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Salutations BE community! You are now in the presence of the illustrious LastMan, content extraordinaire. Coming from a pool of experience including with MLG and THC content production, I am eager to get involved with Beyond and resume meaningful contribution to the community!

The imminent arrival of AGL Knoxville calls for some quick predictions! Some phenomenal squads will be in attendance, and there is no doubt that competition will be fierce. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of these teams and here the chips may fall:


Reign Ambush – Heinz, Formal, Snip3down, Pistola
– Right off the bat, one roster stands out from the rest. Ambush looks absolutely stacked, and they have been playing together with some measure of regularity. Taking Ambush’s undeniable talent and dedication to success into consideration, it is difficult to imagine them placing any lower than first.

Status Quo – Flamesword, Enable, Ace, Dersky
– The core of Status Quo has been together for quite some time now, with Dersky being the new addition to the roster. Although the fearsome foursome seem to have had a sporadic training schedule recently, the core group of Flamesword, Enable and Ace have established such deep chemistry that one has to wonder whether that will affect them come event-time. Considering the foundations that they have built up over the past few years, their combined event experience could very well take them to another Championship match-up.

Believe the Hype – Cloud, Lethul, Blaze, Maniac
– Believe the Hype looks as strong as ever going into Knoxville. Despite the apparent solidity of this line-up and the past successes of the BtH name, BtH has a history of building stacked rosters that find a way to fall short at the event due to maturity issues. One must wonder whether the current manifestation will disappoint once again. Based on recent happenings, it is hard to imagine that they will. Cloud and Lethul have been fan favorites for most of their careers, and therefore are always held in high esteem. Likewise, Blaze has, more-often-than-not, performed at a very high level at events. However, the self-proclaimed “Best in the Game,” Maniac, has been slept on for most of his career despite maintaining a high level of consistency. The talent, hunger and experience in this group of players should provide the momentum necessary to achieve at least a 3rd/4th place finish.

Pulse ClassicChig, Mikwen, Russo, Ryanoob
– Classic, like every other top team, is comprised of a dedicated, talented and knowledgeable group of players. That being said, the X-factor for this group has to be Ryanoob. Since the beginning of his career as a pro player, Ryanoob’s hunger and ingenuity has allowed to innovate new strategies that would set himself and his team apart from the competition. Let’s hope the brackets work in their favor this event.

Warriors – Legit, Goofy, Ninja, aPG
– Despite having a monstrous line-up, Goofy just returned home from a long vacation. Goofy’s absence has undoubtedly hindered Warriors’ ability to implement a quality training regiment, and it is yet to be seen whether that will affect the quality of Warriors’ game. Practice aside, Legit and aPG have been crushing events since most “new kids on the block” *cough* Ninja *cough* were stuck in their Pokemon phase. That level of experience should propel them into the Top 3. However, the definitive lack of a structured regiment could cause Warriors some problems when they come up against more systematized squads.

AGL Knoxville takes place this weekend and the Beyond team will be out there to cover it. Make sure to stay locked onto for all your coverage needs!

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