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    This might be my greatest contribution to the Halo ecosystem in 15 years.
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    h1 is a thinking game and half of h3's map pool is brain dead. You just gotta juggle more shit. your teammates spawns, the powerups, the opponents position, what he's thinking, where they're going to spawn their teammates, the risk assessment almost every damn kill (Is this push worth the death or should i play the clock more, etc). Then there's shit like powerups/wep nades, tactical nade jumps, sound fakeouts, portal mindgames, spawn mindgames. Like the meta around nades alone pushes ce ahead of h3. There's so many options available to you at any given time. Like if you grab camo on hang em and your teammate is on death spawn. Your opponent is now thinking about "is he going to nade down top powerup, is he going to go long way to top powerup, is he going to nade snipe, is he going to give his teammate a random, do I need to check behind me, but if I check behind me, i'm giving him free reign to get whatever. He may go for rockets instead, will he venture to blue side and just play for positioning" in the 5 seconds your teammate is spawning. What happens when you grab camo on construct? Shit what lift is he going to go up. There's only so many ways to be attacked on construct which just limits your options. And heck dying for camo could just let you spawn lobby and you get rox if its the proper minute lol. In h3, you got forge midship flag and forge midship slayer and then you have heretic flag and heretic slayer. there is no flanking on these maps. it's all br anything at any time and try to do more damage than you take before you die. Like a slow tug of war. Which is fine, if it was one map. And the rest of the map pool ain't great either. Also something to consider, halo 1 has a ranking system of it's players. You can easily distinguish skill levels on that game. in halo3, your skill is so diluted. You can trade sets in scrims often. like if you play ogre2 in halo1, you're just waiting for him to win unless its vs patch or legend. If ogre2 loses to anyone outside of that, it's a big fucking deal. In h3, you're not surprised if anyone of clout beats anyone of clout. neighbor could win, snipedown could win, hysteria could win, pistola could win, ogre2 could win, roy could win, bth could win... Something like bth has never happened in ce and it does have a longer run than h3. and heck it was a 1 time thing, it was just a fluke lol. They didn't obtain some incredible skill, they just were hot and their opponents were not.
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    can we all agree that H3 BR sucks and move on?
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    Exactly this. I've been a mod on various forums for almost ten years now. They just want a reaction. You think someone who makes 11 alt accounts after being blocked has a lot going on in their life?
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    We were able to BXR him off the platform because he could only play Halo 3.
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    He's a game journalist most notable for calling out studios for their Crunch culture. His recent piece about the Crunch at Naughty Dog gained a lot of traction. Pretty sure he also did one on Rockstar Games. https://kotaku.com/as-naughty-dog-crunches-on-the-last-of-us-ii-developer-1842289962 https://kotaku.com/crunch-time-why-game-developers-work-such-insane-hours-1704744577 I wouldn't be surprised if his next piece is about the horrible management at 343 Industries.
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    So that new Halo Infinite track that dropped; I genuinely like it. It's not Marty-tier but there's some heart in it and I'm optimistic to hear the rest of the soundtrack.
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    Outside of Machinima and Invasion I've never felt any need for playable Elites in multiplayer.
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    Ok it's pretty obvious Toast is a troll/ 2nd account. Does that not make him eligible for being banned.
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    Why are we letting this kid have 4 accounts and troll with every single one LOL.
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    No it's not. It's complete fucking dogshit. Was armor lock good as a map pickup in MLG v1 Reach? No it was the same cancer it just didn't show up as frequent.
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    Not sure if this was shared. Not really sure who this guy is tho? Thought it was interesting
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    It's not about the style it's the quality. Martys style changed between the trilogy, ODST, and Reach. The quality didn't. "Marty tier" just means it's not as good as his music, flat out. Which is true, it isn't. And if we're going to be real here it never will be without him.
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    Composer of Ori did that one. They should keep him around.
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    Checkers has a skillgap, but it's laughable when compared to chess.
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    I’m suddenly reminded of when I had this same debate with Lemon years ago, and my argument was basically in line with what you are saying right now. It’s not just an arbitrary preference for shorter kill times. Having long perfect kill times has a cascading effect that changes the types of decisions that you can make. In halo 1, you can poke around a corner and 3shot someone before they can fire a shot back at you. What happens if the h1 magnum was a 5 shot kill? Well, now that tactic doesn’t work. Sure you can shoot him a few times, but that player now will either run away and survive or get a few shots on you before he dies. That situation went from being fully exploitable if you have the information and skill to execute properly, to being at a best case no better off then you were before. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT POINT SO PAY ATTENTION: having better information, being able to predict your enemy, knowing what they might be trying to do, all of that is not exploitable if the kill times are long because of the scenario above. With exploitability removed, what is left? I could write a book on this topic but I don’t have time and I’m sure you’re not interested. Seriously think about this point. Not even trying to shittalk your favorite game, I’m just seriously trying to explain this perspective.
