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  2. Thank you so much! Yesterday was a blast. When I'm leading the desk I'll always allow room for funny snipes and smart improv. Goldenboy, T2, Gaskin, Walshy, Simms, Onset, Bravo, and Lottie do a tremendous job at this as well! The HCS Invitational @ SXSW was about the best example I can think of for the way we should always be in Halo esports.
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  4. The covenant jiggalo is a vehicle-human hybrid that when activated makes
  5. Those are good despite being htiscan, not because they are hitscan. There are many bad attributes about every great game out there. Counterstrike has slow, very slow, controlled movement with lightning fast kill times. The one thing keeping the game in check is spray patterns, which is a decent solution except it basically completely invalidates the game to ever be played on console. So right off the bat you're using a solution to implement difficulty in your game that only works with 1 input method. You can't do precise spray patterns on a thumbstick. There's also no reason to think the game wouldn't be better if it had spray patterns, AND projectile. And then perhaps it wouldn't have to rely on spray patterns (and actually some RNG in the current version of CSGO) so heavily. This same thing goes for Rainbow Six, although the ranges are very short in all those maps so any weapon that had projectiles move slow enough would disturb realism a bit. But, to be honest half the heroes in that game are already pretty bombastic and unrealistic so it might not be out of place. Quake has more or less the fastest movement we've ever seen in a video game bar tribes, no aim assist, and even the best players in the world who do everything to evade the enemy and rocket jump over a door and only have their feet exposed for 2 frames will still get tagged by the other player using a railgun. That is the perfect example of players hitting their head against the skill ceiling. We've all seen clips of good players with a mouse like Shroud or Rapha. At some point, putting your cursor over the enemy is not an impossible goal to reach for many PC players and there's no where left to go except a point and click adventure. There's nowhere to improve, those players are already immediately bonking their head on the aiming skill for every shooter to ever reach the PC market. If the LG, Railgun, and MachineGun all had travel time Quake would probably be a better game. The same goes for Siege and CSGO but chances are if you mention that to people who play those games they'd laugh or vehemently scoff at you because "What, you think you know better?". People just defend what they know and would rather not think about how to improve things. Your shots still go where you're pointed with projectile, you might be conflating it with RNG spread. Let me throw you guys a hypothetical. I want you to imagine playing a fighting game where the moment the other player starts executing a combo on you, there is no way to break out. There is no input for you to match, no well timed parry or fast fall or invincibility frame to trigger. All they need to do, is not screw up their own combo timing. So the moment you get hit once and are stunned, you are now at the mercy of the other player to screw up. Which, they won't. Because entering combos in just about every fighting game is really not that difficult of a thing to do timing wise. This is actually not too far from a reality when you look at some of the MK games. They technically do have an input that can give you some invincibility frames to exit a combo but it's on a cooldown (stupid decision) so many times; you get hit once, and then because you were hit once, you are now being hit 12 more times as the other players just enters their inputs. This is stupid. The actual underlying issue with this is that while you might have deserved the first hit, you don't deserve the next 12. The game is punishing you for things and not offering you any way to use your own skill to counter or mitigate it. This is the same problem I have with hitscan. The first time Beast and Ice Princess brought up this topic some year ago this was the analogy in my head but i just didn't care enough to bring it up, but their argument was "if I put my reticle in the right spot and pull the trigger, why should they be able to simply walk out of the way of my bullet. I did the right thing." Which is true. But just because you did the right thing, does not mean the enemy player did the wrong thing. Hitscan doesn't ask that question, it doesn't matter how good you move or strafe or dodge or duck, if the other players has enough skill to put their cursor over you, you're dead. Your skill is completely irrelevant, and as we've all seen in some of the great PC players, putting a cursor over someone is not that much to ask for a mouse player. The correct relationship is "I did something right, AND they did something wrong, now I am rewarded with damage", aka I shot correctly, they did not dodge correctly, now my bullet hits them. If you did something correct (being shooting accurately), and they dodge, then you both did the right thing. They shouldn't take damage for that. This is akin to Killer Instincts combo breaker where every single hit that they execute in their combo, the game gives you the chance to match the input and if you can pull it off in the right time it combo breaks. That is good design. Same reason I like projectile, it's not needlessly punishing you for things that are never asked. You actually have control over yourself provided the projectiles move slowly enough, you're not at the mercy of the other player. It's also worth noting that making difficult hitscan shooting on console means dropping the aim assist a LOT, increase the strafe accel a lot, which if we're being real, is just never going to feel comfortable with thumbsticks. it's not what they're good at, anyone who's played Halo 5 at 120% strafe accel and the game's shitty aiming knows exactly how mental it is to try and shoot someone moving like that, and that's in a game with a lot of AA as well. You can't tune hitscan the same way between console and PC and get relatively similar average kill times, it just doesn't work. This is why devs resort to either doing separate tuning between platforms, or some stupid damage dropoff.... or most commonly RNG spread. Or you do spray patterns. Or, you can say screw hitscan and do projectiles with decent sized bullet width that is equally difficult on both console and PC, protects long range combat, and more proportionately rewards and punishes players for how they move. And if you're dead set on having a weapon deliver pressure long range you could still just do the really fast moving projectiles that we see in H3 / CE that you can't actually see travel but still require some small reticle adjustments. One of these two requires compromising a million other aspects of the game and coming up with a handful of different solutions, doesn't even work between platforms, has a palpable and visible skill ceiling, and to be honest is just boring. The other is projectile. Tell me which of these two is objectively better game design.
