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At E3 2014, Bungie and Activision announced two planned DLC’s for their upcoming game, Destiny. These two expansions are titled The Dark Below, and The House of Wolves. Both are planned to introduce new multiplayer maps, new story missions and content, as well as new Cooperative activities such as Strikes and Raids to the game.

Thanks to websites that offer databases for files in Destiny, as well as a bug recorded by YouTube user ScottM, we now have a strong look at future Destiny Expansion content.

As you can see in the video above, new content will be added across Destiny’s activities. Here is a breakdown for what each expansion will introduce.

Expansion 1: The Dark Below (December 2014)

  • Story Missions: 3 new Missions on Earth and the Moon with a new Hive Storyline
  • Strikes: The Jovian Complex (Level 10 Earth Strike) and The Hypogeum (Level 20 Mars Strike)
  • Raid: Crota’s End (Level 28 Moon Raid)
  • New Gear and Loot
  • New Multiplayer Maps
  • New Level 26 Strike Playlist


Expansion 2: The House of Wolves (TBA 2015)

  • Story Missions: 3 new missions on Earth and Venus, new Queen of the Reef/Fallen Storyline
  • Strike: Unnamed (Level 14 Moon Strike)
  • Raid: Unnamed (Level 28 Reef Raid)
  • New Gear and Loot
  • New Multiplayer Maps
  • New Level 28 Strike Playlist


Additional information and content has been revealed, such as an alteration to the Summoning Pits Strike with a new boss, as well as the rumored Multiplayer event, The Trials of Osiris (which offers additional exclusive Gear).

Destiny’s Expansions can be bought for $20 each, or at a discounted price through the Expansion Pass, where you can buy both for $35. The Dark Below is planned to launch in December, followed by The House of Wolves later in 2015. It is unknown at this time as to whether or not there will be further expansions in the future.

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