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    I'll start it off. ........... H5 sniping is simply way harder than H3 sniping and sprint is a good thing.
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    @My Namez BEAST @Hard Way
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    Everyone: Damn, I didn't get into the flight, at least I can watch some great 4k Reach footage without the shitty effects it had on the 360! LNG:
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    I wish we could get another CE tournament like the one in St Louis. That was so much fun. Also, I'm buying my tickets to Beach LAN 8 today. Got some confirmation over the weekend that I won't have any scheduling conflicts, so LFG. @Riddler, @Silos, @Sandman
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    "If you're already going to win, why do you need to win harder" is a really, really fruitless question that addresses no actually existing problem.
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    The rockets need no aim assist because AA fucks with your ability to place a rocket at their feet.
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    LIterally who are these people? It's good to see though that Favyn's video gets posted even on "I like sprint" echochambers, there might still be hope for this franchise. Also Boyo my man are you talking to yourself? lol
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    I think the most important thing that favyn kind of left implied, is that devs can go crazy with mechanics they implement that aren’t base player mechanics. The base player mechanics are the only type mechanics on favyn’s list that are constant throughout every game type or campaign level. With evolutions on the environment, vehicles, or pickups, you can take them away and fall back to the tried and true gameplay if the players deem them bad innovations, but you can’t take away a base player trait. Equipment from Halo 3 was a perfect example of this kind of evolution to Halo.
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    Hecz Eavesdrop with Sundance. what an awesome conversation. it really makes me miss the old MLG days
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    There is no difference between competitive and casual. It's just good or bad.
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    Now THIS is how you do grassroots. It pains me to know that the red bull rise till dawn H3 2v2 tourney will get 100x the viewers this gets even though H3 doubles is pure cancer.
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    How the FUCK is ********-ass Gungoose CTF played to 5 caps but CTF on Wizard and those new small forgemaps to 3? I swear these people are high when deciding on settings.
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    343 should host the stream on their official channel, donate prizes/merch for competitors/stream watchers, and advertise the stream. You have some of the best CE players in the world getting together on their own dime to show how much they love your game and you have the backing of Microsoft behind you? Make something happen. Beachlan should be utilized as a resource by 343. Not even out of the kindness of their hearts but as a service to your game’s community, show the common man how the best players play. Shit, show yourselves while you’re at it. In 343’s defense, I can see why they might not want shirtless, possibly cursing, 30 year old dudes to be the face of their official channel. Side note, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a section of the in game menu where you could read community announcements? Beachlan this week, TeamBeyond tournament that week, etc.
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    Kind of? They hosted the channel once, they've put it in waypoint updates before, and I believe they have tweeted the stream as well. Josh Holmes personally donated some prizing one year when he worked at 343, but to my understanding that was him and not 343 itself.
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    Having power weapons on the map adds a level of depth and strategy to how a team engages, rotates and how they decide to attack and defend the objectives. Without them every engagement would follow the same thought process and strategy. Imagine a game of Counter Strike where there wasn’t an economy system and it was just 30 pistol rounds. The game withought any small reward mechanics would just be repetitive, less strategic, and just boring. Sometimes perfect competitive balance isn’t the only thing to consider. Also as an esports viewer watching just utility weapons the whole time would become awful.
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    For as long as Halo doesn't have party restrictions quitting shouldn't be penalized. No one should have to sit through getting farmed because the developers are too dumb to have a good matchmaking system.
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    1: I fail to see how one system is considered more telling than the other when behind the scenes 1-50 use the same MMR as the Divisions, it's just presented in a more clear, and unique fashion. 1b: Pretty much every game that uses division ranks after Platinum have different words for the final tier or two. That's a little confusing. Some Champion, some Challenger, whatever. 1c: Halo could easily just add a Champion system to the rank 50's. 2: I don't know if I've ever actually met someone who enjoyed re-grinding for their ranks on resets. Placement matches are stressful, it just makes you never want to step foot in MM if you don't have a full team. I'm willing to bet it hurts pop numbers more than it helps. 3: Placement matches take away the actual reward of seeing your rank go up. This might not matter to everyone but I know it does to me, so I doubt i'm alone on this. 4: Placement matches run the risk of putting you too low (not the biggest deal, you'll just win until your reach your correct skill cap), AND too high (see, everyone who played Halo 5 FFA in the first 6 months who got an instant 1800 Onyx for losing 10 placement matches). Now you've awarded bad players ranks that they would've never received otherwise. The whole purpose of a ranking system is to tell me how good someone is, so why is that Onyx means literally nothing to me in Halo 5? Because everyone has gotten in thanks to the initially borked and overly generous placement system. 5: Placement matches inherently will place you in a variety of skill ranges during every reset to try and judge you again since the MMR resets (or should reset, I know Halo 5 is weird about this). That is basically guaranteeing that every X amount of months ranked is going to turn into a shit show for several weeks while everyone gets settled in. 1-50 doesn't have this problem after the first 2-3 months of the game because there's one mad shuffle and then everyone floats to where they should be. Rank resets are like constantly throwing a rock into a pond that just settled. I actually think 1-50 is too many numbers. The biggest purpose of a rank is so that I can see it next to your tag and instantly know how good you are. Is there anyone out there who as a 36, would see a 38 and become scared of losing? Highly unlikely, because it doesn't mean anything. That could be the difference between them having a good day or a bad day, or playing a few matches after you got off. It's pretty meaningless. I would probably dilute the numbers even further to 1-20 or 1-10 if it were up to me. Very obvious at that point who is better and who is worse. If you want subdivisions for personal satisfaction of ranking up more quickly you could probably have private divisions within that which are only visible to said player.
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    I feel like if we all started saying reticle friction and bullet redirection, we could eliminate the confusion between the two mechanics forever.
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    You guys have been arguing over the same things for years. Can you all just shut the fraction up and discuss something new like how they confirmed black undersuits are back, and how we haven't seen the Target Locator since Reach?
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    ZBNS is like a whole different game. For those who skipped Reach or quit early, I highly reccomend trying it out. v7 or Gold Pro, both are great.
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    Not sure if this has been posted or not so if so muh bad
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