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    Watching Snipedowns pov is great. Watching everyone else is painful
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    Shroud's final series in this event had two teams that were relatively close in skill level. At the end after winning the series he's like, "yeah that was actually pretty fun, had a good time that series, the teams actually felt fair." Just goes to show how important good matchmaking is in Halo. You can actually learn a lot from watching some of these streams in regards to how a competent gamer, but Halo noob, responds to the game. Having power-up and power weapon times clearly portrayed is something that quickly seems to be needed for instance. That and a Utility weapon that makes sense and has some consistency.
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    I didn't realise how, outside of the competitive niche, the skill gap in Halo in general can be massive. Ignoring the fact that it's snipedown and aim assist, it's still pretty telling because these streamers are lost lol. I guess I forgot how bad people can be is what I'm trying to say.
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    The one time my dad decided to give Halo a go my brother kept killing him off spawn and laughing. I told him to stop because Dad would not have fun and not try it again. Well he didn't stop and my dad did not have fun or try again. My brother could be a real unsporting piece of shit. That stream reminded me of that moment.
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    This is painful to watch: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Watching Snipedown go 28-0 against casual players is horrible. Not sure why they are even playing Hardcore. 30k people watching Shroud complain about how little fun he is having is great for the scene. Edit: Once the event was over a lot of the streamers actually said they had a good time. From what I understand Dr. Lupo's stream turned into a toxic shitshow because they didn't win a map, and Shroud has now clue how to actually play. That and Snipedown evidently having no sense of sportsmanship made it a mixed bag. Overall not bad though.
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    Dallas Empire manager is Elumnite, Clayster competed in Halo 4, and Crimsix broke into the top 4 in Reach. It's a story as old as time itself - Halo players rule.
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    ODST, H2A, and Reach for Human aesthetics CE, H2A, and H3 for Forerunner aesthetics H2A, H2, and especially Reach for Covenant aesthetics H3 and CEA for skyboxes Halo 3 for everything else, especially the lighting. If there's one thing that Bungie did absolutely brilliantly in H3, it's the lighting. The game is still jaw-droppingly pretty in 2020.
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    I know it probably wasn't fun for the other streamers, but watching Snipedown take a dump on them was hilarious. That was pretty much a pub stomping session. Whoever thought it was okay to put him in that thing should be reprimanded. Lol.
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    bro what are you even talking about were talking about halo dude jfc im out
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    Absolutely. 343's human aesthetic is generic Star Trek trash. Basically "not 343 Halo" lol. The cockpit on the Covenant Corvette in Reach was super duper pretty. Also High Charity as a whole. Disagree here. Halo 3 and Reach, with a focus on Reach. Reach has some of the best skyboxes of any game, let alone Halo imo. H2A has some bangers as well. I think the best skybox in the entire series is in the final level of Halo 3 though, seeing the entire Ark above you. Whoever was in charge of the lighting for Halo 3 absolutely nailed it. My only issue with Halo 3 is everything looks pristine. As a whole it's wonderful but I feel the grittiness in Halo 1/2 is missing. That and there being a surprising amount of Brown for such a nice colour palette. Crows Nest, Tsavo Highway, The Storm, Floodgate, The Ark and Cortana are all brown brown brown. Only Sierra 117, The Covenant and Halo have any colour variation (and look god damn nice). I know this is coming from someone who praised Mombasa in halo 2, which is extremely brown, but Halo 3's bright and poppy aesthetic doesn't match brown. When the game moves away from brown (Guardian, Narrows, The Covenant, The Pit etc.) it looks god damn good. Halo 2's gritty war-torn earth suits brown.
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    Those SCAR-H and Five-Seven ripoffs look so generic it hurts. Also real talk: What niche within the sandbox is a precision auto going to occupy? They're either going to make it strong as fuck "but it spawns on the map brooo" like the vanilla H5 SR/SMG or it's going to be a useless redundant PoS like most of Halo's autos, there's no in between here. Two decades of Halo sandbox development (failures mostly) to look back on and learn from, but no, 343 still can't come up with something meaningful.
