A Way Out Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Josef Fares, director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and his team have announced A Way Out. This is their first game since forming their new Studio, Hazelight. A Way Out tells the story of two men breaking out of prison and going on the run as they try to tackle the issues in their lives.

Fares and his team completely designed the game for co-operative play; while players will be able to play together online, Fares made it clear in the EA Play press conference that they made the game completely aimed at providing a strong experience for players in the same room. The action of the game gets split between its two characters, Leo and Vincent, with each character contributing different parts to the story. At some points, players of one character will have control while the other will be in a cutscenes.

Fares promised conference attendees that there has never been a co-operative game like this one before and players would not get bored with the different types of gameplay the game has to offer, ranging from exploration, driving, action, and more.

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