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    There’s also the fact that, after 20 years and millions of copies sold, NOTHING plays like Halo. If there was, I would have moved on long ago.
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    Think you'd really benefit from this https://writingblueprints.com/p/writing-course-ages-6-10
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    inb4 this pacifies reddit and the part that matters(gameplay) is never looked at again.
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    What else would you expect from someone spending over 1k hours in individual Halo campaigns? Lol
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    Extended arguments with a kid that can’t even form coherent sentences, and clearly doesn’t even read/understand the replies. You are wasting your time. It’s like trying to convince the chimp at the zoo that steaks are better than bananas.
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    One of my favorite casts of all time. Hard Way is a dream co-caster
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    Over/under for misspelled words, wrong punctuation, and words used incorrectly in this upcoming response is set to 5. Place your bets.
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    You don't like stunning, you like power fantasy. Just like every other Halo redditor that thinks spawning with a 1 shot kill sniper is fun and only plays for like 15 minutes a week.
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    A burst fire weapon that is different in literally every game it's in...adds depth...because maps... And then you insult someone else's argument... You are grounded from the internet until you read two full books.
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    There will be more players on PC than the PS5 could dream of.
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    Preaching to the choir here but dude we gotta get rid of spawn sounds in CE Shit is mad annoying being radar'd from halfway across the map because your astros are turned up Yes I know the original game has them but its completely impractical to wear headphones on original when you're literally playing next to potentially 3 other people using speakers while a talking timer is going off lol.
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    Unrelated but I've isolated what made Halo CE flood so much more fun and a "fair challenge" to fight compared to their later iterations (especially Halo 2 flood). 1) Halo CE flood have a distinct aggression pattern where they will walk slowly towards while while firing at the player, followed by chasing the player in a straight line at a very high speed (slightly more than the player's BMS) and attempting to get in a hit (whilst still firing, albeit much less accurately or frequently). When fighting hordes of combat forms, some will immediately give pursuit while others stand back and fire. Instead of chasing the player directly, they will occasionally leap from a distance towards the player. 2) Halo CE flood can be consistently stunned by weapon fire. Any weapon that isn't the needler can stun them if you fire at them, leaving them effectively locked in place for roughly 0.8-1 seconds. After being stunned, they resume their behavior. 3) Halo CE's flood are far more "relatively" frail individually than their later counterparts. Basically every weapon in CE's sandbox (aside from the sniper rifle) is usable against them, but the meat and potatoes of the sandbox - the pistol and the shotgun are both particularly good against them on top of the former being able to exploit headshots. Effectively, this renders combat against them viable all the way from the end of mid-range (as opposed to Halo 2, where every single weapon sucks against flood but especially ranged weaponry). 4) Halo CE's level design and encounter design with respect to flood has 2 things in common for nearly every instance - large, repeatedly spawning waves of flood along with a general abundance of space to fight them in. There are a few exceptions, such as the corridors on Keyes or Pillar of Autumn but these still preserve the former trait. All of these combine to provide a gameplay loop that focuses on quick reaction time, target prioritization, evasion, maintaining offensive pressure, and not walking into a no man's land of sorts where you'll get swarmed from every direction. I think this should be the standard template for designing flood enemies in the future.
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    There is a monumental difference between a tenth of a second and 1.5 seconds. I'm not advocating for the latter and I'm definitely not advocating for the former. Half a second to a second is optimal to me, fast enough to empower an individual to take on multiple enemies but slow enough that people can react and kill their attacker. CE pistol wasn't necessarily who sees who first due to some skill required to use, nor was it a tenth of a second kill time as was suggested. If you want to kill people with the utility weapon in a tenth of a second, Halo is not the game for you. Chasing trends is a large part of why Halo is in the shit position it has been for the last decade.
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    The HCE thing is sad. Being completely honest, I blame Halo YTers for the way everyone thinks of MCC CE. They've basically been aware of all the multiplayer bugs and inconsistencies along with the campaign rendering/texture issues, but they've only ever given the latter any spotlight. This update's gonna come and go with nothing susbtantial accomplished, and the BTB fiesta afficionados on r/Halo are gonna pretend that MCC CE's been fixed. Halo YTers in general have been a horrible source of information for MCC bug fixes and overall game status, anyway. The tune they sang during 2017-2020 MCC was completely different to what people like Tommy Kost were. It's just fucking lore kids and BTB/campaign nerds.
