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  2. They also took floating and Spartan charging away. Also it's not like halo 5s AR wasn't piss easy to use or overpowered. You guys forget how crazy accurate ads made that thing at first?
  3. Oh, I've been shadowbanned by those worthless cowards. Apparently it's because I was a confrontational dick years ago. Years. Ago. No warning, no suspension, just shadowban. Really begs the question how legitimate any feedback is from that forum if any voice that doesn't conform to whatever the mods decide to be status quo can't defend themselves anymore. Was I dick? Absolutely. Did I deserve a shadowban? Hell no. Luckily there's plentiful ways to circumvent their bullshit. My voice and feedback will be heard whether they like it or not. Edit: Holy fuck, they shadowbanned me for fucking nothing 4 years ago, and I'm just now finding out. I went through all my comments past my "dick" point, and I was nothing but constructive, infrequently posting for years. I always assumed people weren't interested in what I had to say, or I was too late to the conversation. You know, typical forum shit? But it turns out I was muzzled without my knowledge by some piece of shit power mod. Oh I'm going to have some fun with these clowns, mark my fucking words.
  4. I wish the repulsor were a bit more focused in function, apart from that 343 did a good job. I also like the new cindershot even though it literally doesn't shoot cinder wtf????
  5. Absolutely. The only abilities that got taken away are ground pound and thruster. Ground pound was pretty much irrelevant. Thruster was neutral as it added a new option in strafe battles but made escaping easier. Doesn't really matter to me either way if it's in or not. They took away that and now we start with a way shittier pistol that you can't defend yourself with, can't be used cross map, and it's impossible to get a double kill without having to reload. You leave every battle 1 shot or just get traded out. The worst starting weapons since AR/SMG starts. The pistol in Halo 5 was amazing and I'd rather have that pistol with thruster and ground pound than this shit pistol and insanely easy AR. Sure, there are some other minor differences between the two, but those are the main ones I see that are worth comparing. Halo 5 is better and I don't even like Halo 5.
  6. That’s exactly what it is. Happened to me and my team did the same to another
  7. Some constructive feedback that they can actually work on before release: If they insist on AR/sidekick spawns then AR needs a serious range decrease and/or damage nerf. Sidekick needs bloom gone, better range, 1 shot less to kill, increase mag size. Increase base jump height so clamber isn’t needed for nearly every jump. There are too many useless audio indicators happening yet the incoming fire all sounds the same. It’s hard to tell if I’m being shot by an AR or a BR because the weapon sounds are being drowned out by everything else. Flag physics are all wrong. Just go back to classic flag physics. It’s also unclear why I’m being revealed sometimes when holding the flag and not at other times. Bring back sneaky flag runs and reward skillful juggling. Obj should also be 1 hit melee but I might be in the minority there. Sniper: Maybe add some descope frames on the sniper. Something feels weird there. Reduce scope glare. Cut the spartan intros. Nobody liked it in your last game, nobody likes it in this one. The ghost is currently too strong in 4v4. I’m not against light vehicles in 4v4 but it’s clear they were balanced for 12v12. Remove the glow under grenades. HUD feels a little hard to read. The score should be displayed more prominently. Let me rotate my death screen. Make the death X more prominent. Make sure the rest of the map offerings are a tier or two better that what we’ve seen. Maybe some remakes that we’ve never had like Turf or Construct might play well.
  8. AL was ok in tu reach. Way less people used it that's for sure.
  9. In Halo 5 I can actually out shoot someone and when it comes down to it, that's really the main thing that matters. Getting sprayed from the other side of the map by 1337Spartan117 who can barely figure out how to shoot and move at the same time is just insulting. Even if I manage to kill my target the skill cap is so low that I'm left with a single hit point so another player can just breathe on me and I die. I'll happily take back thrust, sprint, etc, if I can have a decent weapon off spawn that actually requires you to aim for the head.
  10. I said for a long time that the Armor Lock was a good idea that just had way too long of a duration. Same went for Hard Light Shield -- their implementations were just too fucking long and led to stall gameplay instead of what they shined even more at: parrying. Add in the Repulsor's ability to be used for mobility and the outplay potential becomes HUGE.
  11. To me the games are just unplayable and bad until the aim works but at least the H5 pistol doesn't have bloom and works outside of the aim. Yeah I'd definitely put this below H5 until we get to play with an acceptable utility weapon
  12. You guys really think this game is worse than halo 5? The aiming definitely feels like shit but the lack of stupid ass abilities and a much slower Sprint probably helps the game out a lot. Even the equipment is more fun in a microcosm than not. I also think the less bloated sandbox is better in theory. Granted, I dont find the experience fun overall, but I think the foundation here is way better than 5s ever was. Now, whether 343 actually makes the necessary changes remains to be seen.
  13. It's so jarring the way they handle when you go airborne. You keep your forward and vertical momentum, but the vehicle itself just becomes locked in place. You can't correct anything, so if you take an odd angle you'll flip, and once you're in the air there's nothing you can do about it. Chalk up another thing about Infinite that's a franchise low point. As someone who loves BTB this is especially insulting.
  14. It's like if armor lock was well thought out.
  15. The repulsor is low key the craziest piece of equipment we've ever had in Halo. You can do so many double jump like things or launch yourself into the atmosphere if you use it to jump after using a man cannon. Its 100% montage material you can throw yourself, people and explosives. The grapple is legit boring by comparison
  16. Played some CE and H3 today, it's comical how much better those games' aiming systems are. It's not just the act of shooting people either, it's lining up nades, it's holding an angle, it's everything. 343 really has fucked up every aspect of this game, I can't see myself playing anything other than campaign and some BTB, wait nevermind, AR starts...
