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  3. for a new halo game id agree with saint but this is reach where the kill times are the longest in the series already. Id rather not make them even longer. Id rather just improve input delay from 50ms to 5ms and call it a day.
  4. This whole youtube channel is full of stuff like this
  5. Yeah, people who carry on about grey really don't seem to get it. Which one is nicer to look at? or this Reach had heaps of lovely surface textures. Most of them being grey didn't take away from that. The actual problem is limits of 100 or 50 per part type and judicious use of "Wall Coliseum" to cover half the surfaces of a map, partly because of those limits. Which will hopefully be effectively gone soon.
  6. I eventually stopped playing Reach because of sprint, abilities, and trash maps. I'm going to stop playing Reach on MCC because they made grunt birthday party an early unlock and I can't take it anymore. This progression system is so stupid.
  7. A "server browser" as in having the ability to block off regions where you ping over 200, even 150 from search is needed. There's no point having skill ranks when you have four 45s playing four 40s and the 40s are getting shot through walls, consistent bloodshots anywhere near a corner and are disadvantaged by a full shot by default, for example. You can't shrink the pacific or the atlantic so it seems obvious to go with the simple and elegant solution but 343 have totally ignored it so far. I don't mean a battlefield 3 style server browser where all games are shown and you take your pick, i mean a proper version of "good connection" or "focused" option, where you exclude the dedicated servers that are thousands of miles away and do you search within those parameters. Ranked matching does the rest.
  8. Does the mere fact that missing "happens" mean that the issue with aim assist is overblown to you? That's a laughably low bar, if so. The issue isn't that controller players never miss, it's that they don't miss nearly enough (PC players don't miss enough either right now due to bullet mag, but controllers are even more problematic because they have bullet mag in combination with other aim assist mechanics). Across many skill levels, including at higher levels of play, missing tends to be the exception, especially in mid-range DMR duels. Not saying shooting someone's ass should give you a headshot but honestly fuck stronsiding lol.
  9. If anyone is still interested in core H5 2v2 forge maps, I just released one for a competition. There's a video and everything. https://www.nextleveldesign.org/index.php?/forums/topic/295-uncomfortable-silence/
  10. It's more than just AA though, Reach was designed with sprint and armor abilities in mind. Bungie was under the assumption people would be sprinting, zipping and zooda around the map with stuff like evade and jetpack etc. So the weapons and hitboxes reflect that. When I shoot you in the shoulder/midback with the sniper and get a headshot, it's because bungie is trying to find balance because hitting a sprinting spartan is harder than hitting a normal base speed running spartan. As a result of faster moving spartans the ROCKETS have a bigger splash damage radius because people COULD with sprint theoretically get out of the blast zone easier. So they have to adjust the weapon sandbox and hitbox around that. Meaning you get super easy shots that are only found in Reach. I won't lie, H2 is easy with snipe too, but the hitbox is more consistant on h2. I don't get headshots for shooting you in the ass or mid back like Reach gives me (even with mouse) the input doesn't matter. Reach is super forgiving. I know you're mostly talking about DMR battles, but think about strongsiding in Reach compared to any other Halo. It's a joke. You'll pretty much get headshotted every time. Even though your head is down, I just have to shoot where your head was and Reach gives me the kill 4/5 times.
  11. I don't know if linking a near unwatchable video where cratos misses and shoots above someone for it is something I would really put up as an example of anything
  12. Sitting here reading a bunch of morons yell at each other over a controller. AA and magnetism are way too forgiving in this game with controllers atm, and MKB implementation is still not perfect and probably never will be. If you are using a mouse and keyboard right now, you basically are an idiot. Controller is way easier up close and all you need to learn how to do is range if you aren't used to it. If you don't think controller aiming in this game up close is stupidly easy then you are lying to yourself. AA needs to be turned down like 15% and none of this is an issue.
  13. Yesterday
  14. The best players in the world miss with AA even though its "OP". It's just fact you can miss with AA. When you are playing against players at your level or above.. you will be challenged regardless of your input.
  15. KB/M has the same bullet magnetism as controllers, not any other aim assist mechanics. I was only talking about bullet magnetism because shekkles was replying to arg's post about how removing it would reveal just how awful controller players are when they actually have to HIT their shots. LOL you don't need to gather any more "data" beyond the knowledge of what bullet magnetism actually is. It's a mechanic that lets players get away with missing in a FPS. If removing a mechanic that lets players get hits when they miss kills the competitive community, then how serious is that competitive community? Yeah, I'm sure part of the reason controller players tend to be doing better is game knowledge. That doesn't change the fact that the existence of bullet magnetism in a PC game is a joke.
