Destiny 2 Beta Release Date Announced | Beyond Entertainment


At Sony’s PlayStation briefing for E3 2017, Bungie and Activision unveiled new footage and information for Destiny 2. Among the new information discussed during E3, the Destiny 2 Beta release date was announced.

Destiny 2’s Beta and Launch Release Dates:

  • July 18th: PlayStation Beta Early Access
  • July 19th: Xbox Beta Early Access
  • July 21st: Public Open Beta
  • August 2017: PC Beta
  • September 6: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Release
  • October 24th: PC Release

The beta will likely include access to a small portion of Destiny 2’s competitive multiplayer, new cinematic story campaign, and PvE content. You can also watch the newest E3 Gameplay trailer for Destiny 2 right here!

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