YouTube Gaming Launching This Summer

By: Joe B. | June 12th, 2015

YouTube is taking their gaming push to the next level.  This summer, YouTube will launch “YouTube Gaming”, a new media platform dedicated to video game content.  This content includes live streams, gameplays, Let’s Plays, Walk Throughs, and anything else gaming related.


The biggest thing to takeaway from this announcement is that YouTube is going start focusing on live streamed gaming content, a space dominated by services like Twitch.  You can see from the screenshot below that their chat system is very similar to the one found on; they will even include moderators in the chat as well.

youtube gaming chat

The YouTube Gaming application will allow users who are subscribed to a channel be notified when that specific personality goes live, much like Twitch’s mobile apps. YouTube has also stated that they will featured recommended channels based on your current subscriptions.

YouTube Gaming is built to be all about your favorite games and gamers, with more videos than anywhere else. From “Asteroids” to “Zelda,” more than 25,000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title. You’ll also find channels from a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators.

Twitch had this comedic remark regarding the YouTube Gaming announcement:

YouTube Gaming is scheduled to launch this summer, so head over to our forums to discuss the announcement of the new platform!