  16. Yeah I noticed it the first day of release on a custom FFA snipes on zealot. I was thinking either lag or a bug, but I also noticed it once in a MM game on beaver creek and a couple times in a MM game of hardcore CTF pit. I guess I could test it in octagon or another FFA on zealot. I don't think I'm going crazy, I've screamed every time it happened (NO DESCOPE!!!) so my brain knows something is wrong and I'm not being descoped. It's like so bizarre my brain can't let it go and has to react!
  17. Hmm, Bungie might've implemented a minimum damage threshold for it to trigger descope. I know very, very minor damage points won't stall recharge in some Halo games / Destiny. Like getting direct impacted with a grenade. Try taking going into customs and see if you can take a small amount of damage from whatever the most minor source you can think of is and see if it descopes you. Bungie has random stupid bullshit like this hidden all over their titles to hold player's hands for them. Destiny 2 makes it so you don't actually take damage the first hit you receive while you're full health, it just shakes your screen and makes it look like something hit you. Certain things that are supposed to make you move faster don't actually really increase your speed noticeably, they just widen your FOV and add speed lines. It wouldn't surprise me to see a descope protection. Edit: or it might just be a bug, idk.
  18. The body is Halo and the Focus Rifle is 343.
  19. I think I asked before but has anyone noticed descope not working randomly in MP games? it's not super common. Maybe like once every 15 games, but I'll be scoped in DMRing some kid across map and I'll see a damage indicator telling me I got shot from my left, but I'm still scoped in.... I can't DVR it cause FUCKING PC
  20. I get it, but how many of these people are just 1) bad 2) handicapped from the current mouse aiming 3) just not used to the new aiming that reach requires from mouse? it's only been out about 2 weeks.
  21. A significant percentage of PC players have no idea what the difference is because they haven't wasted time playing with a controller. Controller players tend to have the opposite problem and wildly over-estimate how much mechanical skill is required to aim in most console games. The mouse is an objectively superior input device in terms of precision. When you add aim assists to accommodate how terrible analog sticks are for aiming, the advantages become less clear. In this game, controller players have an advantage in mid range precision fights, because it is so fucking EASY. That is a fact. The controller does not have a meaningful handicap when the baseline aim tolerance is huge PLUS the game constantly corrects your reticle movement for you. That is the problem. In order for controller players to remain competitive, the game needs to aim for them and the aim precision requirements have to be a joke. Accommodating controllers in this way puts a hard cap on mouse aim skill WELL below what good PC players could handle. Otherwise, real PC players would wipe the floor with controller pros and their "years of experience" in gun fights. I have yet to hear a real argument for why this is a positive thing for the game. As it is, the mouse advantage in this game is only clear for the sniper and outside of red reticle range, because those are the scenarios in which the aim assist is not a major factor. I want bullet magnetism gone IN GENERAL, because it compresses any real skill gap inherently. This would mean that aiming with a mouse is much harder than it is now (which is piss easy). The input lag is basically irrelevant, because your shots connect in the massive radius indicated on screen by the reticle, unlike any other PC FPS. You don't have to be precise. The reason mouse aim is at a disadvantage is not because it's hard to aim in this game, it's because it's hard to MISS if you are even remotely competent with a controller. There is absolutely no room for skilled PC players to set themselves apart.
  22. I still find it fucking hilarious that years of MOUSE IS SUPERIOR now is being thrown out the window cause Halo... Not to mention the aiming is still fucked on mouse but ppl are so quick to just REMOVE controller. Mouse will dominate soon. Mouse has NO handicap. Controller has all the handicap. The controller needs aim assist and bullet mag to even function. Mouse doesn't need aim assist but HAS bullet mag, if the mouse was fixed properly it would be an even playing field and probably advantageous to mouse as usual in the end. AS WITH ALL FPS GAMES
  23. This is a simple issue. It doesn't require faux nuance or fence-sitting. Optimizing the game for skill (or really just being roughly on par with other PC games) and accommodating controller players at high levels are mutually exclusive propositions. Console veterans' egos will take a hit, yes, once they realize that the game was doing most of the work and their aim mechanics peaked after a week at best of taking the game seriously. And a bunch of players who are propped up by how easy the game is—for example, certain players who did nothing at all in Halo 5, but suddenly competed in Halo Team Shot Edition grand finals—will no longer be taking up space in tournaments.
  24. Well I also noticed performance xp isn't capped to 8k per match now so I think we'll see something in the Waypoint weekly update. Edit: I forgot it's double exp weekend
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