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    Here's how I see it: I'm done hating on Halo. We're never going to get classic Halo back with the exception of MCC and I am having a fantastic time playing it, warts and all. Hating on it has gotten me nothing and nowhere. Playing it has given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Complaining about BR spread, bloom, sprint, clamber, AA's, art and all the rest had given me some enjoyment and catharsis for the poor decisions that have been made over time, but you know what? I still have almost 1000 hours in MCC since launch, I still organize Halo 1/2/3 campaign playthroughs with my brother at least once a year. The boyz still get on and play BTB matchmaking for fun. Hating on Halo has got me nothing but... well hate. I said it before: The more I visit this forum the less I enjoy MCC. If I have a gaming night coming up where we plan to chill and play some Halo 3 BTB, I don't visit here for a few days. Competitive Halo has been on life support since 2011. It's done. Anything done now is a resurrection and kudos if it succeeds. I've moved past pretending this place has any influence over Halo's future and that discussing every semantic to death is worth any effort. If 343 can release a game that looks like Halo, sounds like Halo and plays at least mostly like Halo that's great. But more importantly I just want to have fun. I want to hop on for a few hours with the boyz and capture some flags. I have a full time career, I have my hobby in my YouTube channel that passed 50k subscribers this year, I'm getting married, buying a house and training for a triathlon. When I game, I want something fun with a hint of competitive to get my blood running. If I play with friends, I want something we can have a laugh and banter about whilst we play. I don't particularly want to play a game then go on a forum and bitch about every issue with it anymore. Bigger fish to fry y'know? If the game is bad, the aiming doesn't work etc. etc. then Halo will remain dead. I've had 19 years of enjoyment, that's ok. There are other games to play these days. Besides, we've already got the dream: we can try the new Halo without paying 343!
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    Great to hear son. And you tell the truth. But still, I have another truth. I'm the old man on Beyond. I could be your father, and probably the grandfather of many of you. When I started playing Halo, I was older than most of you are now. I have been married for 25 years, I have grown children and my career has been long and rewarding. I have lots of interests outside of computer games. Gardening, bird watching, astronomy, traveling, good food and wine. None of my friends play computer games. I do not have any friends online, mostly because I realize I'm an old man (in this specific world). But as many of you will discover one day, part of your mind gets stuck at the age of 17. So it is for me, and computer games and especially Halo keeps my mind young and occupied. I don´t want to "grow up" and leave gaming for good. To "love" and "hate" Halo is kind of fun. At the end of the day it does not crawl under my skin. Things that creates passion in life is usually a good thing. To be passionate is to live. In reality, I don´t hate 343 or actually love any Halo game. One cannot diminish hate and love so much that it can be applied to a computer game. Not in my age anyway. So what you experience as something that takes energy from you is actually what gives me some energy. And that is the way it should be. Every part of life has it content and meaning. I have learned a long time ago what is important in life and to be able to be passionate without becoming obsessed is a good thing. I'm passionate about Halo; I have played tens of thousands of matches, and have passed all games on legendary many times. Well, my wife actually thinks I am obsessed but she is to old to understand the importance of killing grunts and collecting imaginary medals. Some of the Halo games are much more fun than others and as a demanding customer, I want to experience more of the best Halo. And I know it is a market for a great Halo game. And I want it. So therefore I am here, following the news and the opinions of other Halo gamers. Best of luck with the house and soon to be wife. For me, that was an awesome time in life. :-)
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    I have gotten into more arguments on Reddit than I can count with people who think Halo 5 routinely hovering around 40th place on XBL's most played list (as Microsoft's flagship title, an exclusive, and going primarily against multi-platform titles) and MCC on PC having 6,000 concurrent players on Steam (putting it 150-200th place) is "still a huge population" and/or "totally acceptable numbers" is fucking baffling, defeating, and worth losing faith in humanity over. That is straight up objectively wrong. Destiny 2 has 70,000 concurrent players on PC, why the hell can't Halo hit those kinds of numbers? What happened to this treasure trove of PC-based Halo fans everyone was banking on? Halo has massively underachieved for eight years and don't let anyone ever tell you different.
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    I just want the aiming to work. It's sad that I actually have to be concerned about that.
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    I've argued with him before. He's a clueless fucking idiot, in the truest sense of the word. The guy insists that sprint paradoxically is faster than the previous games' BMS, doesn't cause spawn chaos, doesn't cause lack of game flow, etc while maps simultaneously aren't being scaled up. He also fixates his arguments on map size without touching the other 4 million issues caused by sprint.
