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    ODST, H2A, and Reach for Human aesthetics CE, H2A, and H3 for Forerunner aesthetics H2A, H2, and especially Reach for Covenant aesthetics H3 and CEA for skyboxes Halo 3 for everything else, especially the lighting. If there's one thing that Bungie did absolutely brilliantly in H3, it's the lighting. The game is still jaw-droppingly pretty in 2020.
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    I'm surprised as well. I thought exactly the same for many, many years. But recently I've been playing and aside from obvious lighting and texture issues, I feel that Halo 2 captures the most of the Halo world compared to all the other games. We get to see a new Halo, two sides of an Earth city, a Covenent City, a Gas Station and more Halo ring but two different areas. There are some areas, particularly New Mombasa and the underwater areas of Regret, that worldbuild better than any of the other games in the series. Doubling down on this, I find Halo 2 Anniversary (Campaign) to have the best visuals of the entire series. I absolutely love the way they did it. The New Mombasa they created in Halo 2 has a real sense of scale. I know the game was rushed to hell and there are many issues I have with gameplay, for example the area where you get the Gauss Hog then blast through the gardens into the city centre, I would rather you have to ditch the hog after the waterfall room and get on foot. Then a large squad of marines and you push up that main street that is full of Covenant fortifications and fight you way into the city via a big battle rather than just drive the hog... ... anyway... I'm sure my opinion will change like it does all the time, but Halo 2's art is really growing on me. I especially like the multiplayer maps and the multiplayer art in general. I love the more dirty look the Spartans have. I feel the maps had a lot of character as well: Lockout (Abandoned Flood research facility) Zanzibar (Some power station near the city I spent two missions fighting for), Burial Mounds (Can see the ruins of Halo 1!) Turf (We killed a Scarab!) Sanctuary (Delta Halo was so pretty and unique, felt awesome to visit those ruins again) I know Halo 2 gets shit for setting many maps in human cities or nearby, but when I was younger I loved how Mombasa looked. I used to walk around Turf, Headlong and Terminal with my brother split screen just to experience the city more (we didn't have Xbox Live). I wanted to play an entire game set in those cities. So you can imagine how much I gushed over ODST...
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    Absolutely. 343's human aesthetic is generic Star Trek trash. Basically "not 343 Halo" lol. The cockpit on the Covenant Corvette in Reach was super duper pretty. Also High Charity as a whole. Disagree here. Halo 3 and Reach, with a focus on Reach. Reach has some of the best skyboxes of any game, let alone Halo imo. H2A has some bangers as well. I think the best skybox in the entire series is in the final level of Halo 3 though, seeing the entire Ark above you. Whoever was in charge of the lighting for Halo 3 absolutely nailed it. My only issue with Halo 3 is everything looks pristine. As a whole it's wonderful but I feel the grittiness in Halo 1/2 is missing. That and there being a surprising amount of Brown for such a nice colour palette. Crows Nest, Tsavo Highway, The Storm, Floodgate, The Ark and Cortana are all brown brown brown. Only Sierra 117, The Covenant and Halo have any colour variation (and look god damn nice). I know this is coming from someone who praised Mombasa in halo 2, which is extremely brown, but Halo 3's bright and poppy aesthetic doesn't match brown. When the game moves away from brown (Guardian, Narrows, The Covenant, The Pit etc.) it looks god damn good. Halo 2's gritty war-torn earth suits brown.
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    It only took 6 years but it seems like we will finally have a great way to play the original Halo games for years to come by the end of this year.
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    All of that "Good progress, hope to have this in a flight soon" would be great if we had any sort of a timeframe for it. But it's good to see they have no plans of nerfing the ODST pistol.
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    I was a very young lad once, in my adolescence, and my head was full of myopic ideas and life questions. I thought about things like: Will Halo 3 ever come to PC? Will Microsoft give Halo mod support on console like Bethesda with some of their games? What will life after high school be like? Will I get fat in my 20s? Not once, not even in the deepest corners of my subconscious while dreaming, was I ever curious to see weapon skins in Halo.
