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    Thank you for quoting this old-ass post, which enabled me to find the following post, which could not be more relevant today...
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    The popularity of a thing doesn't define its quality. We are the most exciting esport no one is watching.
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    Hey guys, we have more viewers than League of Legends in BOTH Halo games. Btw what does the K after the number mean?
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    Call of Duty and Gears are all about that new game hype, Rainbow and Overwatch are still large and in charge, BR's are as popular as ever. Halo - Bro you see these sandbag changes on this 9 year old game?
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    Lore shouldn't dictate gameplay mechanics.
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    Not only are there other players trying to kill me in BTB but vehicles too. Where do I want my gun while moving around all these threats? Pointing at the ground of course! Rather than maps scaled appropriately to the base movement speed, I would rather have endless seas of dance floor that infantry cross on a three month journey with Christopher Columbus.
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    Sprint solves nothing that a higher BMS and a well designed map couldn't solve. Let it die. It's awful for Halo and it always will be. Timberland is the only good CE BTB map. Some of the other ones would be okay if they were about 30% smaller, but most are unsaveable. Avalanche's middle area and base design + Sidewinder's outer ring = the correct version of that map. Coagulation should have used the "Classic" weapon set in MM since launch. It replaces the Brute Shot on dark and light cliffs with another Rocket, which the map desperately needs. Also whoever's idea it was to put "sniper ammo" on the map should be taken out back and beaten.
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    Tour de Walsh side station. Just cut to some H2 middy action whenever there’s some downtime.
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    Nah you suck. Git gud kid. Ez clap. But for real yea I wouldn't say skill is this issue here. You arent a garbo random that cant play the game. Footsteps suck. Regardless of skill level. You got outpositioned. You dont deserve the same info someone worked for just because they are moving. Dumb.
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    It's amazing how this illiterate generation of over-exaggerators took a powerful word, used and abused it so incorrectly and so frequently, that the accepted definition of the word was forced to change to the exact opposite of its intended meaning. I've seen words get overused to the point of losing their power (amazing, hilarious, etc), but I've never seen something used so precisely incorrectly, so often, for so long, that the entire meaning of the word has flip flopped, and now there is no replacement for it. It truly is remarkable.
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    Hey guys my name is Vryst and I like to hand out downvotes instead of contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way.
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    New video if anyone is interested. Definitely a bit different compared to my normal style but let me know what you think
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    It feels weird to be excited to play a game that I've had so much disdain for over the years. I guess this is just how desperate I am for new Halo stuff.
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    Sprint is not needed in any mode or map, no matter how big. What an uncreative solution for a series like Halo
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    I judged the 1v1 contest for Forgehub and footsteps are so god damn loud that by the final few rounds no one would move, ever. And we had to come to a gentlemen's agreement where we played on really low volume and had other ambient noise or music in the background. It's a radar you can't turn off. There were times when we were both sitting still on opposite sides of the same wall and I only heard the other player because he TURNED his character model, and Halo 5 has this obnoxious jiggling clanking noise for every tiny movement and I was able to find them because they didn't quite literally take their hands off the remote. If you don't think Halo 4 / 5 have loud character effects then I think you might have hearing problems. In 4s it's less of an issue because there's a lot more ambient noise going on but in 2s it starts to show.
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    Hemorrhage played like dog shit stop kidding yourself. Ignoring everyone's valid arguements and continuously saying "yeah, it just played well" with no elaboration whatsoever really shows how bad you are at this whole discussion thing.
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