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    hey bitches its been a while.. I'm trimming the map now so i'm getting there but. maybe end of jan or earlier.
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    From the event: I think the list I got was: Ryanoob Pistola Goofy Clutch Chig Formal PTizyPe Goldenboy Sudds Ace Dersky Snipedown Frosty Nick Ogre2 Lunchbox Flamesword Blaze Puckett APG Lethul Frag Burton Prolific Maniac Walshy Lucid Snakebite Royal 1 Elamite Warrior Bravo Trippy Spartan Heinz Hysteria Str8Sick Rayne Towey And all of c9 along the bottom
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    If you overlay the Infinite steamcharts peak population with Halo 4's infamous population decline chart and scale both Y axes so the max is their peak population you get some interesting results (green is Sprintfinite, yellow is H4): Keep in mind tho that Halo 4 is November '12 to March '13. Infinite has been out roughly two months,so 343 managed to release a game that died twice as fast as their previous record. And this is with the staggered campaign release, Jesus. 500 million dollars for what?
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    The irony of 343 designing the game to discourage social interaction as much as possible yet making it difficult as fuck to mute teammates when they are being obnoxious is hilarious to me.
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    I made this in like 2008. Maybe it's time for an update.
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    I hate myself for it, but I'm loving watching Infinite burn and die. Fuck you 343, you spineless halfwits.
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    I just like how people try to slide in the argument that Halo 3 had no competition. I mean the only games that released just before or during H3 were, like, CoD4, WaW, MW2, Bioshock, TF2, Assassin's Creed, GTA4, WoW:TBC, Left 4 Dead, WoW:Wotlk, BF Bad Company 1 & 2, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends... wait shit I'm just listing off some of the most popular games of all time Oh and the pool of gamers available in 2007-2010 was much smaller than it is in 2021 so not hitting the Halo 3 peak numbers is actually more than just simple failure if you want to compare yourself to games like that. They're doing less with a wider reach there is no way to swing that in a positive light and I personally don't even care about population as long as I can play
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    Yes, and some people were clowning on him in the replies. He didn't take it well.
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    So, about that "brand new engine" that was supposed to make adding in content a breeze...
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    Clearly they removed the extermination medal because it's functionally impossible to get one in Infinite.
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    Video title: "INFINITE POPULATION DROP?!?!? WHY ARE PEOPLE LEAVING?!" Video content: "They aren't, everything's fine." I love modern content creation.
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    78% of the players that finished in the top 8 of HCS Raleigh never competed in H3. 65% of them started in H5 or later.
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    Beyond needs a clown emote reaction
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    Wrote a script for a short Infinite video. As of right now I have no idea if I'll make it, so here's an excerpt that happens to pertain to the current topic "In part 2 of my Perfect Halo series I explain how Halo needs 3 things. Simplicity, so that anyone can pick it up and understand it, limitation, so that creativity can be employed to overcome that limitation, and finally difficulty, so that we have things to get better at. Infinite has the first two, not as well as I’d like, but it does. However, it entirely lacks difficulty, and when boiled down, that's the problem with Halo Infinite. The Halo youtubers can talk all day about the microtransactions, the broken progression system, or the lack of content. Nevertheless, game design, and more specifically gameplay design, regarding the health of a game, trumps all. A game does not need a good progression system to live, and there are many games which prove as much. At the same rate, a good battle pass on its own cannot sustain a game. Oddly enough, only gameplay creates true progression. That powerful sense of meaning which comes from improving and personally influencing the outcome is what sustains a player's interest in a multiplayer game. That’s why it’s dumbfounding to think about hackers. They take the one thing about games which are fun, and cheat it. Naturally, that makes us wonder, why would anyone play at that point? Take that same thought process about cheaters, keep it in mind, and now turn your attention to the undemanding utility weapon of Halo Infinite, the BR. This go around our beloved battle rifle is effectively hitscan, has resetting recoil, (which on a burst weapon makes it easier than no recoil because your last shot hits the head even if you aim at center mass), and finally, it boasts such ridiculous