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  2. Power weapons straight up make you better, there's no reason to not go for them ever. Doing an obj run like a flag cap is not something you'd want to do if you didn't have to. One of those two things requires a lot more integrity than the other. They are similar in the sense that they're incentivized like you mentioned, but the reason why they are, are complete opposites. One you don't want but you have to do it. The other you do want. This is probably what makes objectives more interesting than power weapons.
  3. I mean the implication is that there might not be any true "level 10s" either. You shoot up through multiple irrelevant rankings until you hit a point where you can't win more than you lose.
  4. What's the difference between a bronze 1 and a level 1 in a 1-50
  5. I forget who said it originally, might've been @Hard Way, but the problem with 1-50 is that there is no true "level 1". An Elo system actually gets us accurate rankings because the floor and the ceiling move accordingly.
  6. Not to be obtuse but isn’t that what slayer with power items already does? Capturing the rockets creates the likelihood of your score going up by 2-4 points? Or you mean bigger swings, like 50 point flags? Glider allows players to sail from a mountainous ledge over to the top of the enemy base. Glider creates additional invisible routes in the air that players can use to drop down on the objective below. The Gravity Hammer’s alt-fire can pull an elevated objective down to the user, allowing his run to begin with a slight head start.
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  8. @JordanB My opinion is that the vast majority of players should fall between 20 and 40. Under 20 is new or well below average skill level. Over 40 is really, really good. This gives new players that initial march where they are consistently climbing ranks every couple matches (but then levels off in the teens for the thumbless) while also retaining the wow factor of higher ranks. 46-50 wouldn’t even be numbers but symbols.
  9. The difference you're talking about in bronze/silver etc and 1-50 is purely visual. Nothing else. Whatever you think the difference in skill between a plat 1 vs plat 5 is can be shown the same in a number. 1-10 bronze, 11-20 silver, 21-30 gold, 31-40 plat, 41-50 diamond. 50+ is just onyx/champ whatever games are calling it. The difference between a plat 1 and a plat 5 would be the difference in 31 vs a 40.
  10. I think the numbers 1-50 is too vague of numbers to figure out what skill levels people should be.Usually in most games with division ranking there’s a decent skill gap between a plat grade 1 and plat grade 4-5. But a diamond shouldn’t be playing with a gold player ever in any circumstance in ranked play. significantly higher I’d say is a level 5 playing with a level 20+.
  11. Maybe, but to me it doesn't matter. Especially for ranked, I don't care if you quit or if you lagged out. In both cases you should be given the ability to join back, and in both cases if you don't join back or you took too long, you cost me a chance at a victory. I don't care if that's your fault or your internet's fault, get better internet or don't play ranked. For social as long as the first couple bans aren't too strict, my same thoughts apply. If you're getting DC'd in 5 matches in a single day due to internet problems then go play a single player game. I like #1, it helps prevent possible smurfers as well depending how long you have to actually play. #2 should be feasible at least at the game's launch. A party should always be matching other parties. TO4 should either face TO4, TO3 +1 or two TO2. TO3 should face a TO3 or either one or two TO2. Either one or two TO2 need to face either one or two TO2 or a TO3. But it should also work in a way that if the game fucking sucks and population dies, or we have to wait 5 years for the next Halo and eventually people move on, that 343 can remove these restrictions. #3 1-50 is fine if you make some tweaks to it. Allow for 10 matches played before starting your rank. During these games you won't be able to see your rank, but when the game is over you can see other players' ranks so you know what you were just up against. After the 10 games you get a rank, and from there you grind your way up to 50 just like you would if you got placed in Halo 5 and grinded up to onyx. Once you hit 50 it can start showing your MMR instead of "50" and from there the MMR goes up or down. Both systems would pretty much work the same but something about 1-50 just feels right with Halo. Maybe it's dumb, maybe it's nostalgia that most Halo players today probably don't even know or care about, but if 343 actually goes back to a more classic gameplay experience I think going 1-50 would be perfect. #4 depends what you view as significantly higher, and it also depends if you're talking about ranked or social. Though I'm assuming ranked
