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    I wish shooters would go back to the mission structure that placed all the objectives (Yes, objectives) on the level from the beginning and let you do them in any order you wanted (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Time Splitters, Syphon Filter Omega Strain), and make you beat the level in one life. It was so much more satisfying to beat a level on Perfect Agent than it was to beat a level on Legendary. Make objectives pass/fail, and have each objective’s result affect the rest of the mission (more/less guards, lights/alarms turn off, armory unlocked, etc), and have only the final objective be mandatory. This creates massive replayability, as players find the most efficient strategies and struggle to improve their mission rating. Maybe the one-life thing is a turn-off. Okay. Allow respawning at the closest completed objective (or insertion point), but if you choose to continue, you do so knowing you’ll get an F rating at the end because you were KIA. This let’s tourists play the whole game, without denying the diehards the thrill of the challenge. This goes even deeper once you factor in co-op. Have a different rating for each number of players in the game, so players are encouraged to play every mission with 2, 3 and 4 players separately, with entirely different strategies for each. If the level isn’t linear, let each player choose from a few different insertion points at the beginning of the mission. The mission could play totally differently if players breach opposite doors, or if one player is on a skylight instead. Maybe certain timed objectives give you less time as the player count increases. Maybe they kill the hostage scientist (that will unlock the shortcut if you save him) 4min in if you’re solo, but they kill him 1:30 in if you have 4 players. If you die, you need to be revived. No respawning. Each successive revive takes longer. You’re rating takes a massive hit if you finish the mission without all 4 players. Ratings are determined by speed, objective completion, enemies killed, enemies undisturbed (snuck past), and so on. Make the best rating HARD to get, and then tie unlocks to each rating for every mission. You could even have different awards/medal chest for each mission and difficulty that encourages different play styles. 100% accuracy. No shots fired. Undetected. Every enemy killed. No enemies killed. No vehicles. Etc. Then do mission-specific ones like “Beat this mission without using the sniper rifle” or something. Show which skulls you’ve beaten the mission with. Each mission should have its own medal chest that takes some serious time and effort to fill. You can make a mission-select style game and still give it an assload of replayability if the missions are done well, it’s challenging, and you give the player a lot of different goals to attain (and a reason to attain them). I’d take that game over a Far Cry style game ANY day.
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    Honestly I'm not sure it actually matters. Hes just cashing in on the extreme levels of... I'm not even sure what to call it I don't want to say stupidity but its at the VERY least willful ignorance that exists within the casual Halo community hubs. Seriously go check out old bungie.net or waypoint or reddit. There are a lot of people who actively try to remain uninformed so that they never challenge their own beliefs and enjoyment. They read straight through facts and acknowledge nothing. Hes just profiting by playing into it. Its not honest discourse so its not worth being a part of it
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    Way to completely miss the point of his post. He’s saying these people had no idea where OS, snipe or rockets even spawned, much less when. That is a fault of the game, not the player. You can’t have a fair game if things that important are completely unknown to the player. H5 had the right idea with flythroughs before each map, but it should be one uncut flythrough that starts at your spawn, and shows you each power item (and it’s respawn time). We are well past the point of not communicating this stuff to players. It’s not fair, and thus it’s not fun.
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    Restarting the whole level when you die is cool when it's like a 5-10 minute map. But when you have something trying to be an epic hour-long mission full of setpieces, it gets to be pretty grating. Especially when you can die instantly to something stupid.
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    Imagine a subterranean labyrinthine flood facility, with a central hub consisting of 3-4 rooms with forerunner activation panels within. These 3-4 rooms branch out into numerous smaller branching paths, who can be rotated and oscillated using the activation panels in the main hub. The challenge doesn't come directly from the puzzle, but from a massive horde of flood combat forms that are impossible for a single player -however skilled- to kill at once. The branching paths being rotated and oscillated, cause sound that attracts the combat forms into them. From this point, the player can funnel the horde into smaller, more manageable groups of combat forms, and either kill them or permanently trap them within the paths by blocking any exits. In addition, the player can carefully arrange these paths in order to access health packs, powerups, and weapons that are highly effective against masses of flood. This is just one example, I'm not particularly skilled at creating puzzles.