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    I'm telling you man, Shyway is slowly breeding an army. I've noticed a surge in confidence when it comes to these kids. His videos reinforce their love for a dead game so they cling to those arguments for dear life even in the face of common sense.
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    Scale. Side objectives refer to difficult sub-encounters within each encounter of an actual mission, that offer the player something for completing them. Side missions imply you're making whole missions that go off on tangents to the plot.
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    The other major factor is that on PC, most of the popular close-to-mid-range weapons are automatic. You need only look at how hilariously frequently people miss shots with the Wingman in Apex to see that M/KB is geared toward automatic weapons.
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    Honestly I was on the fence about Infinite but now that I know you can buy Monster Energy drink skins I'm back on board.
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    I think you're confusing "This forum" with "one dude" lol. I firmly believe that games can be balanced mouse vs. controller, at least enough for most of matchmaking but Halo's AA/Mag is far too generous to the controller player. Also, snipedown needs to learn when to turn it off for a second ffs.
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    But like, the strongest part of the aim assist isn't the bullet magnetism (I agree that shit is stupid as fuck with a m/kb, i'm like 100% certain its why No-Scope sniper is so fucking oppressive), its the aim tracking controller gets. M/kb gets first shot advantage, but in Halo, first shot really means fuck all. This is where controller's aim assist becomes frustrating, because the amount of tracking it gets is insane. I don't understand how this forum, which was previously complaining about how strong aim assist in Halo was ON CONSOLE before PC even released, still sits there and acts like Controller AA is even remotely balanced and fair against M/kb.
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    I made a video investigating some of the major problems in H3 MCC forge
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    I mean of course none of that was competitive. People drastically underestimate what practice and experience really is after this many years. I would drop 50 on those streamers in decent length obj games and so would just about anyone else who has actually learned to play any Halo. The fact that it was snipedown instead is just extra hilarity. They would've been losing games to legit 30s in H3 by a landslide. I honestly can't believe they set this up and let snipedown in unless it was to intentionally show how much they don't know how to play the game. That stream is what its like for new Halo players coming in and dealing with those of us hanging around after decades on smurfs or queuing up a to4 with no party restrictions in social or low level mm. Hopefully we have sane mm restrictions in time for the start of Infinite before we do that to all of the new players again and then get playlist updates months or years later to make it a little better
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    Controller on halo isn’t fair or balanced.the fact shroud stands no chance on it against a controller player like Snipe is ridiculous when I guarantee you on any other game a quality mouse player like the people in this would rekt snipe. Heck’s were gonna see that in the Warzone match up
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    Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to let snipedown in this? It's bullying lol. Terrible impressions aboud. Worst part is you already know the result.
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    Turns out shroud likes halo 3. He’s enjoying himself and looking forward to the next game. He wants better movement mechanics but more like better strafing abilities like air control and whatnot.
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    I'm surprised as well. I thought exactly the same for many, many years. But recently I've been playing and aside from obvious lighting and texture issues, I feel that Halo 2 captures the most of the Halo world compared to all the other games. We get to see a new Halo, two sides of an Earth city, a Covenent City, a Gas Station and more Halo ring but two different areas. There are some areas, particularly New Mombasa and the underwater areas of Regret, that worldbuild better than any of the other games in the series. Doubling down on this, I find Halo 2 Anniversary (Campaign) to have the best visuals of the entire series. I absolutely love the way they did it. The New Mombasa they created in Halo 2 has a real sense of scale. I know the game was rushed to hell and there are many issues I have with gameplay, for example the area where you get the Gauss Hog then blast through the gardens into the city centre, I would rather you have to ditch the hog after the waterfall room and get on foot. Then a large squad of marines and you push up that main street that is full of Covenant fortifications and fight you way into the city via a big battle rather than just drive the hog... ... anyway... I'm sure my opinion will change like it does all the time, but Halo 2's art is really growing on me. I especially like the multiplayer maps and the multiplayer art in general. I love the more dirty look the Spartans have. I feel the maps had a lot of character as well: Lockout (Abandoned Flood research facility) Zanzibar (Some power station near the city I spent two missions fighting for), Burial Mounds (Can see the ruins of Halo 1!) Turf (We killed a Scarab!) Sanctuary (Delta Halo was so pretty and unique, felt awesome to visit those ruins again) I know Halo 2 gets shit for setting many maps in human cities or nearby, but when I was younger I loved how Mombasa looked. I used to walk around Turf, Headlong and Terminal with my brother split screen just to experience the city more (we didn't have Xbox Live). I wanted to play an entire game set in those cities. So you can imagine how much I gushed over ODST...
