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    You know what I will never understand? How the Halo community at large decided the BR is some how cooler or more iconic than the CE magnum. Maybe it’s just the CE fan bias in me but there is no fucking way a rifle that kills in four, three round bursts (12 bullets by my count) is more badass than a literal hand cannon that kills in three crisp shots. This doesn’t even take into account the actual TTK or game mechanics. Even the melee on the magnum is cooler. Standard rifle butt to the face vs a pistol whip followed up by a stylish flip of the pistol. I mean come on! How is this even a comparison? People say “OP pistol” or “just a sidearm”. Who the hell cares? It’s a sci-fi shooter. You’re a Spartan II. A futuristic super soldier bred for battle wearing super advanced armor. Of course the pistol wrecks face. Did you even read the manual as a kid? I did. Let me tell you son those 50 cal. explosive rounds ain’t nothin to fuck with. Let’s talk about the sniper. 14.5mm apfsds rounds. These things make the 50 cal. sniper look like a standard .308. And the shotgun? Yeah. 8 gauge. The weapons you carry are more suitable to hunting elephants than killing men. Even the biggest most badass guns you get in COD are child’s play for a spartan. Certainly not suited for battling elite’s and hunters. Infinite just HAD to include the “classic” BR but they gutted the pistol and the shotgun. Like, what sci-fi FPS fan ever said “hey you know what would be cool? If our protagonist super soldier went from firing a .50 cal. handgun and an 8 gauge shotgun to a standard 9mm and 12 gauge shotgun?” I’ll tell you. Not a goddamn one. Seriously. I just DO NOT get it.
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    Just a shame most people never got to listen to it because they quit the game after 5 minutes.
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    I dont think there are any maps I dislike in CE because the pistol & power item timers make every map playable. It's funny how MLG used such a small portion of Halo's dev maps post-CE. Imagine how many more maps could have been in Halo Esports if Bungie/343 got killtimes & item timers right. Maybe we could have had more than just symmetrical maps. Anyway, Chill Out is my fav map. Also love Priz, dammy, and rat race.
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    At least in Halo 5 they tried to add bullet impact on the Prometheans but it was still appalling. In Halo 1 and 2, when you shoot Elites they glow, they groan in pain and if there's no shield blood comes out. If the shield pops they have a big shield pop effect. In 343's Halo they have zero indications you're doing damage until you pop shields. It makes all guns feel worthless. Imagine that when you shoot a Knight, they have a visual indicator such as molten metal pop out. Just ANYTHING to show each bullet is doing something. Such garbage enemy design.
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    Has some fun encounters and decent scale but any mission vs Prometheans is boring to hell. Hope you like bullet sponge enemies that have no impact reactions and just teleport away when weak. Also hope you like only using the suppressor because there's no ammo for other weapons.
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    Most players these days place Damnation, Chill Out, and Prisoner in the top tier, at least for 2v2 Slayer, which is what most players who still LAN play. I agree that they're the best in the game, and if pressed to pick a favorite, I'd probably choose Dammy. The lines of sight good players can create on that map are insane, and the meta around controlling camo is super deep given how many places you can nade it down from (and can even have it land in different places depending on the situation as well). The other maps have issues that players may find annoying, and there's less general consensus among the community on exactly how good the remaining ones are. But even maps that are commonly disliked in the context of 2v2 slayer may work well in other modes. Rat Race is a good example, as it's rarely played 2v2 given how campy and slow it can be if the players are tryharding, but it's arguably the best 4s map in the game imo.
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    I'm the worst CE player on this forum. I'm so trash. But I'm a huge fan of Damnation and Creek as well.
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    halo: online had a couple servers with default maps and sprint. it was horrible.
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    How do you think Guardian is going to play with sprint and clamber?
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    I wonder if 343 even recognizes the issues with aiming in H5. They added all those aim settings and it didnt fix the problem.
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    Guys, seriously how hard do you have to get trolled before you press the block button. Why would you even spend a second reading his post let alone respond to it. Holy
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    I've been waiting 20 years.......
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    Creek has always felt too random for my taste, and conversely I've always enjoyed Rat Race. Derelict is decent on LAN, but online it's nearly unbearable with the registration issues compounding the inherent snowballing on that map. Same is true of Hang Em - I like it on LAN, online it's nearly unplayable. Prisoner is probably the purest manifestation of core CE; pistol and nades, weapon timing and spawn control. Making a mistake with any one of those components can sway the match in an instant. I'm not saying that means it's perfect, but if you wanted to see the most granular example of the components that make CE work, 2v2 prisoner is probably it. Also, like @Aphex Twin mentioned above, the core gunplay and gameplay of CE can make any map work. That's also why so many maps in the later games seemed like trash; the gameplay is so dumbed down that the maps need to be perfect for them to work.
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    On disc maps, Prisoner and Chill Out. Only map I'm not a fan of is Derelict but maybe that's just because I suck. Pris and Chilly I could play for hours. Downrush is amazing as well if we want to bring new maps into the discussion.