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    Worse than quitter or AFKs are the griefers imo. I've recently been playing MCC a bit and it's much more common than I remember to have people constantly weakening you, or betraying until they get booted for whatever reason entertains them. I think the most frustrating part is that (at least on Steam) there's no way to directly report or avoid players from the in-game menu/scoreboard that I've found so far.
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    It's not taught anywhere except the military. That's why there's so many bad managers. Also the Peter Principle is a huge factor. I know at my work there is zero management or leadership tutorage, lessons or mentorship. None. And they wonder why the leadership is so poor. Most people take the leadership positions as a "promotion" and not because they actually want to lead.
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    Flare was removed bc it fucked up 2007 HDTV’s Radar Jammer was removed bc of the jumps it enabled. Neither piece of equipment had much support from the community. It was pretty much a “good riddance” situation. Makes me wish bubble shield emitted a blinding light and could be jumped off of too. That shit was way more disruptive to gameplay than fire nades, radar jammers or flares. The fact that they kept that in KotH, Ball, and Territories still blows my mind. At the very least they could have increased the respawn time, but nah. They’re bad at making settings, and their fanbase has zero discerning taste and accepts whatever they’re given like a baby bird getting fed. There is immense power in whatever the default settings are. No one will question them. So they better be good, or they’ll set a precedent and stick around forever.
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    I think it’s mediocre, but not bad. I’ve played far worse. It can get a little campy in Slayer, especially in 2v2 (it actually is terrible in 2v2), but I’ve played my fair share of sweaty Ghost Town games, and I don’t think it’s that bad. Faster powerup spawns and no radar would help tremendously. I actually genuinely enjoy it for KotH and Oddball. It’s okay for 1 Flag if it had sensible round limits and return times. Slayer on it is exactly average for what H3 offers imo. It certainly beats the hell out of Epilogue.
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    Bro, he highlighted exactly the change that needs to be made. You don't need to extrapolate that to the rest of the game. He was very specific. This isn't hard. We don't want to hear where people are just because they spawned. That's stupid. Regarding awareness through sound, I'm generally not in favor of it. I don't mind it for certain things, but I think the player should usually be able to prevent giving away info. I don't think footsteps should be audible in most instances, unless the player is very close or walking across a certain noisy surface. Loud footsteps punishes movement and rewards campy play. That seems pretty obvious to me. I don't mind hearing a player switching weapons and hearing that he has a shotgun, but I think that player should be able to melee to mask the sound of the weapon draw, at the cost of a longer draw time. Does that make sense? I think a player should be able to take extra care to protect his information. A good example of sound being detrimental to the game is when you're on the roof of a base on Battle Creek. It is WAY too easy to hear people moving around under you, and I think that level of info is bad for the game.
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    How are you still missing the point here? Everyone has acknowledged this fact. It is precisely because of this fact that 343 should tinker with the spawn sounds since the purpose of the MCC is supposedly to provide everyone with the same experience as the original game.
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    I'd love another Halo 3 in terms of feature completeness, otherwise, I can't wait to stop playing Halo 3.
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    Automatics that weren't designed to be weaker than the utility by a significant margin is what causes Halo to fall apart. There're only two Assault Rifles that meet this criteria; Combat Evolved and Reach. The latter game fell apart even more with the introduction to Bloom and Armor Abilities. The former had a strong and skillful gun to go alongside it, which made its role much more obvious. A sandbox that keeps the roles of its tools fixed and easy to understand creates a simple, yet deep, meta to discover and pour time into. Unfortunately, we don't get to experience that in our franchise anymore. Our main weapon has deteriorated into a tool that can kill a little faster than two seconds, that has nearly no difference to its fastest kill time and average kill time because of its ease, no matter which game you look at past the first Halo. That weapon should be brought back to its original foundation, and having a secondary automatic, that knows what it is, should be partnered with it. Statements that suggest otherwise are unknowledgeable in history, and those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. Study. Please.