levels of reticle friction that the best strategy for getting perfects is disciplining yourself to let go of your right thumbstick so that the game can take the wheel. Now, come back around and ask yourself the same question cheaters inspire of us, but first, remember, our personal impact on the outcome of a game with our skill is the keynote of why games are fun and worth playing, therefore cheating confuses us. Hackers leapfrog that incentive with cheats, which automates the fun part, our volition, our personal advancement as players. So, finally, it follows to ask, where is that incentive in Halo Infinite? A game in which everyone is the hacker, where the aimbot is built right in with weapon tuning. Now, it may sound like I’m trying to convince you not to like the game, but I'm not. The problem here is that I think everyone already asks themselves that question unconsciously when they play, which may be why nearly everyone I talk to about Infinite quickly became bored with the game after trying it. Cheating will make playing any game feel futile, and we have that same sense, albeit to a lesser degree, about games that automate the areas where skill and volition would otherwise emerge and fuel our interest, like aiming. So, why? Why do designers take this path? Because it "feels" good. I'd bet that if any of us loaded up Apex with an aim toggle and proceeded to headshot everyone from across the map, it would be wickedly fun. Oh, it'd become a hollow shell of an experience in no time after that, but it would be fun at first, and that's what an easy utility weapon does to all of us who play Halo, and that's probably why Mint Blitz is already back to Halo 3 (show tweet). All in all, Infinite is heading in the right direction but as a result of these poor tuning decisions, the "point" of the game is diminished, and player retention has already suffered from it. If designers choose instant gratification over meaning, that’s the price you pay, and that’s really what this is all about. The mangler has all the makings of a genuinely good addition, with its slow projectile speed and a 3 shot perfect kill. Only problem is that the friction in medium to close range is tuned so highly that you couldn’t unstick your reticle from the opponent if you tried. 343 is attempting to make something that is instantly satisfying, something that "feels" good but masquerades as a skillful weapon... and it works! That is, until you naturally and unconsciously discern how meaningless this porn-like experience is, and just like the cheater, you wonder why you play at all."
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    His first comparison was to the MCC, where there was a 75% decline in the first month! Gasp! That must mean Infinite is better, because it only lost 50% of it's players. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the MCC was literally unplayable.
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    Really wish we had a fully functioning API so the TO -and- third party sites could get full stats from the event at the drop of a hat. I don't give a fuck about a player's KDA. Show me some stats that matter. Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, derivatives of those: Damage Dealt per Death - How much pressure a player is generally exerting while alive. Damage Dealt per Minute - How much pressure a player is generally exerting while the game is going. A player can have high Dam/D but low Dam/Min if they're not really holding good angles or playing passively. Damage Taken per Death - How well a player stays alive when being shot vs how often they die in a clean kill. Damage Dealt per Damage Taken - How often a player is dealing damage while they have the advantage in an engagement and/or how often a player is trading damage. A high Dam/Min combined with an even Dam/Taken means a player is out in the open a lot, but a player with a high Dam Dealt per Dam Taken is either getting good angles or making sure they don't fight at disadvantages often.
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    "Commando feels amazing!" Me with the AR:
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    I don't know, I kind of wish I didn't know any better. Modern gaming is only painful because we know how much better it could be.
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    I stand by my statement that most people have no idea why, despite the gameplay being "good", they don't want to play the game. Because the guns SUCK.
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    Half the name changes to stuff just reeks of political correctness. SWAT? As in police shooting people? We can't have that. Suicide? Might offend someone. Don't want people thinking about suicide while playing a literal murder simulator. It's Back Smack now, Assassination is too aggressive and has negative implications. Extermination? Need I say why that one might have been removed? Etc, etc. Have a fucking spine, 343.
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    How can you talk for 10 minutes and ignore the elephant in the room: This game has like 6 maps and no modes with the only light at the end of the tunnel beign season 2 that was already delayed to May 2022.