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    I'm just talking about art here man lol but yes on that note their remake was not given the due diligence it deserved.
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    I was a very young lad once, in my adolescence, and my head was full of myopic ideas and life questions. I thought about things like: Will Halo 3 ever come to PC? Will Microsoft give Halo mod support on console like Bethesda with some of their games? What will life after high school be like? Will I get fat in my 20s? Not once, not even in the deepest corners of my subconscious while dreaming, was I ever curious to see weapon skins in Halo.
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    Well yeah good artists can usually make something look convincing but, they really shouldn't have to. And to be honest at the end of the day there's only so much they can do. Just because I throw a stone texture on a wall doesn't make my map a castle, the actual architecture and shapes and angles and windows and aspect ratios have to all convey that same message. Blackout is actually kind of a unique example because to be honest nothing about Lockout looks foreunner, it's just random buildings. Forerunner stuff usually has more religious and grande aspect ratios, think Epitaph. Or monolithic shapes like Narrows, top mid Guardian. Lockout is just blegh, and Blackout being a human oil-rig thing honestly matches the shapes and location of the map much better than forerunner ever did. So yeah that's a good example of environment artists doing their job really well, but also the level designers doing a bad job initially. The Pit is about as generic as it comes when it comes to the shape language, or defining characteristics of the map - so the choice to make it a human training facility is honestly really smart lmao props to Bungie's art team once again for recognizing what to do with a map that was laid out in the way the Pit was, because if that map was forerunner it would just not be convincing. Seeing how it was forerunner is actually pretty interesting, I'm sure the Art Director at some point stepped in and recognized that the layout just didn't match the theme. I think most of the artistic character from it probably comes from the color palette being really unique and recognizable, the yellow/green contrast is pretty stark. You mess with the colors of The Pit and the map loses all its charm. Example
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    Shotzzy is now a COD Champ in his first year of COD. Absolutely unreal from the guy.
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    It's not even this, the whole debate about "Casual VS Competitive" is completely meaningless. It is far from difficult to design a game with a sky-high competitive skillgap and brilliant eSports scene, that also has a ton of offerings for casual players. It's because the things that casual and competitive players want aren't mutually exclusive, at all. Problems only arise when they're artificially created by a developer who doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. That's when people push for guns to be removed from gamemodes, or for certain settings to be replaced entirely, or for SBMM to be removed from the game. What competitive players want: • A skill-rewarding and impossibly difficult to master, yet powerful sandbox. • Movement that allows for skillful trickjumps or maneuvers, along with emphasizing carefully-thought movement in high-level play. • Maps that play decently and can lead to complex mindgames at high-level play, and don't play the exact same stagnant manner for the 12 millionth time. • A rewarding ranking system that places skill before hours ingame, and matches people of equal skill. • Necessary features like dedis, party matching, good netcode, IP masking, proper settings in comp playlists, decent comp playlist offerings, client-side theater, forge, custom browser, service record, etc. • Important QoL features like FOV, aim settings, low latency, input-based MM, keybinds, reticle + HUD customization, viewmodel customization, press to talk, etc. What Casual Players want: • A sandbox where they can get satisfying kills without necessarily having to be gods at aiming, and with lots of varied weapons that they can pick up and use. • Responsive movement that doesn't feel like they're dragging a tyre through waist-high water because of binocular FOV. • Good PvE (Campaign, Firefight, etc). • Varied map selection with unique aesthetics and gameplay to each. • Varied playlists and gamemodes that they can relax and have fun in (BTB, Grifball, Infection, Race, Multi team, SWAT, AR slayer, etc). • Prominent featuring of vehicular play in BTB and other large-scale gamemodes. • Playable elites, armor customizability and variety, etc. • Playlists where they can play and not constantly get destroyed by people who are far above their skill level. • Stuff like Machinima mode, teabag physics, co-op, satisfying visual + audio design, etc. Literally nothing is mutually exclusive between what the two want. It only arises when you have an incompetent developer who makes giant, lingering blunders in how they design or manage their game. Look at the "DMR broke Reach BTB" scuffle. If the DMR wasn't a hitscan, 3x zoom rifle on maps with giant open sightlines on KBM, and on a game with hugely nerfed vehicle health, it would never have been a problem in the first place. Or, look at the overpowered autos in H5. If the game's utility weapons didn't have 1.3 second TTKs and if autos + radars weren't in HCS playlists, then maybe competitive players wouldn't have complained about them. The problem is that developers couldn't design a sandbox if their lives depended on it, and they're just as (in)competent at managing their games' matchmaking.
