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    Halo and Battle Royale is a dog idea. Let's not.
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    It's not really about the graphics themselves, it's more a "what the fuck have they been doing the past five years?" Right after the reveal they tried to talk themselves out of it with the "free raytracing update after launch" thing which just raised even more eyebrows. Let's also not forget that the next day they backtracked on the "no Halo will ever launch without a public beta again" promise. This all points towards yet another rushed launch and years of waiting for updates to finish the game. It's not the graphics, the weapon designs or the hook, it's about how there are multiple red flags of typical 343 mismanagement ALREADY and it seems that after ten years we're still chasing trends and taking steps backwards instead of "evolving Halo" like the always talk about. I don't want the game to fail but they make it really damn easy to be pessimistic.
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    I'll take BR over Warzone for sure.
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    Did we play the same game?
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    We need 24v24 before we need BR or Warzone
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    Honestly the majority of the feedback was about the graphics. Generally people like the art style but the detail is lacking. The feedback was negative. There was a fair bit of emotional doomsaying when we predictably saw sprint. Nobody can really give gameplay feedback since we haven't seen real gameplay. People are happy that the grapple hook and other additions are on map equipment pickups in MP. People are generally happy with the F2P announcement with a few people against it or generally worried. Weapons look interesting to me personally
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    I've argued with him before. He's a clueless fucking idiot, in the truest sense of the word. The guy insists that sprint paradoxically is faster than the previous games' BMS, doesn't cause spawn chaos, doesn't cause lack of game flow, etc while maps simultaneously aren't being scaled up. He also fixates his arguments on map size without touching the other 4 million issues caused by sprint.
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    This was a real cathartic downvote session. Thank you for this.
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    "See look, modders didn't stretch the maps for sprint when they imported them!" I literally don't think I've ever heard a worse argument for anything Halo-related.
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    >still believing in the casual vs competitive meme A good game is a good game. A bad game is a bad game.
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    Warzone sucked ass. Warzone Assault was alright though
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    Warzone was the most enjoyable corner of H5 matchmaking. It had its moments, but arena was just that bad.
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    The single hardest quandry to solve in a H5 map is balancing the movement speed and the pistol range in a way that doesn't end in players endlessly cycling through their abilities to escape without ever being properly punished. Which, by the way, *ahem* is the problem with almost every forge map out there. Some just make H3 maps, and they suck, some upscale maps, and they suck, and some have come up with more clever ways to mend that steaming pile of combat garbage. I didn't invent them, but I've used them, and coming from one who's dealt with it for 5 years now, that post is laughable.
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    Reddit never changes there still repeating the same braindead arguments for years on end such as “SpArTaNs sHoUlD bE aBle tO SpRinT” as well to justify it being in the game. 🙄
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    View them as two seperate entities. The small MCC cleanup crew is doing some real good shit.
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    I had to stop reading at him saying "who's to say midship wasn't stretched out because of nade spam?" What a fucking idiot.
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    The competitive CE community still LANs to this day, I was invited to a LAN just last month down in TX and it was the 4th or 5th in that city this year that I'd heard of. I don't think any other halo game comes close to this level of fan investment or ever will. This is the only thing I hold onto halo for. So yea, I'm with you on not discussing hate for new halos, they're not worth the effort and 343 doesn't deserve the attention to begin with.
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    Especially with the FTP announcement, it seems like a BR mode is a real possibility. How do you all see that playing out with Halo's sandbox and does that shed any light on core mechanics? How could a BR in Halo stand out from the rest? For example, I'd have to think that weapons would almost all need to be projectile in a BR on a large map. Especially on mouse and keyboard, it'd be way too easy to shoot across the map with the sniper and other rifles. Maybe this goes against one part of BRs that attract people, but I think not relying on looting as much would be refreshing. You drop in with the default recharging shields and the gunfighter pistol. Recharging shields means no med system. Maybe a lite overshield recharges itself so it is more like a permanent shield upgrade. Loot on the map would be guns, equipment, and power ups. A killed player would just drop their guns and equipment like usual. Ground vehicles like warthogs and mongooses would facilitate map movement. Teams of 3, like in Apex, would be perfect for warthogs. What would Halo's equivalent of the ring be? How would downed players / revives / respawns work?
