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    Going to have to end the bickering here; any further flaming or insults will result in a ban.
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    Only the Halo community could find a reason to bitch about a Halo 3 top ten casted by Puckett in 2019.
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    At this point, with so little happening, I'm just here daily to hand out Toxic rep points.
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    Show a man Halo content and he'll watch for a day, teach a man to make Halo content and he'll make content for a few months and quit.
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    I'm personally tired of this sprint "ability". What made the gameplay great to begin with was the ability to constantly be fighting in battles and moving across the map and getting in engagements with your team. This whole fight > sprint away to take a break > fight Type of playstyle is so boring and unappealing. It was quite literally the driving factor stemming from Reach that led people to stop playing the game we know and love. Yes, there are other factors like armor lock and the subsequent abilities in the successor titles like Promethean Vision and Spartan Charge, terrible maps, etc. that piled on. But unless we're able to go back to what made Halo unique; it's just going to be Space Shooter: Infinite at that point, in which there's hella other games already out that people are going to choose to play instead. i.e. Call of Duty. P.S. Please don't feed me the "there weren't as many games to play back then" retired argument, because there are plenty of games out now and Call of Duty is still doing just fine. Nevertheless, I stand by my statement when I first saw the Halo: Infinite trailer. The moment I see someone sprinting, I'm done with the franchise. But that's just me personally. I've stuck around for entirely too long supporting a community for a game that I loathe playing (for the record, I meant Halo community, not TeamBeyond lol TeamBeyond is godlike, I'm always here for you guys).
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    If you think a clip has to be against top players to be impressive then you don't deserve respect and should be quiet.
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    Beyond is great content now. I come in here in now and its just one person arguing with everyone who still posts here about anything thats posted.
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    the funniest part is that we literally already had this discussion. despite all the players on smurfs in the entire history of H3, from 2007-2010 to the MCC version, no one has gotten higher than a jaro in an MLG/hardcore playlist. there have been a number of close calls -- e.g., Fearitself was 0.5 seconds away from an MLG killionaire in 2009 on Amp TS, he had an overkill + trocity immediately after each other -- but no one in the history of H3 has managed this, so I'd say that it's impressive. despite all the montage kids, all the pros playing against 'bad 50s' in the old MLG playlist, all the smurfing, an MLG killtastrophe has never happened before Eli's clip.
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    I wish they would implement a feature to tell you visually and audibly where the flag was and if someone dropped it. That would be really handy.
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    There’s A LOT of people out there that were introduced to Halo via split screen MM at a friend’s house. It’s a huge tool for bringing people into the game. Yes, games against splitscreeners are usually a joke, but it’s a net gain for the overall health of the game. I wouldn’t be opposed to a search toggle that allows splitscreeners by default though. Other search toggles would be great too, like “has mic”, “similar W/L”, “similar K/D”, etc would all be pretty cool. And you could always uncheck boxes if search times are too long.
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    I can not check this thread for a few days and every time I come back it's like I'm reading the same page. Massive deja vu. off topic but I got a chance to LAN at dmaq's this past weekend. Set up was a fail for Friday night but we had a great day Saturday. Got to play some 4's in CE against strange purple, pray4u, xXx, Ghost and others. Playing 4's against people who competed back in the day is interesting. The game feels like a complete cluster fuck to me, watching dug play them shows there is massive gap in 4's mentality.
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    Will Hard Way stop beating his head against the wall known as Ice Princess? Will we finally achieve warthog balance agreeance? Does anyone actually care about vehicle balance? Find out on next week’s episode of Borderline Dead Threads. Featuring a guest appearance by General Lack of Interest! Stay tuned!
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    Honestly, doesnt really seem like many people care about h3 much anymore since st louis. Including me... I'll be watching the lan events but im not gonna bother watching online halo 3. Need a new halo asap.
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    I don't want sprint in Big Team or in Halo period.

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