  17. So playlists are off again and I won't be able to play again until next week... Here are my thoughts about the state of the game after playing a few hours this weekend in both PVP and against bots, including the new map with vehicles. This is my thoughts from the last flight if you're interested in reading my thoughts then compared to my thoughts now: The good: Melee lunge and melee autoaim are nerfed into the ground. You actually have to be close to someone and the lunge is more of an animation rather than teleporting you 6ft into your target. It could have just been lag on my end, but to me the melee finally seemed to be in a good place where you actually had to be in a reasonable range and aiming at them to hit. Much better than the crazy melee distance of the previous flight which I addressed in my previous post. The bot difficulty is much better than the previous flight. That's it. That's the good. The bad: Vehicles are AWFUL. The worst handling in the entire series. I think the car chase section of The Matrix game had better vehicle handling. The weapon balance is trash. The only time I feel confident to face multiple players is if I have a rocket launcher. Otherwise you get a kill, get cleaned up, spawn, get a kill, get cleaned up, over and over. After every single kill I'm left with no shields because even if I engage a target at long range with a BR they still have enough time to turn around with an AR, spray me from the other side of the map and take off most of my shields. The magnum is completely trash and too unreliable to use as a primary weapon against players that are strafing, crouching, etc. Halo 5 had way too much autoaim that allowed even garbage tier players to get 4 shot kills regularly, but at least it was on a precision weapon instead of a bullet hose that just melts you when looking in your general direction. The performance of the game seems tied to latency or something. The game feels way smoother when playing bots, when playing on US host from Australia the rego seems awful (much worse than H5) and the game doesn't feel as smooth to play. Could be my aging computer hardware, but games vs bots performed way better than PvP which is worrying. The Repulsor is OP as fuck. I thought it was supposed to be some personal thing that had a small range but you can push people away from so far it's ridiculous. Needs a range nerf. For all the talk of "BR starts are boring because no one uses anything else", like 90% of engagements were just people spraying AR's at each other. The BR and Commando spawns are spread so far apart you barely even get a chance to use them. Wow, this is much better. Now instead of everyone using the same precision weapon everyone now uses the same spray and pray weapon. WE DID IT REDDIT. People camping bases on Bazaar with shield walls... CTF is gonna be a cluster fuck. The game in its current state plays like Halo 5 with thrusters and crap disabled, except way worse. It's not as smooth, the maps (so far) aren't as good, the weapons are absolutely awful. I'm honestly not sure if Halo Infinite will even be better than Halo 4 at this rate and that's saying something. The entire weapon sandbox needs to be nuked and started from scratch.
  18. Agree 100%. Waste of time unless close range
  19. I feel like as the flight went on I got more and more used to not really trying to use the pistol even when I was using it. Like outside of a certain distance its like I'd just move past a door or the angle they were trying to shoot me from and just pop off like half a clip and keep walking knowing damn well I probably wouldn't hit very many shots from that distance. It was like a token effort at fighting back while I was trying to find someone more reasonable to fight which is just weird as fuck for Halo imo. The bloom on it is honestly just insulting
  20. I agree with you here, but I think the aiming has fucked all of precision weapons as a whole so using ARs is all you can do lmao
  21. Wanted to share my thoughts. I’m actually enjoying playing for the most part, but there are so many annoyances and cons that I know if this is how the game launches, my enjoyment wouldn’t last long (but hey at least that would give me more time to play forza horizon 5). Without diving into all the details, some cons off the top of my head are moving HUD stuff to bottom right (harder to see, way too cluttered), outline system, battlepass and progression, physics/player collision, friendly fire, menus, aiming (just add modern aim wtf), a lot of seemingly useless new weapons (maybe I just need to get used to them?), the weapons I enjoyed in h5 gone or butchered (pistol, BR, light rifle, carbine, DMR), AR is OP, sidekick is shit, BR recoil, BR ttk is too long, BR seems to only do well at long range, scoping with snipe is clunky.. wow that list got long lol. At the end of the day, halo is only as good as its starting precision weapon, and as of now both the sidekick and BR aren’t doing it for me, and as far as I can tell those are the two only options (I guess commando but meh). I legitimately don’t know if I’d enjoy BR starts in the current state. Not that the OP AR and weak as fuck sidekick starts are good either. I feel like my enjoyment is more just coming from playing the new halo and seeing that there’s potential.
  22. The guy that did Ori and the Blind Forst OST
  23. Yeah I think I like it for a casual map as long as I spawn with a real gun. The only things I know I don't like about it so far are the bases. The front end really does need to open up so you can see/fight base to base and like you said it is definitely not a 4v4 map. I also think that when they do force the 4v4 on it it will have the potential to turn into Standoff 4v4. That warthog is a spawn killing machine when people don't have good ways to fight back and so is the ghost. So if a team loses complete control there is a solid chance the game is permanently over if people know what they're doing
  24. It’s a decent map too. I don’t know what the fuck they’re thinking calling it a 4v4 map, though. It could easily accommodate 12-16 players.
  25. One thing I love about halo infinite so far is the soundtrack, whoever made the music for this game knew what they were doing.
  26. Same. Most of the weapons are viable and equally useless at the same time - no reason not to use the AR, As mentioned by others, you hardly get to walk away without getting cleaned up. The best part of the game so far is the soundtrack loool.
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