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    I was going to put more effort into this but I can't be bothered. I don't like this game.
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    Sounds weird to say but, games really aren't fun lately are they. If you threw that statement out in passing most people would scoff and reply "There are plenty of great games!" but, there really isn't. I'd love to give an estimate but every time I have it's turned out to be false. Right now I think having a trailer out next spring is where my mind leans to but, God's timing and all that. I really don't know. You guys will be the first to see things though, no matter what.
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    Halo is pretty unique in how dumb the average fan is. Most other competitive games the players are much more critical towards the devs and don't actively go out of there way to ensure the game is accessible to toddlers. You would never see Counter Strike players suggest snipers should be taken out of the game because they can't run around the middle of the map in the open. You would never see Starcraft players suggest that only Terran should be in the game because the other factions aren't fun to play against. You would never see LoL players wanting the removal of all aimed abilities because those stupid skill shots prevent them from being able to just Auto attack and nothing else
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    This is a Hard Way checkpoint post. Upvote this post so we know you're catching up
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    The problem is money. There is SO MUCH MONEY MS is throwing at this studio. Microsoft named their fucking AI voice assistant after Cortana FFS. The problem with that much money is that you end up with developers that are making games based purely on focus groups and spreadsheets and every single decision has to flow through some fucking committee made up of gender study graduates that have never played a game in their life before. It's literally IMPOSSIBLE for creativity to grow organically in that sort of environment. This is why you see AAA studios releasing absolute dumpster fire after dumpster fire of game while a game like Stardew Valley is literally made BY A SINGLE FUCKING PERSON in their spare time who even goes through the effort of composing the music for the game by themselves. This is evident by the rumours floating around that the entire game was supposedly just a Ubisoft tower climbing simulator before they realised it was garbage and brought Joseph Staten back to try and put band aids on all that wasted dev time. Think about all the top multiplayer games alive today and trace back their roots. All arena FPS are based on Quake, which was based on Doom, which was a game made by a dozen young dudes who spent all their spare time listening to heavy metal and playing Dungeons and Dragons. After a few great hits they got cocky and Romero went and released Daikatana... Every Battle Royale game can trace its roots back to mods like DayZ for ARMA2 or Survival Games (Hunger Games) in Minecraft, etc. LoL and DotA2 are obviously based on the DotA mod for Warcraft and Aeon Strife mod in the original Starcraft. All team based shooters like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 have their origins in the original Team Fortress mod for Quake (later ported to Half Life). Valorant and CS obviously originate from the Counter Strike mod for Half Life. Notice a trend here? Almost every single popular multiplayer game that is played today exists because of a bunch of teenagers and young adults modded games in their spare time with no financial incentive. They just wanted to make fun games. Obviously some of these ideas got bigger after commercial interests found a way to market and monetise these (Think Fortnite vs DayZ), but the core gameplay doesn't exist thanks to a BILLION dollar budget from EA or Activision, the core gameplay exists because someone that didn't care about money thought of something cool and just made it and put it out there. They didn't run all their game design choices past game journalists that can't figure out how to jump over a box in a games tutorial. They didn't pay a bunch of 40 year old soccer mums to playtest their games for them. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but if you look at the most played games on Steam charts or the most watched games on Twitch nearly every single popular game today exists because of modders. Early Bungie obviously made a fun game, but look at what happened when they got more money and resources. They went from making Halo 1 to making Reach. 343 was given pretty much unlimited budget and resources to make a game and you're seeing the results of what happens when there are too many chefs in the kitchen. Just to give a bit of background, I currently work in a large organisation that still uses computer systems from the fucking 80's. It's not game development, but it's close enough to get an idea since I deal with things like development, QA, change management, etc.
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    I want to play Chess with rules made up by people who hate chess...
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    nosprint_noclamber Honestly what does sprint and clamber actually add to this game that increased movement and jump height doesnt do better, clamber is such a fucking mind boggling addition to Halo , it feels like it exists to solve a problem it creates?
