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    343i have decided to build the fanbase from the ground up as well as the engine.
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    I'm gonna bookmark this post to add to my collection of pre-launch / pre-update hopes for every 343 Halo.
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    Sad when a lot of the apologists can only pat 343i on the back because they can play campaign then wait for the next game.
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    This is the worst take I've seen in a while. You're choosing to disregard what is quite literally, the most important thing you could ever strive for. If you cut all diversity, or interesting traits, varying ranges, from a weapon sandbox - it would still work provided the tuning of the difficulty is fine. Case in point, Halo 2/3 with only the BR is more fun than most other games on the market. You screw up the skill in shooting you've just dumped your game in the trashcan, ie. Halo 2 Anniversary, aka. the Halo game that is great on paper but basically plays itself because everything has magnetism up the whazoo. People sat there and played Octagon for years. Just like people run boxes in Gears of War with only the gnasher. Just like the fact that Halo 3 MLG existed despite being basically BR Snipe Rocket. You know what didn't hold people? Halo 5, with its 30 weapon sandbox. We could make even more parallels to fighting games here. Melee is still the most successful fighting game of all time, and it's ~10 viable characters is more viably done than Smash Ultimate's 60+ roster. I don't care how much diversity is there, if it's stupid. Gimme a solid foundation (in this case, difficulty of shooting), then worry about adding shit.
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    Imagine if they released a Bungie style Vidoc called "Return to form" and the first thing they talk about is the removal of sprint.
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    May 2020. MCC is still broken and still no sign of Infinite gameplay. Lmao.
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    The lack of raw mouse input is a fucking joke, and makes me not even want to bother trying to use a mouse because it just feels terrible. Especially after going between other FPS games.
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    Yes I can. And will. The Magnum is the only gun they did right. The only gun. And even that one gun is still ridiculous.
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    343 would put sprint and clamber in Counter Strike.
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    Halo 2 on PC starts one week from today
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    I’m gonna print out this comment and wipe my ass with it.
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    Maps are intentionally designed to move players in certain ways. Clamber ruins old maps and makes scaling for new ones an extreme annoyance. You don't need the game to hold your hand for poor decisions (AKA you deserved to fall off Lockout all those times). Accidental suicides are just one example as it also severely devalues all types of trick and crouch jumps. It may not initially seem that big of a deal, but all things considered Clamber is basically just vertical Sprint.
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    At this point, how can you not just point and laugh at anyone who defends 343?
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    I can't find more info myself, although I've been trying to figure it out because less than a week before it all went down I was DM'ing the owner in hopes of joining them as a writer. This is all that I've been able to gather and my take, hope someone else can fill in the details: Mantra tweets out a $200 montage contest to honor Little Richard Legendary Halo 2 speedrunner Mr. Monopoli releases a montage of him making Mantra owner KX2 rage quit and complain about Monopoli's connection Monopoli notices that he cannot enter the montage to the competition because the tweet is deleted One day before this, Manta had tweeted out an image of the word "TRUTH" about how they honored their competitions and always paid out I can attest to this is false, I remember following some people on Twitter and Twitch as eligibility for a contest they tweeted out and not being able to find the tweet after a couple of days Within ten hours or so of Monopoli tweeting about the deleted contest, Spartan announces that his team is looking for a new sponsor, MintBlitz and UberNick announce their departure. Vetoed and the rest of the content team proceed to announces separation with Mantra over the next couple of days Around the same time, people tweet screenshots of KX2 BM'ing them as well and reports come out that various people have been blocked by Mantra on Twitter for seemingly no reason or minor reasons According to Monopli, via his stream, he said that after his tweet others came out about not being paid and about KX2 being a scammer. Something about how he made money off of people by claiming to be a prophet who knew the word of God or something about religious scamming. I haven't been able to find any publicly recorded accusations Since then, the Mantra Esports Twitter account has been deleted. People have expressed uneasiness with the internals of the organization, but I haven't seen any specifics given. My interaction with KX2 was pretty brief on Twitter, I was given his name and Twitter handle when I was asking around about if Mantra would want to pick up a writer after I noticed that they had a blog section on their website that was empty. I was told someone would mention me to him but I never heard back, so I tweeted at him a month later asking if he would be interested in a writer. I addressed him formally in the tweet, using the provided surname, and he responded politely in a DM asking me to delete "the article I wrote" (it was just a short tweet) saying that the name I used wasn't his name. The proceeding conversation was polite and nothing noteworthy, but I did find it weird that someone in his org would have given me the wrong name and I would have to delete the tweet and that the org had deleted a contest tweet previously, so I didn't really push on trying to schedule a time to talk.
