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    It’s almost like their real issue all along was not wanting to play against competent players...
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    Are you serious with this shit lol. I described an ideal weapon sandbox. I listed 4 games that had them. And I linked you gameplay footage of someone actively proving that it not only is easily possible but that it works at the highest possible level of gameplay. The first ever real 3d FPS in history managed to do this on its first try, why is this concept so difficult to grasp now. Oh, and Boyo literally took like 2 minutes to list out random attributes you could give to weapons to give them utility beyond just "Hur durr this one is better because it has more auto aim". That took no time at all to come up with a hand full of better solutions than what we have now. Good job. 1: You don't know what the masses want. You think you know what reddit wants that's currently upvoted on the front page, and there's still contention about it. 2: What the masses think they want is not necessarily what they actually want or what is good for the game. 3: What the actual masses want is probably a classic Halo with a classic Halo sandbox. The original fan base for the trilogy completely dwarfs whatever you're seeing nowadays. They're just not the ones actively posting on reddit. 4: Interestingly enough the exact thing you're describing is the opposite of Halo 5. You are wrong for using certain guns in Halo 5 because they are straight up outclassed by others. That is much less the case with the other examples I provided. You just have a shallow understanding of what you're talking about so you can't even recognize that. Nope. Not even true. People, even now, love what the Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol are. Do you have an idea how lame it would be if those guns were killing efficiently on their own merit. What makes them great for the sandbox is that you need to couple them with something else to maximize the functionality, you don't just pick them up and shred everything in sight. Halo could stand to have a lot more weapons like that. 1: Quake is not defined by the balance of its sandbox, that's just a good principle it follows. Many good games have sandboxes in this vain, look at Murder Miners. The movement tech and speed is more closely related to Quake's identity. 2: Halo does not become Quake if it chooses to subscribe to an actual diverse and skillfully balanced weapon sandbox 3: If this did make Halo more like Quake - that is fine, and much preferable to the alternative route of leaning closer to a military shooter. Which it is. 4: I'm talking in circles with you when I say this but we've already seen what this sandbox looks like in Halo CE, and less so Halo Reach. If I gave you a modded version of Halo 5 that removed all the artificial appearance of the weapons so that they all shared the same model of a generic white block, no sound effects, animations, etc. And all you had to determine what you were shooting was how the weapon actually shot and killed opponents (ie, the things that actually define the weapon) you probably would not know if you were shooting the magnum or the DMR. They are essentially the same thing but the DMR has a better zoom and 2sk melee. That's it. The LR is not a different weapon because it shoots orange bullets. That is completely superfluous. It is the same gun as the pistol but it kills faster and easier and is just better. The colors, the weapon model, the sound effects, all of that isn't real and doesn't define the weapon's actual performance. We're getting closer every Halo game to Call of Duty levels of weapon balance where they have 20 black rectangles that all kill in 3-5 bullets at full auto and have slightly different recoil patterns and Rates of Fire. A kindergartner could see past that. Also I've played plenty of splitgate for no reason other than to have ground to completely dismiss it when people recommended it. I find the whole premise of everyone having infinite access to teleporters completely asinine and it's not a wonder that the game died instantly. It's actually game breaking. I'll have to upload all my clips to youtube sometime and paste them here to show how ridiculous they are.
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    The line about Infinite not being an amalgamation of every current shooter in the industry, and instead making Halo its own unique thing, that was the standout sentence for me. Whether it ends up being true remains to be seen, but at least they’ve pinpointed the biggest knock on them as a studio.
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    A like is just a much more emotionally and sexually charged upvote.
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    120% BMS and higher FOV would instantly end the tiring "halo slow" complaining.