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    I don't think I've every seen anyone criticize reddit for being negative. I believe we are all fairly united in that /r/Halo seems to have the problem of being too positive to the point where genuine criticism and discussion can't or won't take place. What has frustrated me in particular over the last few years is this idea that Halo 5 is too "sweaty" or "competitive" for casual players, and that this is the fault of competitive players who pushed for the some shadowy "sweaty" element that has yet to be articulated. If /r/Halo, or Twitter were genuinely places of honest discussion, perhaps we could have discussed the various effects that sprint, thrust, and clamber had on creating quicker, more unpredictable gameplay that manifests itself as a "sweaty" environment. And perhaps this could have further opened dialogue into removing certain elements to create a pace of gameplay that would be to the satisfaction of the competitive and casual communities. This is what a healthy community looks like, one that works to gradually influence and inform a developer to create more agreeable gameplay. This is especially the type of community Halo needs if 343 is serious about their "10 year" project with this game. These conversations have not taken place on /r/Halo or Twitter. The overwhelming opinion on both of these mediums is that Halo 5 is "sweaty" because the competitive community wanted it to be sweaty, with very little articulation beyond there. I hope you can understand the frustration; "competitive" communities are being blamed for changes they neither asked for nor wanted. The results speak for themselves, with each 343 game being radically different from the last with no clear goal or design in mind, often times with them making inexplicable 180s on previous decisions. I acknowledge the twitter and /r/Halo communities are much larger than this one, but that doesn't mean they're effective or encouraging the future growth of the game. You can't tell me the communities are doing "just fine" as the game continuously withers away interest and influence.
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    So playlists are off again and I won't be able to play again until next week... Here are my thoughts about the state of the game after playing a few hours this weekend in both PVP and against bots, including the new map with vehicles. This is my thoughts from the last flight if you're interested in reading my thoughts then compared to my thoughts now: The good: Melee lunge and melee autoaim are nerfed into the ground. You actually have to be close to someone and the lunge is more of an animation rather than teleporting you 6ft into your target. It could have just been lag on my end, but to me the melee finally seemed to be in a good place where you actually had to be in a reasonable range and aiming at them to hit. Much better than the crazy melee distance of the previous flight which I addressed in my previous post. The bot difficulty is much better than the previous flight. That's it. That's the good. The bad: Vehicles are AWFUL. The worst handling in the entire series. I think the car chase section of The Matrix game had better vehicle handling. The weapon balance is trash. The only time I feel confident to face multiple players is if I have a rocket launcher. Otherwise you get a kill, get cleaned up, spawn, get a kill, get cleaned up, over and over. After every single kill I'm left with no shields because even if I engage a target at long range with a BR they still have enough time to turn around with an AR, spray me from the other side of the map and take off most of my shields. The magnum is completely trash and too unreliable to use as a primary weapon against players that are strafing, crouching, etc. Halo 5 had way too much autoaim that allowed even garbage tier players to get 4 shot kills regularly, but at least it was on a precision weapon instead of a bullet hose that just melts you when looking in your general direction. The performance of the game seems tied to latency or something. The game feels way smoother when playing bots, when playing on US host from Australia the rego seems awful (much worse than H5) and the game doesn't feel as smooth to play. Could be my aging computer hardware, but games vs bots performed way better than PvP which is worrying. The Repulsor is OP as fuck. I thought it was supposed to be some personal thing that had a small range but you can push people away from so far it's ridiculous. Needs a range nerf. For all the talk of "BR starts are boring because no one uses anything else", like 90% of engagements were just people spraying AR's at each other. The BR and Commando spawns are spread so far apart you barely even get a chance to use them. Wow, this is much better. Now instead of everyone using the same precision weapon everyone now uses the same spray and pray weapon. WE DID IT REDDIT. People camping bases on Bazaar with shield walls... CTF is gonna be a cluster fuck. The game in its current state plays like Halo 5 with thrusters and crap disabled, except way worse. It's not as smooth, the maps (so far) aren't as good, the weapons are absolutely awful. I'm honestly not sure if Halo Infinite will even be better than Halo 4 at this rate and that's saying something. The entire weapon sandbox needs to be nuked and started from scratch.