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    All this talk about just trying to enjoy the new game if possible, and not waste energy hating on it all the time? Well, I can say this. Halo 4 was my first big online Halo experience (had been a fan since 05 but never had XBL or a 360 until 2012). I gotta say, the ignorant bliss of being an unwitting casual back then was awesome. Don't know if I have ever had THAT much fun since. It absolutely SUCKED when I started to git gud, tried to get better at the game, only to look it up and find out that the (especially competitive) community frickin HATED the game and just absolutely detested everything about it. Not going to lie, I sometimes wonder if my H5 experience and on was possibly poisoned by that. Never again will I care as much what the competitive community collectively thinks. It can't even decide on anything barring 'REMOVE IT' anyway. So I am a bit cautiously optimistic for Infinite. It looks like it will play similar to H4's Legendary BRs gametype, with added equipment pickups. And I could honestly be pretty cool with that.
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    "See look, modders didn't stretch the maps for sprint when they imported them!" I literally don't think I've ever heard a worse argument for anything Halo-related.
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    You sometimes even get scores like 20-5 in that league, against most people who have not played Quake a lot I would expect scores like 30 or 40 while the enemy might be on 0 if not in the negatives. I have a few thousand hours combined in Reflex Arena and Quake Live and would be happy to get a frag against any of those players. Speaking of arena shooters, Diabotical will be a great free to play game launching later this year, good opportunity for PC players to get into the genre as many new players will be around and a completely new set of maps resets the advantage of having played the same maps for 20 years.
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    They specify series x so people don't think their launch xbox ones will run the game at 120 fps
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    Finally, someone who agrees that SWAT is the most skillful gametype!
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    I can appreciate a more positive outlook, but not for its own sake. If I really don't enjoy Halos current direction, I don't want to deny my own reasoning and conscience and force myself to turn my brain off to enjoy it. I think we could all do with less posting - and less arguing - but I don't necessarily think it's noble to force oneself to be positive in regards to things that are objective negatives to your experience.
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    The thing that really gets me with 343 and campaign is that they've proven that they can tell good stories and that they have access to the people capable of it. The whole hunt the truth stuff was actually really good. It had me thinking the H5 story was about to be great. Then it turned out that it hardly connected to it at all and the themes and marketing around that whole little series generally had absolutely nothing to do with the game or the tone of story they told with H5 for some insane reason. They just don't put this stuff into their games and its confusing
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    The absolute value for TTK isn’t what determines the skill gap. It’s the size of the delta between minimum and average time to kill that makes the skill gap. Speaking of skill gaps do any of you ever watch the quake pro league? Most of the players in that league would easily go 20-0 against everyone in this forum in a quake duel and Rapha still manages to make most of them look like complete FPS noobs. It’s crazy to watch. The skill gap in that game is immense. It truly is the chess to Halo’s checkers.
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    I figured the news of 120 FPS F2P multiplayer would be a damn good thing to you guys, but we're talking about not having two weapons in the game that were MOSTLY useless over the course of the franchise? I'm going to have to call bullshit on this one. It seems like we're reaching for things to be negative about at this point. The magnum has changed with every game in this franchise. If they're going with a true sidearm variant that has advantages over other precision weapons like a fast draw and fire rate to compliment other precision weapons, that's good news. It doesn't make another precision weapon redundant. Didn't we just spend 5 years complaining about how there's too much overlap and redundancy in H5? Shotgun has been pretty weak over the course of the series. H1 it was wonderful. 2-3 not so much. Hell, it was so imbalanced in 5 it had to have its magazine size gutted. I feel that trying to make a different version of it to perform better in the sandbox isn't a bad idea. Just feels like we're getting to the point of being upset for no other reason than nostalgia and not wanting anything to change. And to the point of wanting the game to fail spectacularly? lol c'mon, that's some insane rantings. I took this update as being very encouraging with transparency handling feedback, which is something we haven't seen often. Fully understand this isn't the prevailing opinion here, but I think a lot of people need to take a step back and look at some of this information logically for what it can do for the franchise going forward. Edit: Oh, AND they confirmed to be limiting the kill barriers and out of bounds area of campaign. Idk how we don't see this update as overly positive.
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    I kind of feel this, which is why I don't really discuss Halo much anymore. Opinions like my own mean nothing in the end. 343 doesn't understand Halo and they don't really care for the people who do. Halo is a follower now. It's not a leader in the FPS genre anymore. 343 wants to copy what other games are doing and chalk it up to "Halo has to evolve" or whatever. Not that Bungie was much better since the watering down of this franchise began with them. I'll give Halo Infinite a shot though because I give every Halo a shot. Maybe it'll be better than Halo 5. To be fair, from that demo, it DOES look better than Halo 5. Maybe it'll be good enough that I'll actually want to play it regularly. But we lost this battle a long time ago. Fighting for Halo's future just isn't worth the emotional or mental investment when 343 is hell bent on making terrible decisions. I'll still enjoy MCC in spite of its issues, but I can't really invest much in bettering Halo's future anymore. It'll never be what it should be. We should all just accept that and move on. Easier said than done I think.