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    Yeah I mean Halo is totally irrelevant to mainstream gaming until a new game comes out and has been like that for a decade. Its just some average series with AAA backing that people buy and abandon in 4 months. The days of Halo being some kind of premier or popular series for gaming have been over and we're just out here in a bubble where a lot of us want to believe otherwise. Obviously it'll be special to a lot of us but if we're talking gaming in general nobody gives a shit about this series. All of those kids growing up playing games that are 19 or under weren't even 10 the last time we had a good Halo and there's A LOT of them. Time has been slipping away. I was about to turn 11 when I started playing CE on release almost 17 when H3 dropped. We've had so many games that aren't good in a row that they have missed a whole different generation of kids gaming. They just didn't get a Halo worth playing
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    I hate the attempts to balance sprint. I'd honestly rather just have H4 sprint than H5's. I always hated needing to slow down to get my shields back, constantly trading my movement for my health. H4's was cheesy as hell and easy to abuse, but at least I could move how I wanted. And it's not like H5 prevented cheesy escapes either. It just forced you to eventually slow down so you could recover health. They were both shit, but H5's was more intrusive and annoying in my opinion. My point is that it can't be balanced around. If sprint is in, the game will always operate under the assumption that you can sprint. So when you can't sprint for whatever reason, you're just spending large chunks of the game in some gimped state. Fuck that. I want all my options, all the time. There are plenty of other factors that can restrict your options in Halo. We don't need to be adding more.
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    You can and should blame 343 for putting Sprint in. The fact that they do keep putting it in the game conditions the audience and erodes the original identity of the series. "There will be more Halos with Sprint than without" no shit, if they keep putting it in. And that's the thing... they DO keep putting it in. They do a shit job shoehorning it in promising people things will be different and it never is. They also KNOW people don't like it for Halo. How many times over the years do you have to hear that it's a 'contentious mechanic', even within the development team. That video did a perfect job by someone who obviously doesn't mind Sprint, how many times did he say "the audience didn't like it"... I mean jesus christ that should be in the middle of a whiteboard at every single meeting at 343. THEY DON'T LIKE IT How about you stop trying to think of ways to nerf and curb the shit mechanic or manipulate your audience and just remove it. Then your level designers don't have to [wrongly] consider two cover-to-cover speeds and can design maps that don't have airport runways running through them. Then you don't have a large portion of your core audience (you know the ones that stay with your game for the full 3 year dev cycle) nagging you to give them a 'classic experience' only to have a half hearted effort from the sustain team a few years in. 343 choose to ignore the cries of a decent portion of their core audience chasing a mystical unicorn that doesn't really exist. People like good games, period. CSGO is back to being the number 1 game on Steam in it's 8th year as a title. Overwatch is 4 years in and still bopping on all platforms. "bUt ThEy'Re DiFfErEnT gAmEs?!" and that's the point, they're their own games doing what they do to a level that no one can compete with - Halo actually used to be in that catagory. The new hotness comes and goes but unique quality games prevail.
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    Finished around two games of AR BTB last night and it was mostly what I expected. Massive quit outs early in the match, with vehicles running around rampant, players crouching around corners with rockets, and the sniper became even more op then I ever anticipated. In my game of hemorrhage I grabbed both the NR and DMR and preceded to hang out on the side of the map picking off spawners as they helplessly threw grenades and tickled me with pistols. There were plenty of moments of players hopelessly sprinting to the vehicles praying for me to miss my shots before they can enter. They couldn't shoot back at me at all, even if they were going for the rifles by the time they got to them I had 4 shots in them already. It was a massacre... I can not imagine how broken this will be with a competent team, it's baffling how this got into matchmaking. However there was a sort of "perverse" enjoyment of killing players unable to fight back, it was equivalent to shooting grunts in campaign. But that gets old super quick and even quicker for the ones on the grunt side of the engagement. Part of me wants to roll in this playlist with a solid team but then again I'm afraid of giving 343 the impression of players being interested in this type of gameplay.
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    DMR Single shot 4sk 1sec perfect TTK Projectile 2x zoom 16 bullet magazine H3 level reticle friction and bullet redirection (against the H2 strafe)
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    I don’t know what’s more annoying: The Great Wall of IcePrincess posts, or the single blue heart rep under her posts that is always from Beast.
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    When I buy a game it's usually for the multiplayer, and when I buy a game for the multiplayer it's either because I've heard really good things about it, or I have friends urging me to pick it up. The last time I kind of rolled the dice on a brand new franchise was for Overwatch, and years later I'm pushing something like 1,200 hours on the game. The last game I bought for MP was Modern Warfare because I was a huge fan of CoD4, and just old school CoD in general. I ended up hating the game, I doubt I even have a day of gameplay on it, and I consider that money to have been kind of wasted, because even the campaign was a letdown. I guess I'm not a try it and move on kind of person, I like to get involved with things and stick with them if I enjoy it. And maybe to a fault I suppose, considering I'm posting on a Halo forum in 2020.