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    Hi all, Loooong time lurker. Shekkle's Reddit post bought me here, feel like I aged 50 years trying to convince some people in that thread that the pistol is cheeks
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    What community? Almost every subset of the Halo community that was built up during the Halo 1-3 years is pretty much dead and gone, and so much of our best talent has moved on to other games, some of which became far bigger than Halo would ever have allowed, and this is entirely the fault of 343’s incompetence. Halo 4 single handedly murdered the competitive scene, and many Halo 5 events under ESL were run so poorly that we were never able to make a full return to form. Do you not remember the 2017 World Championship that took place in a fucking birthday tent? But I mean, seriously, what community is left? Because it’s nowhere near what it was, and it’s blind optimism to think this game is going to somehow be a huge hit. The comp. scene has been dead for like, two years now, the Forge scene is dead, speed running is dead, it’s been god knows how long since a Halo machinima was made, any Halo montage that is uploaded gets maybe a few hundred views at best. Any Halo-related content that garners respectable views on YouTube is cookie cutter garbage like “Halo Infinite grapple is INSANE”. It’s such a hallowed out community it’s sickening. Growing up, almost every single one of my friends played Halo daily, and now I’m the only person I know that plays Halo in any capacity, and it’s not as if all my friends and peers stopped playing video games or something.
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    If I was a moderator I’d seriously ban you from this forum.
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    I didn't notice anyone rip into the post game carnage reports enough yet, so here goes... WTF is this post game carnage report? Where the hell are the actual stats? Captures and Points... ARE THE SAME FUCKING THING!!! I agree that showing the actual objective plays on the front of the stats makes a lot of sense in objective games, but 2 columns literally have the same numbers in them. Where are the kills?! Ya know... To show the players that actually allowed other players to get to the objective without dying? Kills are just as important but they're hidden from this screen... In fact... They're hidden altogether. If you want to see the stats from other players such as kills and deaths you have to actually go into that individual player, you can't just see the overall kills, etc... Halo 2 in 2004 provided 10X more detail than this. BTW, I like this obvious visual bug in a game 2 months away from release... (Yes don't ask me how the hell we lost this game lol) Here's what the stats look like in Slayer in the post game carnage report... Can't show DEATHS because that would make zoomers feel bad, so instead we'll show power weapon kills and accuracy instead of who died the most. Nothing wrong with those stats (and I welcome overall damage), but those stats should be on the next page. Kills/Deaths/Assists... FFS, it's not that hard. If the game launches with these scoreboards in their same configuration that is seriously going to be pathetic.
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    It's taken me one game on Behemoth to confirm that, in fact, the laws of physics did not change over the last 5 years and starting with two short-range weapons is still a bad idea.
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    I have a confession: I've never played Doom or Quake or Unreal Tournament in my life. I didn't touch a PC for games until about 2009 when I got my first job so console was everything. Anyway. Thought I'd get Doom 2016 to give it a crack. Ahaha yeah. Game fucking slaps. I have had so much fun. Glory kills, heavy metal, pure uninhibited good vs. evil win condition, always moving at max speed, insanely fun weapons. Game rewards pace and punishes slow. Beautiful presentation. Beautiful performance. This is fucking awesome. The fuck does anyone need advanced movement when proper movement is this fucking good. Anyway. I missed the latest infinite test.
