Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Gameplay Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


A new media embargo has lifted for Destiny 2, allowing channels and outlets to release official Destiny 2 European Dead Zone gameplay!

These video showcase a multitude of activities within Destiny 2 in the European Dead Zone, the explorable Earth location in the game. You’ll get a glimpse at:

  • Patrol Missions
  • Lost Sectors
  • Loot Collecting
  • Public Events
  • The Director (Map)
  • Adventures
  • World NPCs & Rewards
  • & more


One of the most exciting reveals of this footage is the unveiling of Devrim Kay, an interactable NPC within the European Dead Zone who provides unique reputation and loot.

It was also revealed that every activity completed on the European Dead Zone provides “EDZ Tokens” which can be turned in to Devrim for reputation that grants Legendary engrams. Players can also turn in planetary materials to increase this NPC/location’s reputation. It can be safely assumed that each planet will have an NPC associated with it, as well as subsequent tokens and planetary materials, with unique loot to collect based on the planet and activities you will complete.

Additional Information:

  • The Glimmer (currency) cap appears to be above 50,000.
  • Public Events can be triggered manually by rallying at a flag.
  • “High priority targets” within the world reward bonus glimmer and planetary tokens.
  • Activities drop chests on the ground to provide loot to the player.


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