Destiny 2 File Size Revealed for PS4 and Xbox One | Beyond Entertainment


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Destiny 2 is Bungie’s first sequel installment for the Destiny franchise, and will release on September 6th for Xbox One and PS4. However, many fans are wondering…just how big is Destiny 2?

Due to the game becoming available for pre-loading on console, the Xbox and PlayStation stores have revealed the Destiny 2 file size for each respective platform.

On Xbox One, Destiny will take up 29.15 GB of storage space on your console. If you’re a Guardian on PlayStation 4, then Destiny 2’s size will be slightly larger at 30.87 GB. It is also possible that the game could see patches before launch, similar to Destiny 1’s day one patch. If this is the case, the Destiny 2 file size could grow larger.

Destiny 2’s Open PC Beta is currently live, and fans everywhere are gearing up for the console launch in just over a week. Discuss Bungie’s upcoming sequel on our forums!