Destiny 2 Sales, Lower Than Expected


In September of 2014, Destiny quickly became the biggest new video game franchise launch in history. The new IP had received widespread media attention, with only the new IP from Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall, coming anywhere close in that year. The excitement of fans were nearly palpable. The title had a rocky start, but over it’s 3 year lifespan, it improved drastically. Destiny 2 seemed to be doing even better with media and pre-launch hype, but market analysts have shown that the sequel has fell significantly compared to the prior title.

Wall Street analysts have reported that the Destiny 2’s physical sales are down 50% compared similar statistics of the original Destiny. While Activision did expect a dip due to the bad reputation gained after the launch of the original, an analyst has stated that Destiny 2 is nearly 40% short of its original forecast. All that said, a few other factors should be considered. Firstly, only physical sales have been tracked, meaning no numbers are currently available on digital purchases, which could be as much as 40% of the game’s total sales. Additionally, Destiny 2’s PC release isn’t until October 24th.

Source: CNBC

All in all, when digital sales and PC sales are included into the count, it is likely that Destiny 2 will make up significant ground on the sales of its prequel. They may still fall short, but this could also be attributed to the game not being released on the older generation of consoles. This holiday gaming season is also pretty crowded, with both Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII still coming later this year.

Destiny 2’s PC release is one week away! Looking to build a PC for Bungie’s sequel? Here are the minimum PC requirements/specs. Discuss the game on our community forum!