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    Now people on this forum are insisting on a Halo BR mode? Am I being trolled or did I accidentally huff my own shit earlier?
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    Nope. All BR is is a new gametype. Thats literally it. Its a giant FFA/Multiteam. No its not. BR mode is essentially an expansion of FFA/Multiteam. It requires no changes to spawn mechanics. Hell, Halo is uniquely positioned to keep its BR mode close to default since its based on map pickups already. This hate of BR modes is self-defeating. Its just a new gametype on a huge map. Isn't this the EXACT type of shit that we have been arguing for years that halo should "innovate" with or steal? Things that don't need to fuck with the core mechanics? New gametypes, new map pickups, projectile weapons (which would essentially be required for a BR mode). Its also the most popular gametype out there right now, one that Halo could actually have a unique take on and draw in a lot of players. Arguing against a BR in Halo is just cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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    The problem here is that "arena" and "BR" are conflicting to begin with. I know this is a Halo forum so it might be hard to pinpoint for people what the "arena" part in arena shooters really stands for, after all Halo has watered down arena shooter design philosophy since CE and even more with all the titles that came after but to cut it short it's about map control, combat positioning and item cycles. With arena shooters the maps you get are designed for competitive combat, something that just doesn't work in a battle royale because you have a giant open map and have to use artificial means to even give people a reason to run into each other (the zone closing in) since the natural game flow would have you sit around and let the enemy come to you. A giant map cannot give any player or team any significant sort of map control to begin with and denying resources from the opponents is impossible too, so in the purest sense there is no way you can make an "arena BR game" imo. Sure you might be able to make some hybrid but its arena part will play worse than proper arena shooters and its BR parts will most likely also play worse than a proper BR game because you are trying to compromise too much to blend the two ending up with a bastardized mess of a shooter. Seen some people say that Hyperscape is an arena shooter and couldn't stop myself from thinking it's funny how unaware the public is about arena shooters these days, for a good reason tho - games these days focus on a target audience that wouldn't stand a chance in a proper arena shooter until they really try to learn it, and sadly that isn't viable anymore as many people would rather pick up a CoD or Halo game that caters to them with bullshit comeback mechanics and insane aim assist so they can feel like a pro with no effort put into it from their side. If you hate recoil and ADS shooters arena shooters should theoretically be perfect for you. Hard to tell if you can make the jump from Halo which is as watered down as a game with some arena shooter designs can get but I would def suggest trying if you own a PC, from basically all your posts I saw in the last few weeks it sounds to me like that genre would be a better place for you than Halo.
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    I tried Apex but I couldn't shoot for shit I think Halo has ruined me I find gun recoil mechanics on ADS-heavy shooters to be incredibly stupid now
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    Personal bias: BR is dogshit and boring af to play Objective observation: 343 will fuck it up either way and waste a ton of dev resources on it. See: Breakout, Warzone, Spartan Ops, Dominion, squad play in campaign . All more or less good ideas on paper but failed horribly because of their botched implementation.
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    Chasing trends hasn't worked so far for them and I don't think that will change
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    Hey guys, I’m gonna be making some spinach cannelloni with ground beef. Does ground beef go well with Alfredo sauce or should I use tomato sauce? EDIT: decided to go with Alfredo sauce, looks pretty good
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    It's not really about the graphics themselves, it's more a "what the fuck have they been doing the past five years?" Right after the reveal they tried to talk themselves out of it with the "free raytracing update after launch" thing which just raised even more eyebrows. Let's also not forget that the next day they backtracked on the "no Halo will ever launch without a public beta again" promise. This all points towards yet another rushed launch and years of waiting for updates to finish the game. It's not the graphics, the weapon designs or the hook, it's about how there are multiple red flags of typical 343 mismanagement ALREADY and it seems that after ten years we're still chasing trends and taking steps backwards instead of "evolving Halo" like the always talk about. I don't want the game to fail but they make it really damn easy to be pessimistic.
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    Look I know a lot of people are going to complain that we don't need any more H3... but I'm just happy that they're willing to put in the effort to tide us over to Infinite, and with a game which I enjoy watching no less. I stopped tuning in after the first couple of H2A cups, but I've been watching H3 streams pretty consistently on Twitch and I'm happy we'll get some measure of competitive tournaments over the next couple of months.
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    BR is mind-numbingly boring to play, personally. Practically random starts, 3-5 minute stretches of nothing happening, and very little deliberate map design so as to introduce some predictability into player movement. You can sweat your nuts off and play like it's ARMA, and still get sniped by some 3 pixels on your screen. It's just not particularly fun. I'd rather just have a much larger BTB mode, kind of like Battlefield.
