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    I want 343 to be free to develop the game they really want to make because it certainly isn’t Halo.
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    free to play huh guess microsoft finally realized the worth of their product
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    So that demo build was less than a month old apparently. lol @ everyone saying it was a January build.
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    Finally, someone who agrees that SWAT is the most skillful gametype!
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    I want this thing to bomb, spectacularly. I want 343 dissolved and Infinite having a catastrophic launch and/or embarassing sales numbers would be the surest way for that to happen.
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    I've said it before, but this is a cycle we go through literally everytime 343 has revealed a Halo game. 343 reveals a game with seriously concerning aspects ---> Community grasps at insane hypotheticals to explain away every single negative aspect ---> Negative aspects are exactly as bad as anticipated. I hate to sound like such a downer but why on Earth do so many people go to such ridiculous lengths to defend this game? I've been playing Halo for the vast majority of my life and its given me so many memories, but I feel no need bandwagon every bad decision 343 makes with the franchise. I have 0 understanding for people's defensiveness of 343/Halo.
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    I'm honestly so sick and tired of games that are basically still in development launching a year or two before they're actually ready.
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    And when they need to address a negative they commented it´s like this (latest community update): "We’ve all laughed very hard at the nonstop stream of Craig memes the community is cranking out." Wtf? Craig is a hard hitting ridicule on your effort and work, and you are all laughing very hard? Even the artists behind it? Was it fun to watch that the biggest news about Infinite was a low quality drawing of an ape? Are 343 a sect or something?
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    Hey I'll go ahead and eat some crow, 343 heard me say "this campaign looks like shit from top to bottom" and said, "we hear you, we'll separate it from the multiplayer and make the latter F2P so you can completely forget the former exists". Also with the way this game looks, it better run at 4K/120
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    Gotta love how even when pointing out obvious mistakes like removing the shotgun and magnum for generic Striker and p250 ripoffs the 343 defense squad can't help themselves and have to add "IT WONT BRING THE GAME DOWN GUISE HYPE TRAIN IS STILL IN FULL FORCE", it's so pathetic to see the majority of big Halo personalities gushing over this game despite all the massive red flags we've seen so far. It seems the only people you can trust in the Halo "influencer" world now are Tommy Kost, Favyn and BringHaloBack.
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    Yes that’s exactly what Halo needed. A weak weapon intentionally designed to act as a “backup, finisher, sidearm” is just what Halo was missing. Such uninspired, ill suited design for a Halo weapon. 343 blindly takes concepts from other games and hamfistedly shoehorns them into Halo without understanding what made them work in their original game and why that would not be ideal for Halo.
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    I figured the news of 120 FPS F2P multiplayer would be a damn good thing to you guys, but we're talking about not having two weapons in the game that were MOSTLY useless over the course of the franchise? I'm going to have to call bullshit on this one. It seems like we're reaching for things to be negative about at this point. The magnum has changed with every game in this franchise. If they're going with a true sidearm variant that has advantages over other precision weapons like a fast draw and fire rate to compliment other precision weapons, that's good news. It doesn't make another precision weapon redundant. Didn't we just spend 5 years complaining about how there's too much overlap and redundancy in H5? Shotgun has been pretty weak over the course of the series. H1 it was wonderful. 2-3 not so much. Hell, it was so imbalanced in 5 it had to have its magazine size gutted. I feel that trying to make a different version of it to perform better in the sandbox isn't a bad idea. Just feels like we're getting to the point of being upset for no other reason than nostalgia and not wanting anything to change. And to the point of wanting the game to fail spectacularly? lol c'mon, that's some insane rantings. I took this update as being very encouraging with transparency handling feedback, which is something we haven't seen often. Fully understand this isn't the prevailing opinion here, but I think a lot of people need to take a step back and look at some of this information logically for what it can do for the franchise going forward. Edit: Oh, AND they confirmed to be limiting the kill barriers and out of bounds area of campaign. Idk how we don't see this update as overly positive.
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    The magnum and shotgun are not in the game and were replaced with soulless modern warfare guns so that they can eventually release a "nostalgia" REQ pack for everyone to pay for.
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    No it's not. It's complete fucking dogshit. Was armor lock good as a map pickup in MLG v1 Reach? No it was the same cancer it just didn't show up as frequent.
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    Might as well make Halo Multiplat. Would have been so much better if it released on PS5 as well. Population would go through the roof.
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    this is giving me H5 and its 2 years to make meaningful changes vibes. i want to be excited for this game but all i feel is dread
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    I'm excited for Halo Infinite.
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    I think Chill Out is a mediocre map and that CE nades are stupid
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    So, it's a good metaphor for 343i's Halo's, too.
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    They specify series x so people don't think their launch xbox ones will run the game at 120 fps
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    Look at Apex or Quake - very high skill ceilings but super slow TTK.
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    I can't fucking stand the map Sanctuary and all remakes of it.
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    This was never not the case.