  6. With the exception of Halo 3, we've always had the illusion of hitscan, or hirscan itself. The only instance in the franchise where people associate Halo with actual projectiles is Halo 3, and that game was a mess in terms of its netcode, the speed of the projectiles themselves, hit registration, and bullet spread. Though I would prefer a well functioning projectile system to hitscan, I can't really blame people. Especially with 343's track record. Imagine a poorly functioning projectile system with sprint and abilities...
  7. After a very long hiatus, I ultimately return with a nitpick. There is much I can say about the Jul 23 reveal in general but at this point there's not much others haven't brought up. Most of my disappointment had to do with the technical prowess (or lack of) of the showing - what an embarrassment. Anyways, back to the petty nitpick. I could ignore this before but now it's more noticeable than ever. Why does the warthog have audible gear shifts when its equipped with a CVT? Sure you can hear these shifts in H5 too but now it just sounds like a tuned 4 banger with a snappy transmission. So much for attention to detail from the 'lore' masters themselves.
  8. the corkscrew gravity cannon is a utility starting weapon that
  9. I took me a long time to get used to how sensitive and smaller the triggers on an Elite V2 controller are compared to the Scuf I had. I never used the V1 but I heard it wasn't that great. Also the right bumper on my Elite V2 is kind of squishy and after dropping it one time I can hear something rattling around in it. Otherwise I like it a lot.
  10. You can just order new thumbsticks from 3rd party sellers on amazon. Not sure their quality, but I'd rather drop $20 rather than $150 if I didn't have to. Microsoft use to sell replacement parts, but I don't think they still do. You could always reach out to xbox support on twitter, they are pretty quick to respond. I honestly couldn't play Halo 5 without an elite/scuf/battle controller. Having back buttons and not having remove my thumb from the stick to press one to do a spartan abilities proved invaluable. It also helped in other games like Destiny as well. Though I've mostly moved onto PC gaming so its not as useful to me anymore.
  11. Disclaimer: I got mine for free. I've got a V2. I like it a considerable amount more than the regular Xbox One controller. It feels less cheap, I don't have to use the garbage one sticks and the trigger stops are fantastic. Stick tension is nice. I'm enjoying it so much I went out and bought an adapter to use it on my PS4 as well. I don't use the paddles, I've been clawing since 2006 and prefer to continue on that way. Also, the swapable D-pad is nice. The rounded 9-square one (like the one on the X controller in the OP) is better than the regular 4 direction D-Pad.
  12. @Knighty Knight @Trespa5s @Wonderboy Great job today guys. I had a really good time watching. Production looked slick as well. One piece of positive feedback about something specific, and I'm sorry to say I only caught about a series and a half so I'm not sure if this was common over the stream or just a one time thing I happened to notice. But I love witty banter. Definitely don't force it if it's not coming. But there was a few moments that made me laugh and I really appreciate those. I understand the major HCS events need to be professional a lot of times. One of my hopes for non-major tournaments though was that they would be fun and more light hearted, kind of bring out the fun that competitive Halo should theoretically have. You guys brought the fun today. I really enjoyed it.