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    The Halo community at large is the only group I can think of that is willfully and blissfully shit at "their" game. It's almost like some people wear it as a badge of honor. On multiple occasions you have pointed out how reddit and Waypoint react to/interpret things. Do you by chance follow League of Legends at all? The World Championship group stage is ongoing; check out their subreddit. I think there is perhaps a single topic on the entire first page NOT related to professional play. Granted it is the biggest event of the year for that game but the point I'm making here is that as a casual observer, other gaming communities fully embrace competitive play and in general, players like to improve over time. Popularity is NOT indicative of quality. I realize that's funny to say after my last point, but I think this is especially important to bear in mind with respect to Halo and its status as a niche franchise. At best, the "masses" don't know what's good for them and at worst, they agree that less skillful gameplay is the correct design direction. I place basically zero value on the opinion of the average r/Halo or Waypoint poster. While I don't mind playing Halo to mess around with friends or have fun with goofy custom games, in my opinion PVP gameplay should be inherently competitive. The typical modern Halo fan who enjoys long kill times and skill-less AR bullet hose spam probably doesn't have a firm grasp on why that style of game isn't fun for players who want to test their mettle. They just don't want to get repeatedly roasted by better players and need their dopamine drip-feed from the developer.
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    Have you tried setting your deadzones to 0?
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    The UI in BTB is especially awful. All these indicators everywhere, seeing the gamertags of 11 other people just clutters the hell out of my view, for some reason they replaced the red X that has been a franchise staple with a blue one, which is the same shade of blue as everything else so you can't even really tell where people died, the enemies have red outlines from a mile away, so you can see enemies from across the map and it just looks buttugly in general, etc. Why the fuck do weapons spawn on racks instead of just having normal spawns? Why the fuck is ordinance of all things back in Halo? Why the fuck does the greengun not stun vehicles? Why can I not just get a normal kill without my idiotic AI saying some dumb shit? Why am I playing BTB with two weapons meant for close range combat, to the point where the only thing I do off spawn is hunt for an actual weapon. It's like you can't even play off spawn. Okay so 3-2-1 and I'm spawned in, now I race my teammates to get a viable weapon, and now I'm allowed to play the game, and if I don't get one I'm stuck playing a big team mode with close range weapons. Fuck this game and fuck the people who made these design decisions.
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    Actual TTKs in seconds: AR 1.20 BR 1.57 Bulldog 0.53 Cindershot 0.85 Commando 0.92 Disruptor 2.02 Heatwave 0.82 Hydra (homing mode) 2.28 Hydra (normal mode) 1.42 Mangler 1.48 Needler 1.20 Plasma Pistol 1.85 Pulse Rifle 1.10 Ravager 0.33 Sentinel Beam 0.90 Shock Rifle 0.15 MK50 Sidekick 1.05
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    Halo Infinite really really doesn't like people being able to get more than one kill per magazine. It's like their whole design philosophy is "only power weapon users are allowed to get more than one kill per reload"
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    More like Scavenging for a population.
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    Now that i have had some time playing against real people... this game is so f'd. I thought when it was just bots that there were problems, but they were mostly tweaks away from fixed. Now its like.... no. The AR is a fucking laser, the sidekick sucks and is just uncomfortable to shoot. The radar. OMG THE RADAR. The radar from the last flight was soooo much better. sprinting and shooting only? yes. r/halo noobs "that radar was confusing", 343 "oh shit reddit isn't licking our boots anymore we better change that shit!" They literally changed it after people who played with it that way for 2 days found it "confusing". Are you seriously changing shit because of the dumbest percentage of players thought about something that you never really explained to them after just a few hours of experience? For once, FOR ONCE 343's instincts on radar were correct and they fucked it up.... My god, that hurts this game so much. Once you're used to playing without it, you really realize how harmful full blown movement radar is to any game. It shouldn't exist. All these casual players that will drop this thing in a week for whatever the next shiny object is, is the audience 343 is listening to. its why this game will fail without some drastic changes in which audience they actually value.