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    This is 343 in a nutshell: 23 july on their webpage: After the preview: So from "section of the final game", "polished and pretty enough", "the engine, art and technology that brings this latest iteration of Halo to life", "incredible demo". Too.. "Negative feedback includes...flat...dull...objects pop-in...we are in agreement here...we do have work to do....the team is committed and focused on making sure we have a beautiful world for players to explore when we launch." It is so MCC all over again. Remember their "We Will Rock You"-ad that aired a week before MCC launced?
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    You might say that mean spirited but I think that would be lit. 343i has great talent on the team. The direction has only ever been questionable at best though. Speaking of direction, I wonder when Frankie Lying Ass Fucker O'conner is going to make his rounds through the community sites and say some patently incorrect shit about Infinite like he did for 5 and 4. If he lies to his employees like he lies to the community, no wonder the direction is bad.
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    I see this move as a natural evolution of the Halo sandbox. Every game had sidearms. CE had the Magnum. 2 had the Plasma Pistol. 3 had the Mauler. Each of these weapons was a reliable backup used to finish your opponents off. 343 must have some amazing plans for Infection, must’ve rebuilt it from the ground up, if they don’t even need the Magnum or Shotgun in the game. Their creativity and originality never cease to amaze me. Such graceful stewards of this beloved franchise.
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    I was trying not to read it until everyone else did Boyo. FUCK this game is already DoA if that's true.
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    “The “Sidekick” is a true sidearm pistol that is lightning fast to draw and fire – truly exceling as a reliable backup when your primary weapon is depleted and a Brute is bearing down on you. Compared to previous titles, this weapon is closest to Halo 2's version of the Magnum. The “Bulldog” is a pump-action shotgun that is punchy and decently accurate, trading slightly lower damage (12 gauge vs. 8 gauge) for a much higher rate of fire. Players will be better equipped to dispatch multiple targets quickly and the “Bulldog” provides more playstyle opportunities for shotgun aficionados. There are additional variants of each of these, but the classic Magnum and Tactical Shotgun aren’t currently featured in Halo Infinite.“
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    Yea we are not launching with Big Team Battle or Oddball. Please give me a break 343.
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    I just feel it in my bones they're making a battle royale mode.
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    This is great so when the game inevitably loses 90% of its population by New Year's, 343 will be going bankrupt before they can conveniently add in Forge mode 5 years from now. This free 2 play thing might be a good thing after all because they won't be making any money
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    Yeah, that's a better way to word it.
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    F2P multiplayer is a huge deal. I know quite a few people who primarily play F2P multiplayer games at this point (Apex and Fortnite). They will surely give Infinite a try now because of this when they probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise.
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    I strongly agree with you. It's one of the reasons why I think the training mode in Halo NHE is so incredible. It helps people learn timing and locations of weapons, as well as spawn points and randoms. Even then you still need somebody to explain how spawns work, and also show you at least a couple crucial nade tricks. There's some things people just don't know about shooters and don't even know what questions to ask. There's no good tutorial in most shooters, and a lot don't have a tutorial at all. Like if I played Street Fighter without a move list and no prior knowledge, I don't even know that one of the questions I should ask is "How do I throw a fireball?" Or if you played Quake and never heard of strafe jumping, you're practically screwed from the beginning even against mediocre players. I'd rather play against somebody trying to utilize the spawn system rather than ignore it. And I'm sure they'd rather spend time making good spawn decisions rather than try to figure out how it functions.
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    Who would have thought, a company that basically showed the best they could. Never understood why they thought one would show a january build, they must not understand how first impressions work, even if this one was still bad, imagine if this is only weeks old how january would have looked like. I feel like that would only create an echo chamber if you acted like everything is nice to get your feedback heard. Like why tell them 99% is fine to maybe get 1% changed if you are not even okay with 50% of the game? But the cherry picking feedback is not gonna change, the article they had now blame fans wanting the classic art back for the plastic look which makes zero sense at all, but I am sure the usual fanboys on waypoint and reddit will agree by default again. Honestly I don't really care about this game at all, I saw your reaction video and while you said some things I would agree with I also noticed that you said something like "I accept it's here to stay" with sprint and clamber and that you would play it anyways. If this sort of Halo is fun to you, that's totally fine but I am tired of 343 not taking feedback from the people who want more classic/CE like Halo back. Is that an incredibly small sub community asking for that? Absolutely, but if the game is something I don't like I am not gonna spend months debating about how "pickups are gonna make the game great because we can delete them if they suck", if that's your first thoughts on a game you should question if it's really worth your time imo.
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    I do. 343 usually ignore negative feedback, or at the very least rarely acknowledge it. They actively respond to and involve pro-343 sentiment. To get noticed you need to be positive.