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    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Halo 3 looks better than Infinite, especially when you consider the game was released in 2007. There is not a single game from 2007 that holds up as well visually speaking as Halo 3. Don’t get me wrong, I think Infinite is a decent-looking game, but when you consider it’s a 2021 game on next-Gen and PC hardware, it’s very underwhelming. The fact we’re even still discussing Halo 3’s visual aesthetic is a testament to just how ahead of its time that game was. I don’t think we’ll be saying the same about Infinite fourteen years after its release.
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    Good morning, everyone! I figured I make something to celebrate Infinite's Christmas bump! It's hard to find so I have Santa pointing it out for you!
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    never say never, there's 2 sides to this (and yes I know NFTs aren't for everyone and that's totally fine but it doesn't change me as a person, my love of casting or my love of halo esports overall) first side is that i now have a discord of around 40,000 and a customer base of over 3700 that i have to dedicate the next few months to, the new start-up me and my partners setup is doing very well and i have a duty of care to those clients. (90% the main reason, i just dont currently have the time sadly) second side, (and there is zero animosity here) i wasn't too comfortable with having to start again with a new casting partners(s), 343 wanted to make some adjustments and caster changes for the year which is 100% fine, people (including myself) where becoming stale in H5 and it needed to happen but the setup felt like a step back for me personally, id rather take a step back for now and see what the future holds. that said, if any opportunities to work with T2/Elam/Puckett arise, you can consider me there/in (i am keeping up to date with the scene and still trying to be as involved as i can)
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    I feel so bad for kids growing up in the 343 era of Halo. In this era of gaming in general.
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    Actually same. There are a few things gameplay wise that would improve the game so fucking much. 1. Buff BR/CMDO. (Remove recoil & make it projectile would be my preferred way) 2. Remove clamber & increase jump height to comp. OR make clamber so fast it doesn't matter. 3. Remove Sprint. (Add a momentum-based slide mechanic if need be) 4. Yeet the current melee system. (Almost anything else would be better, but we all know what would be preferred) There are others, but these should be simple enough. I'd love to be able to test custom settings but 343 doesn't have the technology yet.
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    This was one of your more subtle statements, but to date I think the dumbest thing you've ever said. The silent majority are people that play games but don't care enough to give feedback. It is not a personality trait. Most people have more important or interesting things to do than give feedback to a game they play every now and then. If anything the silent majority are the smart ones that get exactly what they want; If they like the game, they play it and enjoy it without discourse. If they don't like it they stop playing it and don't have to engage in discourse regarding how bad it is.
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    The gameplay is turbo fucked. Fixing any issues won't fix the core. You think people are going to get excited to load up Bazaar CTF for the 1000th time in 4 months from now? If you played this game once, you've played it 1000 times. No variance, no depth, no difference between each time you play whatever map. Classic Halo 2-3 was cool when it was all people knew and Bungie was actually pushing the limits with features and everything was still relatively new, but it's just bad now. How anyone can want or enjoy another 10 years of H2A with sprint and clamber is beyond me. Shoot BR, die, spawn, shoot br, ad infinitum. Fix the netcode, fix issues, cool, shit still sucks.
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    The people who play halo for a week and then go back to CoD ARE the masses, the population numbers don't lie. If r/halo was representative of the masses, Halo's population would be higher than CoD, CS, Valorant. I wonder how much positive social media content around CS pops up in your feed. None? And yet CS has a higher population than Halo? Take some time to process that.
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    Competitive Halo has been running on positional skill ever since H2 dropped. You can't go on a tear by yourself off spawn. The good news is that position play is a skill that never diminishes no matter WHAT the game looks like. The bad news is that it's the only skill on display right now, when we could be seeing downright artistic shooting skill but NOOOOPE gotta listen to those Redditors tell us that the TTK in Infinite is too fast.
