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    What do you mean? This thread was always the doom thread.
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    Just because someone left the studio does not mean the game is having development issues. Let's talk facts, not blatant assumptions and wild hyperbole.
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    I love a good train-wreck.
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    Maybe you left them at the different school your girlfriend goes to.
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    That's twice as long, what the fuck are you talking about?
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    Halo 2 is my favorite. That doesn’t prevent me from understanding basic concepts.
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    It's not cursed, it's 343 being horribly mismanaged. They lack leadership, have no direction... they're a makeshift raft floating down rapids, going wherever the current takes them, and they're about to have hit one too many rocks. The studio should be dissolved after (if?) Infinite is released. I don't think it's salvageable now, even if Bonnie Ross is finally canned. It's mind-blowing to me that she's still in the position she's in with what's happened to Halo under her leadership.
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    I'd say this is a pretty good example of no reply being better than the reply. Dude is obviously paid to put a positive spin on anything so I can't really hate but sometimes the bullshit is reaching way too far lol. We've learned next to nothing about Infinite. Its not a "different view" its reality that they haven't told us anything worthwhile outside of F2P lmao
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    Guys i literally made that post while i had just woken up from a nap and talking to my friend why the fuck did it blow up LOL thank you @MultiLockOnfor handing me the halo 4 headline couldn't have done it without you for fuck sakes i just wanted to play halo splitscreen with my s/o this year just to feel something again
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    Exactly what I've been saying ever since H4 came out. Vanilla Reach is EASILY the worst Halo experience of all the games.
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    They should only have 4 ranked playlists: Halo 1 2v2 Halo 2/2A mixed Hardcore Halo 3 Hardcore Halo 3 Team Slayer Then a rotational monthly playlist. Just because of population, this is all that's needed. Also, gg's @Hard Way you salty bastard. Finally: I like Halo 4 more than (Vanilla) Reach. It has it's flaws, and they are some big, big flaws but my gun shoots where I aim it.
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    I'll bite: First of all, the "facts" I am referring to are positive statements, not normative—it is a fact that there is a wider gap between the minimum TTK and average TTK in CE. The "logic" is that a game requires more skill when players have more room to improve upon the average. I'll speak in number of shots here as opposed to time it takes to kill for simplicity's sake: In Game A, you can kill a player in just three shots, but the average number of shots it takes players to kill is seven. There is clear room for a talent hierarchy in this game—a player who can kill in an average of six shots is going to be "better than average"; a player who can kill in five shots is going to be "pretty damn good"; a player who can kill in four shots is going to be "elite". In Game B, you can kill a player in a minimum of five shots. The average number of shots it takes players to kill is seven. There is far less room for a talent hierarchy in this game—players only have two shots to improve upon the average. Once you've hit this higher minimum shot floor, you've now bunched an entire group of players together with no way of differentiating them from one another. From just this hypothetical, I would conclude that Game A requires more skill, less based on the minimum number of shots itself, but the chasm between the average and the minimum. Extending this logic to the facts that we have available—that CE has a wider gap between the minimum and average TTK—I conclude that CE's gunplay requires more skill. This is my "opinion", but its grounded in facts and logic. If you want to defend your own opinion, I am willing to listen—just provide us with your own logical analysis. Citing the fact that a normative conclusion on the skillfulness of a game is an "opinion" does not make your "opinion" valid.
