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    I would much rather see 10 100,000 tournaments over 1 1 million dollar tournament.
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    hey guys i started doing this cause i'll think it helps grow and also a lot of ppl are busy and miss out on a lot of the things that happen on twitch. :P
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    Excited and nervous to cast Halo again. Should be fun
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    Anyone found to be using my face as a means of reaction will be automatically invoiced for 13,000 beyond (bYd) coins for toxic brand infringement.
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    I'm gonna make a post that will possibly rub some people the wrong way but will also contribute to the toxic, circlejerk forum mentality that the HaterZ like to say we cultivate and foster Watching Instinct/Reciprocity last night - Pistola's attitude is horrendous. I think we all understand how horrendous Halo 3 online can be, especially in MCC. But last night after they lost to Tox and were not knocked out of the UGC qualifier, he went on a rant about how badly he plays online and despite that he's won multiple events and multiple event MVPs despite his online performances - which I will not dispute, nor will anyone - he is absolutely correct. He is one of the best Halo players of all time, especially in Halo 3 he is incredible. But that should not be an excuse to be playing Fortnite when your other 3 teammates are playing. If I were Lunchbox, Roy, or Snipedown - I would personally be pissed. But there have been multiple times where Lunchbox, Roy, and Snipedown have been playing the Hardcore playlist as a team of 3 and Pistola is nowhere to be found - at times they've said he's been playing Fortnite during that time, he's sleeping, or just simply something else other than getting on and playing with his team. The team finally gets together for these qualifiers and has been first rounded, or has lost 2-0 leads in a BO5 such as they did last night. There's a reason players such as Tusk, NYSea, even Shele - granted it's online thus far, have gotten their names out there for their performances so far in MCC. These guys are grinding - either in the playlist or with their teams during these qualifiers, and they are now becoming known because of it. This reminds me of the transition from Halo 3 to Halo Reach - when players like Lethul (who started to become more well known in 2010 during Halo 3) grinded and had practice on LAN going into the opener, got 2nd place as a result, and then went on to win an event during that same season because of the work he put into the game when his opportunity presented itself. There's the famous quote “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity." If you aren't willing to take the time to play with your team, for a team game that requires incredible amounts of teamwork to be successful, do not complain when you are losing to those who are working harder than you are. I would love to be proven wrong come the UGC event - but the trend so far is not one that is doing Instinct/Reciprocity any favors.
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    I made a montage/promo for this weekend. Can’t wait for these games to kick-off. https://twitter.com/hcs/status/1083544271737696256?s=21
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    Now its a real halo tournament.
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    Not sure why anyone is wasting time updating the website when MCC matchmaking STILL does not have playable brutes.
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    simms's face when he figures out the actual value of his beyond coins
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    Hope that sprint isn't in Infinite so it's a non issue.
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    Cursed Lemon

    Halo Infinite Discussion

    Seriously. There are really only two exceptions you can make to an in-game design choice: 1) It's broken and/or conflicts with the design philosophy of the rest of the game 2) It's not the style you'd prefer In the case of #2, it's kind of a "play a different game" deal in all honesty, and I'm pretty sure that's what this falls under. It is complicated, of course, by the fact that every Halo game after CE has had major things wrong with it competitively speaking, and a lot of the power items are in fact OP for various reasons, not the least of which is that our utility weapons have been pathetic for 14 years running. Regardless, there isn't anything conceptually or pragmatically wrong with the idea of power items on map because we do have an example of a Halo game (nevermind every other arena game in existence) in which the system functions as intended; as has been said previously, camo and rockets are the two big things in CE, and even when that game is pushed to the bleeding edge it fails to break down. From a more theory-based perspective, we've all railed against the idea of both rewarding players who are winning (e.g. kill streaks) as well as rewarding players who are losing (e.g. death streaks), but primarily because those things have both included an element of randomness (from the player and opponent perspectives) as well as not being an element that is actively fought over on the map. The reality is that if power items are considered to be "circumstantial", then that logic could also very easily apply to objective gametypes; a power item is, after all, an objective. You could reduce all of this talk of circumstantial gameplay down to the idea that the only fair gametype in existence is Octagon - no power items, no power positions, simple spawn system, no gains gotten through defeating your enemy, etc. I don't accept that principle, there is no competitive game in existence involving a mutual playing environment between opponents that doesn't involve some kind of benefit gained from defeating your opponent in mid-game instances. Even beyond that, it literally does not matter as long as the game functions properly, which CE does.
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    Cursed Lemon

    Halo Infinite Discussion

    The community didn't put radar in tournaments.
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    New HCS Invitational announced for Austin, Texas, March 15-17. Top 6 teams from UGC STL will be flown out. Also announced that H3 will be played at Dreamhack Dallas at the end of May.
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    Merry Christmas to my fellow Halo fans...I wish that Classic Halo will have a great 2019 with the HCS Grassroots and that Beyond will continue to be the goto place for Halo esport.
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    Glad to be back running audio again!
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    Just arrived at the venue. It’s legit, boys. I can’t wait for this. Did I mention I’m casting H1 with Walshy and Ghandi? <3
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    Gotta let these TO’s grow my man. The grassroots program is going to set Halo up for the long term and limiting everything to the Halo channel is not the answer. Also, they see no profit from that channel and before anyone says “we’ll just give them whatever profit they gained during that time period” just know it’s not that easy. MS probably has a broader deal with Twitch and a corporate entity giving money to a smaller company is a headache in legal crap. We all need to spread the news like crazy and support the crap out of UGC because they’re paying out of pocket for this. I’m saving my Prime Sub for them for example.
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    Happy whatever to whoever celebrated whatever.
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    this is shele on his alt, lol. he's teaming with aries, str8sick and commonly. this is the content ive been waiting for! i'm keeping my eyes out on this kid
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    Matched up with who I assumed was @Knighty Knight. I was wrong.

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