Star Wars: Battlefront Drop Zone Mode Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


Star Wars fans are definitely riding a massive hype train towards the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront this November. New gameplay and information has been released for multiple game modes, such as Supremacy and Fighter Squadron; and of course, there is the recently announced Beta scheduled for October. Today, EA shows off another new game mode; this time we get a look at Drop Zone.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot 7

The premise of Drop Zone is similar to King of the Hill experiences in other competitive shooters. Throughout the match, drop pods will be falling from the atmosphere towards random locations on the battlefield. Pods must be captured and controlled to gain the lead in the match. Controlling 5 pods wins your team the game.

Apart from making these decisions, there are other ways to master Drop Zone. For instance, using the Droids™ and Turrets in your arsenal can be an excellent strategic move. Since it’s somewhat hard to predict which areas you’ll be defending, makeshift defenses like these are great to deploy. Throw down a turret and give your partner a shout that you’ve got this section covered, or deploy a Viper Droid that outlines where enemies are coming from.

In addition to controlling the objective, pods will offer power pickups for players that can change the tide and momentum of the match, however there will be a constant rotation of pods to watch out for that will break stalemates or encourage players to move to a new location, so you have to be on your toes.

The Star Wars: Battlefront Drop Zone mode sounds like an intense new take on King of the Hill style gameplay, and we can’t wait to try it and other modes in the October Beta. Discuss all things Star Wars: Battlefront on our forums!