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    Lol "reassurance". A PR tweet from Frank O'Connor in 2019 is about as reassuring as hearing a knock on your kitchen window at 2 in the morning.
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    Steam refunds or not, MCC was the most broken game ever released when it originally came out on the Xbox One. You couldn't even walk in a straight line in Halo 3. Every game started 3vs4, 6vs2, etc,. you couldn't even aim at someone in Halo 1. Your reticle would push away from people like two magnets being pushed together. Literally couldn't even walk or shoot in 2/4 games. Very little support the next months and while the game was still in shambles, 343 went radio silent for 2 years. Didn't even mention MCC for 2 years. Hell, Halo 1 is still a completely broken mess. Why on earth would anyone preorder or prepurchase a game with no tangible benefits, let alone prepurchase a game from 343 who slapped the whole community in the face last time. All the lies, beating around the bush, silence, etc...for years. The only thing you realistically do prepurchasing MCC is give 343 an interest free loan. No early download, no in game rewards, nothing. You play the game at the exact same time as everyone else. Normally, I wouldn't judge other people or be an "elitist" about these things, but knowing nearly 99% of the Halo community has forgotten how badly MCC was handled is a shame. One of the most disrespectful things I've ever seen from a company, tbh. And now it seems like a lot of people are giving 343 money before they can even play/download the game. I really don't care enough to go get all the videos, lies, posts, and pictures of just how broken MCC was and for how long 343 went between mentioning the games. Hopefully some people haven't forgot. It was shocking at the time.
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    We really have hit a bad run when people are yearning for the good ole days of Halo Reach.
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    What's more likely to happen, 343 not fucking up Reach or changing Ice's opinion on anything regarding any Halo topic
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    It launched in November, and the big patch came out in like April. Bullshit no one noticed. That game was a fucking travesty when it came out. Y’all must not remember November 04. Anyone that played H1 MP even a moderate amount was upset with how the game changed so drastically. There was a lot of discontent. The reason that period isn’t remembered that way was because those people were severely outnumbered by campaign kids, BG CTF kids that played MP twice in their life, and kids brand new to the series that were drawn in by the unprecedented hype for H2. But make no mistake, H2 sucked shit when it launched, both from a balance standpoint AND a settings standpoint. It’s fondly remembered now because they saved the game with a massive patch 6 months after release.
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    Petition for My Namez BEAST to be renamed to "Upvotes every IcePrincess post within seconds"
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    H2C has worse registration issues than H3 does on MCC. I shudder to think what those tournaments would look like. Also, we only got a single NBNS tournament out of Reach (I don't count AGL), and it was quite possibly the best tournament of all time. Those settings deserve another run.
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    I like reading long posts - if they have to offer anything that's interesting that is.
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    Reach launching with mouse aiming being bad is already a dumpster fire. If there are essentially issues outside of that (crashes, people getting kicked by anitcheat for being good, severe frame drops), it just compounds how bad it is. The approach of "waiting till it's ready" obviously meant "wait till it's ready, unless we miss the holidays" Also Halo 2 story was better than Halo 4 or 5's
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    For those interested, I made another highlight vid of this event for Paradise Halo. Enjoy!
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    A game that's actually fun and feels like Halo probably wouldn't hurt either.
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    I just want to run around and BR in this armor Imagine it... You're on the 7th Midship remake, colors are on point, geometry is on point, BR is on point... You're in the heat of battle! Beads of sweat dripping down your face and onto your input device of choice, you can feel it. You have this fight in your pocket!
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    Halo 2 was so hated that it stayed #1 on XBL from the day it came out until the day the servers were shut down. So hated that it started the golden era of MLG ten years before most people could even spell eSports. So hated that people cried for a remake for ten years and when they got delivered a turd still liked it better than the two mainline games that came before and the one after. Yes H2 was terrible but you millenials wouldn't understand.
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    I do remember that being literally the only time a Halo dev has ever attempted discourse at length on this forum or with this specific community, so I guess a tiny amount of credit there to Josh, but it's pretty well neutralized for not having the contextual wherewithal to realize you shouldn't tell a community of competitive Halo players that you're stylizing the gameplay according to lore and trend-chasing instead of what's best for the game.
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    Speaking of 180° character arcs, look at at this old-ass post I stumbled upon recently: First off I don't get how this relates to you liking the flagnum lol. What do power weapons have to do with that? Secondly, are you saying you don't like power weapons or power ups at all? You do understand their necessity in Halo right?
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    Was talking to one of my friends about other games and ended up pointing out that every time game reveals come out and the devs spend most/all of their time discussing the new technology/ai/whatever being implemented in games its basically a load of bullshit thrown in there because they have a lack of gameplay to speak on or its a result of devs being so disconnected from the player that they think it matters to them. I couldn't help but think of Infinite after I said it. Its a pro tip though when listening to any game reveal to just completely ignore or disregard anything mentioned in that vein because new tech means nothing for the end user and how its implemented is everything. So until they show you what they did with it you shouldn't be excited about or care about anything they say regarding possibilities or upgraded engines etc. People get hyped for nothing every time game reveals pull this shit and its never as cool as they make it sound.
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    The thing about Multi posts is that I'm still enticed to read them past the first 3 sentences even if I think what he's saying is stupid.
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    Sure grey on grey maps are not ideal but at least the visibility is good and you can see red/blue spartans - in Halo 5 the maps are so cluttered with details and bright light effects that I can barely see the plastic spartans sprinting around.
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    lol @ Halo 5 not being a "rough launch"
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