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New interviews with EA Studios executive vice president and Patrick Soderlund and DICE’s lead game designer Daniel Berlin provided more information regarding their upcoming title Battlefield 1. DICE originally pitched the game to EA with an interest in the gameplay opportunities arising from World War I’s diverse set of weapons, vehicles, and locations.

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Soderlund and others originally dismissed the idea of a first-person shooter set in World War I, but were eventually persuaded that fun gameplay elements would triumph in an era where combatants went from fighting with swords on horseback to facing tanks, bombers, and submarines by the war’s end in 1918.

In Soderlund’s interview with International Business Times and Berlin’s interview with VentureBeat, they revealed the following details about their upcoming game:

  • The release of Battlefield Hardline gave DICE an extra year to work on Battlefield 1,     expanding the game’s production cycle from two to three years. Soderlund hopes that this extra year will help produce a stronger single player campaign than in previous games.
  • “Gameplay is king” was a mantra reflected by both Soderlund and Berlin, who implied that while the game will aim to have an authentic WWI feel, game mechanics will be first and foremost aimed at creating a fun game over realism. Players should expect the same type of combat     pacing from other Battlefield games rather than a slow, deadlock in trench warfare.
  • The single player campaign will be told through multiple characters across the world.
  • There will be a Bedouin woman warrior on horseback as a playable campaign     character.
  • DICE put effort into developing the melee combat in the game, seeking to put “depth and meaning” into player weapon choices and desired gameplay focuses.
  • The bayonet charge will be a “powerful melee skill”. (Could this mean that there will be skill customization options in the game?)
  • The game will have character classes, including vehicle classes. Classes are still being worked on, but the tanker and pilot classes were specifically mentioned.


Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21, well ahead of the release of rival game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Battlefield 1‘s trailer currently stands as the most liked video game trailer on Youtube while the Infinite Warfare trailer currently holds the record for most disliked game trailer.

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Could the early release date and positive reaction to the World War I era help bolster popularity in the Battlefield series? Tell us what you think about the new Battlefield 1 details on our forums!