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    Reminder that HaloCirclejerk is even worse of a subreddit than Halo. Halo's full of loudmouthed, ignorant, indifferent-to-actual-necessary-change people who don't really put an ounce of thought into any of their opinions. That being said, you can still post stuff without too many people bringing up some idiotic counterargument that drowns out everything you say. HaloCirclejerk is 10x worse. The posters there, are not only even more ignorant and fucking dumb, but they're militant about it. Imagine the average r/halo poster, but with a giant superiority complex because he likes Halo 4 and 5. You can post valid criticism of 343, and all that you'll get is a mob of angry neckbeards breathing down your neck and going "ackchyually blahblahblahblah" while linking you incomprehensible ShyWay videos on why sprint is actually good and how spv3 modders didn't make campaign mod maps bigger so ackchyually sprint doesn't maps bigger sweety teehee The worst part is that these people make incoherent, cognitive dissonance-ridden, passive aggressive textwalls of nonsense for replies. Simply getting these people to admit that sprint stretches out maps and that you can place jumpups on a map instead of giving people clamber is a daunting task. They'll give you around 5-6 thesis-length shitbrained replies before they even admit that things like descope and flag juggling are necessary.
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    Scale. Side objectives refer to difficult sub-encounters within each encounter of an actual mission, that offer the player something for completing them. Side missions imply you're making whole missions that go off on tangents to the plot.
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    If Halo is going to be open world, I don’t see why they couldn’t sprinkle in some Firefight Arenas. Even a linear story could have optional areas that trigger enemy spawns, potentially giving a reward upon completion.
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    I know it probably wasn't fun for the other streamers, but watching Snipedown take a dump on them was hilarious. That was pretty much a pub stomping session. Whoever thought it was okay to put him in that thing should be reprimanded. Lol.
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    Shroud's final series in this event had two teams that were relatively close in skill level. At the end after winning the series he's like, "yeah that was actually pretty fun, had a good time that series, the teams actually felt fair." Just goes to show how important good matchmaking is in Halo. You can actually learn a lot from watching some of these streams in regards to how a competent gamer, but Halo noob, responds to the game. Having power-up and power weapon times clearly portrayed is something that quickly seems to be needed for instance. That and a Utility weapon that makes sense and has some consistency.
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    I agree about objectives. Providing multiple objectives on a level where a few are mandatory and most aren't, creates a lot of variation within each playthrough, especially when non-mandatory objectives being completed or not affects how future missions will play. Though, I wouldn't entirely throw away the linear progression of a regular Halo mission. The thing that linearity allows developers to do, is exercise greater control over player-sandbox interaction (What possible weapons could you bring to an encounter), enemy interaction (How you come upon the enemy AI in any given encounter), and scripted sequences. These are important to the difficulty tuning. Absolutely. Why this isn't a feature in most FPS, I don't understand. Also, SPV3 already tried this in one specific mission. On Halo (Legendary and Noble difficulty only), after you save the marines near the first forerunner structure, you're given a warthog to rescue the other marine survivors. Right before the "This cave isn't a natural formation" section's entrance, there are two Covenant relays placed. If you kill the enemies by these relays and activate both of them, then you can see all incoming Phantoms for all the rest of the missions, highlighted with an icon on your HUD as they approach. Imagine if on Sierra 117 in Halo 3, you sniped the Chieftain off the phantom before you even got to the final area of the mission where you'd normally kill him. As a result, the brutes from that encounter are now all jackals, and you instead get ambushed by stealth brutes when you advance into said section. This is an awesome idea. Enemy composition, enemy ranks, enemy relax/patrol/alert states, weapon availability, ammo availability, vehicles, map sections being open or closed to the player, powerups being made accessible for certain sections, etc. It would reduce consistency in playthroughs, but that's not a bad thing. To want the player to think on their feet. Closest completed objective seems way too far back, man. If you want to make a Halo game where people die at least 2-4 times per encounter unless they have perfect aim, perfect judgement, and perfect AI manipulation, then it'd be too