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    Grenade hit markers will only be available in social/unranked experiences for #HaloInfinite. They will be turned OFF for competitive play/settings.
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    Boyo makes a game. The controller you have to buy to play it:
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    This one is a little out of left field but I would not be against perma-banning 8-stack BTB players who hold objectives to stat against solo players. Not immediately; let them establish their little cliques and spend money on their battle passes, and then ban them.
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    Dude thank god they have options to turn off screen shake, motion blur etc. Whoever made that call actually cares about making a good gaming experience
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    I can say with about 95% confidence that I would never want, nor give a shit about any screenshot or video my teammates might send me in the middle of a game. I would turn that shit off in a heartbeat. Not only does it take up a ton of screen space, but even if it's used in good faith exactly as intended, it is still a convoluted way of delivering information that would not be easy to ingest and process. But it would absolutely not be used as intended. Your screen would be spammed with bullshit that was intended to be funny, or a mundane play that the player thought was cool, or the info they're sending is obvious, or it's irrelevant, or it's outdated. There's just so many ways that would go wrong. That might be worse than Boyo's famous chin-controlled fly by wire rocket idea a few years ago.
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    Sorry that's not Halo 3 so 343 won't do anything
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    I know, right? Do I hang onto my Assault Rifle or pick up literally the only item on the map that can put points on the board? Decisions, decisions.
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    Boyo doing backflips right now.
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    For beginner players, I'm a fan of this Academy Mode they're displaying. Anything to help people get into the game before walking into Social Slayer and getting decimated is helpful.
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    343 be like "Tell us what you want us to fix/change" we've been telling you what to fix/change since Halo Reach yet you always find a way to do some whack shit
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    I'm interested in: Sprint multiplier (run a long distance with and without sprint) Shield stun time Vertical reach of clamber Weapon stats (60 FPS recordings of a kill with every weapon would be nice) Weapon swap speeds How is grenade jumping? Grenade fuses (method of activation, fuse time) speed inheritance on grenade throws? Slide mechanics (length, speed, profile, weapon usage while sliding?) Everything about equipment Special weapon mechanics, thinking specifically about the Heatwave. Does its stronger tracking activate after a bounce like the scattershot? Grenade blast radii, lethal and max. Esp. differences between plasma/frag How effective the spike blast of the spike grenade is
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    Bot flights as early as next weekend https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/inside-infinite-july-2021
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    343 please send me a flight so I can stop reading this
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    Oddball is perfect the way it is. It’s dynamic, on-the-fly attack vs defense, whose structure is determined entirely by the player. The fact that the goal is to sit still and defend is entirely mitigated by the fact that it’s perpetually 3v4, and the ball is almost always a few moments away from being in danger and changing hands. Multi’s criticisms of the mode would be totally valid if you could shoot while holding the ball, but you can’t. Secondly, y’all act like every time a team is earning time, they have a full setup. Not true. A full, competent, organized setup is really hard to get in place in time before the pressure mounts. If you can get it, you deserve a chunk of time. That’s literally the point of the mode, and I think it’s worthy of its spot as a core competitive mode. Regarding map design, setup-style asymms need the ability to play ball in order to prevent the ball staying in one spot all game. Anybody that played Oddball on Ghost Town and played games with the ball in the offense-side pipes all game know why this is important. So yes, it can be frustrating to break a setup just to earn a play-ball, but it beats the alternative. The key is to make the ball reset instantly, so as to not allow the respawning team enough time to contest the newly reset ball after losing their setup. Midship style oddball maps should not have a way to play ball. Throwing it into the middle should be how you play ball. The lack of strong setups on those maps means there is no need for a reset. I would be interested in an Oddball variant with 2 balls, but one ball awards more time than the other (and obviously they have different color waypoints). Just a simple 2x multiplier on one of the balls, but it gets the more dangerous spawn point, and the movement speed with the ball is slower, and it’s heavier so you can’t throw/blow it as far. The normal ball can be naded around like in H1, and has a generous toss distance. I’m also not ready to rule out oddball throwing. It didn’t work in H4 because of instant respawns. Just give it a long wind-up animation so it’s not an Oh-Shit panic button, need the distance so you can’t John Elway it to where you think you’ll spawn before you die, and only enable it on enclosed maps to prevent unearned play-balls. I think it has a lot of potential to create a fun meta. In fact I know it does, because I’ve played sweaty oddball games in H4 where teams had great, creative ball movement, and it was fun as hell.