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    People are just too narrow-minded that they think a Halo BR would have to play out like any other BR game. It doesn't have to, it could be quickly paced with classic Halo arena gameplay with FFA rules or multi-team. Hell, it could start out like a 2 team BTB game and end in a multi-team or FFA. It doesn't have to have a closing zone either, it could be map sectors where a covenant ship glasses each section. There could be static map pickups, respawn timers, and Octagon for the gulag FFS! So many people here think a BR game and immediately close off any other ideas and think of Fortnite and other BR games they didn't care for. Guess what though, it would make Halo way more popular and if you wanted to just play ranked, that will be unaffected. Maybe you'll have less undesirable people in your arena games?
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    I'm waiting for more people to realize Halo 3 is boring and not satisfying to do anything in. Like at all.
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    Sorry if you were just shitposting, in which case I'll look like a huge sperg... I get that Halo has vehicles and weapons on map, and BR does as well, but wow man. That doesn't make BR any closer to working well in Halo. Halo arena and BR are not some match made in heaven. One actively detracts from the other's existence. The weapon balance in Halo isn't only designed around average difficulty of use, killtimes, and ideal killtimes, it's designed around effective range. This ONE THING, I kid you not, will kill a Halo BR mode dead, if the weapon ranges present in Arena are used in Battle Royale. Absolutely murder it. The estimated time of development that would need to be devoted to designing ranges that work well for both Arena and BR? Wew, how about we just don't. Dude, call me crazy but I think there is a good reason 343 came right out and said "no". Heh. So let's just talk about progression for a bit. You know they have to strongly consider stripping the player of their abilities and/or shields at spawn just to allow any sense of progression in this area, I'm not saying they would, but this is one of the main appeals of BR, and you know Halo Infinite's weapons aren't going to be fun to play against if that happens, because much like in every Halo they will be hyper accurate. If they take the route of stripping the player at all it's going to suck. Halo's sandbox isn't designed to handle the player being stripped of anything. Spartans are extremely capable at spawn. Much like BR usually isn't designed around SUPER HIGH DEFAULT JUMP HEIGHT and overall high mobility + high ttk, Halo isn't designed around stripping these things. Once again they would have to redesign all the weapons, a third time, so this works. 3 things already that alter weapon design on a fundamental level between Arena and BR. Or, they don't strip the player's shields at spawn, whatever, you can ignore that. Do you remember Halo 5? Easy to forget I know. It also had this annoying thing where it needed to make all the special new weapons upgrades over the base ones, and this isn't something I'm pointing out as a complaint, it happens to be something BR modes need to function. Upgrade weapon design. After all, what's a BR mode without good loot? (wait, Halo still doesn't have an inventory system...) It's going to try to be 'fair' though, don't worry. Halo loves doing that. Oh, that brings us to the next bitter truth pill: Halo's focus on keeping things fair and balanced, or I should say necessity. Totally at odds with the crowd that plays BR. Absolutely nobody that has ever played a BR game has wanted to be on even footing with another player outside of the gulag. Typically, everyone wants better weapons. You want better weapons, you want better shields, you want better everything than your opponent if you're playing BR. Let's just be honest with ourselves here. Say they don't do the whole upgrade style weapon design thing.. they still have to make sure player traits show progression. Let's say it uses a REQ energy style system, and player's traits can upgrade as the match continues just as more power weapons come in play. Personally I think that could be fun as hell, if done better than Warzone, but knowing 343? Idk. You also have Sprint and armor abilities, which we still don't know the full impact of on Infinite, but knowing Halo it's massive like always, and Sprint is 100% going to be on at spawn. Just saying Halo needs fundamental changes to its design to have a BR mode that is even passable, dude.
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    A Halo Battle Royal could actually work well if they stray from all the classic BR tropes. No one has really made a successful Arena BR game, Halo could do it. There are way too many things needed to make it work to write out and I don't think it's worth talking about unless we knew it was happening.
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    Did we play the same game?
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    I kind of feel this, which is why I don't really discuss Halo much anymore. Opinions like my own mean nothing in the end. 343 doesn't understand Halo and they don't really care for the people who do. Halo is a follower now. It's not a leader in the FPS genre anymore. 343 wants to copy what other games are doing and chalk it up to "Halo has to evolve" or whatever. Not that Bungie was much better since the watering down of this franchise began with them. I'll give Halo Infinite a shot though because I give every Halo a shot. Maybe it'll be better than Halo 5. To be fair, from that demo, it DOES look better than Halo 5. Maybe it'll be good enough that I'll actually want to play it regularly. But we lost this battle a long time ago. Fighting for Halo's future just isn't worth the emotional or mental investment when 343 is hell bent on making terrible decisions. I'll still enjoy MCC in spite of its issues, but I can't really invest much in bettering Halo's future anymore. It'll never be what it should be. We should all just accept that and move on. Easier said than done I think.
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    Enemy pings & power weapon timers/waypoints (stays visible after item gets picked up) are great ways to make halo more accessible without raising the killtimes, adding sprint/movement gimmicks, etc...
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    Not sure how much more you can turn your brain off after being used to teamshot Halo titles tbh.
