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  2. Why are spawns so broken in Halo 3? I'm constantly spawning next to my teammate like I'm playing CE or something. Even if they're currently in a gun battle. I could swear it was never like that in OG.
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  4. I just saw an Alienware commercial toting about how powerful their gaming computer is and in the video the guy was playing Halo 3 and Reach. I thought that was funny.
  5. thou invite shalt be revoked for thy sins heathen HCS thread is sacred, not a troll lodge we may jest but thou never indulge in brabble
  6. Halo CE flood really were ahead of their time, it's truly staggering just how much fun they are to fight compared to their later counterparts. It may not seem like a huge thing but #2 and #3 are the biggest reasons as to why Halo 2 flood suck comparatively. You can't stun them but you can outrun them, so it turns into a dull backpedalling-while-spamming-shotgun-blanks contest. On top of that, their melees are worse than CE flood (even with their apparent 360 degree melee radius) because they shake the player's camera and affect the player's physics impulses, on top of spamming 2-3 spastic hits in quick succession. You can't stun them by firing (you can actually barely even touch them at all), you can't reliably dodge their melees in close quarters because several of them will spastically melee/leap-melee you in a row, and each of their hits almost stuns you. The only thing at all that H2 flood had that wasn't an extremely inferior version of their CE behaviors was the "dead" combat form reposession/body destruction mechanic. Even then, that's really minor.
  7. I'm not sure if it's trolling or a legitimate learning disability/brain damage. Either way, I don't want to read it.
  8. Halo 1's flood is the best and I miss fighting against the flood. Prometheans have to be my least favorite type of enemy. Except the Yanme'e from Halo 2. Those were annoying AF.
  9. Clearly your stuff is stronger than Arlong's, hook a brother up.
  10. As a Halo 3 player I think ledge jumps are horrible for the game but when I see people do them my Halo spirit is like
  11. What skills in Halo are more impressive to pull off? I'm like /O.O\ whenever someone pulls off a ledge jump.
  12. Unrelated but I've isolated what made Halo CE flood so much more fun and a "fair challenge" to fight compared to their later iterations (especially Halo 2 flood). 1) Halo CE flood have a distinct aggression pattern where they will walk slowly towards while while firing at the player, followed by chasing the player in a straight line at a very high speed (slightly more than the player's BMS) and attempting to get in a hit (whilst still firing, albeit much less accurately or frequently). When fighting hordes of combat forms, some will immediately give pursuit while others stand back and fire. Instead of chasing the player directly, they will occasionally leap from a distance towards the player. 2) Halo CE flood can be consistently stunned by weapon fire. Any weapon that isn't the needler can stun them if you fire at them, leaving them effectively locked in place for roughly 0.8-1 seconds. After being stunned, they resume their behavior. 3) Halo CE's flood are far more "relatively" frail individually than their later counterparts. Basically every weapon in CE's sandbox (aside from the sniper rifle) is usable against them, but the meat and potatoes of the sandbox - the pistol and the shotgun are both particularly good against them on top of the former being able to exploit headshots. Effectively, this renders combat against them viable all the way from the end of mid-range (as opposed to Halo 2, where every single weapon sucks against flood but especially ranged weaponry). 4) Halo CE's level design and encounter design with respect to flood has 2 things in common for nearly every instance - large, repeatedly spawning waves of flood along with a general abundance of space to fight them in. There are a few exceptions, such as the corridors on Keyes or Pillar of Autumn but these still preserve the former trait. All of these combine to provide a gameplay loop that focuses on quick reaction time, target prioritization, evasion, maintaining offensive pressure, and not walking into a no man's land of sorts where you'll get swarmed from every direction. I think this should be the standard template for designing flood enemies in the future.
  13. Is this just a demo of the build or an actual campaign level? Its the worst looking campaign of all time.
  14. Not necessarily, there are other factors as well.
  15. Halo 3 elitist have a certain opinion thats more important then the average posters.
  16. Last week
  17. If he could string together coherent sentences, maybe it'd be worth it.
  18. You guys should stop feeding the troll. It's very tiring and he actually leaves when no one responds to him.
  19. That's because in most Halo games the primary weapon skill is such that its you accruing minor advantages and marginally better stats over long periods of time if you are better even at the highest end. You don't just win every BR fight ever. Most players can land a 4 and if they get first shot it really doesn't matter how good you are many of those times will have you dying. The skill of the best players comes in the form of punishing people missing that 4 more often than others will. They don't just out shoot everyone they see or win 2v1s all the time or anything crazy. They're just statistically better over long periods and it pays off. Most of the different skills in Halo work like that. Everyone has a decent package of nades they know how to throw once they're generally good at the game but they aren't exceptional with them usually and so on with just about everything
  20. There's no respected BR montage in Halo 3 either. Montages are 99% sniper and 1% using grenades to get easy cleanups and maybe 1 or 2 out BRs
  21. Here's the obvious that I'm noting for you, of which is not my knowledge, but public knowledge and common sense. There is no respected AR montage. That debate just isn't legible for debate.
  22. Sniping is the only weapon with a good skill gap between decent players. I'm not amazing, probably only decent at most Halo games. And I've never found someone in Halo 3 I couldn't at least a) trade with or b) win a decent number of the fights in 1v1 situations. And they're 100% better than me at Halo 3. Stop with this delusion that there's this massive gulf in skill with the H3 BR. And if you mention the majority of players are easy to out BR because of skill, I can out BR the majority of people in Halo 4, H2A.
  23. I feel like most maps in reach are my guilty pleasure That said, epitaph.
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