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    Why is burst fire better than single shot? Burst fire allows you to sweep shoot, giving you an easier final headshot vs single shot. The H2 and H3 BRs have TTKs twice as long as the CE pistol, neutering your ability to be effective with just the BR. Why is a weaker utility good? The BR's avg TTKs in H2 and H3 are pretty much equal to their respective minimum TTKs (thanks to generous levels of aim assist and bullet magnetism) compared to the CE pistol where there's a gap between min and avg TTK. Why is it better to have a utility with no difference between min and avg TTK? The BR in H3 has maybe 1/3rd of the CE pistol's range. Check out the vid below where aiming directly at an idle player's head gives you a 9sk (should be a 4sk) where the CE pistol gives you a 3sk at the same range (about 33 seconds in): Why is it good to have a utility with such a low amount of range? The Halo 3 BR has a random, uncontrollable bullet spread - notice in the video below how the bullets randomly spread out as they hit green wall: Why is it good to have RNG determine where your bullets land? If the BR's rifle skin is the main benefit vs the pistol, why not just make BR single shot with all of the CE pistol's mechanics? 3sk, long range, projectile, etc...
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    CE would like to have a word with you. People also sleep on H5. I get that the competitive scene was kind of a meme for like 95% of the game's life, but it was a lot better than a good chunk would like to give credit for.
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    I'm not sure if it's trolling or a legitimate learning disability/brain damage. Either way, I don't want to read it.
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    There's no respected BR montage in Halo 3 either. Montages are 99% sniper and 1% using grenades to get easy cleanups and maybe 1 or 2 out BRs
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    You're projecting again, toast.
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    Reamis/Aphex Twin literally stop responding to one another you're not gonna change each other's minds (not that you even have to) and you both win once you stop The CE proselytization urge is strong but it's beyond futile and ultimately just comes off as dickishly abrasive to a lot of people that aren't invested in the debate. No matter how nicely you word it, it just sounds like "Fuck off your favorite game sucks and the wet shit my cat took matters more than your opinion" to most people who don't like / haven't played CE. If you want to remain a Halo "fan" in any meaningful measure, you really have to compromise on a lot of (admittedly terrible) gameplay choices. It wouldn't be ideal, but Infinite being a H3 clone with zero spread and an alright sandbox alone would be more than enough to satisfy me at this point. The alternate is moving on from Halo entirely, and the fact that I haven't played any other video game in the last 3-4 years makes it pretty tough for me to do that. As far as change goes, focus your efforts on meaningful and accomplishable goals. Even trying to get sprint out of a main Halo game seems like an impossibly distant goal now.
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    Good Halo does vehicle gameplay better than Battlefield, at least the infantry vs vehicles interactions. Yes the vehicles handle much better and have a decent learning curve, but they way they're balanced in BF is laughable in most games and it's kind of hilarious how vehicles vs infantry combat is supposed to be the flagship and main selling point of the franchise when it's designed like some 4 year old was handing out gadgets. Fuck stupid shit like spawning with lock-on launchers, brokenly overpowered jets with no counter besides other jets, repair tool spam in helis/boats/tanks, AC130 spawn traps, AA tanks camping in their base all game and "oh fuck" buttons like the active protection in BF4. Also it's kind of hilarious how the vehicle balance was at least decent in BF3/4 and they just said fuck it and went completely apeshit in BF1. Man that game was ass. I never played BFV so can't judge on that, but from what I've heard that game is a complete trainwreck anyways.
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    100% of the time crunch is poor leadership. 100% of the time. Reading about Halo 2's developement, it's Jason Jones's fault the crunch was so crippling. He was worn out and didn't delegate, leaving many decisions in vacuum.
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    Yeah I mean its proof (not that anyone really needed it) that good gameplay at the end of the day draws in more long term players than bad gameplay. Fun is timeless so its always funny when you see some jackass acting like the human population has evolved out of something that was enjoyable a few short years ago. If it isn't actively replaced by something better then entertainment lasts forever
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    Halo Infinite is going to have the cleanest transfer to classic compared to the last three games. A slowed down insta-sprint, a moderately high jump with clamber, and a dinky slide is what governs your capability of movement, instead of the absurd Armor or Spartan Ability options in the last ten years. The slow burst from the Battle Rifle alone should tell you what to expect in the gameplay loop. Consider it.
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    Prediction time: - Infinite will be a decent game, but not a great game on launch. - It will echo OG Halo but not compare with it. - The fact that it's free to play and crossplay will make a nice playerbase on launch. - Anyone expecting OG Halo will be disappointed, people going in with an open mind to a new experience with no regard to OG Halo may be pleased. - I will probably like it. Note: I have no problems changing any of these predictions once multiplayer is revealed.
