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  2. How many other prominent games have a gun that shoots pink needles though?
  3. I would lowkey kill for a needle rifle skin like that. Wow what an underatedly fun gun.
  4. This might hl iceprincess. Just ignore it. The pistol is clearly the best primary because it takes up the least place. However lots of people cant get off asethics so just add a br/dmr/carbine/light rifle/needle rifle skin and be done with it. No burst fire
  5. Children should have a mom and a dad.
  6. Wow look at this shit that doesn't matter. The pistol as the utility feels good to me cause it feels more powerful. Who cares what the gun looks like, give the game character instead of worrying what everyone else is doing.
  7. I hope 343 gets a clue and uses the dmr or Br as the main utility weapon. Look let’s be real here a pistol as the main weapon is dumb, you will not find a single game where the pistol is dominant, and this isn’t one of those things that’ll make halo look unique it’ll just be fucking stupid. The dmr is the most logical in the sense we want a powerful utility weapon, but low AA. Honestly dmr fits that category, great at range so sniper doesn’t become OP because it’ll be far easier to counter the sniper at a distance with a dmr, & the ttk easily can be lowered to 1 second. although the 1.3 seconds isn’t too big a deal. The weapon is also perfect as it’s not random at all(h5 dmr basically v7 dmr but higher bullet mag which clearly be grateful for less). All in all it’s a great utility weapon. And I’ll say this again giving a weapon a skin to look like a Br,dmr,pistol as customization makes literally no sense unless they have a weapon specifically called “utility weapon”. No one likes a pistol over a rifle it’s honestly just stupid people that do.
  8. Mikwen got a cool write up on espn http://www.espn.com/esports/story/_/id/25730014/hanging-sticks-look-mikwen-halo
  9. MarkyVersace

    NFL Thread

  10. Am I hallucinating from lack of sleep or did a bunch of posts just get deleted?
  11. 'Gay people exist. This is unacceptable!' Only a mentally deranged snowflake can be foaming in the mouth at the sight of a loving family.
  12. Trump could round up all the Democrats and execute them all in order to build the wall and half the people in this thread would cheer it on. But yeah Trump is not curing cancer is he? He's creating killing fields and ramping up Obama's drone assassination campaign to obscene levels and he has ramped up troop deployment all across the middle east. So much for anti war. But it doesn't matter to you lot either. War or isolationism, whatever suits you authoritarians. What Trump says is law and truth. Truly totalitarian.
  13. Just tried modern aiming for the first time. Definitely requires a sensitivity tweak, the twitch shooting is a lot different now, but I like it.
  14. Well... I mean... yeah? But the game isn't "pull the trigger when your reticle turns red". It's center the enemy on your screen and kill them. If an enemy is IN your FOV, and then ceases to be by their actions (jump, strafe, movement ability), then you did not react quickly enough and aim at them well enough to prevent that. I don't really see how what I'm saying is controversial at all. If some H5 guy comes at you with a shotty, jumps onto your head, then jumps and hits a jumpjet Dougie before clambering onto a lamp post or whatever the fuck happens in that game, will it be easier to aim at him throughout that set of moves in 70° or 100°? To me there is an obvious answer. I would say the opposite in the case of a guy cross map corner peaking you: give me 70°. Aiming isn't just sniping or just CQC. It's both, and no one setting is ideal for everything.
  15. Yesterday
  16. It doesn’t help that the game has a huge ass reticule with other random garbage. It be nice if we could decrease in order to compensate spread and stuff like that.
  17. Try having under 1 upload and like a 250 ping. I swear the crap I see is unreal. I am probably in about 100 montages since I have moved out here. If I even look at a dude with a sniper its instinct t head shot for him.
  18. how do you guys think the rest of the year will look for halo regarding tourneys? I mean i have a hard time seeing infinite dropping this year. So what games do you think they Will play until halo infinite?
  19. True, but the difference is that locating your enemies and killing your enemies are two different matters entirely, and you win by doing the latter not the former. There's also the matter that aim assist is a greater factor when your FOV is smaller as it registers across a greater portion of your view, the fact that zooming in and out in Halo is a very common technique, and also the fact that Halo isn't a twitch shooter in which you only need to land a couple of shots to kill your opponent, thus meaning that you need to continuously track your opponent on screen. Mind you, we're (hopefully) not talking about far extremes - 180 degrees FOV versus 20 degrees or something ludicrous like that. There are other variables of course, such as whether/how the game reacts to the FOV regarding deflection/sensitivity/acceleration curves, but in general I've never bought the bitching about FOV in Halo.
  20. Speaking of homosexuals... this showed up in my PO box on friday. This is new normie policy for libtards Super healthy for the kids imo
  21. Watch a real sport like hockey and quit being a libtard homosexual problem solved.
  22. Something to keep in mind, and something I've noticed from people who stream (especially in this community), is that a lot of people VASTLY overestimate their skill level in CE. They think they should be hitting 3-5 shots in every battle when their aim is clearly off. Not to say the pistol isn't wonky, because it very much is, but it's not like it's a 50/50 coin flip with every single fight on every single host. That's disingenuous and not the case unless your connection is just unadulterated trash. So when people complain about the pistol in CE, it's good to take them and their overall skill level with a huge grain of salt (myself included) because CE is a strange landscape. Everyone is the best and simultaneously trash at the game depending on who you ask, lol.
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