  12. It would probably make people play ranked more though If people felt less bullshitted.
  13. people need to be playing halo before any of this can be properly implemented lol
  14. things I’d want and hope for halo infinite rank system. 1. A certain level to be before you can play rank. Many games do this and it does a decent job of preventing boosting and smurfing. In halo I’d say an SR of 15 would be sufficient. reasons for this is at that point everyone will know the maps and settings and won’t walk into ranked blind AF. 2. Party matching, now I think partial party matching is appropriate, but teams of 4 should only match 4s and teams of 3+1 random. I think that’s how the current partial mm system works. But even teams of 3 need to ensure the enemy has a team of 2. 3. I want division ranking as I feel 1-50 just doesn’t work. Perhaps that’s because of population issues and less people overall playing ranked but too many people getting to level 30(which is just an annoying grind) can’t even find a game passed that. Least division wouldn’t of caused such an annoying hassle. There’s many of us in that 50 skill range but honestly I don’t want to needlessly grind this out. Goodness it takes forever. Also too many times matching with or against scrubs whom if I could do 10 placement matches and get a rank I’d have to deal with significantly less! I had on average onyx rank in h5(rarely could hit champ as I soloed it all and kept matching parties of 4 in h5 feelsbadman so I stopped playing rank as it just wasn’t fair) 4. No playing with people significantly higher ranked than you. League does this to prevent boosting and so does valorant. Idk about other games but I think this is a very good system.
  15. Is there a way a game can tell that you quit or DC’D? I know of one game that technically did this and that was pubg. If you crashed the game would recognize this and let you rejoin or if you DC’d but if you quit it wouldn’t. I don’t know or play many games that do this.
  16. If ranked games don't have this, we should. Quitting a ranked game should result in X time ban, but in the case that you got DC'd or lagged out or whatever, you should be allowed to rejoin the game and if you do then your ban time goes away. I love this idea for social, but I think we should implement a forfeit option for social only. Sometimes the social games are just so unbalanced that it isn't fun at all even if you were to try-hard it. If I don't have the option to quit without a suspension/ban then give me the option to ff.
  17. I’d like that as well and let’s do what overwatch does for rank. After certain amount of quits overwatch straight up bans you from playing ranked for that season. It’ll sure teach people to not to quit and to play the game. Although I’d only be ok with that if we don’t have a shit ton of disconnects like we had with h5. Gosh h5 I’ve never DC’d in any game compared to that. I’ve played indie games with better servers. And to prevent smurfing you must be level 25 like OW to play ranked. This doesn’t prevent smurfing but it does a decent job of not having a whole bunch. People should have to play the game first so they’re a decent level of competence before playing ranked. Because some people just straight up play ranked immediately without knowing anything!
  18. This. This stops a LOT of the insane amount of quitters in the game. Don't allow players to leave and just join another match, while people who are actually trying to play and enjoy themselves, have to stay and get destroyed for the next 10 minutes. They shouldn't be allowed to go play and enjoy themselves either. Overwatch does this as well. For the people who quit, suspend them from searching if they don't rejoin after a certain period of time. Because some people do actually just lag out of games.
  19. Republicans are evil, exhibit #10597909 https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/grxk3p/justified_freakout_pa_house_representative_brian/
  20. I feel like this idea has potential, carrying an objective with a lit fuse but CTF isn’t the place for it. If the game time has ended, and overtime has ended, and both teams are still holding flags, they should link together like Harry Potter and Voldemort’s wands, damaging and pulling the carriers towards each other.
  21. Needler Rifle RT automatically fires low speed projectiles that home in on a targeted enemy. LT semi automatically fires projectiles that count as 4 needles toward a supercombine and cause primary fire projectiles to more aggressively home in on the target, tracking his movement around objects. X toggles the weapon into rifle mode, extending the barrel, extending the stock, and flipping up a scope. Now, RT fires high speed projectiles and LT activates a 2x scope. Once the user has stopped firing, after a brief delay, the weapon quickly and automatically reloads itself, pushing out new needles.
  22. No they added it in because it had a lower quit rate, less ties, and hit the score limit more often. I still think it’s gross though.
  23. Oh, there. Currently people use what song to create a phone ringtone. Can you give me a share? Thank you.
  24. I think you need to ensure to uncheck auto starts. I don’t think that’s tied to slayer only
  25. Well I was playing with a team of 8, so I didn't see the selected game modes. But there's only one mode marked as having AR starts, and that's auto slayer. I don't know, all I know is that in Reach BTB, AR starts is absolutely horrible.
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