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  2. I think the reason 343 does the whole secretive thing a bit is because bungie went all the way in with it so they assume its expected with Halo. I was never really a fan though. I'm FAR more interested in games with more public design processes and feedback. Best example probably being OSRS just because I like how they take feedback and discuss it in public and poll almost everything added to the game. Its just cool seeing people really make an effort to make a game that their players want to play rather than trying to make a big revolutionary change or surprise to get people to impulse buy before they really know anything about the game
  3. https://www.axios.com/trump-erdogan-turkey-syria-invasion-bluff-fc761d8f-e33b-473b-8ece-d0b8b3a51f26.html We still playing eighteen-dimensional Mancala?
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  5. Interesting. It's all a bit weird how this stuff happens.
  6. Doubt that'd have been why, given there were numerous other more offending trailers they didn't remove. On top of that entire sub-website dedicated to locking in that theme that was put up, and stayed up after said videos went down. This also happened around the time Gears 4's "Tomorrow" trailer was privatized/deleted by the original Xbox Youtube channel, too. I'd imagine there were just external factors present we don't know of that resulted in them being gone.
  7. Dude there’s a thing called “too safe” people who act like that are basically too paranoid to reveal what they have because they don’t believe what they have is any good. They’ll release footage of gameplay when the games gone to a point where gameplay changes(impactful ones like sprint removal for example) can’t be done.
  8. It is a shame that Christopher Columbus interrupted the Utopian societies of the pre-European Americas. They were so peaceful and just.
  9. I'd rather this than their Halo 5 method of marketing which was full of total shit. Did you know they've deleted the Locke vs Chief videos from their YT channel? Marketing department gone fucked up there. I think they're playing it safe and waiting for features to be locked in, story to be finalised before they advertise what is actually is.
  10. I mean shit, 4 years and nothing that lets you know what’s in the game. We have devs leaving, I wonder if my friends step dad knows anything that he’d tell me lol.
  11. Gosh another major dev leaving 343 and they tell us not to worry. Just show us gameplay already, being all sneaky like this is why no one likes them.
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  13. What about mechanical inefficiency? Weapons have three buttons dedicated to operating them. The Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle only use 1/3 of them. The Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer are the same except they also have a redundant melee button. Mechanical bloat can be less of a problem if mechanics are implemented efficiently.
  14. Well put. They should work on refining the polish like UI, customisation, graphics, matchmaking etc. and a hell of a lot less on new gameplay mechanics to throw into the mix.
  15. You know this Halo 1 bunch seem like cool dudes if you agree to give it a go. I'm starting to suspect the Halo 5 bunch are as well...
  16. Cary Poarch, Who Works at CNN’s Washington DC Bureau, Says: “I Decided to Wear a Hidden Camera…to Expose the Bias” https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/10/14/exposecnnpart1/
  17. Why do you think I compared it to God specifically? The majority of people believe in god despite logic.
  18. I mean it’s an opinion I know is more popular than CE
  19. Might as well say “god is real change my mind.”
  20. Honestly as time passes we only overcomplicate things (in terms of what changes are needed). Halo had impeccable movement. Simply put. It was so fine-tuned for every possible scenario that recharging shields and long killtimes were not just feasible but a luxury as a direct result of it. It could withstand so many very real issues presented by those things. 343 has to understand that there was a reason for no sprint or clamber and not because of the time period. They would be better equipped after that to start designing more mechanics. Halo is a simple game but that stops being the case very quickly when powerups, vehicles, objectives, and power weapons collide in a single match. It doesn't need to overcompensate. It's not one of those games that has a ton of room for added mechanical bloat.
  21. halo 2, and halo 3 are the best halo games try to change my mind
  22. Maybe I'll hop on tonight after I hit up lé music store.
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