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    I actually think it regressed in almost every way. I thought the art was a HUGE step down. Doom 2016 was very grounded in its universe and believable, almost like a sci-fi horror. Perfect fit for the game's intensity honestly. Eternal was just super gamey across the board. Outlines on everything. A lot of the enemy attacks and sound effects and weaknesses are interpreted in very cartoonish ways. Even the designs that were changed I pretty much think were for the worse across the board, you could make a case for the Baron of Hell looking better but eh. The HUD is actually one of the ugliest things I've seen in a game. Being able to change the color scheme and remove many of the extra elements doesn't really do much to fix the actual design of how they look. Super busy, super gamey. Just worse honestly. The soundtrack is not even close to what 2016 put out, which makes sense if you followed all the drama between Mick Gordon and id, I think he just under delivered and felt rushed. Maybe he got lazy, maybe he had anxiety idk. But the fact is there was basically no music done right up until launch and it shows. Almost every track in 2016 was memorable, I can't really recall any from Eternal. Level Design I thought took a nose dive off the cliff. Everything in 2016 was really well contextualized, you were scaling that giant generator in the tall-ass room circling up to reach the peak, or the second time you get sent back to hell you're dropping down the esophagus of the slaughtered Demon. Everything was really, really cinematic and exciting to look at. Eternal has spinning Mario Fireballs between every arena that 1: aren't even difficult, and 2: are super tedious and honestly made me never want to replay the game. It was never fun so much as frustrating. The multiplayer in 2016, as gimmicky as it was, was nowhere near the travesty that is Battlemode. I took 1 look at that when they first announced it and knew it just wouldn't deliver. No one wants it. They also cut snap map, which had a lot of cool products and experiences coming from it. Big bummer. Boss Battles turned into gigantic ad-spam as they throw like 30 enemies at you in addition to the boss itself. Not fun, no one likes that. Let me duel the boss. Idk why they felt the need to take the chainsaw, and separate it into 2 different weapons between the Chainsaw and the Sword, but they legit had it designed in a way that was consolidated and made sense, and then complicated the living hell out of it. Chainsaw gets ammo for bigger guys, but you can still use it on the smaller guys infinitely? But if you pickup ammo and use it on a smaller enemy it still consumes the ammo even though you can chainsaw them without ammo? And it CAN be used to instakill large enemies but so can the sword.. which requires it's own ammo? They just separated it into 2 buttons for damn reason and it's such a weird system. They also made a big deal in 2016 about "the story doesn't matter! Just go and kill things!" but actually surprisingly did a really good job of telling a pretty cool story between like, 3 characters. Vega, Olivia, and Samuel Hayden. It was well executed, the dialogue rode the line perfectly, I knew where I was going. The level progression made sense. It was epic when you finally got to hell, then were sent back, and then sent back again to finish up the game. It was just so well done. Now in Eternal they ACTUALLY wanted to tell a story (which is totally fine, they should want to) but they made the game MORE gamey, and less grounded. And the story telling was just really weak. There was a lot of random things going on, I never knew where my character was headed and why, the dialogue was a little cringy, the cinematography was really bad.. it just all seemed very armature. Glory Kills were stupid in 2016 and they're stupid now. It's worth noting that it seems like the number of unique animations for enemy glory kills seems to be half of what it was prior. NOW. AAAALLL that being said, if the core combat of the game has improved, then it doesn't really matter if all those other aspects I just named sucked because the core design is really what matters the most. By far. And I do think the core combat got better... or at least, Eternal is a much harder game than 2016 which I appreciate. But I think the ways in which they made it harder were really poorly designed. Like they just went about everything in the worst way possible. I want you to imagine how difficult it must be to program an AI that has to move in such a way that it can hurt you as a player in Doom, considering how crazy fast and acrobatic Doom guy is. That is not an easy thing. Especially because so many of the enemies in Doom hurt you by physically touching you, not lobbing projectiles.,,, so they introduced this double dash, which like...cool I guess. Whatever. You could look at it akin to a dodge roll in Dark Souls. It's a very intentional way to tell your player, "I want to avoid this attack". Which is dope, and intentional. The problem is you already move fast as all living hell in Doom and are super athletic. Now you're giving what is effectively an insane dash that I can basically press as fast I want to. You legit could remove the left thumbstick from my remote in Doom Eternal and it really wouldn't make a difference because the whole time you're playing that game you're just mashing that stupid dash button over and over and over and over and over. And so what do you do to make it so you can still die? Now you've got to spawn WAY more enemies. They've got to move faster. Hit harder. The projectiles in Doom Eternal travel WAY faster than they did in 2016. Why? Because the player movement is ridiculous, it's stupid honestly. So now to make it still difficult you spawn 2x the enemies and everywhere you look there's a wall of fireballs coming at you. It's not elegant design, at all. It's kinda obnoxious and spammy. Most people call this a "power fantasy" because oh shit