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    The fact that there's fucking feedback on aiming at all should be an alarm. It's like a car company saying that feedback on braking is overall positive. Edit: Also who THE FUCK is giving feedback on aiming just to say it's good?????
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    Halo Infinite, but you're playing the multiplayer
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    /r/Halo is not happy about the game either. A lot of posts about bad aiming. This is usually the time when the front page is filled with "Thank you 343, you have made my friend dying of cancer cry tears of joy for the first time in his life" posts.
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    This is so boring. I'm done. Use a BR at anything other than long range: get killed by an AR charge. Use a sidekick: get killed by an AR charge because it takes 984569456 bullets to kill Use a Commando: Bloom sucks, get AR charged. Use the AR: Fall asleep
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    H2A with clamber and sprint. Nearly 7 years later. And half a billion dollars. Really pushing the limits here.
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    LMAO what is this thread : Waypoint Link And an actual quality post, that seems ignored
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    I seriously hate these people. The BR doesn't dominate because it's just so awesome. It's terrible in H3. It dominates because the rest of the sandbox is trash.
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    Why do they insist on 90% of their maps being "Human space installation" palate? Behemoth is gorgeous, and then we get this redundant shit that looks like any generic space shooter out there. Where are the covenant maps? Where are the Forerunner maps that can literally be in any type of creative setting you can imagine? Where are the ring-world maps? Who makes these decisions? What the hell is wrong with you people?
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    Not a single, solitary soul complained about the aiming between CE and H2. People complained about the aiming in H3 in retrospect because we didn't know any better at the time. Nobody complained about the aiming going from H3 to Reach. Nobody complained about the aiming between Reach and H4. People complained about the aiming in the launch version of H5, but not the beta. People complained about the aiming when the Reach port dropped. Nobody complained about the aiming in MCC on console, nor the original four games on the PC version. People are now complaining about the aiming in Infinite. So tell me, shit-for-brains on Twitter, do you think we're just throwing darts at the wall with respect to which Halo games we complain about the aiming with? Or maybe, we complain about the aiming when the aiming is bad.
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    And it all started because Bungie bifurcated the fanbase with their shitty settings in Halo 2 at launch, and then defended those settings. I can only imagine where this franchise would be if Bungie had released Halo 2 with BR starts (or some precision weapon starts) from the beginning.
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    I'd be much more tolerant of smug, insufferable people if they were at least right. The AR is disgustingly easy to use and outclasses every other gun in close range but it's also not going to save you from snipers and vehicles in BTB. This is not hard to understand.
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    I’m just confused by their decision making. Confused. When has starting with BR’s stopped anyone for seeking out a sniper/rocket launcher/shotgun/etc. This is bad game design.
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    It's what I've been saying for a while now lol. Halo's population was a time bomb waiting to go off ever since Halo 2. This is what happens when your developer caters specifically to timmies and people who want to fuck around while screwing over people who want to improve. It's such a stark contrast lmao. I (and most people on here) care about progression system, matchmaking features and conveniences, competitive integrity and developer creativity. What does your average redditard care about? Armor customization, the scratches on master chief armor, cosplay, and being able to play as an Elite in multiplayer. Throw the whole franchise away at this point and start a new IP without any of the baggage attached to Halo.
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    Rapidly spewing inaccuracies?
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    Homie really wants that 343 job
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    Anyone else just have no desire to play more of this game? Even when I'm winning I'm just not having fun. The sandbox might be the worst it's ever been.
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    So if I chop my arm off, I'm free to give God awful takes on Twitter? Nah. Dude said that bad aiming means the game is more challenging. I don't care if he's a refugee who survived 4 wars. His opinions on Halo are shit.
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    More change for the sake of change. Literally no one had a problem with the 4 second multi timer, but 343 keeps fucking with it. Maybe because with every game they keep fucking up the gameplay loop? I guess if you need to reload after every kill it makes sense to have a 7s timer.
