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    So you're saying it can still get worse
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    That's like a reflection of me watching the trailer.
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    I'm not gonna say that I told everyone so buuuttt... I told you guys lol the problem isn't even the engine, H2A looks amazing. Their artists just don't get it. All the horsepower, time, money, and references to Bungie art won't make the artists at 343 understand what to do. It's pretty clear that they're doing their best to replicate Bungie's art through the shape language, but that's just one piece of the puzzle. Bungie are gods at texture painting as you guys saw by the Assault Rifle comparison to Reach (I believe the specific position is called Material Artist, and I believe Bungie hand paints all their textures). Everything in the Infinite trailer, even if it had the right styling and silhouette looked like dough, it's just bad material work. The weapons, the enemies, the weird hexagons all over the environment. Also the physical structures like the crates, watchtowers, and the AA gun they enter at the end of the trailer are all still hideous weird shapes. You can see 343's art comes through in all of those when they stop referencing Bungie's precedent. At some point, you just need people who know what they're doing. They don't get it. Meanwhile in Destiny OOF Look at those textures. So good. Guarentee all these shots are lower poly than everything in that Infinite reveal, probably much lower fidelity on everything across the board. But they just know what to do with the colors and lighting and textures to make it right.
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    You know when the waypoint nerds are disappointed, you have a REALLY BIG ISSUE
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    I'm having a serious laugh at people getting giddy over the promo art being similar to the CE box art. These charlatans have spent years bashing classic Halo and now they're pretending to be excited for it. Fuck off.
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    So then why include it?
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    Someone said the environments looked like 343 hired a Minecraft user to build it and now I can't unsee it.
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    Ok I've had a few hours to chill and gather my thoughts. Pros: - Classic Battle Rifle is a big tick. - Sprint did nothing. The player only used it once and for 0.0001 seconds and it added no movement bonus whatsoever. This is fine because sprintybois can use it but from what I've seen, I don't think it'd affect multiplayer whatsoever. - Elites look like Elites - Brutes look dumb but aggressive at least. - Classic grunts are back, shame about the shit 343 ones being there as well. - 3D map looks awesome, non-linear objective is good idea. - Grapplehook looks cool as a pickup, I really hope it's not standard. Loved the ability to hook a fusion coil and chuck it. That's fun and actually feels pretty Halo to me. Grapplehooking vehicles to then board them sounds fun, if a little overpowered as balls. - No thruster pack, groundpound or charge (so far...) - Spike Grenades are back - Some elements of Halo art is back instead of just power rangers. - Chief looks excellent - Music is copied from Halo rather than 343 Halo. - Variety of enemies. Cons: - Embarrassing graphics for a next gen flagship title. Absolutely embarrassing. - Hit indicators pissing all over my reticule - Sprint is useless yet still made it in the game - Clamber - The effects are atrocious, the blood looks like paintball hits. - Sound design is atrocious, everything is punchy with no other balance. - Enemy AI was dumb af. I hope that's due to playing on easy. - Wall you can sit behind and shoot out of but can't get hit. Fisher Price my first game design. - TEXTURE POP - LOD POP - Cringe speech by the Brute, also the context of it made no sense. Also they spent 2 minutes zoomed in on a super low quality render of an ugly ass brute. - Classic 343 dropping you into a story like we know what's happening. Probably going to release a comic book explaining it. - New human weapon looks like an automatic DMR. - Was that smartscope or classic aim? Better be classic aim. - That new stubby shotgun doesn't have the coloured ironsights. - They've given up making the magnum Halo and just made a generic modern warfare magnum. - Cadency bloom. - I really can't stress how poor the graphics are for next gen flagship title. - Marty O'Donnell, despite being available, wasn't contacted or consulted about using his music.
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    For everyone excusing Halo Infinite’s graphics because it’s open world. Cyberpunk 2077 is open world, runs on Xbox One, has WAY more detail and content to render than Halo, will hit 60 FPS at least on the newer consoles, and it looks like this:
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    Watching the drop wall or whatever getting deployed just reinforces the vast chasm between what I view as "Halo" and what 343 views as Halo. To me, combat in Halo, campaign or MP, was all about fluid movement and aggressive, strategic play. You always had to be pushing or moving or strafing in thoughtful, deliberate ways. If you sit stationary for any period of time, you rightly got obliterated. The drop wall is the antithesis of all that. It essentially anchors you to a spot, but doesn't punish you for it. In fact, it encourages and rewards you for doing it. It's a massive hiccup in the flow of combat that flies in the face of everything Halo has going for it.
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    Sorry your gonna have to speak up I can't hear you over all the hexagons and the shield bokeh effects
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    I keep thinking about what Ryanoob is going to do with that grappling hook in a 49-49 situation back against the wall
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    to the same bullshit
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    It would be cool if the grappling hook didn't exist.
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    So with 500 million I could - end world hunger - buy a country - make this
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    Good to know that as a super soldier I still can't shoot while going at my max speed.
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    I wouldn’t care at all about how crappy the graphics look if I though there was even the most remote possibility that the multiplayer wouldn’t suck
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    You know it never really hit me, but I think it's time to finally admit that Halo is WAY past its prime and proper Halo never coming back. Watching this I genuinely felt like I was watching a parody of Halo. This looked so amateur level and now they're saying that Infinite will be the last mainline game for a decade. It's time to pack it up boys and girls. It's not like I had any hope after H4, MCC, H5, MCC PC and everything else that they mismanaged and fucked up in the last ten years. This company is completely clueless. It wasn't Kevin Franklin, it wasn't Josh Holmes or anyone else that wanted sprint and ruined the last few games, this company is rotten to the core. How can they be proud to showcase this after five years? I'm embarassed to even call myself a Halo fan anymore. Thank god I still have MCC PC, oh no wait that is another dumpster fire that they're going to abandon in November or whenever the fuck shitfinite is coming out. Anyone want to make a GP mod standalone? I'm actually semi srs, we're all wasted at least eight years waiting for proper Halo to come back, might as well do it ourselves. Anyone on this forum, even Boyo with his wack ideas could come up with a more sophisticated vision and product for a new Halo game.
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