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    It’s a high number which is also a multiple of 24 (which is what almost all movies are shot at).
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    If F2P Halo DOESN'T have a BR mode, they're fucking up. Regardless of what you think of the mode itself, or 343s ability to pull it off, if they don't make one they're wrong.
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    Looks cooler, would be stronger health wise, can carry a lot more team mates, bigger guns. Think of the Hornet/Falcon as a flying Warthog, and a Pelican a flying tank.
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    The competitive CE community still LANs to this day, I was invited to a LAN just last month down in TX and it was the 4th or 5th in that city this year that I'd heard of. I don't think any other halo game comes close to this level of fan investment or ever will. This is the only thing I hold onto halo for. So yea, I'm with you on not discussing hate for new halos, they're not worth the effort and 343 doesn't deserve the attention to begin with.
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    Here's how I see it: I'm done hating on Halo. We're never going to get classic Halo back with the exception of MCC and I am having a fantastic time playing it, warts and all. Hating on it has gotten me nothing and nowhere. Playing it has given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Complaining about BR spread, bloom, sprint, clamber, AA's, art and all the rest had given me some enjoyment and catharsis for the poor decisions that have been made over time, but you know what? I still have almost 1000 hours in MCC since launch, I still organize Halo 1/2/3 campaign playthroughs with my brother at least once a year. The boyz still get on and play BTB matchmaking for fun. Hating on Halo has got me nothing but... well hate. I said it before: The more I visit this forum the less I enjoy MCC. If I have a gaming night coming up where we plan to chill and play some Halo 3 BTB, I don't visit here for a few days. Competitive Halo has been on life support since 2011. It's done. Anything done now is a resurrection and kudos if it succeeds. I've moved past pretending this place has any influence over Halo's future and that discussing every semantic to death is worth any effort. If 343 can release a game that looks like Halo, sounds like Halo and plays at least mostly like Halo that's great. But more importantly I just want to have fun. I want to hop on for a few hours with the boyz and capture some flags. I have a full time career, I have my hobby in my YouTube channel that passed 50k subscribers this year, I'm getting married, buying a house and training for a triathlon. When I game, I want something fun with a hint of competitive to get my blood running. If I play with friends, I want something we can have a laugh and banter about whilst we play. I don't particularly want to play a game then go on a forum and bitch about every issue with it anymore. Bigger fish to fry y'know? If the game is bad, the aiming doesn't work etc. etc. then Halo will remain dead. I've had 19 years of enjoyment, that's ok. There are other games to play these days. Besides, we've already got the dream: we can try the new Halo without paying 343!
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    Good, Locke was such a trash and waste of a character. Just a reminder of how great the Hunt the Truth campaign was and how it was completely irrelevant to Halo 5
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    To be fair, it could very well be an older build. Not giving them much benefit of the doubt, but given the state of the pandemic and them working from home, this build could just be their most stable so they recorded with that instead of the newer build. But that's just me being hopeful
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    E3 2018 vs. Campaign Reveal 2020...
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    Looks like an H5 Forge map.
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    I'm waiting to see MP gameplay, but you have to understand a lot of us have been hanging around on the edges of this franchise hoping Infinite would be the revival Halo needs. So to see something so aggressively mediocre or downright disappointing is kind of a real kick in the teeth.
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    A teammates line of sight.
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    Literally my reaction
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    When you just trying to watch TV but she won’t stop talking:
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    That's like a reflection of me watching the trailer.
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    https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/campaign-evolved More intimate details here. A lot of the abilities confirmed to be in MP as pickups.
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    This is a promotional screenshot from 343 themselves: This one someone made to compare the AR from Reach and Infinite:
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    Half the game doesn’t even look textured.
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    That's EXACTLY what I said. They definitely had me for a bit I'm like.. "No sprint? No recoil on the guns? Okay I think we can deal with th-- Ah, there it is."
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    Whatever is going on in the bottom right for your "utility" is kinda interesting. LB and LT have their own utility triggers? Also, looks like "grapple" is a utility feature—one time use, but you can carry multiple hooks. Count goes from 2 to 1.
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    Everyone who had 30 secs including myself, congratulations. What did you win? Well, disappointment right on schedule.
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    Having to develop for the original Xbox one as well really fucked them lmao the game looks like ass.
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    People before release: ART STYLE LOOKS AMAZING. Me watching this now: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
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    Is this Destiny 2.5?
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    Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.
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    I remember back on THC after we got the first clip of H4 multiplayer we spent multiple forum pages analyzing literally 2 seconds of gameplay to determine whether, based on the three steps an opposing player took, the strafe looked "crisper" than Reach's. These post-reveal, pre-experience moments are the best times of any game's life cycle.
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    This thread is cooking now, with the perfect mixture of salt and hype! Shout out to @Boyo for the one-sided conversation lasting months that spanned hundreds of wacky halo ideas. You kept me entertained in here until now.
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