look how fast I can move this is so crazy and fun haha yeah but it's super harmful. There is no ONE enemy in Doom that is difficult to fight (except the Marauder, kinda, but we'll get to that) because your character is so ridiculously mismatched. So the only way they make the game difficult is by throwing a hundred of them at you at once. That is not effecient. Dark Souls can throw ONE enemy at you, and you'll be stuck there for hours. So when they decide to throw 2, it's like "Oh shit, this is really hard". They need to focus on de-escalating Doom, and Doom guy and making the combat fun to fight a single person. If you can do that, then fighting 2 will be crazy, and can you imagine 5? Right now they've kinda pressed themselves into a corner because they chased a power fantasy and the game suffers. It's just super annoying to play personally. The ONE good thing they did in Eternal is sort of address that, in you deal with enemies in specific ways. Like shooting the turrets off the spider guys or mancubus arms. Or the grenade into the cacodemon's mouth. My issue with that is that it's super predefined and they've basically spelled out to you exactly how to deal with every enemy without any creativity (I mean, they literally have popups that tell you how to kill them. Ew). I think if they just applied certain attributes to weapons like, the plasma rifle IN GENERAL will stun enemies, the ballista in general will knock them back, the super shotgun in general staggers them - then you can look at every enemy and their size / weight and determine what you need in that moment. Instead of straight up just assigning a weapon per enemy. But even with all the work they did on that front, the best way to play Doom Eternal is the same best way to play Doom 2016. Which is to fast swap between 7 weapons and blast them down rocketshotgungrenadestunballistashotgunrocket in like 2 seconds. They didn't really achieve their goal. 2016 had this same issue but at least I wasn't spamming a dash button for no reason every .6 seconds because the game is tuned around it. It was just a simpler design that accomplished the same thing without additional complexity. And I'm willing to bet if you checked the player retention graphs on Steam between 2016 and Eternal it'll show that 2016 had a lot better retention. I played through Doom 2016 maybe 15 times. I couldn't get myself to finish Doom Eternal twice, it's just annoying. I like the difficulty, I don't like how they achieved it. Also, the entire skill of Doom is killing a lot of poeple, really fast. The way you get better at Doom is doing the same thing, but faster. The Marauder you don't kill faster. You have to shoot him when HE allows you to shoot him, for an allocated amount of time. That's stupid. You can't ever get better at it. You just follow the same sequence over and over. Dumb. It's also worth noting that Marty and Hugo's favorite game is Bloodborne (which it should be) and while they've never admitted it, you can tell pretty easily that they just made the Marauder to be a 1-1 rip of a Bloodborne Hunter duel. He has a blunderbust in one hand and an axe in the other. He dashes around in the same way. And the way you fight him is the same as parrying in Bloodborne, you shoot right when they're attacking and it staggers. I promise once you think about it, it'll becoming very obvious lol. They legit were playing that game and said "how can we get this in Doom" and designed the worst enemy ever.
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    Classic: You can move and shoot. 343: What if players could choose between super-moving or super-shooting? Classic: You can pick your color. 343: What if players needed to unlock pre-determined color combinations? Halo’s strength was built partly on its simplicity. 343 has been fighting Halo’s simplicity from the beginning and until they stop, they’ll never succeed.
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    342 are either utterly incapable of innovating, or too scared to do so. There's been 5 legitimate changes they've made that have been genuine improvements, over their 10 year period with Halo. • H5 Forge • A Customs Browser • Match Composer • 60FPS • Regional Server Selection That's literally it, not even counting the other tens of features that they've regressed on (like H5's literal-shit tier server-side theater). Even disregarding gameplay, there's 50 features I can think off the top of my head that would be awesome QoL features for a Halo game to have. Imagine: • A jukebox for matchmaking queues where players can listen to whatever soundtracks are available while waiting for games. • XP Win/Loss multipliers. • Party matching search parameters. • A community hub page that functions as the spiritual successor to file share. Screenshots, montages, maps, clips, ranked ladders & leaderboards, gamemodes, etc. • Theater mode with features from newer CODs, more like an interactive photo/video mode. • Multiplayer AI bots. • Team forfeit. • Armor customization with more customizable pieces, more armor sets available, an RGBA color selection tool, a wear & tear bar, etc. • HUD Customization. • Reticle Customization. • Added tools in "advanced" custom options to customize the features of each individual weapon: projectile type, projectile speed, projectile damage, melee damage, melee animation time + cooldown scaling, reload animation time + cooldown scaling, magnetism, accuracy curve, effects on player/surroundings, etc. • 60 second pregame and postgame lobbies that show each player's skill levels, XP, performance, spartan models, etc. • Performance that also weights time spent on power positions, power items picked up, damage done, etc. in addition to a win/loss. • 2v2/FFA/3v3/etc. modes on maps having different item sets to suit the gamemode better. I thought of this stuff in like 50 seconds. It's why I cringe whenever people say that "Halo needs to evolve", it's done nothing but devolve gameplay-wise since 2001 and feature-wise since 2010.