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    I think the quantity and variety of ways in which they messed up Halo 4’s gameplay was impressive.
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    Off the top of my head, I felt Spartan Ops were a decent idea that, although it fell flat, was a solid attempt at extending the games story and PvE content. Never seen a game attempt something like it before. I felt it deserved a second chance if they staggered the content over a longer period of time to give 343 more wiggle room to develop it.
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    That argument doesn’t apply here. CSGO is a completely different game and genre from arena shooters such as Halo.
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    You misunderstand. It's not about improving CTF, it's about replacing CTF. In the process of responding to this post my opinion has altered slightly because I remembered Halo 2 was actually great. Primarily because once you've grabbed a flag the question is less, "Which route do I take?" (because your movement alone is almost never going to score a flag), but rather, "At what point do I need to fight?" It's a large part of why I've said repeatedly people missed out on Ricochet's potential in Halo because they looked at the base settings given, which tried to copy CoD Uplink, and said "Oh, this is garbage." (It was.) But it had potential with a much higher score cap and better differentiated score amounts for dunks vs throws...because it then becomes a risk/reward wager and a trade off of if you decide to continue moving or just take the easy points for a ranged shot. In CTF, though -- you'll notice that the better the teams involved are, the more you see a flag carrier outright stop running the flag. Which is extremely odd to see be the correct decision to make in a situation for an objective directly related to said flag. But it usually is, because in Halo a flag carrier (outside of, say, vehicle play, or maps with lifts/teleporters) does not have options to outmaneuver a team that has guns and weaponry that can stop him. I'll grant some concessions here, because Halo 2 actually had some excellent options for CTF maps that added some decision making nuance, but it's nuance we've seen essentially erased in more recent games because the map design has not kept up. B.Creek - Disregarding the lack of symmetry, this map has a lot to offer a CTF set-up, because someone taking the flag has 3 decisions they can make immediately that all have massive opportunity costs. Because of this, your route taking actually matters. Throw the flag out the ceiling/side window. If you have someone to catch it, you've just massively trimmed your flag route time and guaranteed a fast way to the other side of the map. If not, you've just become a diversion that makes your opponents pay attention or lose a flag. Run the flag out low, to the side. Your opponents have to stop looking forward and look back to stop you. Run the flag straight out across mid. You can make a bee-line due to the blocky bases segmenting the map in such a way that makes this a powerful option, but still definitely slower than option 1. Midship - Top middle allows for fastcaps or teamwork rallied routes that can offset the "hey I need to stop running and fight" instinct. Warlock - Much lower degree than the others, because the tiny map size lends this one to be more focused on slay-first-run-later, but it has elements that I want to highlight: Fastest Route: Most people assume the teleporters are the fastest route, but in most of the games that have had a Warlock variant, going straight out, then along the left side (down ramp, straight to your lift side) can outpace most other options. Teleporters to allow juking: Because of the 2 two-way teleporters, there's plenty of room to attempt to outmaneuver your opponent. But again, this is more in theory than in practice, since the small map size ultimately just means it's turn and burn anyway, especially in a high communication environment. So...uh, after actually thinking about this more, my tune is less: "Hey get rid of CTF" and more: "Hey, if you want to have CTF, you need to have more maps like B.Creek, where the flag carrier is forced to make weighted decisions with heavy opportunity costs. Another decent map example is Narrows, where the safest route is ultimately to run straight under bottom middle -- but a team looking to just rush a flag to their side could always throw it through the lift... but the lift is a very open area and you risk not only dropping the flag off the map, but also sacrificing your numbers advantage elsewhere if the flag gets stopped even for a moment on your side. Edit: So, my point is more: CTF on flat, two base maps with the only method of going from one base to the other being to cross the center of the map is bad and should not be a core competitive option. I'm looking at you Pit, Sanctuary, LargeMiddyKnockoff, TinyMiddyKNockoffWithNoDanceFloorTopMiddle, Zealot, Coliseum...
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    Sprint is understandable, but holy hell, clamber looks so clumsy and overbearing with near every vertical object activating it. Give me my 360 degree unlimited traversal....
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    Looking forward to TTK breakdowns for each precision gun & whether or not headshot multipliers actually exist.
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    Boyo's suggestion is more plausible, and a decent idea. Good job, Boyo.
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    Melees exist because trying to shoot your gun in that close makes both you and your opponent look like doofuses
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    Wait, so I don't need to drop the flag to activate my pocket OS? Thanks 343!
