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  2. No. If they’re asylum m seekers, you’d think they would simply apply for asylum in Mexico or any other country they pass through. But the vast majority of them are not tru asylum seekers (refugees), but instead, economic immigrants.
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  4. They must run these same kinds of tests during development right.... I mean, who could look at that sniper being a full crosshair distance away, not even red, and think its OK that gets a headshot? Wouldn't that be your starting point as far as magnetism is concerned? Honestly, if they want to make guns not shoot straight they would be better off adding just straight bullet drop. Flat projectile out to a certain distance, minimal if any magnetism, slight bullet drop after that. The distance at which bullet drop starts would be whatever the intended "optimal range" would be. The better the player, the further out they would still be able to use that weapon effectively. Personally, i don't think this is necessary and a projectile weapon that shoots straight would be good but if they insist on "making the bullet do something" once it leaves the gun, this is a better solution than any kind of randomness they could cook up.
  5. Maybe he missed because of bloom Edit: Guess I was late with the joke. Oh well
  6. Y'all reminding me of late Reach matchmaking and how half of the games were grey Forge maps in Forge World.
  7. DarKaster428


    The win is drawing us in
  8. You might not be the dumbest person on the planet, but you better hope that he doesn't die.
  9. Montages turned into complete shitshows starting with H4. Extended multikill timers, easy as fuck weapons, ugly medals, gross art style, downgraded theater, maps that all look the same etc. There's a reason people are still putting out mostly H2 and 3 tages even nowadays.
  10. I feel the same about all the damn Sandbox variants in Big Team. Especially Utah Mambo and Vindictive. God these maps suck and yet I get them all the damn time along with Longshore. It's like they have the weightings backwards in Big Team. Seems so difficult to get Valhalla, Avalanche, and Standoff.
  11. yeah but "lul just sleep outside for a few days in the desert bro" is completely fine. Okie dokie.
  12. The big picture is that we don't need anymore people in this country, especially those who are uneducated and can't speak English. They are lowering our standard of living by increasing the cost of housing, education, healthcare, and taxes for real Americans, who are already pinched as it is. Their lack of education means most likely their best case scenario is landing a job that pays minimum wage, in which case, they won't be able to survive without government handouts or living with like 10+ other illegals in a small apartment. Our country is tapped out. The bigger picture is that we are way, way over populated with humans. We need population control in America. We need to stop constantly expanding and killing off all the wildlife. America should start now instead of waiting until the SHTF. Why is it that with every single major issue, nothing gets done until the SHTF? Do most people just have zero foresight or what? "Let's keep pumping out more and more humans while simultaneously killing off all wildlife. What could possibly go wrong?"
  14. Which god did you ask though? That sounds like something Zeus, Thor or Jupiter could do. Ol' mate Jehova has done nothing since he was invented so make sure you ask the right one in future.
  15. If they break the law just to get into this country they should be barred from entering ever again unless the circumstances are absolutely extreme, IE they are literally being chased near the border and have to hop across briefly to be safe, only to return to their country as soon as possible.
  16. Only in the newer games is the score being capped at 200 by default. Older games it was 150 default and 250 for MLG. Same numbers apply to Oddball. I think now they are trying to make 200 the gold standard moving forward.
  17. Being a victim of poverty and crime is not a valid claim for asylum. These are not asylum seekers, this is a straight up invasion.
  18. Actually you're correct, POE's are indeed a legal way to enter the US. However they can only process x amount of people a day so you're almost forced to break the law and illegally pass regardless.
  19. So my professsors in coilege were always just the weakest ones in the room? They were always the loudest. Smart-assness aside imagine confusing me typing longer sentence and things that actually have substance vs TYPING LIKE THIS, IM ALWAYS CORRECT, IM LOUD. Or saying shit like "legend sucks". If only we could all be masterful shitposters like you.
  20. Halo 5 sniper montages will forever be tainted because 343 place too much of a crutch on the H5 sniper.
  21. Legend always reminds me of the old quote “the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room” The absolute epitome of a mouth breathing internet idiot.
  22. You seek asylum at the port of entry, not after you illegally enter this country.
  23. It also doesn't help that KotH has never been a strong gametype for Halo. During H2 MLG matches, the team who slayed more was always going to win. It's Team Slayer with extra steps.
  24. Does anyone know the rationale behind BTB KotH only being 150 to win? It’s 200 to win in 4’s, I would imagine it should be 250-300 in 8v8. I swear, every KotH game I play in BTB ends 150-0 in the first 2-3 minutes.
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