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    I'm really not one to give Halo 5 credit for jack shit, but placing it below Reach and 4 is absurd.
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    With that, I'll be making a new HCS thread for Halo Infinite in late November
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    Here's the one thing I think 343 could do to really improve the Halo Infinite experience. Make a better game
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    We were all blessed to witness halo 1-3 in their prime. Blessed.
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    I'm not even going to bother giving feedback for this game; it is so far gone. The only feedback Microsoft needs to see is the declining player numbers. 343 doesn't need to see any feedback, they should be gone as a development company. I have no doubt this game will struggle to retain players, even communities well known for aiding and abetting every single one of 343's decisions is showing some serious apprehension with this game. I know it's easy to sit here and say "hmm, if the AR's kill time was increased from XX to X and the pistol took 5 shots to kill instead of ..." then maybe we could have a good game. But the fact is that we have been much closer to a "good" Halo game in the past and still had no luck with the possible exception of ZBNS Reach a year after release but with 343's ridiculous 85% bloom compromise in anything but MLG. The changes needed in this case are much different than "remove armor abilities" or "remove sprint and ordinance drops". The game's gunplay is rotten to the core; aim is broken on console AND m&kb, we are somehow having to deal with NOT JUST BLOOM, BUT NOW RANDOM WEAPON SPREAD 10 years after the Reach Title Update, in addition to ZERO logic behind weapon balancing. This is not just a "bad Halo" game, this is a downright bad shooter. Anyway, I'm sick of this. In my mind, the only possible path forward for Halo is a different developer with people that care and have an appreciation for shooter games. People who give a damn did not play this game and think it felt good.
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    Universal Consensus of Popular Video Game Trilogies: BioShock: 1>2>3 Mass Effect: 2>3>1 Witcher: 3>2>1 Dark Souls: 1>3>2 Batman Arkham: 2>1>3 Halo: 1̴̜̈́̌̍̑͒͗͠3̶̢͍̼̗̄̾͐́͌͜2̷̛͇͚̥̻̭̳̟̞̻̣̗̭̣̦̊̆̋̈́͛̀̇͋̚>̶̠͈̬̯̦́̾̓̑͛̌̐͑̐͠<̷͈̳̙͈̪̗͕͎̯͉̩͉̈́͆͂̀̉ͅ2̸̡̹͍̠̠̩̱̟̪͇̱̦̖̪̑̀͗͜1̸̢̛̜̠̘̹̳̰̖̟͍͍̦͓̈́̎͊̆͑̍͝3̶̢̢̲͖̙̙̬̥͔̯̟̇̓̊͠<̶̢̢͎͇̘̰̭̭͕̩̥̭̯͔̪̎̀<̵̣̟̳̹͇̩͐̋̔̓̑͝͝>̴̛̤̀̃̓̓̓͛̿̂̋͌̌3̷͈͙̤͍̘̪̹͚̹̭͉̈́̄̍̓̈́̎̓̌̐͝͠͝2̷͔̰̬̱̭̹͇̈́1̸̨̛͎̭̱̜̓̒̑̔͆̌͒̋͛̍̔͊̕͝>̵̮̤̗̪̓͛͋͐ͅ
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    Dude there's like nothing to this game. The aiming feels like garbage on controller, and the game itself isn't smooth at all. The map layout and art design is so fucking meh. It's just spam AR's at each other or try to peashoot with this piece of shit pistol. The BR doesn't matter unless you're way outside of BR range. This is the worst weapon sandbox Halo has ever had. How is this even possible? Half a billion dollars and the 6 fucking years for the most boring Halo game ever? I mean Halo 4 and 5 sucked, but I at least played them for a few months. Less than 10 games on Infinite and it's a snooze-fest. Fuck 343. I can't even express how much I hope this game bombs beyond recognition until Microsoft releases an apology or something and just takes the franchise away from them, gives it to a competent developer, and dissolved 343 entirely.
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