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    Who remembers nanobots... I remember nanobots... such a dumb ingame explanation to change the artstyle. Did the ship have nanobots too? the fuck 343? I honestly get WHYYYY they wanted to change the artstyle. Frank said in an interview that "they didn't want the artists limited to what bungie had already created, we wanted the artists to express themselves, which meant redesigning some aspects of the art." it's not verbatim but the gist. now as a modeler myself I get it. I can see how it's not exciting to recreate a model polygon for polygon (speak for yourself I actually like it) but they should have given them a different approach. Recreate it as 1:1 as possible BUT let them go into the objects polys and add extra detail that was never there. Like this block on the left is from H3 narrows, block on the right is my trash modeling. instead of redoing the whole model and shape of it, just work WITHIN the shape 343. This keeps the silhouette but adds more detail where there otherwise wasn't. I think Chief's infinite armor is the best example of this, it's basically the same h3/h2 armor but with WAAAAY more intricate detail. and the detail has no affect on the silhouette. Hell silhouette shouldn't even matter I don't know why I keep bringing it up... Nostalgia maybe? Just get concept artists that know what halo looks like damn.
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    Saw that this thread had the "hot" icon next to it thinking 343 finally dropped some worthwhile Halo news or something but nope just some smoothbrains arguing back and forth about nothing.
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    Two things: (1) Your first point is separate from the discussion of TTK gaps. You can certainly make an argument that a higher minimum TTK is better in the abstract sense, so long as it is accompanied by a proportionately large increase in the average TTK. I'd agree that, in a vacuum, having to land more shots requires more skill because it does provide players with an opportunity to turn around and fight back and provide offensive players with more opportunities to miss shots. But when the number of shots to kill starts to increase, you need to start factoring in other elements beyond just TTK when evaluating the skill required. For example, positional awareness becomes less important if you can rely on long kill times to turn around and fight back. External damage producing factors like grenades and team shooting now play a more prevalent role in determining the winner of a gun fight. It becomes less clear whether the increase in number of shots has truly produced an increase in the overall skill gap. We can have that discussion too, but it's really a separate argument. As a sub-point, I think you're not quite accurate on the "facts" of this—my own experience tells me that I miss far fewer shots in H3 and H5 than in CE. This is purely anecdotal, and I don't have hard evidence to back up this claim on a population-wide basis, but other people's anecdotal accounts seem to be consistently in accord with mine. (2) I'm not sure you're appreciating the argument you're making with your second point—it seems divorced from the argument on skill. I'd say that a game that more typically ends in lopsided contests between teams is a signifier of a greater skill gap, so long as results are replicable and consistent. If the best team in Game A can consistently trounce every other team, but the best team in Game B has a mix of close games and some losses here and there, Game A has a more clearly defined talent hierarchy. We can argue about whether we want a skill gap to be that high for other reasons—entertainment value comes to mind—but there's really no doubt in my mind that the game with replicable and consistent blowouts has a greater skill gap.
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    That leak from Longo is probably fake. If they had really started development in 2018 the game would be a lot further along now than it is.
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    Bonnie Ross came from Zoo Tycoon and Fusion Frenzy. Currently Head of 343i. Kiki Wolfkill came from Project Gotham Racing. She’s currently an Executive Producer. Frank O’ Connor was a glorified blogger on Bungie.com doing weekly updates during Halo 2/3. He’s currently the Franchise Development Director. These are just some of the major players for 343i, can you spot any issues?
