343 Industries has a New Creative Director


Earlier today, David Ellis – Game Designer who worked on Halo 4, revealed that 343 Industries has a new Creative Director. Ellis tweeted a Twitter user known at @timlongojr. If you have a quick look at his profile, you’ll see something like this.

Tim Longo

Tim was also the Creative Director for Republic Commando and the Tomb Raider reboot.

As you can tell, Tim Longo is the new Creative Director at 343 Industries. Prior to Tim, Josh Holmes was the Creative Director at 343 Industries. If you look at Josh Holmes’ Twitter bio now, you will see this:

Josh Holmes

As you can see, his Twitter bio says “EP @ 343”. This means he is now the Executive Producer at 343 Industries compared to his prior role as Creative Director. While we don’t know why Josh Holmes isn’t Creative Director for Halo anymore, it could be related to the controversy earlier in the year after he used the following image in a slideshow talking about some of his decisions on Halo 4, which offended many and caused a huge backlash in the community.


We at Beyond Entertainment want to wish Tim Longo good luck on his new job at 343 Industries and hope he can make the franchise the best it can possibly be!

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