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  2. My quote was more so saying the actual maps themselves are good.
  3. Yes sir, my sentiments exactly. I liked Reach's map selection. Again, sure, some color and stuff would be nice, but my biggest concerns with the maps and the ones I was vocal about were the functionality aspects of it. i.e. Zooming in from Snipe Hut to Snipe Hut on Sanctuary and your FPS dropping to ~10 FPS. But I think we've had enough of being blinded in certain areas of the map since Halo 4 (that people can literally use to their advantage at times). It's not necessary to make a map look nice; global illumination lighting techniques are used for a reason in 3D modeling software. They're there so that you don't need a direct light source that can interfere with displaying a certain object(s). Direct lighting techniques are used when you want to give the natural lighting effect in locations where it makes sense. Sure it would be nice to have natural lighting in every location but in a video game where certain mechanics and visual cues are important, they can interfere.
  4. Exactly. I personally have never understood the hate for Reach forge maps. Like yea they're bland but when you play the same maps hundreds of times you stop looking at the aesthetic completely. I would prefer every map look like Reach forge over some if the atrocious lighting of Halo 5. Sure a more colorful selection would be nice but from a comp standpoint that should be soooooooooo far down the list of concerns.
  5. Yes but with the queen your chances of victory are so much higher. With a queen your chances of taking out pieces like rook(I don’t remember if these two are the same thingcastle) Bishop, Knight is so much greater. And unlike CE and chess those support pieces are needed where the support tools on CE aren’t
  6. The CE pistol is a lot like the Queen in chess. Sure, that is the most powerful piece on the board due to it's flexibility; as long as you have the queen, you still have a chance. She is also most likely the piece that moves around the board the most. Does that mean the Queen is the only piece you use? Is the Queen the only piece that can win a game? Is the Queen the only piece that can capture another? Of course not; the support pieces are equally useful in their own right, and using them effectively is the provenance of a true master.
  7. Wrong. Halo 5's take on the Covenant aesthetic looks like bulbous bug hives and monster tits, with a slap of purple and grey splotched upon them. Not only that, but the added glaring lights and holograms would blind anybody that didn't play the game consistently. Coliseum fares far worse however; the over-complicated level of polygons and visual noise is a far cry to even the most recent rendition of Bungie's original vision of Forerunner. You had the cartographer locations, the beacon towers, the old ruins, the active gas canisters, and the giant obelisks from the Ark. Coliseum looks like none of those, or even looks like it could be a part of the same family of architecture. It looks like someone spray-painted Tron.
  8. I've always been a functionality guy over aesthetics so my opinion isn't too strong when it comes to how maps look (I care way more about how they play rather than how they look; but that's just me because I'm a competitive player at heart), but I never had a problem with Halo 5's art style. The problem I had with Halo 5 is the lighting. Maps that literally blind you in certain areas of the map can all die in a fire and I really wish we can do away with this in the next Halo game.
  9. Wow shocker I never would've thought you'd respond like that. You're lost man. Keep telling yourself games take no skill when you get stomped. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
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  11. That's like asking rock paper scissors stats. It really means nothing.
  12. Yeah definitely a fuck up on their part. It didn’t help all the armor lock faggets played vanilla more.
  13. I can get being mad about form over function, because I agree with the idea, but you're actually nuts if you think Coli and Truth are dogshit, lmao. They're literally two of the three best maps in that game's competitive suite. They look good and convincing lore-wise, but unlike Eden, or Torque, they didn't suffer in the gameplay department.
  14. We will need to cancel the check-in, and put who you want to play with and check-in again. You will need to act fast, since others are waiting for a spot.
  15. I thought orientation on Pit was horrible. Any time I spawned in the corners of the map it took me some time to get my bearings, way more than what I find acceptable. Unless the map is brand new to me I should always know where I am on the map the instant that I spawn in, especially on a remake. Way too often that just didn't happen on Reach Pit. Maybe I'm the only one, I don't know. Nexus wasn't great either in that regard, especially with all the random shit strewn about. 343 gets so obsessed with making their maps look "next-gen" and realistic within the context of the Halo universe (because lore totally matters in a fucking multiplayer map), and it comes at the expense of things like functionality and orientation. Sure, 343, Truth looks like a convincing covenant ship and Coliseum looks like a convincing forerunner whatever-the-fuck set on some distant planet. Have a cookie. They're still dogshit on the eyes. Team Thrusters takes skill, it's just a bad game and a worthless experience. Anyway, assuming zero bloom comes with Reach MCC (which I'm not sure it will, it would be just like 343 to release vanilla Reach and omit the TU), I think the v7 gametypes could use a second look or at least a touching up. Damnation/Penance v7 was so fucking stupid. Rockets on lilypads every three minutes? Camo at old rocket spawn? Random grav lifts everywhere that do nothing to move the game along? Of course team slayer is gonna take 15 minutes on that if people are actually serious. Anchor 9 should be looked at since everyone will have it. Maybe Tempest as well? I have no idea why Powerhouse was never used for anything, it was one of only two maps (besides Zealot) that was somewhat enjoyable in default modes, and I remember several test games that I had fun with as well. Would have much rather seen Powerhouse back in the day than the litany of plain, inoffensive four-base maps MLG kept trotting out.
  16. New video! Just a quick recap of the event this weekend for anyone that may have missed it.
  17. i like h1-3, reach, and h5. Can't we all stop bitching about the games we hate? We're coming off of 3 years of people complaining about h5, now we get h3 and some people still can't drop h5.
  18. The higher resolution should help the Forge maps considerably. Something about the lower resolution makes the grey on them even worse (makes it seem to blur together.) Could be wrong, but I do think they are going to look a lot better than most people expect.
  19. DeathxPlays

    X2 Black

    Ya yeet!
  20. You know what would be really nice is they would give us a full blown map editor like gearbox did for all the games so we could make our own maps with the PC release. The we wouldn’t have to worry about forge maps looking like shit anymore or shitty dev maps.
  21. Dylan Roof shot up a black church after writing a rambling manifesto about white supremacy. What was his "bait"?
  22. Wrong. Regardless of the general consensus of everyone here disliking Halo 5 because of its drastic gameplay changes, the game took a fair amount of time to master. What it lacked in smooth aiming and classic feel, it made up with the movement and the capacity to position faster than ever. There are so many people that focus on the negatives that the very important positives are overlooked. Faster weapon draw and reloads, static weapon timers, an actual perfectly accurate utility, a visible timer to see when your shields recharge, and the one I think is most impactful, this game had the best out-of-the-box settings out of every online Halo. These changes combined with a classic experience, or even a semi-classic experience would be an awesome Halo.
  23. I'm not telling you to prove a negative, I'm asking for more backstory. There have been many racists/xenophobes in the world, but very rarely have they done things like this. I just want to know what pushed this guy over the edge. I didn't say you guys are necessarily wrong, I just prefer something better than "he shot muslims therefore he is a xenophobe" as if that's precisely what every xenophobe does, because they don't.
  24. I hate prisoner so damn much. The design and they way it looks is just bad to me. I’m not a fan of asssymetrical maps, but I do have my exceptions like chill out is a nice design.
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