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  2. My first thought was, “if only everyone could move around like this without having to spawn with equipment”, but we all know it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I also hate to be the guy that keeps bringing up Destiny, but if you’ve ever played on a hunter, you’ll understand how a quick double jump with minimal hang time is pretty sweet. If we could have that, with a reticule always at the ready, the game would have much better flow, and bad spawns like alley on Bazar or under tower on Live Fire would be tolerable.
  3. it definitely does. I have gotten 0 lunge when people are right on top of me, as well as huge desperation lunges that should never have connected. And of course that has happened to me as well. I have also gotten assassinated from the front, and had clear assassinations not count. The melees in this game are just straight ass. When you're playing a 7ft tall, 500kg armored super-soldier. The concept of a "true sidearm" shouldn't even exist. The Sidekick as a weapon should have been aborted before it even got to prototyping.
  4. I saw the population excuse being thrown around in early December regarding the number of playlists.
  5. Amazing how this could could be completely circumvented with a default double-jump ability or, even better, a normal high jump with the ability to tap the button for a lower jump instead. But instead, we have to stare at the ground to do it.
  6. Many soldiers were banned for ironically saying this
  7. how tf is the ranking system this uneven ALREADY, there is no population excuse...
  8. @Aphex Twin and @Rdispushedback at the 2022 HCS WC
  9. Today
  10. I wish skilled jumps that don't require clamber or break momentum would return to Halo, however I still think the booper has merit
  11. Oh okay so you must remember Puckett calling out bloodshots on LAN while he was casting? Cause he did that pretty often at H3 events.
  12. Out BRing someone in H3 was satisfying, but it didn’t shoot fast enough, the random spread would occasionally fuck you out of a kill, and playing online was torture if your connection sucked; this was the common sentiment. The most egregious sin was the random spread. Random anything is bad for competition.
  13. Nah, not letting him forget that.
  14. You obviously weren't on the MLG forums in 2008.
  15. Well panic shooting with a sidearm shouldn’t result in a kill on full shields anyway, unless it’s mag dumped, which leaves you vulnerable to getting cleaned up, or if 3/4 precision shots are hit, which is ideal. If someone is charging for a trade or sword lunge, players should be able to quickly punish them while backing away. The BR currently has very little chance of accomplishing this, as opposed to the AR or Needler which kill must faster with no effort. I’m just guessing now, but I think spawning with a sidearm would curb the mangler’s dominance as well.
  16. If you leave grenades on in a Race I will take full advantage of it.
  17. Would it be fair to say that a sidearm is a good finishing weapon but not a strong stand alone weapon? Well, players can only hold two weapons. I don’t think a new weapon that does what other basic weapons already do, just a little worse/differently, is a positive addition to the sandbox. Furthermore, many games already follow this rifle-pistol model. When Halo has access to a limitless arsenal of exotic alien weaponry, do we really want that same shallow loop? Halo should be pushing more unique, exhilarating experiences than panic pistol spam at close range, IMO.
  18. The BR? If this were 2007-2011 would this post see the light of day? I'm sure I'll read how the BR being the most strongest overall weapon to have in Halo is too weak or how you like to say "slow" inevitably here.
  19. Sometimes it seems like the melee range varies depending on connection, or desync, whatever. But I could just be imagining it.
  20. You don't see how the BR is contributing to this?
  21. Posts have to matter. They have to hold a purpose. When you post something it needs to have a conversation-changing effect. Running around the threads on the forum, posting things, is pointless. That's all this forum is. @Boyo is the only hope. We need better users.
  22. Kills have to matter. They have to hold a purpose. When you kill someone it needs to have a gamechanging effect. Running around the map with guns, shooting people, is pointless. That's all this game is. Forge is the only hope. We need better maps.
  23. I just want people to think twice (once is probably more accurate) before going for a beatdown. I might be the only person who hasn’t experienced the thrill of landing a super dragon fist on a fellow spartan’s face.
  24. I'll steal your medium milkshake and make you dance to get it back, you twerp. Don't ever let me catch you at an event.
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