Destiny 2's The Dawning Event is Now Live | Beyond Entertainment


Destiny has always been home to myriad of weekly rituals and seasonal events. Luckily for fans, one of the renowned world events from Destiny 1 is making a return—The Dawning. The Dawning begins today, December 19, and ends on January 9th, allowing players to collect new themed loot sets and enjoy festive activities in the Destiny 2 game world.

First up, the Eververse Trading Company will, of course, be selling a unique loot box/engram that contains items exclusive to the New Years-focused event. New ships, sparrows, armor, and more will be available to earn by increasing your XP and character level. A new batch of shaders are also included in The Dawning Eververse loot box.

Secondly, when you visit Ikora Rey, you’ll receive a gift package with specific quest steps that must be completed (e.g. killing specific enemies or collecting materials). Turn in your completed gifts to their respective vendors and The Dawning will send plenty of loot and gear your way. Gift packages can be grinded and repeated every day to increase the chances of getting that perfect loot drop!

And finally… snowballs. Everywhere. Snowballs have been added to the Tower, the Farm, the open world, and in Strike missions. They don’t deal a ton of damage, but they are fun to toss at enemies or other players, covering their armor in bright white snow for comedic effect.

Additionally, Mayhem has returned as a Crucible game mode, where all players receive increased cooldown speeds for abilities and supers.

Will you be tossing snowballs at your enemies during The Dawning in the coming weeks? Discuss Destiny 2’s newest event with our forum community!