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    Halo Infinite's population and popularity
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    My dream Halo: Movement/Maps of Halo 2 Weapons of Halo 1 Art of Halo 3 UI of Halo Reach
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    Well no, once again you've come up with a simple solution to a complex problem and dismissed any further discussion. I know you hate long posts, but this post is long because I am taking you and your perspective seriously. I want to offer some discourse and further discussion to the topic you brought up. With the "silent majority", it comes down to two things: 1) Most people don't learn how to take or give constructive criticism. We all know people can be sensitive about taking criticism but a far, far more important issue is most people have no fucking clue how to give criticism. If someone tweets "Halo Infinite is shit." it is literally useless information. Asinine, useless crap. It doesn't matter if it gets 15 million retweets. It's useless. There is an interview with Gordon Ramsay where the interviewer asks "Why do you hate food critics so much" and he replies with "It's not all, but some of them are useless. One reviewer called my food "worse than toxic waste from a nuclear plant". I snappy line yes, but totally useless to me. There was no description as to why it was toxic sludge, no "it was overcooked" or "it wasn't seasoned well enough". Just a useless line I can't use as feedback." I quote this because it's so accurate. People are more interested in positive feedback loops (likes/upvotes/snappy headlines) than actual feedback. Some people on this forum have posted specifically why Infinite doesn't feel good: player agency/aiming/precision weapons being underpowered/easy autos being overpowered/maps being unusually scaled or bad/whatever. The posts are made from a place of passion and nuance, of wanting to share specificity with like-minded people. But people here know it's not going to be taken seriously by anyone who can make change. We know we can't make change, so we have chosen to value discussion instead. You won't see that on reddit where they've been curated to think HALO GOOD and everything that is against that is EVIL AND SHOULD BE DOWNVOTED, even if it is to the detriment of Halo. They have no idea how to give feedback. Not knowing how to give feedback has lead to a bandwagon culture where people who don't like something latch onto oversimplified memes mocking the thing without having anything of value to add themselves. This is waters down the quality of feedback to the point where developers ignore it. 2) Leaving feedback takes effort. Not much effort for some, a lot of effort for others. If you play a game, don't enjoy it (hell, even if you do enjoy it!) is there an incentive, on any level, to give feedback? No. If you don't like something specifically designed to be a leisure activity why not just I don't know... stop playing it? Why go through the hassle of making an account somewhere, analyzing what went wrong, amalgamating your thoughts and then posting them somewhere. Where do you post? Will the people who can make changes listen? Are you talking to the developers or to the community? Are you posting to vent or to ask for feedback? That's a lot of effort for a game that you didn't like. This furthers the bandwagon culture where it's easy to think "This mocks the thing I don't like so I will upvote". AAA Developers run off data anyway, not feedback. You think they give a shit if any of us here post 200+ pages of Infinite feedback? No, they'll just read the results of the surveys they send out. They'll look at matchmaking data. They won't read feedback. Most gamers know this, further adding to the effort of providing feedback. TLDR: Most people don't want to put the effort into providing feedback and if they do they don't know how to give feedback that's worth anything. Separately, I feel the need to break down the logic in your post: It is impossible to look for something perfect and not care. If you don't care about the games you play, then why would you care about the games you play being perfect?
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    Sprint, clamber, and a merry-go-round of design philosophy that ultimately leads to a bleeding player count and a disappointed fanbase.
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    I think we keep shooting ourselves in the foot when we call it 'low TTK' and expect the greater Halo fandom to understand what it means. They need the whole lecture on the difference between low perfect killtime and low average killtime. The CE magnum rarely actually kills in 3 shots for the 0.6s kill, and this increases with distance. They think it always does, or think we always want it to, but it's usually between 4 and 6 shots to take down a moving, wary player that's actively fighting back. Usually well over a second as well, just because of bullet travel time. The average killtime of the CE magnum is honestly not faster than the BR. 0.6 seconds is like, when you point it right in someone's face and hold down the trigger while they stand still.
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    Halo already has a form of shot pacing with battery operated weapons. Reticle bloom is redundant and uninteresting.
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