Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Mercury Heroic Public Event Guide | Beyond Entertainment


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris introduces a refreshing new public event on the planet Mercury, one of the largest Destiny Public Events to date. If you are searching to learn how to complete the public event on its hardest difficulty, here’s our Mercury Heroic Public Event guide!

Step 1: Defeat Gatekeeper mini-bosses on the far left and right of the Mercury space to obtain Arc Charges. Carry Arc Charges onto the nearby glowing platforms to close the warp gates.

Step 2: Take the gravity lift to one of the two available islands. Kill the respective Gatekeeper and slam another charge in the central platform.

Step 3 (Heroic): On the far side of the room, with the open wall/sightline, shoot the glowing Vex diamond construct floating in the air to trigger the Heroic sequence. Platforms will spawn behind the island, along with numerous floating diamond targets to destroy. Follow the platforming path onto the roof of the island and stand on the central plate to trigger the Heroic event.

Step 4: Return to the main area via lift.

Step 5: Fight the Gate Lord. Periodically, the Gate Lord will gain an immune shield. To disable it, kill the Gatekeeper in the center arena, collect an Arc Charge and run to one of the lifts pointed at the boss in the center. Use the lift and slam the charge to disable the boss shield and continue damage.

This public event also includes an extra chest to increase rewards. For more Destiny content, check out some of the new Exotic weapons available in Curse of Osiris!

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