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    Saw this on my Twitter feed and my heart sank. Like the tweet says, this was Clutch’s first coach, at Meadowlands 08. That was my first tournament as a ref, and I reffed every series these guys played. I grew to like this guy right away because I could tell he was a great person and loved Halo. 12 years later I bumped into him on a Twitch chat in Snipedown’s stream and chatted with him for like an hour. Still a great dude. Seeing this really bummed me out. Let’s step up for one of our own when he needs us. https://gf.me/u/yvmzj2
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    Highlights: Custom Game Browser Design and implementation is underway on the custom game browser. Our goal is to offer players a way to host and join a larger variety of gametypes than what we are able to support via social or competitive matchmade games. We want to give players control over multiple games (HCE - H4), gametypes, and maps in a custom browser rotation. We want to make it easy to play with friends and to find games you are interested in based on filters you provide. We want to provide a detailed browsing experience. We also need to make some adjustments to the core Halo multiplayer flow for custom game browser so players spend less time in the UI and more time in maps. Our plan is to get a version of this feature up and running and into our flighting rings for feedback. We will have more details and examples of the UI flow to show in the near future. Region Selection Halo 3 Hit Registration: This change has been flighted and will be improved in the next game update. Thank you to all who gave feedback during this most recent flight! View Model: This work is continuing to be in active development. We are aiming for an update to this for flighting across all games prior to release. Input Based Matchmaking: Currently, players in MCC are split by platform, but that’s a fairly arbitrary split. With input-based matchmaking and crossplay, the goal is to break down as many barriers between players as possible but to split players by something that has a direct impact on their moment-to-moment gameplay experience. To accomplish this, we are looking at input-based matchmaking being implemented at the playlist level. This allows us to have more control on where we do and don’t separate players into sub-groups. Basically, what that means in terms of implementation, in certain playlists, players will be locked to a given input, and we will have a couple of different knobs we can tune to alter this experience over time. For example, in a playlist like Infection when crossplay and input-based matchmaking features come online, we're not going to limit by input at all. The same can be said for something like Firefight. We don’t believe that there is a need to lock players by input in these areas, so in those cases players will get the full benefit of crossplay so anyone can play together, which is really great. This should help those player groups find matches more quickly and break down barriers between players on different platforms for those offerings. In other areas, such as the more competitive playlists, we will have the capability to limit players by input method. In some cases that will mean all players have to use the same input. In other cases that will mean that we will allow squads with some amount of mixed input to play together and balance out those using mouse & keyboard and those playing with controllers. Players will be locked into a single device when they enter matchmaking for those offerings. You’ll be able to see which device other players in the lobby are using as well. In Design Iteration Additional Mod Support Text Chat Improvements Better ways to Report Players VFR Improvements to Reach & H2A Bringing PC Features to Console (Like FOV Sliders) Additional Accessibility Support
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    Why is he calling them "coatings"? Is that bugging anybody else way more than is reasonable?
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    Really? I think graphics wise halo 2 has aged the worst, halo 1 still looks clean and simplistic and halo 3 still holds up 13 years after.
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    Well yeah good artists can usually make something look convincing but, they really shouldn't have to. And to be honest at the end of the day there's only so much they can do. Just because I throw a stone texture on a wall doesn't make my map a castle, the actual architecture and shapes and angles and windows and aspect ratios have to all convey that same message. Blackout is actually kind of a unique example because to be honest nothing about Lockout looks foreunner, it's just random buildings. Forerunner stuff usually has more religious and grande aspect ratios, think Epitaph. Or monolithic shapes like Narrows, top mid Guardian. Lockout is just blegh, and Blackout being a human oil-rig thing honestly matches the shapes and location of the map much better than forerunner ever did. So yeah that's a good example of environment artists doing their job really well, but also the level designers doing a bad job initially. The Pit is about as generic as it comes when it comes to the shape language, or defining characteristics of the map - so the choice to make it a human training facility is honestly really smart lmao props to Bungie's art team once again for recognizing what to do with a map that was laid out in the way the Pit was, because if that map was forerunner it would just not be convincing. Seeing how it was forerunner is actually pretty interesting, I'm sure the Art Director at some point stepped in and recognized that the layout just didn't match the theme. I think most of the artistic character from it probably comes from the color palette being really unique and recognizable, the yellow/green contrast is pretty stark. You mess with the colors of The Pit and the map loses all its charm. Example
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    it looks better but it also doesn't look halo to me. Looks more like Gears of War IMO. Which isn't bad because "what is Halo?" jk. I know what halo is, and that's a WEIRD covenant architecture but maybe you could make some lore arguments. I don't know. I just want the real covenant art style back instead of the weird organic BUG shell like covenant designs we get now. like wtf is even this
