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  2. I wonder if he's the one who started this thread back in 2017 https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/128827595/#q128827595
  3. Bradley Eric Aaron TJ .....that spells something..... ..... Thats right. They're going to BATE the competition into unfavorable match-ups to win the tournament.
  4. Why not, what. Don't get the question. Second, I disagree. I think the game stayed relevant because people played more than just forge on it. Multiplayer, for shit, or shittier had a good hook for people, ranks existed, MLG was in full swing, the like. Forge helped. I wouldn't say it was THE reason. It was A reason. Third, I still disagree with the notion you need entirely new concepts to succeed. Or that the lack of them is what killed the games following 3. Don't get where you get this idea, lol. MCC on PC I wasn't docking because the sequential release of a title is much different than Halo 5's manner of "sustain". One is releasing a full title as it's ready, and then moving onto the next. That I don't mind when you're literally getting a full game ported over time. It's not just "one feature", it's THAT game you want for PC. So it's nowhere near Halo 5. My only issue is Reach's manner of removing forge and theater for what is apparently an overhaul? But still launching it first. Why not just do CE/2/3 and so on then since Reach isn't ready. I'll dock the individual game for not releasing content, but not a collection for pushing out individual content filled games. So it's not featureless. It's just one full game, lmao. I don't consider games to be "features", they're individually filled with features, and in this case, happen to be unified, UI wise. Already ranted on why I think the idea that the sequential release is bad is a misguided one as it was. Was in a past response, lol. I'm not saying Halo would have the pull it did ten years ago. Nowhere did I say that, even IF the hype train somewhat disagrees with me and tons of people are stoked for this. I just find it funny that it's to the point where critically acclaimed games NEED mods to live. I find the heelturn hilarious, given how much we praise these games for their gameplay, yet, they apparently won't stand a chance on their gameplay alone. Despite having sustained a population before, for a decade, without mods as their UGC and social mechanics worked well in aiding a game's lifespan. Again, mods aren't bad. Not against them at all, and do want them. But they will not kill a game if they're not there. Other games exist to show this just as much as games with mods do.
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  6. Well for one thing, we live in a world that's far more accepting of modding. Mostly because of how much more accessible it is. It's one of those things that if left unincluded, dates the game. Like 60 fps and hd resolution. Sure halo survived without those things in the past. But now they're the industry standard. Would it survive today without them? Also not to harp on this but reach didn't exactly have a hemorrhaging population. That game had a stable 100k and above pop until h4 came out. It wasnt as big as h3, but at least is survived. Unlike h4 and 5. And I wouldnt say it did nothing new either. Unless you don't count it's massive improvements to forge and the introduction of the file browser.
  7. Keep up or gtfo. And the "it's just an opinion" response doesn't protect you. Misinformed opinions are wrong opinions.
  8. That’s fine. Im not trying to force it on anyone. But if you ever do play it, try it. And if you don’t play it, stfu about it.
  9. To divert attention away from it being a retaliation isn't outlandish.
  10. And the reason he would have to cover up being a suddenly radical Islamist in favor of stoking anti-Islam rhetoric is...?
  11. The dots are hard to connect but it's interesting background info to chew on. White guys becoming jihadis and sunni vs shia violence aren't some unheard of phenomena. What I can't come up with is a reason to go to that particular mosque based on a supposed assissination in pakistan.
  12. there were 8,000 people playing halo 3 online and it wasn't official. though it was free. mcc has the chance to be a really good game. tho without a f2p model, i don't see it being very high after the hype dies down. mcc is gunna lack tons of features. it can't compete with dota2 or csgo or fortnite. h2 and CE are already on PC and they boast a population of 40 and 500-1000. mod support is definitely a game changer as it brings a new experience to every single old fan and creates infinite new content.
  14. What was this topic about again? I looked back, and you’re not right either as both of our sentences were mere opinions.
  15. When did I say no mod support is the reason Halo died? I said mod support is a key to bringing it back to life.
  16. Uhhhh, why not? They are not why the game sold. They are absolutely why the game posted humongous population numbers all the way through its lifespan and dominated XBL right up until CoD found its footing. Grifball is likely the most culturally relevant Halo phenomenon to ever exist besides Red vs. Blue. All those things you just mentioned were no longer original concepts in the Halo games after H3. They were not killer apps, they were not must-have experiences, and so they did not drive and sustain the games after they launched. Sure, they were great for established, die-hard Halo fans who were going to stick around no matter what, but as far as the multiplayer is concerned that is not a significant amount of people today compared to what once was. MCC on PC is going to be "featureless at launch" just like H5 was, why are you not docking it for that? Once again, mods would be an absurdly easy method of sustained interest. Mods are Forge on steroids, and custom games are an enormous part of Halo's multiplayer core compared to other competitive game franchises which are often overwhelmingly centered around matchmaking. I don't know what universe you guys are living in where you think naked versions of old Halo games have the same pull that they did 10 years ago, but it's not the one currently running reality.
  17. Halo died on console because of games fans deemed subpar. Halo succeeded during a decade's worth of no mod support. Never forget that, lmao. No mod support isn't the reason Halo died.
  18. Halo died on console. Why is it so outrageous to suggest it could do the same on PC? The hype was there for H5, and H4. Look what happened. Are you really going to sit here and compare Halo, a 19-year-old IP, to a game like LoL or Fortnite, games which are currently in their prime and codified their respective genres? Mod support needs to be high on the priority list. End of story.
  19. I should have clarified better but I was talking about the hundred of thousands of players that were playing h3 over a year after release. It isn't a bad thing but the point is that to act like halo will die on pc without a mod scene when the most popular games on pc don't have a mod scene kind of proves you wrong and you just aren't realizing it.
  20. "Thousands" is probably exactly the concurrent metric going for Halo 5 at this point, probably less for MCC. That's Microsoft's flagship series. Is that really the population count you're satisfied with? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person left around here that wants Halo to be better than it has been. They literally would not exist without mods. And even then, so what? If something better and more viable spins up from Halo's mod scene, is that a bad thing?
  21. he was booked for ugc! not sure what happened. hope he's doing alright
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