Fortnite Blitz Mode Released for Battle Royale | Beyond Entertainment


Epic Games has unveiled the newest limited-time mode coming to Fortnite’s PvP multiplayer. The battle royale smash hit has featured team modes of both 50 and 20 players. The new Fortnite Blitz mode offers fast-paced games straight from the get-go, as the storm circle is determined immediately at the start of the game. Players must immediately loot and begin avoiding the incoming storm.

In addition to a faster circle—supply drops, chests, high-tier weapons, and loot will be more abundant to accelerate game pace. Matches last no more than 15 minutes, and the format currently in matchmaking is based on teams of four. Like other limited-time modes, Blitz mode will only be available in matchmaking for a short time.

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Blitz mode joins the ranks of Sniper Shootout, 50v50, Teams of 20, and more in the Fortnite game mode library. Just recently, Fortnite became fully free to play on almost every gaming platform, including mobile devices. All Fortnite players can now play with friends across multiple platforms and save their progress between console and PC. Nintendo Switch is also expected to join the fray of consoles available for Fortnite.