be unique one off objectives NEED to be difficult, like in the order of hundreds or thousands difficult. Just off the top of my head: -Achieve the highest possible rank in a ranked playlist. -5,000 Sniper headshots in a ranked playlist -1,000 wins in a ranked playlist If you want people to grind for armor, covetable armor at the very least, the objectives need to be high.
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    The biggest reason casuals don’t play rank is because of the desire to win. People like me get a little tilted that you care very little to win. Infinite should provide an incentive to win. Armors or skins, or armor and skins that you get by winning X matches in ranked in a row, getting to onyx or champion get this armor or skin etc. double XP for playing ranked. So many ways you could convince people to play ranked.
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    I think part of it has to do with the name. “Ranked”, “Competitive”, “Hardcore” all tend to push away people that don’t play very much or don’t take the game seriously. I think the vast majority of players like playing evenly matched games most of the time, and most players try their best to win most of the time. That’s ranked gameplay. They’re just not choosing it. I’ve always thought branding had a lot to do with it. I would be perfectly okay with rebranding the categories away from “ranked/ social” and towards “tight skill matching/ loose skill matching”. Then you could just name the playlists normal shit like “Arena” and not this gatekeeeping bullshit like “Hardcore”, “MLG” or “HCS”. Just present the game’s best settings like they’re normal settings. People will play whatever is presented as normal. Look no further than the excellent doubles players in H3 sweating it out in ARs KotH on Cold Storage with 3sec respawns, Radar and equipment. Or look at how popular the Arena playlist was in H5 when it wasn’t getting branded as HCS. This shit matters if you want a decent population.
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    I personally think that if you tea bag a dead corpse enough, it should start to flatten and get squished like a pancake. I suppose that would modify the player model.
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    This is a great point. I think helmets, since helmets are the most distinctive feature of the Spartan model, should be limited to a select few. 343 can go crazy with shoulder pads, chest pieces, shin guards, skins, etc. That seems to be a good way to strike a balance between ultimate customization and preserving the significance of a piece of armor.
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    It would have to be something distinctive and actually cool. They tried a bit with the Achilles armor in Halo 5 but because they have so many variations on armor it all just kind of blends together. It would have to be a weapon skin or like a pack of different beatdown animations or something so that it at the least looks notably cooler/different for the person using it if nothing else. Its also cool to see on other players if the skin or effect was nice enough but it needs to feel cool to use yourself too and the armor skins totally fail at that in Halo since its first person. It could even be as simple as adding a little animated chain/ring with your emblem on it that hangs off your primary weapon somewhere visible. They could also give emblems (not seasonal ones) that are animated and VERY different from the usual selection based on reaching an impressive rank. Like in H5 it could've just been the icon for diamond/gold/onyx/silver/whatever and when you got to champion you got an animated emblem with the highest champion rank you've ever made it to. They just really need to slow down and do something different and special without going overboard. Like if they did an animated emblem they would need to first make sure that no emblems were animated except for the very special ones so that nobody would be confused and it would obviously be different and notable to get the incentive right otherwise it'll just get lost in a sea of random effects
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    I'm still trying to get the Not Forgotten in Destiny. (You have to hit the highest competitive rank to acquire it) Those incentives are important. Maybe a cool armor effect like flamess covering your gloves or the gun itself.
