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    Is this Trump and Stormy Daniels' secret child?
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    2gre is hilarious. He sounds perpetually baffled.
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    It's OK to admit that you can't win 1v1s
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    Walshy and Heinz are really the only Halo streamers consistently I watch. Both are pretty positive and don't get overly hyper and annoying.
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    You know what? Instead of copying other games, mechanics, ideas, they should come up with something original on their own. I don't know what, but it's fucking Microsoft, fucking Halo flagship brand (or used to be right). They should be at least able to hire talented people and make a good product. They should be the ones to set trends. Or not. There is one well known fairytale in our country. It's about dog and cat living together. One day they decide to make a cake. They don't know how to do it, so they decide to put everything they like in it. You can imagine how well the cake came out. And that's what Halo seems to be nowdays.
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    We to be fair it still had cancer like nade hitmarkers, shit spawns, no descope, a pretty bad forge compared to Reach, power ups that have to be actually picked up (lmao 343),garbage sandbox and other issues. I liked H4 customs but essentially calling people who didn't like it nostalgiafags is a little short sighted.
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    The only thing that I can’t see is that Forge would be in such a finished and feature-packed stage that they could justify charging for it. I can see, however, that it would be released late.
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    Think I counted 4 edits on that last post? Couldnt think of a good way to use the word 'projection' in your response? I guess it's a big word.
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    If it only has the content level of H5 it will be an embarrassment all over again. Halo 5 was panned for its lack of content at launch compared to other games. It took 3 months to get forge. It took over a year to get assault and oddball. Big team was all forge maps. Infinite will have had 2 MORE YEARS of development than Halo 5. If it doesn't launch with orders of magnitude more (and polished) content, all the management at 343 needs to be axed.
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    It was referring to Halo Infinite shortly after its reveal at 2018 E3.
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    reminder that 343 just decided to straight up remove oddball and koth, 2 staples of halo, in halo 5. god wtf is wrong with them.
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    All the old Halo pro's do is bitch and moan. 90% of their streams are painful to watch because all they do is bitch and moan. Ogre 2's stream is just him complaining for 8 hours.
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    Look I know a lot of people are going to complain that we don't need any more H3... but I'm just happy that they're willing to put in the effort to tide us over to Infinite, and with a game which I enjoy watching no less. I stopped tuning in after the first couple of H2A cups, but I've been watching H3 streams pretty consistently on Twitch and I'm happy we'll get some measure of competitive tournaments over the next couple of months.
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    Personal bias: BR is dogshit and boring af to play Objective observation: 343 will fuck it up either way and waste a ton of dev resources on it. See: Breakout, Warzone, Spartan Ops, Dominion, squad play in campaign . All more or less good ideas on paper but failed horribly because of their botched implementation.
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    I actually downloaded H5 yesterday just to like try it I guess. Holy shit the aiming is awful in that game. Its not even like I went straight from PC to that either. I play MCC on both my xbox and my PC depending on who I'm around and going back to H5 was actually just terrible. I'd rather play original H3 aim settings at 30 fps. That game needs a modern aim patch that literally deletes everything about how aiming works in that game and replaces it. I was thinking about finishing the SR152 grind and that's a hard no from me now after refreshing myself on just how bad it is
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    Let's wait until we can get all of the other features that have been promised over the years.
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    Halo Infinite's campaign will cost forty dollars. Multiplayer is free, season pass will be ten dollars. Forge may be bundled with Multiplayer, but there is a chance that it may cost money; an extra twenty dollars. The former will have a substantial jump from Halo 5's iteration, which may give 343 reason to make it a purchasable product in and of itself, considering it would be Map Dev Kit Lite. Playing and downloading maps won't cost a dime through custom games, but actively editing and changing them may result in said purchase requirement. You can't deny not seeing them do this.
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    They should be based on the flood of course. The should have little jiggly puffs that come out and swarm you. As they swarm you, they should be playing the song Zombie by the Cranberries. Each one should be playing it as it's own sound source. If you aren't using cardio, you turn into a zombie. Always use cardio. Step 1. You should always have to double tap to get kills.
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    Honestly it's kinda impressive how they made H4 in 2-3 years while also transferring over tech and knowledge from Bungie, building a studio at the same time and using the spaghetti blam engine. The game was obviously complete shit from a design standpoint but the graphical fidelity and amount of content were impressive given the circumstances. It seems things only got worse from that point.