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    -Make one ranked list each for 4v4, 2v2, and FFA. Those modes are all worthy of a permanent ranked offering. -Ranked should always offer 2xp, and 2x whatever in-game currency might get offered. -Have one rotational ranked list each month. This is where you can rotate in ranked Snipers, SWAT, BTB, Grifball, etc. Give this playlist 2.5xp. None of these playlists are worthy or capable of supporting a full-time ranked list, but they all have dedicated communities that could be mobilized for finite amounts of time (especially with some good in-game and online marketing for it). -Have seasonal ranked rewards exactly like Gears 5 does it. Give an instant bonus for hitting the next tier in each playlist, and then another bonus for whatever your peak tier was during that season. Tiers could be "Bronze, Silver", etc, or they could be 0-10, 10-20, etc. Idgaf. -Do not reset ranks every season. If there is value in reducing rank between seasons (which has yet to be explained to me), then reduce rank by the equivalent of 5 levels in a 1-50.
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    Even the scope doesn't want to be in Halo 4.
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    my mistake; seeing this many new posts led me to believe we were laughing at the latest news from 343.
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    I feel really bad for all the Halo-related people who signed on to work at 343. Mouthpiece positions at the bottom rung who exist only to field the bitching.
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    I thought this might interest some of you. After dealing with CoD's nonsense for so long, I kept wondering to myself why is it I can't stand SBMM in my matches in MW2019, but playing SBMM Halo never bothered me for almost 15 years. It's because Halo is actually trying to make matches fair, has a clear cut Ranking system, and doesn't whiplash me into higher or lower brackets every game. CoD on the other hand presents no progression, and will quite literally force you to be a punching bag for other players because you dared to have a good game last time. It's obsurd. I may have my issues with 343's matchmaking, but thankfully we've avoided trash like this.
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    Honestly, Ranked playlist in Halo Infinite has to be one playlist. 4v4, Slayer, CTF, KoTH, Oddball, Strongholds, Extraction yadda yadda. All the comp 4v4 gametypes. Ranked Halo is already traditionally far less popular than unranked, but yet we still end up with fucken 4 or 5 different ranked playlists in each game. Focus everyone into one, single Ranked playlist and you can fix so many issues with ranked so much more easily. Higher population means more players to play with when creating games, you can implement proper team matching, better SBMM (Not whatever the fuck MCC has which results in 1 v 4 games as one good player is paired with 3 awful ones because 'da teem mmr avridge is da same') Seasonal resets, seasonal rewards based on your final rank that season. Emblems, Weapon Charms, hell, give the Top 1000 players of the season as exclusive Armour coating or something, just something that you can see and go "damn, that guys good"
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    Lore nerd in me coming out: HCE, H2, H3, ODST, and even Reach were all brilliant cinematically not because of their stories or characters, but because of how brilliant their world-building and faction-building was, and how they combined otherwise simple aesthetics and developed them into something endlessly fascinating. HCE alone made the Covenant, Flood, Forerunners, and even humanity so mysterious and intriguing that the player WANTED to know more. Hell, everything in that game would blueball you. How was the UNSC defending against the Covenant on Halo? What did Halo really do? What were the Flood? What were the Covenant? Who were the Forerunners? How screwed was Humanity? H2 came along and answered several questions, while also tripling the depth of the Halo universe by developing the Covenant with inter-species and intra-species political tensions, developing the history of the Halos with the Quarantine Zone on Delta Halo, and showing what state humanity was really in. Even despite this, it still did what HCE did, even more brilliantly: What was the history of the Covenant species? How did their societies and customs differ? What were the prophets' true motivations? If the Flood was this pragmatic, what else had it done? What had happened on Delta Halo? What was the situation on High Charity? H3 did things a bit differently but still further developed the Halo universe. The Human-Covenant war had ended, with both factions left battered and beaten. The Flood was stopped, at least for the time being. The Master Chief had reached the beautifully poetic climax of his character arc: his only responsibility was to serve humanity and protect it. With the end of the war, he was now no longer needed, and he went into cryosleep waiting for when the world would need him again. Reach gave you beautiful aesthetics of despair and defeat after investing you in the location, then reminded you that all the sacrifices that took place over the course of the game were not in vain. It wasn't just that, but Halo games had grounded-in-the-context-of-the-story large scale events always taking place, which really did make the Halo universe feel much more complex and interesting. As I already said, the battle of Alpha Halo, the battle of Reach, the battle of Delta Halo, the violent self-destruction of the Covenant at Delta Halo and the fleet battle surrounding it, the battle of Earth, and the battle of the Ark are just a few among countless events that felt legitimately interesting. 342 Halos don't have any of that for me. The nu-factions are so soullessly bland and uninteresting that it sucks any fun out of the cinematic aspect of the games. Events that take place in the games feel so weirdly contrived, like a shitty Marvel movie. It ultimately comes down to approach. Bungie made you the vessel, and poured just about every damn thing they could into you, and it worked beautifully. The events, locations, characters, factions, and every other aspect of the games were written to be interesting. 342 want you to look at the vessel with a magnifying glass and pretend that the scratches on it's side are some complex ancient language. Instead of getting to observe the collapse of an immensely powerful Covenant city at the hands of political self-destruction and the unrelenting might of the Flood, you get to watch Halo 3's Cortana moments except 5 times as obnoxious. I'd be less harsh if 342 could actually write interesting characters, but they can't. The actual characters themselves are barely any deeper than they were when Bungie wrote them, lack any of the subtlety, and just feel like shittier versions of book characters. I'll take back everything I say about 342's story writing if they bring back Eric Nylund, btw.
