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  2. nexus ball? penance(lol) ball? I don't want to play the pit ever again
  3. Oh my God are you giving praise to reach? You fuckin sellout.
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  5. Hey guys! There's a new playlist over on Hal... actually, fuck it never mind.
  6. I use 120. Which btw is what I set other games to like Skyrim and fallout. Just what I'm used to at this point.
  7. I'm already back in 2011 hate mode on Reach. Random shots not hitting after their shields pop, terrible maps as you said. JUMP HEIGHT!! i can't stand it, battle canyon and half the jumps are out of reach cause my spartan cant hop up a rock. Tho I guess it's Halo CE Anniversary after all. The DUMB stun you get when you fall off a ledge that's high up. You fall, land and stay there for a second and can't move (plus your HUD like SHAKES so you can barely see the kid you're shooting)
  8. Alright which of you sweat bags have Discord, a mic, and play in the evenings EST? These little colorful virtual numbers arent gonna increase by themselves.
  9. This looks interesting. Has anyone tried it yet? https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mythic-arena
  10. non-mlg gametypes are unplayable how did I ever endure this crap 7 years ago
  11. First time playing Halo in a long long time and I'd like to play with people who want grind Team Hardcore with me and improve. I'm not good but I'm willing to put in work. GT: xTheI (the last letter is a capitalised i)
  12. I think you need to revisit the H2 BR dude, because you are going to be in for a bit of a shock if you do some comparisons...
  13. Anyone here been playing Dubs? I don't remember the spawns being this broken. I'm in a 1 on 1 fight with a guy and his teamate spawns right next to him mid fight and kills me????? Seems like the influence is all kinds of fucked.
  14. What are you on about. Seriously. It’s easy as piss to hit a headshot in 2 compared to others, lmao. Others have funky mag, but 2 is still up there as one of, if not the worst for it. Coupled with its wide ass reticle that other games don’t have that make an already easy task trivial.
  15. In a vacuum of course not but compared to 4 and 5, sure it does. Especially 4 and 5s BR pre-patch jesus. and even post patch, you want to talk about a gun that will give you a headshot regardless of where you aim on the player... That gun is the only reason you need to prove why recoil like that is bad.
  16. The phrase "minimal bullet magnetism" does not belong anywhere near H2.
  17. Oh. Its you. Fuckin degenerate Takes one to know one
  18. Guys, we're talking relative difficulty. Its easier to headshot in H2 than H4 or H5? no its not. but its loads easier than 1/3. Hence the ordering. Then throw in weapons like the sniper where you actually have to be on the head to register a headshot compared to H5 where its basically the entire top 1/3rd of the player model = headshot, or Halo 4 where there is no descope. Since we seem to be so hung on on the "buckets" i put this stuff in here is the full order that i feel, from hardest to easiest. Harder: [ H3 (hitreg and shitty aiming. hard in a bad way) > H1 (hard in a good way) > Reach > H2 > H5 > H4 ] :Easier I split them up in the earlier post by 1/3rd, not sure why this is so hard to understand. Maybe im wrong and I have the MCC feeling in my head not the OG H2, but its not insane lol. The action of the sniper in these games has a lot to do with it as well.
  19. I'm using 100 currently, may bump it up to 105-110 but definitely wouldn't recommend anything higher than that, makes hitting targets harder. I hope they fix the giant view-models for the centered crosshair too.
  20. Sorry Apollo but H2 is a joke aiming wise. Hitboxes might be smaller idk about that but you can literally shoot someone in the nuts and get a 4sk. The only thing that's hard in that game is noscoping but that is negligible given that you can just quick/dragscope with ease.
  21. Callout of the year. Brings a tear to my eye. Unf. Imagine talking shit to someone and then backing down from any sort of proving grounds. Couldnt be me. Trial by combat or never talk shit to someone again. I better not hear a peep from you Mr. Johnson.
  22. Fat reticle that gives you headshots when you aim at the knees. Yea. Oozes skill.
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