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  4. L.O.L (That means Laugh out Loud), Alabama just got OWNED (owned is what us millennials say when something EPIC happens) HAHA *Joke Explained: Twitter user, '@TreMelvin' added a funny caption, which implied that Alabama hates the gays (or Homosexuals) but likes incest (because there is a southern stereotype that southerners have sexual relations (sometimes called SEX or F*CKING) with their family members, it is a comedy gold mine! For the epic-ly funny tweet, Tre, ignores the fact that of course in Alabama all forms of incest are illegal, yet homosexuality is not, but still, L.O.L! This is what we call dunking on the cons (that means conservatives), Alabama has a lot of conservatives, and this tweet OWNED them. It takes a high IQ (intelligence quotient) to understand and enjoy such edgy and intellectual comedy. The 49k retweets and I are those people with a high enough IQ. LMFAO (Laughing, My, Fat, Ass [butt], Off)!!!!!*
  5. Thanks mate <3 I believe T2 and myself are a pair for the weekend, so not only is it amazing to have Tom freed from jail but the fact I get to cast with him again is an added bonus
  6. Theresa May, is stepping down. It is time for Jacob Rees-Mogg
  7. Does anyone have a link to the Halo 4 pro match where both sides had 0 kills and just ran away from each other the entire time?
  8. As someone who identifies as an attack helicopter, I find that idea deeply offensive.
  9. https://apnews.com/2c23a62730ef44c9bd674117a8224b3f ISOLATIONIST
  10. Arena Vehicle: The Monitor Arena maps are typically too small for vehicles to be viable. A floating Monitor, like Guilty Spark, could maneuver down a tight hallway though. Entering this vehicle teleports the player inside of the Monitor, removing his Spartan player model from the map. The Monitor moves much like a Spartan would. Move forward and back, strafe left and right, jump and crouch, except it does each one better than a Spartan. It moves a little faster, jumps a little higher, and has a greater difference between standing height and crouching height (hover high/hover low). The standing hover height is high enough off the ground that it gives the Monitor an effective resistance against explosions but the vehicle does take increased damage when it is dealt to its “face”. The Monitor’s smaller size allows it to access routes that Spartans cannot . A simple hole in the wall, or ventilation duct, could provide the Monitor with unique flanking opportunities. Maps can also feature “Energy Beams”. These act as rails that the Monitor can ride. One map could use them as an elevator built into the wall (Monitor enters a hole in the wall, rides a vertical energy beam up one level, and pops out into the room above). An open air map could feature an elevated, circular energy beam that allows the Monitor to fire down on enemies below, like an attack helicopter.
  11. super interesting read on the current state of esports https://kotaku.com/as-esports-grows-experts-fear-its-a-bubble-ready-to-po-1834982843
  12. Shady Halo kidz making moves 1 week before tourney in true Halo Esports fashion.
  13. Death island is an example of why halos max player count of 16 players needs to end. HI better allow 24 player plus BTB and Warzone should be 64 players! H5 never gave a good excuse for not allowing 24 player customs in my opinion, so I hope halo 6/infinite lets us do that this time around. So many big maps to make in forge only for them to play like dogshit because there’s not enough people and you need to clutter it with vehicles.
  14. Also are they just looking to win this one tourney? Bcs I doubt Frosty will be sticking around very long.
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