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    You can hardly compare armor lock to pick ups like the bubble shield or deployable cover. Armor lock was extremely one-sided since it makes you invincible and stops you from moving altogether. The bubble shield is way more balanced, because while it gives you protection it also gives the enemy team protection if they step into it, so the advantage comes from choosing when and where to place it. Also the bubble shield doesn’t freeze you in place. If you don’t like it for competitive just remove it, but equipment is fine for social game modes. Casual Halo fans exist. Not everyone wants to play competitive 2v2 with pistol/BR starts.
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    To be fair, I think the reason most Halo players shy away from CE is because of its knowledge gap, not its skill gap. You need a baseline understanding of how the spawns work, spawn locations, and some nade spots for each map before you can even start applying your individual skill in a meaningful way. It sort of reminds me of R6: Siege. The difference is in Siege you can gain that knowledge organically by just playing the game a ton, whereas in CE it's not so obvious without using external resources.
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    Right, the argument should be "Equipment are map pickups, so if they are harmful to gameplay they are easy to remove to fix the problem" Thats why I have always been fine with them doing whatever hair brained idea they have as a map pickup. The danger comes with 343's ability to be objective about their own creation. If something sucks, will they be objective about it and remove it from the map, or will they be in denial and try to convince everybody else to love their creation too?
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    I just really hope with Infinite they focus on the Breakout mode and make that the main focus. Definitely Halos' best multiplayer we've had so far. You really had to move fast and stay low. How can you not love this: edit: Sorry. I'm "new" here so my sarcasm probably wasn't obvious enough given the downvote. Was supposed to be a joke
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    h1 is a thinking game and half of h3's map pool is brain dead. You just gotta juggle more shit. your teammates spawns, the powerups, the opponents position, what he's thinking, where they're going to spawn their teammates, the risk assessment almost every damn kill (Is this push worth the death or should i play the clock more, etc). Then there's shit like powerups/wep nades, tactical nade jumps, sound fakeouts, portal mindgames, spawn mindgames. Like the meta around nades alone pushes ce ahead of h3. There's so many options available to you at any given time. Like if you grab camo on hang em and your teammate is on death spawn. Your opponent is now thinking about "is he going to nade down top powerup, is he going to go long way to top powerup, is he going to nade snipe, is he going to give his teammate a random, do I need to check behind me, but if I check behind me, i'm giving him free reign to get whatever. He may go for rockets instead, will he venture to blue side and just play for positioning" in the 5 seconds your teammate is spawning. What happens when you grab camo on construct? Shit what lift is he going to go up. There's only so many ways to be attacked on construct which just limits your options. And heck dying for camo could just let you spawn lobby and you get rox if its the proper minute lol. In h3, you got forge midship flag and forge midship slayer and then you have heretic flag and heretic slayer. there is no flanking on these maps. it's all br anything at any time and try to do more damage than you take before you die. Like a slow tug of war. Which is fine, if it was one map. And the rest of the map pool ain't great either. Also something to consider, halo 1 has a ranking system of it's players. You can easily distinguish skill levels on that game. in halo3, your skill is so diluted. You can trade sets in scrims often. like if you play ogre2 in halo1, you're just waiting for him to win unless its vs patch or legend. If ogre2 loses to anyone outside of that, it's a big fucking deal. In h3, you're not surprised if anyone of clout beats anyone of clout. neighbor could win, snipedown could win, hysteria could win, pistola could win, ogre2 could win, roy could win, bth could win... Something like bth has never happened in ce and it does have a longer run than h3. and heck it was a 1 time thing, it was just a fluke lol. They didn't obtain some incredible skill, they just were hot and their opponents were not.
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    Exactly this. I've been a mod on various forums for almost ten years now. They just want a reaction. You think someone who makes 11 alt accounts after being blocked has a lot going on in their life?
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    This might be my greatest contribution to the Halo ecosystem in 15 years.
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    I'm having a serious laugh at people getting giddy over the promo art being similar to the CE box art. These charlatans have spent years bashing classic Halo and now they're pretending to be excited for it. Fuck off.
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    I don't understand how the conversation about the game being "slow" and sprint and everything else has survived this long. Like why would we waste limited controller space on a button that temporarily increases movement speed with its documented detrimental effects on gameplay when you can tackle the problem its attempting to address via map design more elegantly and cleanly without ever having the cascading negative effects across the entire game that sprint has introduced? Its not just about map sizes, player spacing, kill times, effective ranges, spawn issues, objective movement and shield recharge times. Its about all of that and more. Its not about competitive or casual. Its not subjective. Opinions are irrelevant. Game designers need to be honest and logical about its inclusion and the problem will correct itself as long as subjective feelings stay well away and we stick to the right side of what does work and what does not work at the end of the day in the context of a Halo title. Perhaps its an issue of understanding or the scope of their gameplay ability interfering with logical problem solving skills or some misguided attempt to pursue the masses which play other games but sprint has been defying reason in Halo for a long time now and its past time that this ends. A different take on mobility could be fine. Seriously. Its just the same take that we already understand doesn't work should never be tried again.
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    Never understood the Sprint as a pick-up thing. Do people forget Speed Boost already exists and is way better?
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