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A wide arrangement of bug fixes and balances for Battlefield 1 are coming with EA DICE’s Fall Update. The developer’s community manager posted multiple forum entries detailing the changes now available to Battlefield players on all platforms—many focusing on visual effect enhancement as well as sandbox balancing—check it out here.

Battlefield 1 Screenshot 4

The largest game mode changes are happening in Battlefield’s newest mode, Operations. The team at EA DICE recognized the issue of balance heavily favoring defending teams, so attacking teams now receive more tickets for capturing sectors, as well as actions completed during the capturing process. The time it takes to capture flags is also slightly reduced.

Conquest also received some tuning in the Fall Update with the Suez map. With only three flags on the map, teams could easily control all three and spawn trap the opposition. Two additional flags were placed to offset the concentration of combat, and flag zones are now smaller to include fewer buildings that made for easy cover.

As stated previously, the patch list is quite vast, but a few important areas of concern have been addressed:

The position of Squad Leader is no longer permanent if squadmates repeatedly ask for orders without avail. When you ask for orders from your leader, a queue forms. If for one minute your request goes unanswered, you become the Squad Leader. This process may happen continuously unless the Leader repeatedly provides orders.

Battlefield 1 Concept Art 3

The option to quit is now available throughout the entire End of Round duration—a relief to many frustrated by the previously short window of exodus. Now you don’t have to load an entirely different map or Alt+F4 from the Battlefield 1 client to leave a server post-game.

Battlepacks may now be purchased in the Get Battlepacks menu, an option curiously absent from the launch of the game. To offset the merely aesthetic value of Battlepacks, Squad XP boosts are now available for potential unlock. It is uncertain in the patch notes whether these boosts will take the full place of a skin unlock or arrive secondarily like the Legendary puzzle pieces.

Perhaps my favorite update—loadouts are now customizable through the main UI. Only being able to buy and customize loadouts from the in-game UI became frustrating immediately upon realizing there wasn’t any other time to do so. Players now have the ability to mull things over with their Warbonds without taking away from the immediate team effort. Thank you, DICE.

Among other changes, LMGs now have more mid-range viability than before with increased suppression and aimed accuracy; anti-air cannons do slightly less damage to aircraft; Limpet Mines remain invincible until their proper timed detonation; mortars may only be used by their owner, and firing adjustments have increased their likelihood for inaccuracy. This represents a fraction of the specific changes made, so be sure to check out the full list if you’re interested.

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In closing, one of the biggest changes happening to Battlefield 1 is the addition of rentable servers. In the past, those looking to host their own servers on Battlefield went through a third party entity. Now, it’s available through the main menu of the game client. While clarified in-game as a service still in Beta, choosing the option to rent a server sends you to a menu to select game options, server name, and a rental period of which there are five options.

  • 1 Day – $2.99
  • 7 Days – $11.99
  • 30 Days – $42.99
  • 90 Days – $99.99
  • 180 Days – $149.99


As a Battlefield 1 fan, I’m looking forward to custom servers with larger score limits for quick-respawn gametypes such as Team Deathmatch and Domination. The default limits found in vanilla servers go far too quickly and lack efficiency in earning experience. Past Battlefield titles benefited greatly in their variety due to server rental, so hopefully this first party option carries the torch adequately.

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