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Published: November 14, 2018
Author: Beyond Staff
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Welcome Call of Duty competitors! Here is a brief guide to get you up to speed and ready to compete in our Beyond COD tournaments. Don’t forget to join our Support Discord for questions and info during tournament hours. Good luck, and have fun!
If you are competing in a tournament and looking for where to start, here are some useful links to point you in the right direction
1)Players are expected to have read tournament rules and guides prior to the start of an event. Brackets are generated ~10 minutes before the specified tournament start time.
2) Find your matches by tracking the bracket and viewing “Match History” from your team page. You may also view your matches and report scores directly from your Tournament Profile. After finding your match, contact your opponents via Beyond private messages, Discord, or PlayStation Network to organize a private lobby in Black Ops 4.
3) The higher seeded team is responsible for hosting the private match lobby and setting up the correct map, gametype, and tournament settings.  Beyond COD tournament matches are hosted from the “World League” hub menu’s Custom Games. The designated map for each match can be found at the top of the bracket, as well as within the tournament rules. After playing your match on the designated rules, both teams must submit results from your match details page.
4) Proceed through the bracket, reporting each match result after the series has been completed. If you have a problem with your match, please refer to our disputes section and the tournament rules.
If you run into an error with your match, your bracket, or your opponent, you can contact the Beyond Staff overseeing the tournament by submitting a dispute on your match details page or our Discord server. If you attempt to contact Beyond via Twitter or non-official dispute channels, you will not be guaranteed a response.

Situations where you should submit a dispute include:
  • Opposing team is a no-show for the match (15 minute timer)
  • Opposing team has incorrect players or did not show up on time
  • Opposing team is not cooperating in lobby
  • Connection issues, disconnects, and crashes
  • Questions regarding rules, settings, tournament format, etc.
For the most efficient communication and fastest response, submit a dispute on your match details page and we will work out whatever issues you may have. Additionally, if you can provide video evidence (YouTube, Twitter) of major disputes, it will help speed up our process and get you through the tournament faster!