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  2. Buddy, with how hard you tried to put the North Korean feather in Trump's hat, you better clam up. Because you're wrong about this too.
  3. "That was working" hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. You go ahead and focus on the diarrhea line, it's real appropriate in context.
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  6. Did you just call me a puddle of diarrhea?
  7. ya real mad over here about not being in pointless wars Meanwhile Trump is rattling his saber really hard for someone who is trying to avoid war at all cost. What is this over, again? Trump withdrawing from a nuclear deal that was working simply because it had Obama's name on it? He's a human diarrhea puddle and so are all of his supporters.
  8. Leave him alone. He simply stepped in to save his little brother from the dumb dumb oil post.
  9. You're mad if he attacks, mad if he doesn't attack and mad if he doesn't tell you whether he is or isn't attacking. You come off as unhinged, please seek help.
  10. Media: "Are you going to attack Iran?" Trump: "lol stay tuned to find out, in the meantime smash that like button" This piece of utter shit.
  11. You could combine the focus rifle and the beam rifle. Primary fire is a non headshot capable, hitscan, continuous beam. Alternate fire is a headshot capable, projectile, semi auto shot. Easier to hit long range shots with a hitscan weapon but it also requires a longer time on target. Harder to hit a headshot with a projectile weapon but kills near instantly.
  12. If only Iraq was invaded because of oil. That, although pointedly evil, would've at least made sense. Instead, Iraq was invaded literally because the Bush administration had a raging boner for finishing daddy's job and because they were insane. Now gosh, if only the current administration wasn't also completely insane...
  13. This is an excellent starting point. I think the Focus Rifle gets shit because the feedback on it is bad. It doesn't feel good to use imo. i think the recoil is kind of weird. Hard to describe but it just feels.. blah. The damage feedback is bad too, how much damage did it do? Same on the receiving end. Thats why getting killed by the beam in H2 feels so terrible to me as well, but the H2 beam felt better to use so i was ok with it. In H5 it also suffers from the thrust-enabled escapability problem. It kills too fast for anybody to turn and challenge it but slow enough you can thrust out of the way if you're paying attention. Feels like you do a lot of empty damage with it. EDIT after reading TheIcePrincess up there. I used the Focus Rifle primarily against humans. I could see it being much more fun to use against vehicles, but never really experienced that tbh. If thats the appropriate bucket for it thats fine. One niche thing i want are trickier sticky's like you had in H2. Where you could bounce a grenade using the explosion of another grenade to shoot one around the corner. Better physics for that type of thing in general. Overall they need to make sure that the weapons have almost no bullet magnetism. And the tiny but of magnetism they do have needs to NOT prioritize the head. That was my biggest frustration when they fucked the BR with the H5 rebalance. All they had to do was tone down the stickiness and stop bending the bullets 90 degrees around corners and it would have been fine. Hopefully all the weapons in Infinite follow that advice.
  14. If we're going off the pure basis of stumbling on them, yeah, entirely. But "stumbling" is a vague term used to define the fact you're not always working for them to get them. You could be in respawn and find them on a dead body while your team moves up. You could not be paying attention to time at all, and slide down rocket hall on Pit because you have them trapped in their base, and have them respawn by you. You didn't work for them specifically, you still reap the rewards of borderline free kills if you're competent in any sense. To me, that's dumb. With ordnance, you're having to work for it. In some way, shape or form, the medals you're getting to net more ordnance score all have something to do with engaging people. Distractions meaning less than kills for example, too. You're straight up getting a power weapon because you put in work during the game. The only time this differs is stacking. And you can stack regardless of ordnance being there or not. I'm not saying I like ordnance, but one takes a helluvalot more individual work than the other does, removes some of the pure circumstance behind games, and at the cost of chaotic flow potentially, allows people to not be steamrolled as hard. If ordnance was consistent and post-ordnance #1 was only earned by utility kills, it'd undoubtedly be better at that point. Sentinel beam's the only good one. Snipers still promote sitting back to the point where range and pressure shots don't matter, shotguns are superbly dumb for any CQC map, as most 4v4 maps can be, effectively locking down sightlines without the weapon itself ever being hard, given the reticle is the size of a watermelon, and GLs are more explosives than can kill even if you don't see the person you fire at. And it usually spawns with 1-2 more shots than a rocket will. Allowing you to guess fire more freely. The sentinel beam at least requires you to stay on target and doesn't instant kill you, even if it can melt you. Halo 5's was the best because it also melted vehicles. Two beam users could melt a Wraith in seconds. Was amazing. And more of them should be present on BTB maps, but that's besides the point.
  15. Trump is giving the impression that he's close to a deal with Iran and this was done by someone trying to sabotage that deal. He does not want their oil, he does not want war. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/06/20/donald-trump-irans-shooting-down-u-s-drone-big-mistake/1511359001/
  16. You would think that after apparently invading all these Middle Eastern countries for their oil, the US would have gotten, well, more oil.
  17. On the topic of power weapons I'd love to get a discussion going what weapons would are "acceptable" within a possible non-tiered sandbox and what tweaks would have to be made to them. The first thing is obviously to make the starting weapon hard to use again and give it a TTK of around 1s. That The Sniper is balanced because it's skillful especially if we base it on the H3 version that 1) doesn't aim itself and 2) has the nerfed RoF compared to CE and H2/A that allows for the quit 2 tap. Could nerf the rof even more or lower the clip size to make those headshots count. Any shotgun besides the H5 mini-sniper one is fine by me, with a decent starting weapon this really isn't that much of an issue. You get that OHK or you're toast. The Reach version of the GL is IMO a great weapon, probably the last good thing Bungie added to this franchise. Too bad the H5 version is just a way too easy remote-detonation rocket launcher. With fast enough movement speed this thing can be super challenging yet rewarding to use. The Sentinel Beam/Focus Rifle could be super unique and skillful if it had a headshot bonus and overheated quickly to require accuracy and timing. Never understood the hate this thing gets. ... feel free to add.
  18. I knew I forgot something haha. Yes, people would probably run something similar to the 3 champ + 1 exchangable bronze smurf setup that is so popular in H5 and get around the quit penalties.
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