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    we kinda bad doe
  4. Exactly. This is a good step in the right direction, but utterly pointless if the game isn't up to scratch. And given that we're like 9 months from launch and haven't even seen gameplay yet, it's kind of hard to feel overly optimistic.
  5. To this day, Halo being casted by anyone other than Puckett just doesn’t feel right to me.
  6. he's come to save us. a full 12 month roadmap and i love how iconic that vision moment has become
  7. All this eSport PR talk means jack shit if the game is another ability fuckfest. I have a feeling they're just going to throw money at tournaments again in order to force a competitive scene.
  8. Modern Warfare launched with esports, just not for the playerbase, lol.
  9. I mean they said the game would launch with esports so that kinda speaks for itself.
  10. Did I miss the part where they mentioned a playlist?
  11. Reach killed the competitive scene and has gotten over $152K pumped into it.... Halo 2 had events broadcasted on TV and quadruple the number of registered teams per event but gets ghosted by 343/HCS.
  12. You know when you think about it fortnite started cross play. Now other games had this but never to the extent fortnite started with. They’re the ones who came up with the idea(I guess enacted is a better description) of input mm for balancing reasons. They found a way to put all groups of players together without causing unnecessary splits. Not every game uses this feature but were seeing it more and more. If it wasn’t for fortnite we’d probably never see cross play to this extent
  13. Busting ballls
  14. Nice to know infinite will launch with a playlist. Although I wonder if infinite will have console only tournaments or will they do a hybrid. I like to think aim assist won’t be so over powered in infinite compared to halo reach, and 343 will have the systems that’ll allow cross play/input mm like what fortnite and MW do.
  15. Oh no doubt, but bo2 had some great ass maps, and was far more balanced. I personally don’t like mw2 because it was what 2 shots a kill?
  16. I think it's fairly universal that CoD4 is the most popular/well regarded game of the CoD series. Maybe BO2 is up there, but MW2 certainly is not. People had fun with it, sure, but basically everyone I've ever talked to about it agrees it was an insanely unbalanced game.
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