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    For me, Halo is one of the few games I went through multiple times (Halo 1,3 and ODST mostly). And it's because the different ways how you can approach the encounters. It's never exactly the same. So it's weird to me to hear this. New elements in sandbox are always welcome but for me, Halo was always the prime example how fun and diverse the FPS shooter can be. You may not be forced to take the decision, but the different approaches comes naturally. Especially some of the encounters, like that huge valley in Assault on the control room with turrets, Wraiths, hunters and invisible elites are fantastic. Never the same. I just hope the AI will be good. It's just baffling that CE had the best AI and they went downwards eversince. Prime example how hardware is not as much important as they making us think so. CE is such a fantastic game in so many ways. God I need to play it again. Edit. There is one more thing I want to point out. We are in times, where in almost every game they want to implement some RPG elements. Like upgrades, talent trees, quests and such. This is not always a good thing. Not every game needs to be RPG. I would go as far as to say that RPG elements, in some cases can limit the fun, because they make you play specific way. Whereas in halo, a sandbox shooter you could say, you have all kind of possibilities from the get go. There are no limits in what upgrades, talents you (don't) have. It's just pure arcade fun. Breath of the wild is another fantastic example. Just go out and have instant fun, be creative.
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    Or they release a game like halo 3 and it fails.
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    If you play MCC you're 343's crash dummy. I don't really know why but its always been that way from release until now. Obviously a lot of us participate in the Insider builds so we don't mind but they definitely lack a step or two of quality control before they release things
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    Nope. First they added the Tempest Pit remake and it had dynamic spawns in CTF (yes you read that right lmao), not sure about TS. It got quickly pulled and Nokyard fixed the spawns... for CTF. Now the map is back but the TS spawns are busted. Idk man, do they play a single match on these maps before adding them to rotation? It's weird.
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    It being feature complete at launch, having new innovative features, being a beautiful looking game, a passable ranking system, an engaging XP system and being the continuation of the most popular series on the console was why it was popular. The gameplay had very little to do with it. Reach had a lot of the same things going for it, but it’s gameplay wasn’t good enough to hold it up. H3’s was. Barely.
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    Stronger utilities (both in terms of range and TTK) punish mistakes harder & allow you to kill opponents without always needing another teammate's assistance. The meta can develop beyond just teamshooting with a stronger utility. That's not to say teamshooting isnt an effective strategy in CE, but CE's TTKs give you the freedom to run plays where you aren't always in your teammates' LOS. Weaker utilities in H2 and H3 limit the number of viable strategies in the game which reduces the skill gap. Taking a step back from competitive merit and weighing the 'whole experience,' players dont like feeling powerless in a shooter. Reach, H4 and H5 are unpopular vs games like CoD, CS, valorant, etc... because it takes so long to kill opponents, players feel useless on their own. The numbers show that this is not a fun experience, otherwise Reach-H5 would have been more popular. CE showed us you can have fast TTKs without gunfights turning into 'who-sees-who-first.'
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    I get this sentiment, I really do. The bones are there—I genuinely think the Magnum is the best utility weapon we've had since CE (if you control for button combos in H2). But every time I pick the game back up, I am reminded how destructive Spartan Abilities are to the overall game. I just can't respect the "MOveMEnT" skill gap enough to believe Spartan Abilities don't make the game far, far worse than H3, even with all of H3's flaws.
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    Nope we should skip the settings discussion and do the things we know make sense from the first step rather than going through the whole song and dance we've been going through since Halo 3 only to do the same thing every time anyways. Its never made any sense how we try to come up with reasons to not include whatever far fetched and obviously unbalanced new weapon or power they hand us. The discussion should be framed from the point of view of "Why should we allow this to be used in a competitive match?" rather than the other way around. We'd get a lot more done a lot faster that way
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    Ah yes, ruin that emotional investment
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    I don't think he did a bad job, but the distortions 343 did to his voice to make it sound . . . idk, electronicy? Those were awful.
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    Goes all the way back to XBC my man. Idk why that country in particular loves CE so much, but God bless em. Rumor has it some of them are coming to Beach LAN this year. Their connections are dirt though.
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