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  2. Are headshot multipliers when damaging shields in the game or not?
  3. So I have a friend that works in the industry and has done some gameplay testing for Infinite. His NDAA has expired. So feel free to ask me any questions on the game, and I'll try to get him to answer them.
  4. Today
  5. Adblock/ublock origin on Desktop. On mobile install Firefox and ublock origin. No more of this nonsense.
  6. Those games yes but h3> I know what you got hell I even know when a player has a sword h3 best in terms of visibility although it looks like infinite might be a good contender in that area
  7. Maybe if we hadn't played 5 other versions of Halo to know the difference the 343 games are just too busy visually to be as clear as H3 was and obviously in H2/CE it was harder to tell since you literally just can't see their secondary when they don't actively have the weapon out
  8. Real talk that’s not how I believe people notice it’s just how someone plays or moves you instantly know what weapon they got
  9. This actually just makes me think about something Halo 3 did visually that is sort of low key but it was amazingly done. You know exactly what weapons someone is wearing instantly because the silhouette is somehow so distinctive that you can tell someone is holding snipe in their hands or on their back as well as every other weapon pretty much instantly. No lens flair or color trails or anything required. You can just clearly see it all no problem
  10. That man is just too good at Halo to not at least give it a try. I do assume it would come behind any other responsibilities unless the money is right for a full return in whatever situation he finds himself in when the game launches
  11. Snipedown said he’ll be back if the game is good. From what we’ve heard he put a decent amount of effort into trying to line up a team so hopeful he’ll be back. One of my favorite players…
  12. I mean you should have some awareness since players carrying a powerup will leave a distinct trail behind them based on the powerup they have. If anything that's more information that you'll get than a player who's carrying a sniper or rocket in their back pocket.
  13. wdym they made CE have legacy graphics and sounds. It's fixed, no issues remain.
  14. Yeah it won't be hard at all, it's purely a "because it's always been this way" argument. I can adjust. Especially since all your teammates glow blue, have an icon, and you can see them through walls.
  15. Played some games tonight with saturation down to 0. Other than things being harder to see in general, i had 0 issues determining friend from foe.
  16. I’m working. But Tuesday or Wednesday
  17. Mod Tools, Customs Browser, and Firefight functionality for the match composer coming with Season 7. Not bad, all things considered. Hope there's some sort of Custom Edition HAC2-esque modded map downloading functionality in the Customs Browser. Still waiting on those CE/H2 fixes btw
  18. All bitching aside, I really am happy that Halo's gonna make record online numbers again. I just hope it sustains itself longer than Halo 4 and Halo 5 could. Even if they hit several millions of players on launch and it dwindles to a concurrent 75-100K, I'll be immensely happy. No more of the agony that is MCC 2021.
  19. *flexes in superior relevance, popularity, favouritism, and player retention* Just how do H3 chads keep doing it?
  20. Kind of shocking a moderator of a competitive Halo forum wouldn't know it, to be honest.
  21. It's because Halo 1 didn't have online play.
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