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    This is how Australian Politics work. We have the two main parties then we have the smaller, but still influential, fringe parties. What happens is the more votes these fringe parties get, the more of their policies the big parties take into account because they want those voters to support them. We are basically the "extreme competitive" community and it's fair we shoot for the stars for a competitive game. We want projectile, weapon timers, good strafing, 4v4 maps and quick perfect kills but slightly longer average kills (amongst many others) Reddit, from what I've seen, are the AR starts community. They want BTB, AR starts, grunt shaped cakes, dual wielding and clips of shenanigans (amongst others). The frustrating part is you can have both and do it without too much fuss (in Halo). But nah. Let's add advanced movement instead. I think a problem on our end is that we're competitive by nature right? So we want to win the discussion and we want to win the casual vs competitive debate. This means that compromise is difficult. Our more casual counterparts at Reddit's problem is that they don't understand why AR starts are bad. Some don't even understand why SMG starts are bad. I'm not being facetious either, it's a big problem.
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    They want jobs in the industry/at 343 or something. Or they don't want to risk alienating casual fans who watch their content or might be interested in doing so. I don't know. But I thought it was hilarious when Snakebite uploaded a 10-minute video a month or so ago called "What I Want from Halo Infinite" or something to that effect, and he basically said nothing for the entire video. And I like Snakebite, for the record. But he could have used his growing platform and influence in the scene to talk about actual substantive changes and get more people on board with them, but instead it was just a low-effort view-grab upload with practically 0 substance. It's amazing that we're still doing that after 3 straight bad Halo games (4 if you count MCC). It's like battered wife syndrome or something. Nothing will ever change that way. You have to hold developers feet to the fire or they will never give you what you want. Like how a politician or political party isn't going to bend to your wishes until you actually show them that you're willing to not vote for them. Because once they have your vote, which is the only power you have, you're useless to them, and they could give two s***** about you. Not to get too political, but it reminds me of how people are so willing to settle for mediocrity and incremental change, when it's so glaringly obvious that that's not what we need right now. Especially considering you never get all of what you want anyway. You're always going to get less, whether that's with games or with real life. Compromise is almost always the most likely course of action. So why not be vocal and push for the best possible things, so you can at least get something that's close to it? For example, you push for Medicare for All, but in reality you know it will probably be a public option. If you don't even push for a public option though, then you won't get shit. Make sense? So as far as Halo, you can't say "I don't care if the next Halo has sprint, I just want a good game". You might as well be saying "I want Halo to have sprint". You've basically guaranteed it to be in by saying that. Realistically, we all knew both Halo 5 and Halo Infinite were going to have sprint, but it doesn't mean you just bend over and take it. If you say, "I refuse to buy the next Halo if it has sprint", or even "the next Halo does not need sprint", especially if it's prominent and influential members of the community, then you're more likely to get something closer to a desired outcome. You probably won't get a game with 0 sprint, but you might get something like the campaign having sprint and ranked multiplayer not having it. Or half of the playlists having it, half not. Or even like a voting system pre-match. Something. Anything would be better than 100% sprint all the time for everything. Sorry if I got rambly, but hopefully that made some sense.