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    Can't a mod or admin check for duplicate IPs? I've seen this done on other forums to deal with alt account garbage.
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    I should've known you were the mind behind something this.... bold.
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    Who cares if Halo 3 sucks or not. Halo Infinite is GOING to suck, whether you like it or not.
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    Everyone feeding this is just as insufferable as the actual troll.
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    Right, the argument should be "Equipment are map pickups, so if they are harmful to gameplay they are easy to remove to fix the problem" Thats why I have always been fine with them doing whatever hair brained idea they have as a map pickup. The danger comes with 343's ability to be objective about their own creation. If something sucks, will they be objective about it and remove it from the map, or will they be in denial and try to convince everybody else to love their creation too?
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    Discussion on this forum concerns how the minutiae of sandbox and map design affects high-level game flow. The sophisticated discussion over at the exponentially more populated and dev-interactive r/halo and Waypoint still includes gems such as "The equipment are map pickups, so they aren't harmful to gameplay" and "If you don't like sprint, then don't sprint". In a nutshell, why this godforsaken franchise will only progressively fall deeper and deeper into the shitter.
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    I just really hope with Infinite they focus on the Breakout mode and make that the main focus. Definitely Halos' best multiplayer we've had so far. You really had to move fast and stay low. How can you not love this: edit: Sorry. I'm "new" here so my sarcasm probably wasn't obvious enough given the downvote. Was supposed to be a joke
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    Nothing goes with Simon better than a big bowl of pretzels and a tall glass of water!
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    For a second i thought I was on Halo Waypoint
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    The last 10 pages had a better story than Halo 5. Cheers everyone.
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    Sounds like you're just bad at H3.
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    This is a good point that I didnt really bring up, but it comes down to the several viable strategies in CE vs teamshot-only meta in other Halo games. Longer kill times really do force teamshooting as the only viable strategy, which shrinks the skill gap relative to a halo game with a plethora of viable strategies.
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    You just can’t handle the H3 BR...fucking staff captain garbage..,go play griffball kid.
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    I'm waiting for the multiplayer reveal to get more concrete thoughts, but as of right now I'm also excited for Infinite. I usually wouldn't be, but I've been playing a lot more MCC lately and it sparked something in me. I'll always have love for Halo.
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    Wtf is going on in here lmao Infinite reveal thoughts Good (with the limited amount we got) - Art style and the score look amazing - Bullet trails are good visual feedback to what's going on onscreen - The setting and story have me very excited as someone that's into lore - We have confirmation of hook pickup in MP - The sandbox variety looks promising. - Voice acting was spot on Bad - Graphics. Yea, that's certainly a point. - Not showing MP or giving a hint at some concrete flighting plans - Removal of classic shotty Overall, I'm liking what has been shown so far. There are certain things that would be just wild speculation (like thinking MP will be different mechanics since it wasn't shown), but the campaign looks to be shaping up IMO. I'm more encouraged with what was shown than discouraged by the negatives of the reveal. Random thought: I spent a lot more time playing H3 on pc and h5 on xbox the last couple weeks. The one thing that stood out to me was this: While H5 is a very solid competitive game, I have more fun on H3. That said, I'd love to have that all rolled into the package that's Infinite.
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    Where did the Halo Infinite discussion go?
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    its been 13 years and people still give a shit about halo 3's mechanics lmao the BR sucks end of
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    Playing SWAT in Halo 3 against Elites was literally the worst Halo experience I've ever had.
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    I think I'm lost can someone give me directions to the Halo Infinite Discussion thread please? Thanks.
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    I demand an apology from whoever said I was the same person as Toastomgi
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    EP 2 is now live Available on 15 platforms with YouTube to follow shortly. (sorry for self promo) https://midship.buzzsprout.com/
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    And sorry to doublepost, but Favyn back with great commentary and feedback per usual.
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    You can't fool me that's a Simon memory game.
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    Look this is the least negative conversation we've had since "power weapon bad" let me have my cable tv levels of entertainment
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    Those tests are done on LAN. Check out the YT descriptions. The third one was actually done by MLG with Nexy and KC.
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    What factor makes them less likely to hit?
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    The harder devs try to make AI smart the dumber they seem. At the end of the day they don't need to be smart they need to be hard. Dark Souls / DOOM are the only games I know where a lot of the enemies don't deaggro if you run away, they just keep chasing you (the first black knight is DS1 has followed me across the damn planet). It has like 2 states; idle and aggro'd. I think at the end of the day that makes for a more convincing and challenging experience than all the frills of how they might behave if this or that. Just make em tough to fight. The CE Hunters are probably still the most solid example of a well designed AI in Halo.
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    If this demo had been shown for any other game, different alien enemies, different supersoldier to play as from some random developer without using the Halo brand nobody would even be talking about it.
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