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    Because that's the entire point of objective. You have to play the objective a man down, and the objective carrier has to decide strategically when to run the objective and when to slay.
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    I think slayer can be vastly improved from the versions we have been so used to for so long, but I think there are too many other options that are in my opinion better that it still shouldn't be in HCS. I happen to like oddball so your critique stings but its also not wrong lol. If we were to change any mechanics for oddball, I wouldn't want to take away the ability to move the ball where you want, when you want, however you want so im not a fan of the required locations to score idea. We already have King for that. What about a ball that is only worth X number of seconds? Probably 60. I think 30 is too short if you want to move it from the spawn point to the hold point and still be able to rack up some time. It decays while you are holding it and pauses if you drop it but the ball should also reset faster if its dropped. On reset whether it be from idle time or the score ran out, it could cycle spawning through a few different spots on the map. Always in the same order no RNG.
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    reamis25 fighting his alt account like that scene in tenet
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    I'm going to spread some knowledge here on how networking works and hopefully it'll dispel some of the stupidity around the "inconsistencies" of projectile. When you create an online game, there are basically 2 choices you have. You can have the networking favor the shooter, or favor the better connection. What this means is if you favor the shooter, is that when you see somebody on your screen and you shoot them, it's a hit. You dealt damage. It doesn't matter if you're lagging and on the other player's screen they had already rounded the corner; if it hit on your end, it's a hit on the server. The downsides to this method is exactly what I just described. This can create scenarios that you'll see a lot in games like Apex, or Destiny, where you are running away and are clearly around the corner or behind cover but still took damage because on the other player's screen, you hadn't done that yet. So they shot you, now you took damage. That's networking that Favors Shooter. Most games now use this, like the 2 I just mentioned... and basically every other game with decent networking. When someone first explained this to me I was like ew no yuck, why would you ever want that. Until the alternative was expained. Favoring better connection is exactly what it sounds like, you might lead a shot and have a good hit on your screen, but the server (or in P2P, it just goes to the host player) and asks "Were they actually standing where they were on your screen when you shot them? No? No hit then." This is what Halo has historically used and to be honest it's really bad. First of all - this is why it has always felt like you had to relearn how much to lead your shots every match. Because every time you get into a new game with a new "best connection", you are adjusting how far to lead to compensate for where the player "really is" to land your shots. Which is dumb because you can never acquire a muscle memory or knowledge of actually where to aim. It almost sounds more fair, but it really isn't. Because first of all, no one chooses to have a bad internet connection. Whether it's 90% packet loss and 1mb down, or maybe they're like...10ms slower ping than you, we all have different internet. Just because yours is faster, does not mean you are seeing the 'truth'. Because, assuming you are the "best connection" in the lobby and the server is checking results against you, the player's you are shooting at with a worse connection are also not where you are seeing them. You are also still receiving signals as to where they just changed directions and moved behind stuff, and their signals take longer to reach you. So similarly, they are also being shot behind cover but potentially for way longer. And it's a 1 way advantage. There is no truth in online networking. There's your story, their story, and then some kind of weird blobby mesh of the two that you kinda pick from. This is why favoring shooter is what most games use, and it makes shot registration feel super crispy and projectile leading very consistent. Because if you see it on your end, it's a hit! Basically no different than playing on LAN (faster, in some situations) because all that matters is if it hit on your screen. Halo hasn't used favoring shooter as far as I'm aware, which is why you get stuff like bloodshots even on LAN. Your console will do local predictions of where the bullet is going to intersect and spawn the blood particles on collision before it even confirms if the "Best Connection" player is where they were on your screen. I would like to see Halo flip to favoring shooter, which I think is a much better solution. The only game I've heard of where it diverges from these - is Overwatch. They use "Favor shooter" until there is a large ping discrepancy between players. So if someone you are shooting at is 30 ping, and you're 120 ping, for those confirms the game will flip and say "Your connection is an outlier, confirm the other player's position for this instance". And as far as I can tell from playing OW it works really well and is a very intelligent solution. Hopefully this explains why shot leading in Halo actually does feel a little bit different than other games. Sorry I had to agree with Raemis on this one guys lmao
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    Well we really need to differentiate between "aim assist" and "Bullet magnetism". These conversations usually end up with people talking across one another just because they're not on the same page and they really need to be considered separately. Aim assist = How much the game assists you on staying on target Bullet magnetism = how much the game bends the bullet path toward the target. Getting this combo right is really going to make or break how fair it feels to play controller vs PC. I think the bullet magnetism needs to be close to 0 if they want to pull that off.