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    "Halo's back!" - Naded in 2012 after playing H4 I'll never forget that haha
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    Yeah getting stuff like aiming right in an FPS game is def one of the first steps if you are trying to make a serious game. H4 was a solid release in this regard, I will give you that, it just feels like everything that came after was messed up in one way or another, I really hoped the 5 years of dev time for Infinite would mean they started from scratch tech wise and recreate everything from the ground up hiring experts who know how to get all the things right - H5 should have been a wake up call in that regard but I am not so sure anymore after seeing that first little campaign gameplay clip. I would say they are not off to a great start, you know it's pretty spicy when bad graphics are the main discussion after showing a gameplay trailer for a next gen console - not saying I really care much about graphics but might be a hint on how development has been handled so far. Got messages from a couple of friends on discord who have not owned a console since the ps2 days sharing the H:I memes with the brute and all, def not the right signs you would hope for if you wanted to believe they are doing things properly this time.
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    I stopped caring about "pro opinions" when ninja sad h4 was perfect the way it was.
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    The funny thing is, if Bungie had given the plasma pistol overcharge the ability to wipe out active equipment, it probably would have been fine. No more bubble shield camping, no more regen turtling, and it would have made the plasma pistol relevant in non-vehicle game types.
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    Recoil is a fine skill for militaristic games if it's perfectly predictable, and it never is. Tons of ideas are fine in principle, but end up poorly executed *ahem* equipment
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    Not sure if you can even call them pros with the current situation, are they competing for any money right now or do they just shit on some kids in MCC matchmaking? Not saying you have to be in a tournament every weekend to be considered pro but I think there has not been much going on when it comes to Halo tournaments right? (I am not really following tho, so I would have to take that back if some league or events are actually taking place and those people compete). When I watch for example Rapha or Cooller grinding for the Quake Pro League they seem hyper focused on training matches, meanwhile every time I click on one of the streams of the Halo "pros" they are either stating on people in casual matchmaking or playing some H3 hardcore playlist like any other matchmaking player would. Also the continuous complaining sounds pretty bad, have not experienced that myself tho.
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    Hard to make something inspiring when your studio lacks passion and is just money hungry. 343 has always seemed like a studio trying to keep the franchise going just because Micro$oft wants the IP to ̶s̶t̶a̶y̶ be successful. For anyone who has seen the movie, "The Platform", 343 is down on floor 137 trying to stay alive off the scraps passed down from Bungie.
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    That's why I love watching Naded. Positive vibes all around, and he just genuinely loves playing Halo.
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    Yes, one of the biggest reasons they didn't use it was the lack of a planting progress notification/audio queue. They wanted to copy the H2 Neutral Assault system, which we just consider competitive bomb, but couldn't since H3 Assault was designed around instant plants and diffusing. There were two primary methods used in testing to alleviate the issue of stealth scoring which was to either have a longer plant time or to have the bomb carrier constantly marked like Oddball. Neither option satisfied and the mode was unfortunately abandoned (from what I can tell at least). Personally I wouldn't mind retesting the Oddball method as it'd barely make a difference on smaller maps like Midship. Bomb gets slept on a lot despite being considered a staple mode. IMO it needs more justice since you have to remember it was only officially used in H2, Reach, and H2A.
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    Yes and it was a no skill weapon that was fairly powerful at a decently close range. Generally it wasn't used for the same reasons that the H5 AR was removed minus the politics and year(s) long delay from 343. It died in some of the very first versions of the MLG settings. Also before the beat down changes in H3 you couldn't trade melees easily so if one player, totally randomly, happened to land an extra AR bullet or two they would win the beat down trade and it was so random that even bungie patched melees to behave how they currently do on MCC/360 also mb I read assault rilfe at first for some reason so I'll just leave that. Assault also was tried and it was fun during testing sort of but you couldn't really always tell what was going on as far as planting easily due to the ui/audio and custom settings and at a higher level that can be really frustrating and a lot of feedback was based around that
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    You're applying how every other BR is designed to Halo though... Halo shouldn't try to come in line with "every other BR". It should be, as it should be in all facets, its own thing. Adopt the gametype basics, big maps, lots of players, collapsing playspace. But otherwise let it be halo. It doesn't "need" weapon progressions. It doesn't "need" good loot. That's what I was saying before, ALL existing BR's are really loot-shooters. The matches take a long time. You spend half your time looting and managing inventory. Halo could be the first pure shooter. Shorter match times. Less time moving shit around in your backpack. Don't overcomplicate it. Even if it is more complicated than core Halo, it could still be great and markedly different than other BRs. At this point, they have had 5 years, 343's repeated screw ups and probable internal strife make me question how good this game is going to be period. But I don't think them NOT making a BR mode would have any affect on improving the quality of the rest of the game. 5 years and a half billion dollar budget means there is no reason not to ask for the world and have a reasonable expectation that they will deliver.