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    I'll restoke the conversation I love slayer, and I think the gametype works excellently so long as the core mechanics of the game carry enough depth. I look at additional objective modes as a necessary evil for shallow games that wouldn't work without them. I'd use pro COD as a reference point to show how exclusively kill based modes just don't work inside that envelope, whereas Quake or CE can live fine without them. Also player count plays a large role in determining what works best here. A 32 vs 32 kill based mode would be silly, there's no focus there. Objective gives it direction. I think conversely the lower the player count dips the less objective makes sense, and I've struggled to think of enticing 2v2 objective modes for years now. 3v3 probably marks the turning point between kill based or objective based just thinking about it from a mathematical perspective.
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    Well, GarishGoblin did the HCE legendary under 1:10:00...didnt know where to post it but it doesnt matter, this should be in every thread.
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    I like reading multilockons posts but holy fuck I hope you enjoy writing this shit up and entertaining these dolts. arlong. The masses do not know what they want. People will claim to want sprint then get frustrated at it once the game is out. Or enjoy it but then never play past week 2. oldschool runescape is a game released to appease the masses. The masses got to vote on content released for the game. If 75% doesnt like it, doesnt get put into the game. The population went from 50k to 10k in 4months on release because everyone voted away any changes to the game. Eventually the masses left and the remaining fanbase voted in content and the population went from 10k to 100k, slowly over time. Even to this day people vote in content that gets removed later because they realize they dont want it. 100k is either #2 or #3 for mmos and would be ranked in top 10 on steam. 10k? Well i guess its better than halo5 and reach lmao i forgot we got our own halo examples. One of the most common complaints for mcc was map voting existing. Now one of the most common complaints is map voting not existing. 1 year ago people were complaining about AR starts being in mcc and now people want them back. social media does not dictate what the masses actually want and remembered something about oldschool runescape. Twitter and reddit wants pvp removed from the game and just have pve yet pvp makes up like 90% of watched content on twitch and youtube lmao
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    Jesus... 343 caved in a matter of weeks. Mine while we’ve been complaining about sprint for more then a decade and we get crumbs.
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    I can dig it. Purpose building is always great for the quality of design but Halo has usually lived on the opposite end of the spectrum where every map plays every gametype and has some flexibility in player count (Turf in H2 was in the 1v1 playlist and the BTB playlist). You sacrifice some quality for quantity. Opposite end of the spectrum is OW where every map works for a single gametype and that's it. There's value to both, and I think it really depends how efficient your development team is at creating. 343 is not efficient.
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    Magnum 8sk 7 shot magazine Halo 2 shotgun pellet levels of spread Halo 2 PP levels of bullet magnetism... 50% of the time When reloading, you throw your magazine like a throwing knife that kills instantly Delete all other weapons except the AR, which will have a 600 shot magazine, double the spread of Magnum, but double the ROF (of the CE AR). Also, it aims itself. In case someone ads a DMR to the game, turn the Magnum into a sniper rapid fire aimbot that instantly kills DMR users before reverting back to normal. Can be charged to fire the pre-patch H4 boltshot shotgun blast.
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    Imagine having an opinion and questioning the information that would go against what you believe, being provided the information, then still claiming it's never happened because you don't have the time to read or watch what was given to you. Regardless of whether or not you want, or have the time, to watch everything is irrelevant. You were provided with facts that went against your opinion, so stop claiming it's never happened.
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    I know far more people who stopped playing Halo because of sprint than I know people who started playing Halo because of sprint. Anecdotal? Yes. But the sales and population stats of the recent games don't really bear out this idea that sprint is a "make or break" feature. The maps just need to be designed well so that people don't feel like it's taking forever to get into action.
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    Lol @ the grappling hook idea. After Doom, Titanfall and cod, of course 343 would want to copy it. No doubt it'll be copied shittily as well. What an utterly uninspired developer.
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    If H5 is their idea of roots, then the whole sickly tree can topple for all I care.
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    Absolutely none of that video means anything. Empty words.
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