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    Chill Out and the Purple Palace (Damnation) are probably my two favorites. Creek is pretty divisive as well as Hang em' and Rat Race. Prisoner seems to be a favorite as well. I'm no expert, but that seems to be the general consensus i've seen.
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    Campaign wasn't terrible if I remember right.
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    I wanna know what gets better ping to North Europe servers, me in the UK or the Mars Curiosity Rover.
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    Let's wait until we can get all of the other features that have been promised over the years.
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    Halo Infinite's campaign will cost forty dollars. Multiplayer is free, season pass will be ten dollars. Forge may be bundled with Multiplayer, but there is a chance that it may cost money; an extra twenty dollars. The former will have a substantial jump from Halo 5's iteration, which may give 343 reason to make it a purchasable product in and of itself, considering it would be Map Dev Kit Lite. Playing and downloading maps won't cost a dime through custom games, but actively editing and changing them may result in said purchase requirement. You can't deny not seeing them do this.
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    It's OK to admit that you can't win 1v1s
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    Is this Trump and Stormy Daniels' secret child?
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    The funny thing is, if Bungie had given the plasma pistol overcharge the ability to wipe out active equipment, it probably would have been fine. No more bubble shield camping, no more regen turtling, and it would have made the plasma pistol relevant in non-vehicle game types.
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    If F2P Halo DOESN'T have a BR mode, they're fucking up. Regardless of what you think of the mode itself, or 343s ability to pull it off, if they don't make one they're wrong.
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    No offense but you think halo 3 is good so your opinion isn’t exactly what I’m seeking
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    Because he forgot to switch accounts before posting and you can't remove posts.
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    You can literally tell just by watching how much better the beta felt
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    They got noticeably worse as the demo went on as well I think, which is part of the problem. For about the first two minutes I thought they looked good, not as great as I expected, but good. Then by the end Chief rides an elevator up a black monolith which is for some reason a prominent feature all over the map, you see notable pop in, and then he hits a button and an ugly as hell Brute from Halo 3 is giving you a speech with a Face that takes up the entire screen. Horrible last impression.
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    So I'm going frame by frame on that 50% slower than the actual video is playing (not sure if it's actually 1 frame). This is the frame before the shot comes out. And the frame right after
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    It would be so funny if turning off sprint was a personal toggle option like assassinations were.
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    "It's a different sub-species of Brute"
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    "You have to watch it in 4K" has become the new "you have to listen to Fear Incoulum 27 times in a row for your smoothbrain to get it".
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    Make it a heavy aim reset instead of the pause menu.
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    A report to the bugtracker.
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    If sprint is only 10% faster why not just the BMS 10% faster and call it a day? The fact that it basically does nothing but still HAS to be in the game just pisses me off even more.
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    I fucking hate how the fanbase is leaping to 343's defense. It's unreal how stupid and/or apologetic these people are on 343's behalf. Blunder after blunder after blunder after fucking blunder, and these idiots will still treat their beloved company as being incapable of any wrongdoing. "Stop whining and go play another game" Sure, I will. Halo's gone from pulling 7 digits to not even pulling 6, and if this is your solution to rebuild the franchise, then I hope the franchise does die so that you fucking imbeciles learn your lesson.
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    I've watched the demo thirty times. Sprint is a ten percent increase in movement, compared to Halo 5's twenty percent. There is no ramp-up speed, it's an instant increase. Slide is shorter, jump is higher, clamber is faster. Seems to me sprint is more of an activation for slide than it being traversal. Credit were it's due, it looks to be the least obtrusive version of the mechanic yet. But, it's still Sprint.
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    I'm glad there is backlash, but the post you linked has a mere 2.5k upvotes compared to the 30k upvotes of the one I linked, make no mistake people are in full on denial, I got piled on and called an idiot and a troll in the Halo discord for asking for proof of the "multiple month old build" claim, but they got a whole lot less mouthy and a lot more quiet when they started to realise I was right and that it seems the build shown is the most polished one available based on the info in the interview I linked. What really stood out to me was their desperation to write it off as a very old build despite any actual confirmation from 343, some even claimed it was from January because deep down even if you're the biggest fanboy, we all know it looked terrible for the flahship title of a next gen console, of which the main marketing point has been "power, power, power" and a game that has been in dev for 5 years with a supposed "$500 million" budget. What a disaster.
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    343 reminds me of that oblivious kid who joins in on the laughter, not realizing that they're the joke.
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    And this is a shitty take.
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    I just really want Halo to blow me away again. ...instead of becoming the laughing stock of the gaming sphere.
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    EDIT: I just realized his is more about why it assisted in the downfall of Halo as a series rather than a deeper design conversation so I guess I answered my own question lol.
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    Those are the usual ones mentioned in most videos but to be honest, all that stuff is pretty surface level. There are deeper issues with sprint that I've never seen addressed which is why I kinda have the urge to just make a video and lay out some design theory that's on my mind.
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