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    I think the campaign will be fine. It's going back to Chief at the centre, and the unnamed bearded dude already has more character development than Locke did in all of H5. Not to mention you can get away with some of the more "gimicky" gameplay stuff in SP. It'll probably be good/great. AS for MP, that all depends on whether or not/how much the pro/community feedback is being listened to. The equipment on the map is apparently going to be h3-esque, so while I don't like it you can't really vilify 343 over it. The abilities seemed toned down at the very least (and may or may not be tuned even further for competitive), which is solid. Unfortunately I can't really say much more until we get some MP info. I have no doubt Forge will be incredible. Betwen H2A and H5, they've proven that they know how to make a wicked Forge tool. Even if they just transplant H5's mechanics into Infinite, we're good. Other than if it'll be there at launch, I'm not worried about it. Lastly, the fact that they're delaying it is a good sign imo. Up to a full extra year (assuming the 2021 deadline sticks) can do wonders, and with the resources that'll be pumped into it by MS/Xbox, it has a chance. So to sum it up, I'd say there's a(n): 95% chance the campaign is good/great. 85-90% the MP will be solid casually, with a 50-60% chance it'll translate well to competitive (unless we hear otherwise about how they're addressing any settings updates). 99% chance Forge will be amazing, and that we'll see some truly incredible maps made with it. 80% chance it launches in a solid enough state to not immediately turn players off in the same way MCC/H5 did.
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    replayability comes with trying different difficulties, skull collection, co-op experience, and a good multiplayer. just like a book, if a game is story is good enough, its worth replaying. having daily/weekly mission or a large map full of filler missions isnt going to help this game. a good story, forge and a fleshed out multiplayer is what will keep people coming back
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    And Snip3down gets shit on by good mouse players all the time in apex legends, a fame he’s very good at I’ll add. And the aim assist is strong there too, but apex was actually built with mouse play in mind
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    Just allow yourself to imagine. • 343 delayed MCC to mid-2016, and launched ODST and Reach along with it. • 343 used the Custom Edition version of CE and the OG Xbox version of H2 for MCC. • All inconsistencies between OG Xbox CE, H2, 360 H3, Reach, H4 and their MCC versions were all sorted out less than a month after release. • Netcode and networking issues were also all sorted out within the first month of release. • Functioning dedicated servers were implemented at launch date, and not in 2018 (with performance being worse than P2P and regional selection being horribly skewed, to boot). • The games launched with centered crosshair options, FOV, KBM functionality, input-based MM, and viewmodel customization. • NHE H1's maps, settings, and training mode were implemented into MCC along with all the basic custom game options available in H2/3. • H3's spread was permanently removed from it's MCC version, and Reach used zero bloom/MLG movement settings universally. • MCC launched with a custom game browser and party up. • MCC launched with perfect functionality and zero online issues. • It was added to game pass within 2-3 months of release. • It featured prominent crossgame playlists, with a veto system and equal weighting between CE, 2, 3, and Reach. • The game launched with a large and diverse selection of ranked playlists, using H3's ranking and progression systems. • Forge for the legacy titles had the limits raised to what the XB1 could handle. • Total player counts were raised from 16 to 24. • A PC release happened in early-mid 2019, and was just as bug-free/had all major bugs dealt with within two weeks of launch. This is complete fantasy, but just imagine. For the 2017-2020 period, we could have had actually new content being added to the MCC, and not just a slow crossing out of the laundry list of game-altering bugs that MCC still has. Things like a PC release with crossplay at launch, actual mod and original dev tools on par with Custom Edition's Guerrilla/Sapien/OpenSauce/3DS Max/Tool for the games in the collection, new and innovative playlists that aren't bland, constant tourneys for all the games in the collection (and not just H3/2A), more forge maps in MM, NHE maps for CE, mods, new content for older games like skins, crossplatform mod support a la FO4/Skyrim, and god knows how much else could have been added earlier. If this was the actual case with MCC, I'd have been OK with H5 being cancelled altogether. The game would have pulled several hundred thousand players at launch, and still HELD them well into 2021-2022. Hypothetically, if the PC release was in early 2019, then I'd estimate the player count on XBL to be roughly 50-70K, and the player count on PC to be roughly 30K-60K. Instead, we have this.
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