BF1 Getting Community Test Environment on Consoles | Beyond Entertainment


A Community Test Environment, or CTE, has been launched on DICE’s Battlefield 1 for consoles. The test environment was previously exclusively available to the PC player-base. The test environment allows players to test new features, maps, modes and content prior to all of it being released to the live servers of the main game. Essentially, it allows CTE players to beta-test new content before the majority of players can get their hands on it. The feature has also been used in several other games, including Battlefield 4, Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Unfortunately, the Community Test Environment isn’t open to all players in the Battlefield 1 community. To access it, players will need either and Xbox Live Gold membership or Playstation Plus, as well as a Premium membership for Battlefield 1. To access the CTE, select ‘More’ on the main menu of Battlefield 1 and select the ‘Community Test Environment.’ From there, just make sure your console of choice has enough leftover storage to download the CTE.

The CTE in Battlefield 4 was very well received. With the game releasing in a less than preferable condition (to say the least) the CTE allowed DICE to quickly address the multitude of issues and patch them in the live game without as much fear of introducing another bug. Most recently, Battlefield 1’s CTE has allowed players to give content from the In the Name of the Tsar DLC a spin. The next Russian-campaign focused DLC will be released fully to players in September.

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