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    There actually is a huge fucking difference between bungie and 343 though. They make functional games that people buy and play. Anyone that tries to put them on the same level or lower than 343 has absolutely no idea what they're talking about so its probably better to just ignore it. Its one of the worst hot takes ever to shit on bungie like they aren't more successful and talented than nearly every game studio in the world. There are very few that actually do a better job despite all of the crying and complaining that goes on via the internet
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    You like halo 5, but you're complaining about strongsiding being a get out of jail free card.......................... 220 × 131
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    The more I play Halo 2 and 3 matchmaking the more I realise how much I love these games and how lucky I am to have been a teenager when they came out and play them in their prime. It's 2020 and I'm still saying "one more game" with my brother in Halo 3.
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    Well, at least you're honest with yourself lol. Ya know, it is entirely possible to admit that CE has the highest skill gap in Halo and still not like it. That's totally ok, nothing wrong with disliking the game. But CE's game knowledge is pretty unmatched even if you take the shooting skill out of the equation. I also think CE is the best on paper but faces a LOT of actual elements of the game aging poorly. Jump delay, not being able to melee out of zoom, not being able to crouch while moving, being stuck in place after spawn, etc. All examples of things that are super clunky and dated and don't help the game. But on paper CE is goat.
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    The pistol is the only gun I can respect from the sandbox, because everything else is either too easy, too strong, or hamfisted. Your ignorance is repugnant, and what's worse, is that you can take the time to study and understand what's really going on with Halo, but choose not to. You know who else does that? The devs.
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    I get word from a lot of people who browse this forums say that people who play Halo 2 Project Cartographer on here want a form of "modern aiming" deadzone curves and deadzone options for H2PC, I can confirm in the next update that we will have that. Just dropping it here to let you know that your feedback has been heard.
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    Well, if you are a fan of the classic games you should probably hope it bombs because if it doesn’t, you can kiss every playlist in mcc besides social goodbye. If you like h1 style gameplay, you know the game is most likely going to be hitscan, have long killtimes where perfect ttk ≈ average ttk, and probably not going to do static weapon/power up spawns again. If you like h2, you know there aren’t going to be any button combos or anything to spice up the gameplay in that regard. If you like h3, you know shooting is either going to be ez mode like h2, or sweaty af and unsatisfying like h5. If you like reach/h4, you aren’t reading this. If you like h5, your thumbs are now irreparably damaged from years of h5s bad aiming mechanics. If you’re a redditor, you can’t choose a primary/secondary color. 343 was trying to give everyone something to love about the game, but ironically they only ended up giving everyone something to hate instead.
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    So 343 (metaphorically) die in the explosion. When your company is 1/4 for releases, including a game that was already made for them, you want them out.
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    Don't you shit on Adjective + Noun gamertags
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    Yeah, we just gotta deal with getting shitty maps. I've played more Orbital on Halo 3 PC than I ever did on 360.
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    It's actually great—they bifurcated precision starts and auto starts into separate search options after people freaked out over DMR starts in Reach. Now you can search for games with confidence, knowing you'll never have to play on AR/SMG starts ever again.
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    Remember Halo 5’s bro Spartans? Here’s a leaked photo of Infinite’s, with the new coating system.