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    This line right here is why I despise having to play against controllers with AA. If Controllers can only win gunfights because of game tuning, then its not the player winning gunfights, its the game. Simple as that. You will never have a balance between M/kb or controller that feels fair at all levels of the game. You balance controller AA for the bottom end of the skill floor, top tier players are going to absolutely wipe the floor, as they'll have both solid mechanical aim + aim assist meant to help the thumbless. You balance it for the top tier players and the average player is never going to land a shot if they decide to use a controller. There is basically no feasible way to balance controller aim assist and still have it actually feel fair for either party. That's why input based MM should be the gold standard for any crossplay title. The only actual solution is to give players the option to never play the other input. That why controller users can opt out against M/kb if they feel it impacts their game and M/kb can opt out against controllers if they feel like it impacts their game.
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    1 $ 25,000 Team Mantra Ace • bubu dubu • Falcated • Spartan 2 $ 10,000 UNLLIMITED Eco • StelluR • TriPPPeY • Penguin 3 $ 6,000 Sentinels SnakeBite • aPG • Royal 2 • LethuL 4 $ 3,000 Nfinite Rayne • Reliable • King Nick • RyaNoob 5-6 $ 2,000 Incognito iGotUrPistola • Neptune • Renegade • Saiyan Lux Gaming Cratos • Danoxide • Str8 Sick • Suspector 7-8 $ 1,000 Mason City Minotaurs Aries • Munoz • Rammyy • Shele Falling Esports Commonly • Hysteria • Neighbor • Sabinater These are the teams that automatically get the top 8 seed. In order to hold it they have to retain 3/4s of the roster from DH Anaheim.
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    It doesn’t have to though. They could take the hardcore gametype settings, and then just add them to a few more maps and call that the ranked playlist. Maybe add some gametypes that didn’t make it into the circuit but are still pretty good (KotH, Assault, Ball on certain maps). Keep the variety of vanilla ranked, but cut out the cheesy shit like radar, equipment, and terrible settings. Then, when a tournament comes around, you can release a temporary practice playlist leading up to the tournament that has exact 1-1 settings. Delete the playlist at midnight the morning of the event. THEN, since it’s temporary and ties into an upcoming event, you can track the front runners and cover the race to 50 in blogs and on Twitter. They could showcase streams of the top players. That’s an easy way to both fix the playlist problem and generate hype in the upcoming tournament. The sheer visibility of it would help catch cheaters, too.
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    The entire mcc only team is under 20 people and they made 10million in reach sales alone. Thats literally enough salary for 100 devs. And then theres the initial sales of mcc 2014 and the sales of 1-4 for pc. The small team is printing money for microsoft that i hope they got a huge bonus. Im not saying the mcc needs 100 devs but if it could get more than 4 devs it would be fucking nice. Even if they just hired a few modders for consultation work. Thats an expense they can largely afford.
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    On a more optimistic note, it's 343i and not late-stage Bungie. Halo 5 was two orders of magnitude ahead of Halo 4. While they have a bad habit of horribly mismanaging their game, they can make something tolerable as far as base gameplay goes. It's not like the accelerating descent into utter shit from HCE to Reach. Even if Sprintfinite has some movement fuckery in it, I do feel that there's a solid chance that it'll be an overall upgrade from H5. 343i deserves to be panned for their incompetency with MCC moreso than what they do with their own titles, IMO
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    Yeah, but The 4 is currently in that second-most recent installment honeymoon period where people delude themselves into thinking it wasn't that bad.
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