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    I can appreciate a more positive outlook, but not for its own sake. If I really don't enjoy Halos current direction, I don't want to deny my own reasoning and conscience and force myself to turn my brain off to enjoy it. I think we could all do with less posting - and less arguing - but I don't necessarily think it's noble to force oneself to be positive in regards to things that are objective negatives to your experience.
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    I just want the aiming to work. It's sad that I actually have to be concerned about that.
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    I have gotten into more arguments on Reddit than I can count with people who think Halo 5 routinely hovering around 40th place on XBL's most played list (as Microsoft's flagship title, an exclusive, and going primarily against multi-platform titles) and MCC on PC having 6,000 concurrent players on Steam (putting it 150-200th place) is "still a huge population" and/or "totally acceptable numbers" is fucking baffling, defeating, and worth losing faith in humanity over. That is straight up objectively wrong. Destiny 2 has 70,000 concurrent players on PC, why the hell can't Halo hit those kinds of numbers? What happened to this treasure trove of PC-based Halo fans everyone was banking on? Halo has massively underachieved for eight years and don't let anyone ever tell you different.
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    I'm honestly so sick and tired of games that are basically still in development launching a year or two before they're actually ready.
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    Warzone Assault was uniquely horrendous. Without the side objective of killing targets to distract the 24 players it really is not good; a literal online meatgrinder with a constant stream of players funneled to the same area. It made me appreciate the effort that went into the default mode so now I tend to look back on Warzone with a few fond memories. It also wasn't the worst iteration of online Firefight if I'm honest. Could be pretty challenging at times, although I didn't like the reliance on reqs to kill certain targets fast enough to continue.
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    Hahahhaa remember H5 warzone 343 fully just made a MTX system and then made a game mode around the MTX system and they all fell for it.
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    it's been 10 years, how are people still defending sprint the only argument for it is the blissful ignorance of what it does to the gameplay.
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    You guys should look at this: https://old.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/i0uwx2/debunking_the_myth_that_sprint_is_an_illusion/ This dude is OBSESSED with "destroying" anti-sprint arguments. It's actually pretty cringey how he speaks like it's a god script, lol.
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    I just wish they would hire the original couple of guys for the sounds of infinite. That would've really helped to make things feel like a return to form. All of the new music is just a new take on things like this. Those two guys killed it in the original trilogy
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    Sad that the bar is this low.
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    Why the fuck is ANY game hitscan in 2020
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    Perfect description, you can tell the people designing this either have no love for the material or they're just completely burnt out. Everything about it is a straight C grade.
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    Please, don't list off split screen as some sort of amazing technical advancement when the game launched with it 19 years ago. Oh, and there's plenty of open world game that look great, some years old by now
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    So then why include it?
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    I think the unholy trinity of sprint/clamber/slide are not equipment tho, and 2 out of those 3 make maps unplayable without them, so who cares if you need to pick up grapple or not. It feels like some people just search for anything to be happy about. I know we have not seen the multiplayer stuff yet, I am not calling the game trash just yet btw, just saying there is nothing exciting here and it looks like Halo 5.1 so far, 5 years later and still the same issues.
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    The campaign reveal should tell everyone what they need to know about the philosophy of the design team. That's not going to magically change for Multiplayer.
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    I'm not sure it is possible to design more bland/boring looking UNSC weapons than what 343 has been able to accomplish. Almost impressively so. That may be the most generic looking pistol you can create.
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    Someone said the environments looked like 343 hired a Minecraft user to build it and now I can't unsee it.
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    Halo 3 has more detailed textures. Wayyyy more detailed have you played MCC h3 on PC, that game looks amazing.
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    Literally my reaction
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    I'm not sure how this is possible but that BR looks worse than the h2a BR when imported into h2v. I don't hate it or anything but idk how they manage to do this shit
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    Kids in H3 use to take amazing photos in game using the theater. Someone got paid to take / pick these out for promotional material for the biggest game leading up to the launch of the newest Xbox. 343 is incredible.
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