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    I do and I don't. I feel bad that they have to deal with their situation but I'll make fun of them mercilessly when they try and pick a fight with reality like he did in that tweet I linked earlier. Doing your job and denying reality outright by just lying are two different things. If he were putting out fires from a leak it would make more sense but that's not what that was. That was lying to no gain in public and its pretty much nothing but comedy. Someone tried to legitimately ask a question about 343 not talking about anything of consequence in months and rather than just ignore it since there is no good response due to the truth of the statement he tried to list off a couple of renders in different colors and discussion of armor colorings in Infinite as evidence that they're not sitting in radio silence for months. Its fucking hilarious and unnecessary lol
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    They just don't really brain, do they. It would not have been difficult to MTXize colors without stepping on what's been a feature since day 1. Like everyone here will piss and moan about what true Halo is because it is kind of...muddled. But in every single game, you were able to pick a damn color. Here's what I would have done. Have your usual color selection. Primary, secondary, tertiary. The usual amount of choices, too. Whatever amount H5 had, sure. No less than it's always been. But then provide the ability to buy custom colors via premium currency (hopefully some way of earning it rather than only buy), and these colors are from a hexadecimal color wheel. But there could be plenty more. Instead of patterns/skins coming with the coatings, the ability to make the skin itself could be purchasable. Let the player buy layers of, or maybe even allotments of pixels and a few Photoshop-esque tools to let players draw proper lines and shite. If Blops2 could do this two generations ago, Halo can do this now. Not done yet. Weapon skins are a duh. Why not the viewmodel hands (and legs?) If I could unlock an energy dagger and pair that with first person assassinations, that'd be so viscerally satisfying. Maybe even have some cool visual effects for melee or some really gay ones. Imagine clowning on someone with an AR+Beatdown suicide charge and they hear your Spartan yell YEET! as they drop and wait to respawn. What if the sound played every time you punched an enemy...or corpse. Yeeting corpses would be the new teabagging and people would pay so much for that because you just fucking know they would. Shit, I probably would. I'd buy my two favorite colors I use everywhere when given the chance, a couple more layers to get creative with, and maybe even the yeet punch....not sure on that one tho. And it'd all be amusing all the way from the pregame lobby to the end of the match. Assuming there's player cards, if you see a dude hop in and his armor is so layered it's practically camoflauged and he's rocking a cool pose with energy daggers, you know he's either a whale or you're possibly about to get your shit stomped. Better check his stats. (Biggest psyche is seeing a dude in completely default everything though. You saw a high rank dude in green Mark VI in H3, or gray Mark V in Reach and you knew he didn't give a shit about dress up Spartan-doll; he was there to cook your solo-queued ass into a Steaktacular and serve you up to Luke Smith) Now hire me to be a monetization designer instead of whatever monkey you put in that office, 343i. My ideas are better. This shit's not like tryna substitute an 8-ball with Frankie's gleaming sphere. Sad part is, I know it won't be anything like that and I'm not going to give a shit. Because for the most part, I was the dude in default armor. I'm not here to play dress up Spartan-doll. Unless if you unlock Emile's kukri this time and you can actually use it.
  50. 6 points
    The thing here that actually bothers me is their complete inability and/or unwillingness to just make the game the players want to play. Its really frustrating to watch Halo "evolve" with every title they take on feedback and address some things that weren't so good about the most recent game prior to the one they're working on but then instead of going even deeper and looking for adjustments to pull the entire series together and release something that people want they try to reinvent the wheel elsewhere only to go back and have to address that in whatever game they work on after the one they're about to ship. These dudes are so far ahead of themselves that they don't even realize it and its why the transition to 343 Halo never worked and probably won't in the future if we're being honest. Obviously I'll participate in flights or betas and give feedback but it feels impossible MCC is a great example of how the entire franchise should be running. It launched really badly but notice how over time the game has moved more and more in the correct direction as they take on feedback from the people who actually play the game. The long arc of MCC development has overall moved towards a better and more refined experience. They moved onto PC. They're moving into crossplay. They're mostly leaving gameplay alone but they're moving towards better shot registration and more stable builds. Better features etc. H4 through Halo Infinite should've been that for the entire series. Nothing super new or crazy or different just refinement
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