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  2. 5v5/6v6 with limited vehicles, like a Ghost and Warthog per side max, is a sweet spot in terms of mixing infantry and vehicle play together on maps that aren’t insanely huge. There has to be an effort to design maps specifically for this player count though, it’s right between Slayer and BTB size so neither of those maps really do it justice.
  3. BTB Lite would be dope. Who knows, maybe people would eventually prefer it to Heavies, which has always been dumb imo.
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  5. Protected gunners is more of an Elite vehicle trait. Ghost, Banshee, Revenant. Exposed gunners on Human vehicles is good for balance and adds variety to the vehicle sandbox.
  6. Still I wouldn’t mind a gunner to be a bit safer. Future halos don’t have inaccurate precision weapons like h3.
  7. Nakzey


    Not Touching The Ground
  8. I stole this idea from a waypoint post
  9. The Conduit grenade is not thrown but fired from the user’s left hand. A short range, short duration (0.7 seconds), narrow, forward beam transfers Energy Shields from impacted players to the user. Shield Barriers (objects on maps that players cannot travel through) can be disabled with Conduit grenades. Hardlight Shields and Bubble Shields are also highly susceptible to Conduit grenades. Fusion coils can be drained of energy, rendering them inert. Different objects give different amounts of extra shields to the user. Time on target determines the amount of shields a player can transfer before before the burst runs out.
  10. Warthog gunners have a shield mounted to the front of the turret already. If they are getting shot from the side and dont turn to shoot back/protect themselves, thats on them imo.
  11. Warthog gunners should have 4 side shields that are very weak to make it so the gunner isn’t immediately killed. The driver should be open game, aka the same as it currently is.
  12. I actually find myself excited to play some Reach at 60FPS without motion blur on the maps and gametypes that I never really got to play, on better settings with a good progression system. Plus ranked ZBNS and Invasion is gonna be godsend. I really hope they don’t royally fuck this up somehow. I just wanna play some Halo that isn’t straight up broken and has something that incentivizes grind.
  13. Turret flinch? Maybe enough damage could destroy a recoil compensator and the turret then has vertical recoil while firing after that.
  14. I think i would rather just have aiming at an exposed driver actually work. Keep it simple. Its one thing i like about halo, there is nothing like in CoD where you can shoot through walls with reduced damage. You never really know how much damage you are doing. With Halo a hit is a hit and a miss is a miss. You're either exposed or you're not. imo things like damage reduction from object penetration don't add depth or skill, just gray area. What i would like is vehicles with more specifically target-able spots. ie you can blow the doors off to expose a driver more or a wheel off to stop the vehicle or make it harder to steer. Damage directly to the turret makes it shoot more erratically etc.
  15. A zero bloom DMR that fires Armor Piercing Rounds that can damage vehicle occupants through the vehicle. Shots that pass through vehicles deal 50% damage to impacted occupants but remain headshot capable.
  16. None of this really discredits my earlier points. Being unable to actually target the driver in any meaningful way doesn't fit the criteria I setup. Having vehicles that are both super easy and super powerful also doesn't fit my own criteria. I already said those things need to be fixed. A driver being "technically" exposed doesn't mean shit if they're still too hard to hit or, as is sometimes the case, the vehicle eats the shots despite aiming at the driver. The only concession i made is that there is a fairly wide range of "good" for vehicles compared to say, utility weapon balance. They don't need to be nerfed into the ground or removed. and i haven't been hand-wavey about shit. Let me ask you this, do you really want a whole playlist that is basically big team with no vehicles all the time, or would you be OK with 1) better vehicles and 2) a small minority (10-15% of games) in the Big Team hopper had only things like mongooses (mongeese??) to get around on. Most people that play big team want vehicles. I'm inferring you want them gone entirely or at least weak as shit. Right. Sprint was "planned" for Halo 2 but they couldn't get it right and were short on time so they dropped it. Then when they had 3 fucking years to get it right they still didn't add it to Halo 3. They didn't actually add it until their pre-destiny swan song experiment. And even though reach was clearly an experimental title for them more than it was a Halo game, they still didn't add sprint as a base characteristic. Just because something is "planned" doesn't mean that plan isn't shit.... When you recognize its shit you change your plans as seems to have happened here.
  17. I will, I’ll tell him some of your ideas and see what he says. Like some of these ideas sound weird man. They sound so random, and not something that’s ever been tested before. It’s best to make a hypothesis, and actually think how this would play out.
  18. Maybe you could ask your coworker who worked on Shadowrun what he thinks.
  19. Please stop. Your ideas are stupid. Everyone I’ve read sounds like something I’d never want in halo or any game period. I’m sorry boyo but your vision of halo is one the majority would despise.
  20. I think it be great for BTB. No difference in score is needed either.
  21. The DEEP Pistol While unscoped, RT and RB are Primary Fire and Alternate Fire. Primary Fire fires a continuous, hitscan beam that kills in 1.2 seconds. Alternate Fire fires semi automatic projectiles that kill in 3 shots with a headshot (0.6 seconds) or 6 bodyshots (1.5 seconds). While scoped, RT becomes Scoped Fire and RB is disabled. Scoped Fire fires a single projectile that kills if it’s a headshot and does virtually no damage if it’s a bodyshot. A very long fire delay makes it effectively single shot. Low overall aim assist.
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