DICE Showcases Battlefield 1 Vehicles Sandbox | Beyond Entertainment


In a series of gameplay videos, DICE and EA have been slowly revealing elements of Battlefield 1’s gameplay and sandboxes. Previously, we’ve gotten a look at the armaments in the World War I-themed shooter; today, a new video showcases the vehicles in Battlefield 1.

Whether you’re flying in massive airships or battling tanks on the ground, Battlefield 1’s Vehicles will bring you to the dawn of all-out war. Battlefield 1 will be available from Oct 21st 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Not only will Battlefield 1 introduce an extremely large amount of WWI-themed vehicles and combat options, but in the above video, you can learn about the new Bomber (Pilot) and Tanker classes coming to the Battlefield sandbox in Battlefield 1.

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