What To Expect From the Destiny 2 Beta

By: Ryan Cox | July 7th, 2017

The Destiny 2 Beta is just around the corner, launching first on July 18th for Guardians on PlayStation, July 19th for Xbox, and July 21st for the public. But what can you expect to get your hands on when Destiny 2’s beta drops?

In the most recent weekly Bungie blog, Community Manager Deej shared what fans can expect from Destiny 2’s pre-release Open Beta. Here’s what you need to know.

Homecoming (Story)

The first content players will get to experience is Destiny 2’s opening campaign mission—Homecoming. The mission tasks players with defending the City and the Tower from the imminent Cabal onslaught, and will include cinematic cutscenes.


The Inverted Spire (Strike)

Destiny’s Strike missions return in Destiny 2. A Cabal and Vex-themed Strike on the planet Nessus will be available during the Open Beta for players to experience.


The Crucible (PVP)

The Open Beta will feature two maps and modes for PVP content. Countdown, Destiny’s new Search and Destroy style mode will be available on the map Midtown. Additionally, the fan-favorite Control mode will also be available on an additional map designed with Control in mind, alongside some new changes for the mode itself.


The Farm (Social Space)

On July 23rd at 10pm PST (for one hour), Destiny 2’s new social space, The Farm, will be available for players to explore. Majority of the services and vendors within the social space will be disabled, but players will still be able to load in to experience the new environment and stress test servers for Bungie.



Players will have the chance to experience Destiny 2’s three new subclasses—the Dawnblade (Warlock), the Sentinel (Titan), and the Arcstrider (Hunter). In addition, Bungie has briefly mentioned other subclasses being playable in the beta, such as Gunslinger, Striker, and Voidwalker.

However, it is worth noting that full character progression will not be present in the Destiny 2 beta. There will be rewards and loot, but it will not be representative of the final game’s loot and progression systems.


Not Featured In Beta

  • Clan Support
  • Full Character Progression
  • Patrols/Planets
  • Lost Sectors and Adventures


Destiny 2’s beta is significantly smaller than Destiny 1’s from 2014, but it still hosts a wide variety of gameplay experiences for fans to get their hands on before the game drops later this year. Character progression will not transfer from the beta to the full retail version of Destiny 2.

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