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    144 fps is common because 144hz monitors are common. As for why they went with 144hz monitors there's probably a good reason for it like edging out the competition(at first), highest multiple of 24 they could get while keeping it cost effective and improving other areas, etc.
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    Not sure how much more you can turn your brain off after being used to teamshot Halo titles tbh.
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    I was garbage at Apex when I first started, now I can hold my own in high-ish ranks. What you need more than anything is a paradigm shift in pacing - Apex is fast compared to Halo, so you basically need to turn your brain off and rely on reflexes more than anything. Get the general idea of approaching combat under your fingers and then just learn to twitch without thinking. It sounds like it's a high-skill frame of mind but really it's just a lateral move from what you're used to in Halo. As far as pure aiming, I had to stop fighting the mouse and "agree" with what Apex was demanding of me to aim competently. I also bought a DeathAdder v2 mouse which is pretty nice. EDIT: Oh and having just recently made the switch to 144Hz, boy that helps too.
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    I tried Apex but I couldn't shoot for shit I think Halo has ruined me I find gun recoil mechanics on ADS-heavy shooters to be incredibly stupid now
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    Chasing trends hasn't worked so far for them and I don't think that will change
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    I'm waiting for more people to realize Halo 3 is boring and not satisfying to do anything in. Like at all.
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    man this hits close to home and i think im right there with you. i had mostly moved on from halo after 4 and agl but finding this place and rediscovering the pro scene was awesome. working nights and being able to watch events, meme, and have fun was amazing, but that was slowly strangled away. we were all angry and it was fun for a while, but it definitely went too far. with infinite onthe horizon, im nervous i wont like the game, but honestly, i dont even game enough anymore to really let it worry me. my xbox has been taken over by my wife and kids as we find games to play with each other and any solo gamining is usually LoL on my computer. if the game is great, awesome! i'll play it some and watch the pro scene. if the game is shit, whatever, there are more pulls on my time than shitting on this game and i'll probably still watch the pro scene. anywhere in between, cool, thats fine too. i'm nervously holding on some hope that this will be a great game. i'm kind of dreading that this will suck and that it will mark the end the halo for me. but honestly at this point i've had more time away from this game as i have playing this game. its fine to move on, especially if you think it will only bring negativity by playing
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    Great to hear son. And you tell the truth. But still, I have another truth. I'm the old man on Beyond. I could be your father, and probably the grandfather of many of you. When I started playing Halo, I was older than most of you are now. I have been married for 25 years, I have grown children and my career has been long and rewarding. I have lots of interests outside of computer games. Gardening, bird watching, astronomy, traveling, good food and wine. None of my friends play computer games. I do not have any friends online, mostly because I realize I'm an old man (in this specific world). But as many of you will discover one day, part of your mind gets stuck at the age of 17. So it is for me, and computer games and especially Halo keeps my mind young and occupied. I don´t want to "grow up" and leave gaming for good. To "love" and "hate" Halo is kind of fun. At the end of the day it does not crawl under my skin. Things that creates passion in life is usually a good thing. To be passionate is to live. In reality, I don´t hate 343 or actually love any Halo game. One cannot diminish hate and love so much that it can be applied to a computer game. Not in my age anyway. So what you experience as something that takes energy from you is actually what gives me some energy. And that is the way it should be. Every part of life has it content and meaning. I have learned a long time ago what is important in life and to be able to be passionate without becoming obsessed is a good thing. I'm passionate about Halo; I have played tens of thousands of matches, and have passed all games on legendary many times. Well, my wife actually thinks I am obsessed but she is to old to understand the importance of killing grunts and collecting imaginary medals. Some of the Halo games are much more fun than others and as a demanding customer, I want to experience more of the best Halo. And I know it is a market for a great Halo game. And I want it. So therefore I am here, following the news and the opinions of other Halo gamers. Best of luck with the house and soon to be wife. For me, that was an awesome time in life. :-)
