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Destiny 2 introduces three new subclasses for players to utilize in their never-ending fight against the Darkness. Today, GameInformer released their first look at the Arcstrider, a new subclass for the Hunter in Destiny. Here is a breakdown of all of the subclasses perks, abilities, and talents!

Destiny 2 Arcstrider Subclass Breakdown

The Arcstrider Hunter has access to one of the new flashy Super abilities, the Arc Staff. Upon casting Arc Staff, the Arcstrider can perform multiple rapid strikes on large groups of enemies using Arc damage. Here is a list of all other Arcstrider abilities!


The Arcstrider carries over the same three grenade options from Destiny 1’s Bladedancer subclass.

  • Flux Grenade
  • Skip Grenade
  • Arcbolt Grenade



One aspect of the Arcstrider that is immediately noticeable is that the Blink ability has been removed as an option for the Arc Hunter.

  • Strafe Jump
  • Higher Jump
  • Triple Jump


Class Ability

Each class also has a new ability in Destiny 2 that is usable on all subclasses. The Hunter has access to a unique dodge that provides extra bonuses.

  • Marksman’s Dodge (Reloads weapon)
  • Gambler’s Dodge (Recharges Melee when used close to an enemy)


In Destiny 2, subclasses’ perks are now sorted into two groupings of talents, abilities and upgrades. Only one talent tree is usable at a time, but all four perks in each tree can be used simultaneously.

Way of the Warrior (Talent Tree #1)

  • Combat Flow: Recharges Dodge ability after a Melee kill
  • Deadly Reach: Extends the range of Melee after a Dodge is used
  • Lethal Current: Makes Arc Staff hits attack twice after a Dodge is used.
  • Shocking Blow: An Arc-damage standard Melee attack.


Way of the Wind (Talent Tree #2)

  • Disorienting Blow: Melee attack that disorients enemies when hit. Kills with Disorienting Blow instantly recharge the ability.
  • Lightning Reflexes: Take less damage when dodging with Arc Staff.
  • Battle Mediation: Recharge Grenade and Melee faster when critically wounded
  • Focused Breathing: Increased sprint speed; Sprinting reduces your Dodge cooldown


What do you think about the new Hunter abilities available in the Arcstrider subclass? Discuss Destiny 2 on our forums!

Source | GameInformer