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  2. I agree, EXCEPT you can't get fully accurate feedback when you're using a BR. In CE it's a non-issue, and with H5 it wouldn't be a big deal because there are only two options (either you landed the shot or you didn't), whereas with H3 you could hit 1-3 shots per burst and it can screw with things. If infinite continues with a magnum start then by all means take them out, but if they go back to it being BR starts then I actually like them. Nade hitmarkers are ass though.
  3. I have a few asks for the next game but if there’s something I appreciate, after playing a bunch of H3, is how they handled shot confirmation. In a game like COD, hit markers made sense. You could have done something visually (like blood coming out of the player a la PUBG) but in order to hit that “arcade feel” hit markers made sense. In a game like Halo it doesn’t. You have the shields which can act as a clear representation of a player being hit or being weakened. It was subtle yet very obvious. I understand why the change was made (because your average player is used to it from other games and not just COD) but it felt like something unique to Halo and even Fortnite handles it well with seeing the shield pop, as well as the damage number. I just hope we go back to something like we had in H2/H3 because it was unique but not overbearing and it added to the experience in a Sci-Fi FPS game.
  4. See, I used to think that too. But it was fun getting someone so wound up on that forum about why sprint should go that they ate a perma-ban for crassly insulting me, while I got off scott-free, lmao. The joys of abusing sensitive and easily emotional people in arguments. It's good for that purpose.
  5. God, just thinking about some of those members and mods just pisses me off. I used to go there religiously until it became an utterly useless drivel spewing shithole of a site.
  6. 343 can't even emulate classic Halo correctly.
  7. Easy agree. MP and campaign were both great, but I have a thing for the sexiness of MP assets. Good way to have detail without losing it due to overdesign. And they even kept Halo 2's style of stony Forerunner assets for everything but one map. Of course, while I think the weird shift to stone was dumb, the actual assets themselves were cool. Probably. Given it isn't fun to watch two sponges smack each other with sometimes little to no feedback during fights. Of course, consistency would alter the course of gameplay past just basic feedback for the users in a beneficial way. Lowkey makes me keep wishing H2/H2A made a circuit return, lol. I don't play H2 much, but I vastly prefer it to H3, and it'd have been cool to see it return for the first major time in 10 years.
  8. Yeah, so I think H3 would be loads more interesting to spectate if I could more consistently tell how many shots hit a player. I'm guessing that could be achieved via hitmarkers or just by having a more consistent BR. Halo 2 is my favorite to play, so I think that might be why I have that strong preference for consistent BR performance. Which probably ties into why I enjoy spectating H5 to some degree due to the consistent magnum, where you can easily tell how many shots out of five a player has taken.
  9. Very much this. No more shaky cam or blinding lens flare for the love of all that is holy.
  10. I think its pretty however it suffers from some of the same sort of glare along with certain colors or silhouettes blending into the surroundings just like in H4/H5. I really want everything to try and nail what Halo 3 did where you just instantly saw everything relevant in nearly every situation at a glance. All of the colors just pop and nothing really gets lost in the visual noise unlike pretty much every other game in the series at times. I'm not even really sure how to describe it but whoever decided on the visual direction for H3 is a genius. It works so well for an FPS
  11. HARD disagree on the MP art style, I thought it was awesome (to each their own though).
  12. Agreed. Picture the same campaign visual remaster on all (of the good) original H2 maps where the game plays exactly as you remember it like it does in the campaign. That is the H2A the world deserved.
  13. I liked H2A & H5 plus strongly believe Infinite will be almost as good as H3. Then again, I'm a very optimistic person.
  14. Your nation is literally crumbling and you're telling me there isn't going to be enough jobs. The robots will take over everything meme is pie in the sky stuff.
  15. Halo 2 Anniversary MP art style is fucking awful. The Campaign however easily has the best art style in the entire franchise.
  16. I have one major issue with H2A besides the ones you mentioned... the sniper. It is WAY too easy to use (arguably even more so than H5). This not only makes great sniper plays less exciting (because anyone can make them), but also allows for a team to completely lock down an entire map like Sanc with almost no effective counter if they manage to get both snipers. The difficulty of the sniper is one of the absolute best features about H3, which significantly adds to its competitiveness and its spectator experience.
  17. Maybe, I didn't pay too much attention to it. Not the best candidate for asking, lol.
  18. Do you feel the aiming is although smoother it’s slower in a way?
  19. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    bulls and magic stink, whats there to discuss
  20. So, you're telling me you don't like some freak randomly tossing a nade and knowing exactly where you were without seeing you? Preposterous.
  21. Rhythm825

    NBA Thread

    When they killed the OG forums there was no chance of going back to those good old days. In all seriousness Reddit has turned into the place to go for literally anything you could think of. There's subreddits for fucking everything.
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