unforgiving. It'd be like Contra, where the game itself is pretty fucking hard, but the progress loss per game over is the real kick in the balls. People like their progress reset to the beginning of a section where they died, so they can immediately try again instead of having to crawl through a previous encounter that they already beat. I think "last objective checkpoint" is just way too harsh. Agree on the grading system, though. Players shouldn't go through the mission for the first time and be able to achieve everything, perfectly. Oh shit, I didn't even think about timed objectives lol. That's actually an incredible idea. Honestly, all types of objectives should come back from prior Halos and even new ones from other games. Traditional Halo "Kill everybody in this big room" objectives, entrance location objectives, some puzzle solving, "stalk the enemy leaders undetected" objectives, escort objectives, destruction objectives, rescue objectives, etc. It's nice to mix up gameplay and not have it be the same "shoot the aliens" routine every time. Reviving instead of respawning is a cool mechanic for co-op, but I don't agree with the increasing revive times. The key in designing would be to make perfection incredibly difficult, without making the experience around getting that perfection equally miserable, regardless of the other advantages that a revive system gives the player in a co-op setting. It'd start to make players play in the most self-preserving way possible at the expense of aggressive play, and I don't want that. Absolutely, there should definitely be awards for completing missions with a certain level of proficiency. XP awards, armor sets, skins, nameplates, emblems, etc. Again, disagree on the "mission select" style game approach. It's theoretically possible, but it'd take exponentially more time to design a game and a plot to work coherently around each other in this form.
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    Its not like theres a shadowy cabal that is dictating Shyway’s opinion, in his mind he thinks sprint benefits the game and thats all there is to it Interestingly sprint in the demo looks like it is literally just an animation without adding speed so i have no idea if its an early halo2 type thing where you ramp up into a sprint animation automatically or maybe its just either the demo being (painfully) incomplete or that you can upgrade sprint in campaign Too many years nerfing this mechanic, its time they let it go lol that’d be the biggest dub of the last decade
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    How many times can they put fiesta and shotty snipers in the rotational playlist before it gets stale I get that there's a skeleton crew working on MCC, but could we at least get some community made/chosen modes? H3/H2 Mayhem, Big Team Fiesta, Vehicle Fiesta, Low grav snipers, stuff like that. Nobody wants to play fucking team duals, that's insulting.
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    You guys have got to let go these tired old arguments. Much like Halo, this inability to move past sprint has arrested your development. Allow your mind to see past sprint, past classic halo even. Let the things that clash with halo’s core values fade away. Make room for new ideas to bubble up, things that bolster halo’s identity, reinforce its ideals. Decide for yourself what defines Halo. Strafing, firing, controlling/contesting/using pick ups, tracking enemies, juggling flags, no scopes, descopes, skill jumps, hijacking, splatters, sticks, overcoming insurmountable odds, epic, awesome, mysterious, beautiful. Since a big part of Halo is controlling, contesting, and making use of on-map pick ups, I believe there should be more categories of pick ups as well as more unique pick ups within each category. The Halo I would design, would reflect this. What would your Halo reflect?
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    Why are you trying to have serious conversations on a circle jerk subreddit? lol The entire point of those subreddits is to be obnoxious.
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    I'm telling you man, Shyway is slowly breeding an army. I've noticed a surge in confidence when it comes to these kids. His videos reinforce their love for a dead game so they cling to those arguments for dear life even in the face of common sense.
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    replayability comes with trying different difficulties, skull collection, co-op experience, and a good multiplayer. just like a book, if a game is story is good enough, its worth replaying. having daily/weekly mission or a large map full of filler missions isnt going to help this game. a good story, forge and a fleshed out multiplayer is what will keep people coming back
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    The one time my dad decided to give Halo a go my brother kept killing him off spawn and laughing. I told him to stop because Dad would not have fun and not try it again. Well he didn't stop and my dad did not have fun or try again. My brother could be a real unsporting piece of shit. That stream reminded me of that moment.