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    The problem is you cannot trust 343 with creating competitive settings on their own. The exact branding really doesn't matter because the devs will always draw the line between their idea of settings and ours. Thus always presenting their version as normal and ours as a more competitive mode in whatever language they decide to use. Its useful for them so that their devs can feel like both sides are right about balancing rather than having to take a definitive stand and admit when they're wrong. We're just lucky we get a playlist. If they could leave that mentality behind and just simply improve upon their own settings so that the normal version of the game is the same as tournament gameplay settings (because they're just better) it would help a lot. They might even be inspired to do something about all of the stupid and cheesy weapons we delete and instead balance them appropriately. Unfortunately that's higher effort by orders of magnitude than we've ever received from any Halo developer and this is why it works out so well for many popular esports today and doesn't work for Halo. Unlike a lot of other games we've had time to develop settings and understand what they do and how they impact playing a competitive game and for some reason the actual playlist designers stand in the way of that like a roadblock protecting their own vision of the game where in other series the developers have been iterating and designing towards their ideal competitive game instead of being presented with a real counter argument and being forced to support both. It all goes back to bungie not being in control of settings and tournaments for competitive play and letting it grow outside of their influence. Its hard to take back control once you lose it and harder still if you fight the competitive community you supposedly support now. 343 is fence sitting and flip flopping with games like Halo 5 where they try to force their vision and then over time get backed down. Until their actual gameplay design and decisions directly support the way people have been conditioned to play and view competitive Halo it will be an eternal struggle unless they're willing to kill the competitive scene outright and start over with a new generation of players Its a problem when you can easily hand out the Charles Barkley guarantee on knowing the settings will be trash before you even see them if its 343 solo and know you'll be right lol. So I guess step 1 is to create universal settings that people would willingly play and then they can talk about the rest
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    Yeah, H5 was my first Halo(the first multiplayer FPS I ever played more than 5 hours of honestly) , and my days were mostly getting shit on in ranked. I was a mid silver for like 6 months lol. I'm like a plat now and that's my ceiling p much. And I know the ranks have shrunk so it's not quite the same anymore but I'm still kinda proud of the improvement
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    I think you should make your casual/competitive line exactly over top of your social/ranked line. Radar should never be in ranked (except FFA). Ranked Arena should be 1-1 with tournament settings. I think it’s redundant to have both ranked sweatlords and esports kids. Just make good settings. I don’t mind some weapon/item swaps from social, but if the sandbox is so bad like in H3 where you have to gut the game for tournament settings, then fix the fucking game. As far as settings go in the core gametypes, the only differences between social and ranked should be radar, some item swaps if necessary, and more gametype/map pairings. Things like score to win, flag return times, flag at home settings, hill rotation, all that shit should be the same as competitive.
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    100% on the ranked playlist take. This idiotic stigma that ranked's for sweatlords only needs to go away. If you created a progression system that put skill over everything else, then you'd have the competitive players separated from the casual players within a week, if not a a couple of days. After that, casual players would mostly just stay at their levels, while competitive players could freely climb the ranks. The one problem with this arrangement is settings, though. In prior Halos, non-hardcore ranked playlists like TS in Halo 3 were always way more populated than the MLG playlists. Of course the settings in the MLG playlist were far superior, but the population in that playlist was always dwarfed by TS. I have been extremely vocal about settings in the past and I'm still extremely apprehensive about having a settings split, but I feel some things just need to be conceded to default settings kids due to circumstance, if you don't want mass backlash from casual players. The elephant in the room is radar. Actually, it's really the only "thing" in the room. The rest of the "things" were only obstacles due to dogshit sandbox design in prior Halos, like autos and long respawn times. I hate radar on a visceral level, but I can't see a "main" playlist managing to survive without it. We could partially compromise to where people below a certain rank threshold will only play gametypes with radars on, but that's an awkward (yet potentially problem-solving) compromise that I'm not sure I'm happy about. Thoughts @Hard Way?
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    Lol I give my teammates hella shit for being trash, but usually only in games ranked mode. Like social is right there! Go play that if you suck, especially if you’re new! This. So many casuals say shit like this not realizing a little effort you might have some fun. These kids are the worse and say anyone who doesn’t play like this “sweats” Many casual gamers believe that when publishers announce esport tournaments the entire game is now being twisted to make it competitive as possible. Usually this applies only to game balance as over powered abilities really do, deserve to be Nerfed. In cod guns get Nerfed all the time but it doesn’t let Johnny no thumbs take on scumpy
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    Wall kick would've been cool. We got clamber again instead.
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    Except a wall kick would be telegraphed by an initial jump and proximity to a wall. It’d be more predictable than a normal, vertical jump. Maybe people who only use their left stick to aim couldn’t deal with it, but it’s not that hard in theory as long as the change in speed isn’t too high. Just having the option to instantly kick away from a wall at base movement speed or initial jump speed would add a lot. Option 1: opponent wall kicks. Their trajectory is predetermined until they touch the ground, just like a vertical jump. Option 2: opponent jumps into the wall without wall kicking, as a mixup. They’re screwed if you react to or read this.
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