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    Autoaim. Autoaim in Halo 5 was ridiculous and I'll be documenting the hell out of how insane it is if it's anything like Halo 5. Halo 2 was stupid but that was back when broadband was a luxury. In the current age of fiber optic broadband being rolled out in many places having autoaim award you shots that are like 2 metres away is seriously pathetic. With the popularity of games like Apex Legends and Counter Strike I would HOPE that 343 understands they don't need to make the game insanely easy for it to be popular... But I guess we'll see. I'll be testing both mouse and Xbox controller. With the game going free to play, assuming the game isn't awful player population in lower pop regions shouldn't be an issue, so there will be no legit reason for high autoaim in an arena FPS.
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    Plaza is the best halo 5 map
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    I'd rather a map play one gametype exceedingly well than include 3 gametypes on a single map just because it plays all 3 passably and there are not enough other good options.
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    Reach had no maps worth mentioning
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    New footage of the Halo: Infinite overshield meta
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    This is how pathetic you sound.
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    We have sprint, slide, clamber, grapplehook, and you're concerned about pings' impact on map design?
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    The ping system doesn't have to be incredibly accurate. In Valorant if I see somebody dip through a doorway into a separate room of the map, I'll just ping through the doorway they walked through. Unless I'm using voice to specifically say "hard right around this ping" or something like that, I'd guess most people are using pings as a general "here's roughly where they are". So for Chill Out you can't ping through walls, but if you saw somebody port to camo room from main room, you could still ping camo room by looking through the doorway. If you're dark hall (underneath camo room) and somebody walks towards port, you're right pinging right above you isn't incredibly clear and that's a limitation of the ping system. But I'd say 90% of the time pings are pretty helpful since you're generally making call outs based on visual information. I think pings are still better than no communication whatsoever. And depending on the level you play at, pings might be better than mic communication if some people don't know call outs.
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    Ironic that the man critiquing the ping system as visual clutter is also the man who has a mastery of typing visual clutter.
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    For the lazy: "the Mark System, which is a feature where players can mark a spot in the world that lets their teammates know vital information, like an enemy position or weapon location."
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    Strongholds scoring mechanism
  43. 6 points
    All without any obnoxious grunting player noises or climbing animations.
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    The player who's carrying sniper shouldn't be carrying the flag. The player carrying Overshield, however...
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    IDK, NavG's gotta point.
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    What about CSGO, one of the most popular shooters? They don’t allow you to hold a gun with the bomb out; you are forced to be defenseless while planting the bomb. Not only that, but the core tenets of CS gameplay have not changed in 20 years.
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    Important Announcement: @xSociety and I are putting together a Halo Infinite Launch LAN at his new house. He doesn't know this yet, but y'all are all invited. There will be plenty of Pizza, Doritos, and Mt. Dew provided. Maybe even some Cherry Dr. Pepper like the old MLG days. We also plan to play a bit of MCC CE at the LAN as well. Metal music will occasionally be played. Sorry no rap. We may even listen to Slayer while playing Slayer. Feel free to bring your high end PC or Series X and a monitor if you prefer to have your own screen , otherwise a split screen slot will be provided to you. @OG Nick has volunteered to bring chicken dip and play with the most busted controller. See you Holiday 2021
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    Can we just stop making ASSUMPTIONS and wait for the game to be released before we JUDGE it? I for one am excited about the possibilities these exciting new mechanics bring to the table. As much as I love classic gameplay, Halo needs to evolve and I trust 343 to make the hard decisions.
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    Not related to anything but I just found this screencap from the good ol' days
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    Mouse aim assist... What in the... I mean, if it's for social playlists or campaign that's fine, but I hope that's not going to be available in competitive settings or tournaments... I'd hate to see an ARENA FPS have it's aiming dumbed down for tournaments just so EliteSl4Y3R1337 can get his first and only 360 no scope. I'm still watching the preview video. The ability to drop weapons is an awesome feature. So much better than having to find a useless weapon to swap, my mate plays BTB with me and always wants to give me the sniper. Many times I tell him to just hold onto it and make sure he jumps off the edge if he dies because swapping for another weapon is just too much effort sometimes. I imagine this will play a big part in tournaments much like CS players buying an AWP for their teams main sniper. I wonder how far it can be tossed and if that will have some crazy strategies like tossing a sniper to a team mate on a higher ledge you can't reach.
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