Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC Revealed | Beyond Entertainment


After more than two years since Battlefront 4’s release, with an entire game having launched since then, DICE and EA are still supporting Battlefield 4 with new content. Today, they release the Legacy Operations DLC alongside a large Winter Update, containing the classic Battlefield 2 map – Dragon Valley.

The best part about the Legacy Operations DLC is that it arrives today, entirely free for Xbox One, PS4, and PC users.

If you want to see the difference ten years can make, head onto the Battlefield to see what Dragon Valley 2015 can offer. It’s not exactly the same – the team at DICE made some changes (that you can read about here) to make the modern version take advantage of everything the Frostbite engine has to offer. Those little houses scattered around the river? They’re a full village now. The miniature Power Plant/Dam Area you remember? They’re full-sized now.

In addition, this DLC arrives alongside a massive update that you can read about here. It details the refinements and modifications made to Dragon Valley, as well as fixes and tuning for the game as a whole.

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