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    Honestly the older I get, the more I find myself moving towards that mindset @Shekkles. If Infinite fails competitively at least I know I'll have a fun social experience. I can scratch my competitive itch elsewhere.
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    I can't see how F2P Halo Infinite MP is anything else but a good thing for the game and the franchise. The most popular games in the world right now are F2P in some form, Fortnite, CS:GO, Modern Warfare Warzone etc etc. If they use the same battle pass system they use in Halo MCC, which allows you to go back to older passes to unlock missed content, then I see zero issue with this move.
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    Fuck's sake 343 how am I supposed to hate you when you keep adding all this cool shit to MCC.
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    Huge news about F2P. Will give so many more people the opportunity to play and reduce the barrier to entry. Honestly couldn't care less if this means there are some micro-transactions, that's never really bothered me.
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    I'm honestly so sick and tired of games that are basically still in development launching a year or two before they're actually ready.
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    This was a real cathartic downvote session. Thank you for this.
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    man this hits close to home and i think im right there with you. i had mostly moved on from halo after 4 and agl but finding this place and rediscovering the pro scene was awesome. working nights and being able to watch events, meme, and have fun was amazing, but that was slowly strangled away. we were all angry and it was fun for a while, but it definitely went too far. with infinite onthe horizon, im nervous i wont like the game, but honestly, i dont even game enough anymore to really let it worry me. my xbox has been taken over by my wife and kids as we find games to play with each other and any solo gamining is usually LoL on my computer. if the game is great, awesome! i'll play it some and watch the pro scene. if the game is shit, whatever, there are more pulls on my time than shitting on this game and i'll probably still watch the pro scene. anywhere in between, cool, thats fine too. i'm nervously holding on some hope that this will be a great game. i'm kind of dreading that this will suck and that it will mark the end the halo for me. but honestly at this point i've had more time away from this game as i have playing this game. its fine to move on, especially if you think it will only bring negativity by playing
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    Would rather look at one of my grandmother's stool samples.
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    It's not going to be a viable weapon if they keep it as it was in the original game. The original H3 magnum dealt 15 damage per shot. The ODST one deals 6. That's the same as a single Battle Rifle bullet. it's going to take a full mag at best to kill anything, you're in for a bad time when factoring in recoil as well.
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    SWAT should just get replaced with ODST slayer. SMG/automag starts, no shields, everyone spawns with ODST armor.
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    >still believing in the casual vs competitive meme A good game is a good game. A bad game is a bad game.
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    While pure hate might not be productive at all just wanted to mention that there were a lot of interesting discussions about things people dislike (or some even like) in different Halo titles. You might not be directly saying this and just reporting from your standpoint but this post kinda gives me a weird vibe of "if you act like a grown up man you shouldn't care so much about a video game", but again that could just be me relating it to other people who hold that stance and you could just be sharing your standpoint. I think the essence of your post makes sense tho, Halo is past its prime and in a way the same is true for console esports. During the 360 days there was a lot of focus on consoles and player numbers reflected that but PC really came back strong with free to play MOBA games which are absolutely giant to this day. Always thought pretending this forum has some sort of impact on the games development was naive, no idea if you ever believed in that or if it just felt like "there is more rational discussion here than on reddit or waypoint" - which might be true but doesn't mean it gets heard, in fact I would assume bigger platforms like the two named before probably have more impact due to the bigger mass of people using them. Wish I could enjoy some casual Halo the way you are describing it, guess it's just not the game for me, already skipped H5 entirely, mostly around to see where some custom settings / modding is going so that's why you might find me here being part of the discussion. But overall the way you put it now makes more sense regarding your statements about clamber and sprint in your review video, nothing wrong with enjoying the game(s) for what it is. I just feel like it doesn't have to be such an emotional discussion, like you can argue without either just being a hater or a 343 apologist. Will give you that f2p is huge tho, at least if it applies to all platforms which is likely with how microsoft is pushing their xbox/win10 ecosystem.
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    Isn't eco also already on a team with snipedown renegade and stellur for infinite?
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    Hunt the truth is still in my top 5 greatest tragedies in gaming. All that raw acting talent and effort, and rock solid writing, for nothing. Consistently likable characters and plots that leave you on the edge of your seat, just gone dude. Never seen again. Irrelevant.