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    Side objectives, no side missions.
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    Honestly I was on the fence about Infinite but now that I know you can buy Monster Energy drink skins I'm back on board.
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    Side missions are the bane of a well paced story. 'Chief quick, you have to get to the control room, the Banished are about to activate the ring!' "Yeah just hold up I wanna help this settlement and rescue these marines first"
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    I made a video investigating some of the major problems in H3 MCC forge
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    I mean of course none of that was competitive. People drastically underestimate what practice and experience really is after this many years. I would drop 50 on those streamers in decent length obj games and so would just about anyone else who has actually learned to play any Halo. The fact that it was snipedown instead is just extra hilarity. They would've been losing games to legit 30s in H3 by a landslide. I honestly can't believe they set this up and let snipedown in unless it was to intentionally show how much they don't know how to play the game. That stream is what its like for new Halo players coming in and dealing with those of us hanging around after decades on smurfs or queuing up a to4 with no party restrictions in social or low level mm. Hopefully we have sane mm restrictions in time for the start of Infinite before we do that to all of the new players again and then get playlist updates months or years later to make it a little better
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    It's not even this, the whole debate about "Casual VS Competitive" is completely meaningless. It is far from difficult to design a game with a sky-high competitive skillgap and brilliant eSports scene, that also has a ton of offerings for casual players. It's because the things that casual and competitive players want aren't mutually exclusive, at all. Problems only arise when they're artificially created by a developer who doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. That's when people push for guns to be removed from gamemodes, or for certain settings to be replaced entirely, or for SBMM to be removed from the game. What competitive players want: • A skill-rewarding and impossibly difficult to master, yet powerful sandbox. • Movement that allows for skillful trickjumps or maneuvers, along with emphasizing carefully-thought movement in high-level play. • Maps that play decently and can lead to complex mindgames at high-level play, and don't play the exact same stagnant manner for the 12 millionth time. • A rewarding ranking system that places skill before hours ingame, and matches people of equal skill. • Necessary features like dedis, party matching, good netcode, IP masking, proper settings in comp playlists, decent comp playlist offerings, client-side theater, forge, custom browser, service record, etc. • Important QoL features like FOV, aim settings, low latency, input-based MM, keybinds, reticle + HUD customization, viewmodel customization, press to talk, etc. What Casual Players want: • A sandbox where they can get satisfying kills without necessarily having to be gods at aiming, and with lots of varied weapons that they can pick up and use. • Responsive movement that doesn't feel like they're dragging a tyre through waist-high water because of binocular FOV. • Good PvE (Campaign, Firefight, etc). • Varied map selection with unique aesthetics and gameplay to each. • Varied playlists and gamemodes that they can relax and have fun in (BTB, Grifball, Infection, Race, Multi team, SWAT, AR slayer, etc). • Prominent featuring of vehicular play in BTB and other large-scale gamemodes. • Playable elites, armor customizability and variety, etc. • Playlists where they can play and not constantly get destroyed by people who are far above their skill level. • Stuff like Machinima mode, teabag physics, co-op, satisfying visual + audio design, etc. Literally nothing is mutually exclusive between what the two want. It only arises when you have an incompetent developer who makes giant, lingering blunders in how they design or manage their game. Look at the "DMR broke Reach BTB" scuffle. If the DMR wasn't a hitscan, 3x zoom rifle on maps with giant open sightlines on KBM, and on a game with hugely nerfed vehicle health, it would never have been a problem in the first place. Or, look at the overpowered autos in H5. If the game's utility weapons didn't have 1.3 second TTKs and if autos + radars weren't in HCS playlists, then maybe competitive players wouldn't have complained about them. The problem is that developers couldn't design a sandbox if their lives depended on it, and they're just as (in)competent at managing their games' matchmaking.
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    Well that’s what happens when you never play said game in ever
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