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    Definitely not what I meant by the post. It was solely from a personal perspective and was not intended to lay judgement on anyone else. There was once a stage when we had Josh Holmes (Creative Director) and Quinn Del-Hoyo (Sandbox Director) frequenting this forum and taking feedback. We also had feedback to ESL about HCS amongst other members. We did have some discussion with 343 here at one stage and they actively responded. I understand this completely. For me gaming needs to be challenging, but a type of challenge I enjoy. I don't play game that are easy, they bore me very quickly. Even in Halo, playing against people that can't shoot back because they're so new/bad is extremely boring for me, as is the opposite (being stomped). I get my kicks from close, tight games that are fun and balanced. However, I have a few friends that despise difficulty. When they game, they want to relax and not think. It's an escape. That's why we play games like Deep Rock Galactic/Insurgency Co-op and Helldivers (though holy shit Helldivers gets rough). Halo 3 BTB KOTH for example gives me this. It can give really tight, close matches whilst still being casual and fun for my friends who aren't interested in sweating it up in 4s. Yeah that's why I labelled it "Actual review" because a lot of people were 343-can-do-no-wrong-just-adapt-halo-boomer and then there was the 343-can-do-nothing-right-you're-bad-halo-zoomer so I wanted to be more objective compared to others. Especially trying to move beyond just talking about graphics.
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    Here's how I see it: I'm done hating on Halo. We're never going to get classic Halo back with the exception of MCC and I am having a fantastic time playing it, warts and all. Hating on it has gotten me nothing and nowhere. Playing it has given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Complaining about BR spread, bloom, sprint, clamber, AA's, art and all the rest had given me some enjoyment and catharsis for the poor decisions that have been made over time, but you know what? I still have almost 1000 hours in MCC since launch, I still organize Halo 1/2/3 campaign playthroughs with my brother at least once a year. The boyz still get on and play BTB matchmaking for fun. Hating on Halo has got me nothing but... well hate. I said it before: The more I visit this forum the less I enjoy MCC. If I have a gaming night coming up where we plan to chill and play some Halo 3 BTB, I don't visit here for a few days. Competitive Halo has been on life support since 2011. It's done. Anything done now is a resurrection and kudos if it succeeds. I've moved past pretending this place has any influence over Halo's future and that discussing every semantic to death is worth any effort. If 343 can release a game that looks like Halo, sounds like Halo and plays at least mostly like Halo that's great. But more importantly I just want to have fun. I want to hop on for a few hours with the boyz and capture some flags. I have a full time career, I have my hobby in my YouTube channel that passed 50k subscribers this year, I'm getting married, buying a house and training for a triathlon. When I game, I want something fun with a hint of competitive to get my blood running. If I play with friends, I want something we can have a laugh and banter about whilst we play. I don't particularly want to play a game then go on a forum and bitch about every issue with it anymore. Bigger fish to fry y'know? If the game is bad, the aiming doesn't work etc. etc. then Halo will remain dead. I've had 19 years of enjoyment, that's ok. There are other games to play these days. Besides, we've already got the dream: we can try the new Halo without paying 343!
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    I have gotten into more arguments on Reddit than I can count with people who think Halo 5 routinely hovering around 40th place on XBL's most played list (as Microsoft's flagship title, an exclusive, and going primarily against multi-platform titles) and MCC on PC having 6,000 concurrent players on Steam (putting it 150-200th place) is "still a huge population" and/or "totally acceptable numbers" is fucking baffling, defeating, and worth losing faith in humanity over. That is straight up objectively wrong. Destiny 2 has 70,000 concurrent players on PC, why the hell can't Halo hit those kinds of numbers? What happened to this treasure trove of PC-based Halo fans everyone was banking on? Halo has massively underachieved for eight years and don't let anyone ever tell you different.
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