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    343i: Working with an engine from 2007 is hard. Inferno Plus: 343i, hire this guy to be your developer for CE content.
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    free to play huh guess microsoft finally realized the worth of their product
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    I strongly agree with you. It's one of the reasons why I think the training mode in Halo NHE is so incredible. It helps people learn timing and locations of weapons, as well as spawn points and randoms. Even then you still need somebody to explain how spawns work, and also show you at least a couple crucial nade tricks. There's some things people just don't know about shooters and don't even know what questions to ask. There's no good tutorial in most shooters, and a lot don't have a tutorial at all. Like if I played Street Fighter without a move list and no prior knowledge, I don't even know that one of the questions I should ask is "How do I throw a fireball?" Or if you played Quake and never heard of strafe jumping, you're practically screwed from the beginning even against mediocre players. I'd rather play against somebody trying to utilize the spawn system rather than ignore it. And I'm sure they'd rather spend time making good spawn decisions rather than try to figure out how it functions.
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    And when they need to address a negative they commented it´s like this (latest community update): "We’ve all laughed very hard at the nonstop stream of Craig memes the community is cranking out." Wtf? Craig is a hard hitting ridicule on your effort and work, and you are all laughing very hard? Even the artists behind it? Was it fun to watch that the biggest news about Infinite was a low quality drawing of an ape? Are 343 a sect or something?
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    I had to stop reading at him saying "who's to say midship wasn't stretched out because of nade spam?" What a fucking idiot.
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    im not sure a gametype where the average player life stays under 15 seconds needs pickups. things relating to a grav lift or map geometry assisting pickups, maybe.
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    I'm pretty hyped for ODST Firefight on updated hardware and with extra custom options. Still should have been in MCC when the campaign was first added but oh well.
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    What do people think about the idea of the ODST pistol being tested as the sidearm in H3 competitive? These settings need to evolve at some point..
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    Unpopular opinion: Halo only became popular because it was a console exclusive. If it was a PC exclusive it would at best have been relegated to a footnote in gaming history.
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    h1 is a thinking game and half of h3's map pool is brain dead. You just gotta juggle more shit. your teammates spawns, the powerups, the opponents position, what he's thinking, where they're going to spawn their teammates, the risk assessment almost every damn kill (Is this push worth the death or should i play the clock more, etc). Then there's shit like powerups/wep nades, tactical nade jumps, sound fakeouts, portal mindgames, spawn mindgames. Like the meta around nades alone pushes ce ahead of h3. There's so many options available to you at any given time. Like if you grab camo on hang em and your teammate is on death spawn. Your opponent is now thinking about "is he going to nade down top powerup, is he going to go long way to top powerup, is he going to nade snipe, is he going to give his teammate a random, do I need to check behind me, but if I check behind me, i'm giving him free reign to get whatever. He may go for rockets instead, will he venture to blue side and just play for positioning" in the 5 seconds your teammate is spawning. What happens when you grab camo on construct? Shit what lift is he going to go up. There's only so many ways to be attacked on construct which just limits your options. And heck dying for camo could just let you spawn lobby and you get rox if its the proper minute lol. In h3, you got forge midship flag and forge midship slayer and then you have heretic flag and heretic slayer. there is no flanking on these maps. it's all br anything at any time and try to do more damage than you take before you die. Like a slow tug of war. Which is fine, if it was one map. And the rest of the map pool ain't great either. Also something to consider, halo 1 has a ranking system of it's players. You can easily distinguish skill levels on that game. in halo3, your skill is so diluted. You can trade sets in scrims often. like if you play ogre2 in halo1, you're just waiting for him to win unless its vs patch or legend. If ogre2 loses to anyone outside of that, it's a big fucking deal. In h3, you're not surprised if anyone of clout beats anyone of clout. neighbor could win, snipedown could win, hysteria could win, pistola could win, ogre2 could win, roy could win, bth could win... Something like bth has never happened in ce and it does have a longer run than h3. and heck it was a 1 time thing, it was just a fluke lol. They didn't obtain some incredible skill, they just were hot and their opponents were not.
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    This might be my greatest contribution to the Halo ecosystem in 15 years.
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    Not sure if this has been posted but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL PS4 HAHAHAHAH
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    The relative success or failure of Halo has almost nothing to do with the community and almost everything to do with 343 releasing a game that people want to play then properly supporting it. Nothing the community does will make an iota of difference if we get another soulless, generic shooter that overlooks the charm that drew players to Halo in the first place.
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