  13. People are both sore losers and sore winners. This will always happen, especially within the cover of anonymity.
  14. I honestly think most of these controllers are overpriced scams. When it came down to it I didn't find performance to be different whatsoever when compared to a normal xbox one controller and its cheaper to go find paddles elsewhere than dropping an extra ~$130USD for the elite v2 in this case. The controllers feel/look cool but functionally I just can't come up with a real reason to buy them. Like you said in your post the one you own is getting old and needs a replacement. You could've probably bought enough normal xbox controllers to still not need a new one right now for the same price and I feel like if anything the selling point for the elite controllers should be that they last but they don't
  15. Oh please, that’s the only the casein halo. Any other game today that’s projectile has basically perfect hit reg. Apex legends, battle field, Star Wars battlefront 2, etc. honestly halos autos should have some recoil. Y’all gotta stop acting as if recoil control is some difficult ass shit on controller. The 3 I listed have recoil and controlling them with a controller isn’t hard. Halos had recoil before on the SMG. It isn’t difficult is it?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Projectile weapons can be perfectly accurate. Not sure why people equate projectile with being inaccurate. Adding time of flight doesn't have to affect accuracy. All weapons should be projectile. Obv. speed of projectile is a balancing mechanic, so some may have near instantaneous impact. But true hitscan is just lazy. I see people link time of flight, bullet drop, RNG, netcode and hit detection like they're intrinsically linked when they're not. Bad experiences with RNG and shit netcode/hit detection have turned people off of projectile which is a damn shame.
  18. The way I would design the AR, the skill wouldn’t necessarily be in using it so much as knowing when to drop or keep it. The Assault Carbine primary fires an AR and alt fires a Railgun but players don’t spawn with ammo for it; railgun ammo is found as an on map pick up. Say you are picking up a power weapon, do you drop the AC and keep the utility as a reliable secondary, or do you drop the utility and use the power weapon to fight your way to the incoming Railgun ammo spawn in order to keep your spree going? Make the wrong decision and you’re getting lit up at range with no way to return fire because you dropped your utility or you are standing on Railgun ammo with no way to pick it up because you dropped your AC.
  19. Dude it’s not a big deal especially since the AR is trash outside of close range, and it’s got bloom and spread and compared to the magnum which is no bloom. The fact that the pistol still dominates ARS let’s me know there’s nothing in particularly wrong about that. On paper that looks wrong but the execution is fine. Many of these AR scrubs never aim at the head too so they’re doing significantly less damage than they normally would
  20. Yes, but the AR isn't a map pickup—it's a starting weapon. I can't speak on the H4 weapon balance because it's literally been 8 years since I've played it, but "doing decent damage at mid-range" shouldn't be the goal of the AR as that makes it bleed out of its niche role. We've been over this before: Halo's weapon sandbox isn't balanced when everything is always viable, it's balanced when guns are the optimal weapon for the lay-player within their intended roles. I'd say calling the AR inherently less skillful and lower effort is wrong, but there hasn't been a practical implementation of the AR in Halo that has proven otherwise. Burst firing is one mechanism that kinda sorta makes it more skillful than just spraying and praying, but it isn't that far removed. I'd be all for putting a recoil pattern on the AR if it was a really aggressive one, I'm just not sure how well that ports over to console aiming mechanics.
  21. The AR has a 1.37 second TTK. That's 0.17 seconds between it and the utility. Compare that to CE, where there's 0.4 seconds between the AR and the utility.
  22. • You could introduce a variety of powerups and have them interact with the secondary (and any other weapon in the sandbox that you deemed necessary). For example: a speed boost that slowed down back to base speed whenever you fired, with a 1.5 second acceleration period before it brought you back to the powerup's maximum speed. Swapping to your secondary lets you instantly accelerate to maximum powerup speed. • A farther and higher grenade throw arc when holding your secondary. • Making the weapon easier to use than a utility, within close range- at the cost of much higher minimum TTK.
  23. H5 you still can dominate a guy easily using their AR. You just have less of a chance at CQC. The Ar can’t be weak or else that crowd will be vastly annoyed. and that’s pretty significant man. You be acting as if the utility is that hard to use when it’s not. This isn’t like shooting the wingman from apex legends.
  24. Every Halo game that wasn't CE had a fundamental problem with autos: they killed faster in their optimal range than the utility weapon. Autos are inherently less skillful and lower effort to use, so they should never have the potential to dominate more skillful weapons, even in their optimal range. I don't mind having strong autos, as long as they're significantly weaker than utility weapons. My ideal AR has a TTK of about 1.2 seconds, and my ideal utility has a TTK of 0.6 seconds. No, Halo 5 doesn't do it well. A game with a 5SK 1.2 second TTK should not have a single auto with a TTK below 1.6 seconds.
  25. H4 AR was really good. It was strong, did decent damage at mid range and yet was still inferior to precision weapons, whom is how things should be. I’m a believer that the utility we spawn with should be strong but map pick ups should be worth a damn still.
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