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  2. I am interested in reading Hitler`s autobiography, anyone read it ?
  3. paging file 16 gb - strong one xd I have bought a pc not a long time ago with 8gb ram, it was a surprise for me when I acknowledged that my ram is in a short supply...
  4. Hi guys, I am new here. My name is Miro, hope we`ll get friendly together 8)
  5. Several people here have explained this to you before, but yeah - killtimes dramatically increased in Reach and the franchise tanked, going from #1 on XBL to getting knocked out of the top 10. MLG dropped Halo and never picked it back up due to the game's unpopularity, they couldnt make a profit off running halo tournaments anymore whereas they would sell out of team passes for H2 and H3 events in the past. The franchise never recovered from the Reach nosedive with the killtimes staying roughly consistent from Reach - H5. Halo's population is nowhere near where it used to be, and it can't compete against other top games anymore. Hoping we dont need to re-explain this to you again.
  6. Skyzz


    Light em up
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  8. That's a loaded issue with power-ups in general, I don't feel that Halo 4-5 had a good power weapon balance relative to the utility and each other so I wouldn't want those games or anything emulating it to turn into a fiesta. I still prefer fast power ups but to put that on CE fans is kinda weird.
  9. If losing features is simply fast power ups then no one gives a damn except CE purist
  10. It's literally written on the wall (or message board in this case) about how increasing the overall quality of the game contributed a lot to 2+3 success. We lost features going forward and that's a turn off on top of cheesy gameplay elements whether some things like gun play or kill times felt slightly better from one iteration to another is not all that relevant when compared to glaring issues that are frequently briefed about in each "completed package" of Halo. The point is that there are core functions and features to the game that have not been sustained well nor improved since the arguable peak(s).
  11. Do you have evidence it lacking some fast TTK is a factor to why halo has declined. H2&3 had a long TTK according to YOU and they were a thousand times more popular than CE
  12. You keep making the argument that people like modern halo's gameplay but ignore the fact that modern halo is unpopular. If more people liked long TTKs + unlimited respawns, halo's population would be in a much better place.
  13. I don’t like halo 4 though I like comp halo but you keep talking about pointless topics that never come to pass. The TTK isn’t ridiculously long though. 1.3 seconds was the h5 pistol I believe, that’s not ridiculously long. People like that because it gives them a chance to turn around on a person. No one likes being killed because some guy shot them in the back. If you want TTK that quick go play call of duty. And besides we’re not going to get a fast TTK on ce level so just give up talking about it. Also don’t bother making some gold pro because it won’t get played. Y’all tried in h5, and tried in reach and it failed. H5 it was even worse because you had a custom browser and everything and even had guys like Veto try it. Dudes competitive yet is complete garbage at the game, smh
  14. We found the issue. There is a bug in the Forge Menu UI where you can't scroll long strings of text. The Labels CTF_RES_ZONE could be either CTF_RES_ZONE_FLAG_AT_HOME or CTF_RES_ZONE_FLAG_AWAY, and since you can't see the second half of the Label you don't know if the Respawn Zones are Labelled correctly. I have sent 343i a fix and the current version will be pulled until the next iteration. This is 100% my mistake since i was unaware of this bug when i applied the Label and i believed there was a single Flag Label like in the newer games.
  15. They never said that. They said no money loot boxes but Reqs will still likely be there in this mode.
  16. They said they're dropping the REQ system, how in the actual fuck are they planning to make that kind of money again with the shit-ass player base they cultivated?
  17. 343 gets final say on the esports settings, no?
  18. No talk of releasing multiplayer and campaign at later dates from each other. There's a very small chance that whatever they were going to withhold for the first year from the original launch is going to be there this year, both for Multiplayer and Campaign. Also. Don't be too excited about the BTB Leak. It's real, but considering that Warzone and REQs from H5 made 343 bank, it's only natural to believe they're going to try it a second time.
  19. I can suggest Archwar:Heroes and Demons This is quite an interesting game and many characters in this game. Check the game out at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...e1Tech.Archwar Other portals: http://www.archwar.com
  20. The fact we're having this fucking argument in 2021 is proof that this franchise and it's fanbase deserve to have been kneecapped and lost forever to time
  21. Unironic "Halo needs to evolve" jerking on this forum, now I've seen it all Go to waypoint and shill there lmao Yes I hate Halo 5 because 343 made it not because it's like a undergraduate course on what not to add to Halo Yes, a ridiculously long TTK crushes any individual skillgap while reducing any "team strategy" to the most braindead form imaginable, and we've already repeated this a billion times before Please, I'm fairly sure people will like your shilling on Waypoint or Reddit, go there instead and talk about how amazing Halo 4 abilities are and how much you love playable Elites
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