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    It's not even this, the whole debate about "Casual VS Competitive" is completely meaningless. It is far from difficult to design a game with a sky-high competitive skillgap and brilliant eSports scene, that also has a ton of offerings for casual players. It's because the things that casual and competitive players want aren't mutually exclusive, at all. Problems only arise when they're artificially created by a developer who doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. That's when people push for guns to be removed from gamemodes, or for certain settings to be replaced entirely, or for SBMM to be removed from the game. What competitive players want: • A skill-rewarding and impossibly difficult to master, yet powerful sandbox. • Movement that allows for skillful trickjumps or maneuvers, along with emphasizing carefully-thought movement in high-level play. • Maps that play decently and can lead to complex mindgames at high-level play, and don't play the exact same stagnant manner for the 12 millionth time. • A rewarding ranking system that places skill before hours ingame, and matches people of equal skill. • Necessary features like dedis, party matching, good netcode, IP masking, proper settings in comp playlists, decent comp playlist offerings, client-side theater, forge, custom browser, service record, etc. • Important QoL features like FOV, aim settings, low latency, input-based MM, keybinds, reticle + HUD customization, viewmodel customization, press to talk, etc. What Casual Players want: • A sandbox where they can get satisfying kills without necessarily having to be gods at aiming, and with lots of varied weapons that they can pick up and use. • Responsive movement that doesn't feel like they're dragging a tyre through waist-high water because of binocular FOV. • Good PvE (Campaign, Firefight, etc). • Varied map selection with unique aesthetics and gameplay to each. • Varied playlists and gamemodes that they can relax and have fun in (BTB, Grifball, Infection, Race, Multi team, SWAT, AR slayer, etc). • Prominent featuring of vehicular play in BTB and other large-scale gamemodes. • Playable elites, armor customizability and variety, etc. • Playlists where they can play and not constantly get destroyed by people who are far above their skill level. • Stuff like Machinima mode, teabag physics, co-op, satisfying visual + audio design, etc. Literally nothing is mutually exclusive between what the two want. It only arises when you have an incompetent developer who makes giant, lingering blunders in how they design or manage their game. Look at the "DMR broke Reach BTB" scuffle. If the DMR wasn't a hitscan, 3x zoom rifle on maps with giant open sightlines on KBM, and on a game with hugely nerfed vehicle health, it would never have been a problem in the first place. Or, look at the overpowered autos in H5. If the game's utility weapons didn't have 1.3 second TTKs and if autos + radars weren't in HCS playlists, then maybe competitive players wouldn't have complained about them. The problem is that developers couldn't design a sandbox if their lives depended on it, and they're just as (in)competent at managing their games' matchmaking.
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    Oh...yeah...I didn't know they were the same..... /s That's my point. Every game with skins calls them skins so it's weird to call them coatings. It's icky. Just call them skins. Is that his personal way to say it? Is that what they are called in the game so he's sticking with that? I NEED TO KNOW DAMNIT ITS ANNOYING AS FUCK AND SHOULDNT BE AT ALL. (what's wrong with me guys im freaking out over here)
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    I for one, am glad they suck dick as the promotion isn't even available in my country so I know I'm not missing out on anything at least.
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    I think their method for input based mm is appropriate.
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    New MCC post is out. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-august-2020
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    Woah these skins are amazing guys, someone spent a whole 20mins in Substance Painter making them, so much effort...I can't wait to spend my money on them./s
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    I'm just talking about art here man lol but yes on that note their remake was not given the due diligence it deserved.
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    the pit remake wasnt bad because of color change it was bad because it lacked all the jumps and spots the original had. no more jumping onto the yellow things, no more banana, no more hopping ontop of snipe wall, no more runway ledge. etc. as proof with foundery maps we dont really care how it looks, but does it play well. Pitfall played shitty missing all these features. idgadamn about their drab color choice but their LACK of research. Funny how they added the MLG jump ups but removed 100% of every other jump. and also yo how could you even compare h3 to h2 lol. I dont think they even had time to do all that extra shit like they did in h3. H3 forerunner is CRAZYYY. I think h3 is the like epitome of forerunner the final realization. I can see what you mean about the buildings though.
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    This game is going to look like Halo Online in 6 months time. hahaha whoa also just found out that Halo infinite gun from the Gameplay demo was in Halo online cuh /s
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    Oh man I like simple geometries from Halo 1. I like the simplistic arena style of Halo 1 maps above all the other Halo games. H5 just added all kinds of clutter on top of that and that's why the maps suck, along with the movement abilities breaking any good map.
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    Thank you Multilockon for bringing up the block out shit, I used to always wonder why a lot of the maps felt samey beyond just their textures and that plaza example really stuck with me Only bungie game I remember being that simplistic is H1 where you had Hardy learning 3ds as he was making the game lol. I hope Infinite has more unique designs and angles rather than the 90 degree stuff This video gives a similar perspective for Valorant
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    I preferred the four runner look that haven was. I always wondered why we didn’t use that map though it played great still
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    Shotzzy is now a COD Champ in his first year of COD. Absolutely unreal from the guy.
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