Beyond on Podtacular | Beyond Entertainment


We recently got the chance to go on Podtacular once again to discuss the launch of our new site, some Destiny & also some E3 news. Below, we have a quick description and also a link to where you can check out the new episode.

This week has been filled with E3 information, some of which pertaining to Halo. We got a glimpse of Halo on Xbox One during the Microsoft Press Briefing while Spartan Ops has been playable on the show floor. Among the many update videos released from Halo Waypoint, there were also achievements announced for Spartan Assault including 19 of them for a total of 190 gamerscore (weird, we know). We also have the folks over from Beyond Ent drop by to tell us about their recently launched website. CyrenSaucey and Jazzy give us the rundown on the features of the site and their plans for the community. Download now!

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